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Candi's Erotoic Adventures, chapters 3 and 4

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Chapter 3
Consulting Susan

It had been about two months since Bobby arranged a little gang-bang just for me, fulfilling my fantasy of being fucked in all three holes?simultaneously?in a truly spectacular fashion, and I was feeling good, bouncy even.

I could still feel the after effects of that amazing fuck. I wasn?t walking bow-legged any more, but my vagina still got a warm, moist tingle whenever I thought about it. I could remember perfectly the taste of every load of cum I had eaten, and the length, girth, and curve of every cock I had sucked, fucked, or had deep in my ass that night.

But now I wanted to do something for Bobby. His birthday was coming up and I wanted to get him something special?something like what he had given me. But it wasn?t that simple.

I didn't want to just stand around with my fingers in my twat while I watched a gaggle of bimbos take turns sucking his dick. After all, I have three holes that can all be filled at once, but Bobby only has one cock. Giving Bobby a bunch of women to fuck would leave a lot of holes empty (including all three of mine!), while he serviced the rest of them, one by one. It seemed like such a waste of good pussy, mouth, and ass!

Besides, Bobby is a gentleman, and it would almost be a chore for him to fuck them all properly, making each one cum repeatedly, before he shot his load. It was his birthday?I wanted him to cum when he felt like it, not to worry about leaving a pack of horny women to go home unfulfilled.

Hmm. What to do?

I decided to consult my friend Susan. We were room mates back in college?room mates with benefits, a few memorable times?and I still love and trust her. I also consider her an expert in the area of sex. She had more than blown my mind back in college.

I?m not normally into girls. They smell nice and they?re kissable, but I long for a man?s hard muscular body, the funky smell of testicles, the sweet sour taste of precum seeping from the tip of a penis, and most of all, that hard, hot cock, pushing inside of me?into my mouth, deep into my cunt, and fully up my ass. But Susan almost changed my thinking. That girl knew how to do things with her hands and tongue that could turn me inside out.

And these days Susan was fucking and sucking full time. She didn?t just have frequent, varied sex; she was an honest-to-gosh porn star: Suzie Queue. She made sex so hot, nasty, and exciting that guys would pay just to watch.

Thousands of men paid good money to stroke their cocks and cum in their hands, just to look at her, imagining what her lips, vulva, breasts, and ass would feel like.

Susan would know how I could give a real treat to Bobby if anyone did! I called her cell, and she told me to meet her across town when she finished her shoot that afternoon.

Traffic was light and I got there early. I slipped quietly into the rented apartment where CumBrothers Productions was filming their latest Suzie Queue video. One of the techs looked up as I tiptoed in, nodded, and held a finger to his lips. I nodded back and found a quiet place to watch the action.

I sat down next to Anita, a cute, pudgy girl I?d met once before. Anita works as a fluffer?her job is to suck guys? dicks, off-camera, to get them hard for their scenes, so they can walk onscreen with full erections.

As I took a seat beside her, Anita was hard at work, perched on the end of the sofa, giving head to a muscular stud, standing in front of her with a genuinely huge dick sticking out?it was thick enough to stretch Anita?s pouty lips just trying to fit the head into her mouth, and long enough for her to use both hands to feed it in?and it was only half erect!

My mouth watered as I watched her stroke and slobber on that monster cock, struggling to stuff it into her mouth. Her cheeks bowed inward and she made soft slurping noises as she sucked hard on the tip, working to get that enormous pecker firm and hot? and ready for Susan.

?Camera rolling? And? action!? I heard the director say.

Susan swayed into the room and stood boldly in front of the camera, with all the light on her. Her eyes caught the lens and she looked at the camera with smoldering desire expressed in every angle of her face and body.

She wore a fishnet mini-dress of dark purple rubber, that clung to and revealed her body rather than covering it, accessorized with a spiked leather dog collar and a pink thong that clearly showed her pussy lips. She wore no blouse and no bra, just a sheen of oil gleaming on her enormous, perfectly shaped, double D breasts.

She rocked her hips, undulating, and stroked herself slowly from her thighs up to her breasts, cupping them and squeezing them. She flipped the top of her mini dress down over those luscious tits, letting them spring out and bounce. She lifted one and licked the nipple.

She tucked the rim of the dress under her cleavage to hold those perfect globes up and out, invitingly, in the sluttiest possible way. She gave her torso a wriggle and her succulent titties swayed with an appetizing motion, her perfect brown nipples hard with unfeigned arousal. She crooked a finger to the stud with his dick now halfway down Anita?s throat and arched an eyebrow.

He turned his body toward Susan reflexively, his monster cock plopping out of Anita?s mouth, trailing drool. It was still only three-quarters erect despite Anita?s vigorous sucking, but as he locked eyes with Susan it swelled to nine inches of throbbing meat, rock hard, upright and swaying like a king cobra. It was electrifying.

Susan backed slowly away as he approached, until the full length of his member bobbed into the camera frame, close up. She held up a hand to freeze him right there, then gracefully slipped to her hands and knees and walked like a faithful dog towards the camera and his erect member, mouth open, tits swaying, her eyes fixed hungrily on a succulent bone.

I realized I was unconsciously rubbing my vulva through my dress. I looked around, and saw I wasn?t the only one. Nearly everyone was touching themselves while staring at Susan.

Anita tugged one of the techs over by his belt, pulled his jeans down to his thighs, and began to stroke his swelling prick into her mouth as they both watched the action. I hitched my skirt up and slipped two fingers into my panties. I was already moist. The room was seriously starting to smell like sex.

Still on her hands and knees, Susan arched her back and brought her mouth up to that huge, swaying penis. She looked like a cat, nose to nose with a python.

She arched higher and used her hands to bring her breasts together, surrounding his cock with silky pliant flesh, then lowered herself, gliding his ponderous shaft through the oiled tunnel of her mammaries, shaking them to stimulate the sensitive underparts of his swollen prod, and forming her lips into a perfect ?O? that pressed softly down on his cock tip, then up, then back down over his cock head, up again, then smoothly rocking all the way down that nine inch cock like a sword swallower, until her pink tongue slipped out to caress his balls.

You could see the bulge of that monster dong distending her throat. She swayed back and forth, her throat visibly convulsing around it once, twice, gripping the head and shaft with her throat muscles. Then she gracefully rose all the way up, let the tip slip from her mouth to spring away, swaying in the air, then leaned back until her tits slipped over his balls.

She lifted them up the length of his shaft. His cockhead jutted out from between her breasts, perfectly poised in front of her lips. She gazed at it a moment in worship, then took it in her mouth and down her throat again.

Up and down she swayed, sliding his throbbing length between her oiled breasts, into her mouth, and down her throat, over and over, slowly building speed. She paused for a moment with his cockhead just outside her lips again. Her tongue slipped out and licked a drop of pre-cum from his slit.

I heard someone groan softly. My fingers were brushing the shaft of my clit, dipping into my cunt for lubrication, and spreading the slippery pussy lube over my swollen bud.

The camera man slipped under Susan like a baseball player sliding into third, pointing the lens up to frame her perfect tits, with the tip of a giant cock thrust up between them, and her mouth coming down from above to suck it greedily down, swaying and swallowing, again and again.

I found myself rubbing my clit to the very same rhythm, building up towards a climax, watching Susan sucking cock. Anita was alternately sucking and stroking the tech?s cock with her left hand, moving in synch with Susan?s masterpiece blowjob, while her right hand was knuckle deep in her own cunt, moving to the exact same beat.

All our eyes were glued to Susan in the flesh and Susan on the monitor, showing a doubled view of Susan titfucking and deep throating a monster prick. She was like a carnal dancer, drawing us all in to dance along.

?Oh, god, I?m gonna fucking cum,? gasped the muscular stud getting the blowjob of his life.

Susan motioned out of frame to the camera man, and he switched to super slo-mo. The action on the screen began to lag behind the sound of sucking and groaning, as the tip of his swollen dong emerged with agonizing grace from between her artfully pursed lips, leaking a thin string of precum and saliva that fell in a slow arc towards her cheek. The slit of his cockhead pulsed open as the first jet of creamy white cum floated up over her face.

Susan?s lips puckered and she gently blew upward, sending the first pulse of falling sperm up in a graceful fan, an image that was burned into my mind forever.

Then her mouth opened, her tongue emerged, and she began to gather the falling drops and streams of cum into her oral cavity, letting it rain onto her lips and cheeks when she closed her mouth to swallow, then opening again to welcome in yet another spurt, her tongue actively seeking his cock and teasing out jet after jet of pearly semen. The slow motion cum shower lasted a full minute on-screen, but seemed to stretch on for even longer.

I climaxed halfway through, heard Anita gasping as she came in synchrony, her cry throttled by the cock in her mouth, as the tech groaned, grabbed Anita?s face in both hands, and shot his load down her throat.

?Cut!? the director said angrily. ?God damnit, Jason, you were supposed to fuck her mouth for seven more minutes, get behind her and fuck her doggy style a full six minutes, then fuck her in the ass for nine minutes before you jacked off on her face!?

?Christ, Darrin,? the muscular stud replied, abashed, ?you try to hold back with Susan fucking you with her tits, throat, and tongue like that!?

?Yeah. Okay, everybody, take an hour. One hour. Jason, take a viagra, now, and we?ll take it from the top when we get back. Susan, beautiful work. Magnificent cum sequence. We?ll edit it in at the end instead of the jack off sequence. It?ll make a nice trailer, too.?

Susan was still licking the cum off her fingers and lips. She gave a smug grin and shot me a wink. She stood up and sashayed toward me, cum drops on her cheeks, in her hair, in a spatter on her breasts, and a smear on the dog collar, her huge tits swaying with a mesmerizing motion as she approached.

?I?ve been thinking about your question,? she said, eyeing my fingers as I pulled them, glistening, from my twat. ?I have a couple of ideas.?

She took my hand in hers and sucked my fingertips, savoring the taste of my pussy.

I swallowed. Susan had ideas. Suddenly so did I.

?We have an hour,? said Susan. ?Let?s step into my ?dressing room?.?

She ushered me into a small pink bedroom almost filled with a large queen bed covered in a red satin comforter, shutting the door behind us. We perched side by side on the edge of the bed, and she took my hand.

It was hard not be distracted by her beauty, her charisma, and her huge, perfect, bare breasts, still wet with cum. She unhooked her dog collar, absently licking a drop of cum off the leather, and set it beside her on the bed. She smelled so sweetly of sex.

?Can you believe it?? she asked. ?A one-hour non-fuck break. Sometimes the porn business is just weird.? She rubbed the last of the sperm into her tits like it was skin cream. I guess for Susan it kind of was.

?Okay, sweetie. Let me make sure I understand the problem. Tell auntie Susan all about it, hm?? She sat patiently beside me, holding my hand and just listening.

?I?m flummoxed. How can I possibly give Bobby a treat like the one he gave me?? I asked plaintively. ?He was so sweet, he got enough men to fill all three of my holes at once, over and over, and made me feel safe doing it. He had me cumming for hours, not to mention being being fucked and cum in until my mouth, cunt, and ass were all overflowing with warm jism at the same time. I?ve never been so happy.?

Susan squeezed my hand and nodded understandingly.

?But I was able to fuck all those men, three at a time, because I have a pussy, a mouth, and an asshole, but Bobby only has one cock, the poor dear?no matter how many women I bring together to fuck him, he can only fill one hole at a time. There?s nothing a group of women can do for him that I can?t do myself. I?m at my wit?s end.?

I felt like crying. Susan squeezed my hand and stroked it.

?It?s true that Bobby only has one cock,? she said gently, ?but he has other things: two eyes, two ears, and two hands, for starters. You and I could give him an eyeful, an earful, and a double handful. His own personal lesbian porn show, let?s say, with heterosexual touching privileges.?

I pursed my lips doubtfully. It sounded more like a present for Susan than for Bobby.

?And,? she continued, ?he has two nipples, two balls, a mouth and an asshole of his own. If we get creative, I mean really creative, the two of us can stimulate him seven ways from Sunday. Add in all the places he can put his cock in the both of us, and we can give him a birthday he?ll never forget. You don?t need a group of women, sweetie. You just need me. Together we can give him a lot of things that no one woman could.?

I nodded thoughtfully. ?Mmm, I?m beginning to see the possibilities. Oh, Susan, this could be so much fun!? Just like that, Susan had taken me from tearful to cheerful.

?Of course it will be, girlfriend. And with a little planning, we can give him hours of pleasure without any frustration, and with one hell of an orgasm at the end.?

?I was wondering about that. Oh, Susan, I knew I could count on you. What should I do??

?The first thing is to let him build up a little steam, starting tonight. It?s okay for you to tease him a little, but don?t let him cum for a couple of days. We want his balls full.

?Then we?ll start his birthday with a bang. The two of us can bring him to a spectacular orgasm before he knows it, in the first five or ten minutes, so he?s happy and loose but not tired, but still wanting more. Then we give him a viagra and a show. We tease him and tickle him and please him for an hour or more, keeping him turned on the whole time.

?When he gets good and hard again, we fuck his brains out. It?ll take forever to make him cum a second time, and that?s exactly what we want. We take turns sucking him, we let him slip his cock straight from one pussy into another, from asshole to asshole, ass to mouth, you name it.

?When he starts to get close, we pull out all the stops. We fuck him or blow him, whichever he wants most, while the two of us tweak his nipples, suck his balls, talk dirty to him, fill his hands and mouth with our tits, and fuck him up the ass with our fingers. When he starts to cum the second time, we?ll pull our fingers out of his ass as he spurts?pop, pop! He?ll go through the roof!

?Then you or I will lick his cum out of whatever hole he shoots it in and share it, tongue to tongue, while he watches.? Susan smiled smugly. ?Five?ll get you ten he passes out within a few minutes after that, and you and I can have a little afterparty all our own.?

Susan leaned in and whispered in my ear. ?I?ll let you eat birthday cake out of my cunt.? She nipped my ear playfully and I gasped. I shivered with pleasure and anticipation as she slipped her tongue into my ear, followed by her warm breath. I was so excited I barely noticed that she had slipped her hand up my skirt and pulled my panties aside. The next thing I knew, she had a finger inside me, massaging the entrance of my still wet vagina, while her thumb swept around and around the shaft of my swelling clit.

?Oh, the things I want to do to you,? she breathed into my ear. Her fingers moved in rhythm with her words. ?I. Want. To. Fuck. You. Silly. I want. To make you. Cum. Again and again. While your husband watches. I want you. To suck on my clit. While your husband. Fucks you. Up the ass.?

She was making me so hot. My back arched as she swept a another finger-full of my slippery pussy dew up over my engorged bud. Susan purred in my ear as her fingers did the walking. I closed my eyes. I was lost in the sensations; all I felt were my pussy and clit. It was like my whole body, my whole being, was all clitoris, all cunt.

With a gentle nudge, Susan encouraged me to lift my ass so she could slip my panties off and push my skirt up around my waist. Her mouth slipped from my ear and began to trail kisses down my face. Her hand withdrew from my cunt with a caress, slid up my blouse and began to fondle my braless tits.

Then both her hands were up my blouse, softly pinching and stroking both of my nipples, as her tongue began to lick, lick, lick its way up my thigh. I laid back on the bed. Her lips kissed and sucked my pussy lips. Her tongue slipped between my labia and into my twat, thrust into me and circled my love tunnel, then slid up to my clit. Her lips wrapped around my engorged bud and she sucked me into her velvet mouth. I was on fire.

Suddenly her fingers pinched my nipples hard and she sucked my clit even harder, rubbing the tip of her tongue firmly up and down my shaft, then battering the head of my clitoris from side to side with her whole tongue, faster than I would have thought possible.

I screamed with pleasure, out of control, cumming, then cumming again. Her fingers and tongue were unrelenting. She drove me from peak to peak, climax to climax, until I was swept away into one endlessly prolonged orgasm that turned me inside out.

When I opened my eyes, I was lying on my back, looking up into Susan?s warm brown eyes. She kissed me, and I tasted my pussy on her lips and tongue, mixed with the salty sweetness of her mouth. My breasts pressed against hers, still sticky with a man?s ejaculate.

She stroked my face. ?You are something special, girlfriend,? she murmured. ?Your husband is a lucky man.? She kissed my forehead. ?And he?s made you happy. So let?s you and I give him something extra nice in return.?

I drove home in an erotic daze.

That night I feigned a headache, but still reached out and took Bobby?s warm cock in my hand, squeezing it and holding it as we fell asleep. He awoke with a huge hard on, but I had set the alarm a little late so there was no time for sex before work.

The next night was Friday, the night before Bobby?s birthday, I waited until after dinner, then asked him if we could rent a movie on the Internet. It was a long movie and it ended late. I suggested a porn chaser, and he readily agreed. I fondled him during the whole movie, and took his engorged cock in my mouth for part of it, gently sucking the head, but stopping before he came. I kept playing with his nipples and rubbing his cock to keep him right on the edge.

When the second movie was over, we were both yawning, but Bobby was literally throbbing, so hot to fuck me he was quivering. I let things start out in the usual way, encouraging him to suck and lick and finger me until I came multiple times. Then, when it was his turn, I yawned and asked him sweetly if I could just go to sleep with him, I was so tired.

I could tell it was hard for him, in every sense, but Bobby is a gentleman, first and foremost, and he loves me. So he said of course it was all right, we had the whole day tomorrow. He curled up beside me with his dick as rigid as a steel pole, but hot. I took his manhood gently in my hand and fell asleep, holding it all the while.

Saturday morning Bobby woke up with the biggest erection of his life, warm and engorged, the veins standing out in purple on his hard, hard cock, the swollen head red and proud. I took it around the base and admired it from an inch away. I smelled the funky bouquet of his lust for me.

Then the doorbell rang.

?Don?t get it,? Bobby said.

?It might be important, baby,? I replied. ?I?m expecting something for your birthday and I think I have to sign for it.?

I jumped up and left the room, heading for the front door naked. I was expecting something, all right, but I knew I wouldn?t have to sign for it.

Bobby was going to be so happy!

= = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Chapter 4
Bobby?s Birthday Morning
= = = = = = = = = = = = = =

I hurried to the door, naked and practically skipping with excitement. My husband Bobby was in our bed, waiting for me with a massive erection and a ball sack just bursting with cum?two days of teasing him and not letting him finish had made sure of that. And now a deliciously sexy porn star, my dear friend Susan, was ringing the doorbell.

It was Bobby?s birthday, and Susan and I had a plan to give him a truly unforgettable gift. I was finally going to be able to repay him for the glorious all-hole fucking that he had given me on our anniversary! It still made me squirm with pleasure to remember how amazingly good it had felt to be fucked by three men at a time, until cum was running in rivulets from every one of my fuckable holes.

Now it was Bobby?s turn. He was going to be so happy!

I opened the front door, still nude, and hustled Susan in quickly so the neighbors wouldn?t see me. She was barefoot but wearing a pale, calf-length coat. She slipped the coat off, letting it fall to the floor, and there she was, in all her glory.

She was breathtaking. Lustrous black hair framed her classically beautiful face?long dark lashes and warm brown eyes, with high cheekbones, an aquiline nose, and full, moist, almost pouty lips. Kiss me lips. Suck me lips.

And oh, her breasts! Her breasts were enormous, but perfectly shaped, swaying enticingly whenever she moved. On her petite 4? 5? frame, the pair of double-Ds were disproportionally awe inspiring. Her waist was slender, but swelled to full, broad hips and a firm, pliant, heart-shaped ass. Her soft, rose-pink pussy lips peeped out between her satin-smooth thighs, atop slender, smoothly tapering legs.

She wasn?t naked, exactly?she wore some clear, opalescent gift wrap. It was tied on with two red satin bows, one under her breasts, making them stand out even more impressively, and the other tied low around her hips, half-covering her artfully shaven mound without really concealing it.

?Oh, Susan! You?re so beautiful!? I gasped. ?He?s going to love you!?

I bit my lip. ?Maybe more than me,? I said quietly.

She shook her head. ?Nonsense, You?re the star of this show, sweetie. I know how to play a supporting role.? She took me by the shoulders. ?You be the dom?I?m just the submissive little fuck toy. Stay in control, and Bobby will see me as an extension of you. You call the shots, doll; I?ll do anything you say. And I mean anything.?

I hesitated. ?I?m not normally dominant with Bobby.?

?It?s easier than you think. The trick is, just tell him to do what he already wants. If he?s fucking me, say ?fuck her harder,? if he?s in my mouth, tell him to grab my head and shove his dick down my throat. Encourage him to use me.

?Men don?t fall in love with fuck toys, sweetie. Especially men like Bobby.?

I swallowed and nodded, almost tearing up. Bobby might not fall in love with Susan, but I was certainly on the verge.

?The first thing he?ll want is to get his hands on these,? she said, cupping her breasts. ?Order him to suck them?or better yet fuck them. He?ll be putty in your hands after that.?

?Baby?? my husband?s voice called from the bedroom, ?Are you coming back??

?On my way! Your gift came!?

?Not yet,? Susan whispered with a wink, ?but I will! It?s show time, sugar. Let?s make Bobby pop.?

I swept into the bedroom, my pussy tingling, and paused for a long moment in the doorway to let Bobby get a good look at my naked assets. I may not be Susan, but I?m still hot. I?m a pretty blonde, my tits are big, if not huge, I?m nice and shapely, and Bobby knows just how sweet my ass is, and how much I love to suck him.

Bobby licked his lips appreciatively. ?Is this my present?? he asked, looking me up and down, sounding not at all disappointed.

?Part of it,? I purred. ?But there?s also this.? I gestured invitingly, and Susan sauntered in, her gorgeous body on display. Bobby frankly stared. He couldn?t help ogling her stupendous tits.

?I got you a fuck toy!? I chirped excitedly. Bobby?s gaze dropped to the ribbon tied around her hips, only partly obscuring her pink pussy lips. I could see what he wanted, so I took a deep breath and followed Susan?s advice. ?Unwrap it,? I said firmly. ?You have to open the package before you can play with the contents. Go ahead, unwrap your little fuck toy.?

He hesitated, but not for long. He wasn?t used to me giving orders, but these were orders he really liked.

Then the fun began.

Susan walked to the edge of the bed and presented her ripe, luscious body to my husband. He reached out and pulled both satin bows loose, letting the gift wrap flutter away, fully exposing her exquisite breasts and the thin strip of silky hair leading down to her soft, rosy labia. His cock was even more fully erect than before, bobbing against his abs above his navel?as long and hard as I?ve ever seen it. Now to bring him to a quick orgasm. But not too quick?

?Kneel, fuck toy,? I ordered, ?and suck my husband?s dick while he plays with your tits.?

Susan knelt meekly beside the bed, opening her lips and taking the head of Bobby?s engorged manhood into her warm, wet mouth. She sucked on it, circled her tongue around and around it. ?Oh, yes!? he breathed. Her perfect breasts pressed softly against his thighs and balls. He reached down and cupped one of her smooth, satiny orbs in his hand, gently squeezing it.

?Squeeze her tits,? I encouraged. ?Don?t be shy. They?re yours to use as you please. Aren?t they, fuck-toy??

?Mmm-hmm? she hummed, her mouth full of cock.

?See? Enjoy them. Use both hands. That?s right. Knead her tits. Oh, yes, pull on her nipples! Twist them. Harder.?

Bobby excitedly did as I ordered, taking those sweet, succulent globes in both hands, fondling and squeezing them with enthusiasm, while her warm, velvet mouth slid up and down on his long, stiff rod. He shivered as she lowered her face against his balls, engulfing his dick completely, lodging his cock head in her throat.

?Suck slut, suck!? I commanded. ?Take his cock deep in your fuck-toy throat and swallow. Grip his shaft with your throat muscles. Swallow again. Gag on it! Squeeze that gorgeous cockhead.

?That?s it. Now fuck him with your mouth-cunt. Move your head all the way up and down, over every inch of that big, beautiful cock. Worship it! Yes, like that.

?Suck, slut! Faster! Deeper!?

Susan rapidly raised up until her lips were just touching the tip of his cock, then plunged down until his whole length filled her mouth and throat. She was a soft rippling tunnel around his swollen manhood. A tunnel that slid up and down his whole length, clenched around him, sucked and swirled around his head and shaft, moving faster and faster.

I was getting hot just watching them. Seeing Susan give a blowjob is always exciting, but watching her suck my husband gave my pussy a special tingle. Telling Susan just how to suck my husband?s cock was turning me on even more. I know exactly how it feels to lower my mouth over that big, thick rod, to feel it pressing down my throat, to gag on it. I watched her head bob up and down on his stiff cock, feeling my cunt moisten and my nipples harden.

Bobby moaned. Those fantastic tits and that connoisseur blowjob were pushing him to the edge. But I wasn?t ready for him to cum quite yet. Before he could lose control and shoot down her throat, I interrupted.

?Take that dick out of your mouth, you slut. Now spit on it. Get it slippery and wet. Good fuck-toy. Now give him your tits to suck. Go on, Bobby, gorge on those giant titties. Bury your face in them. You know you want to. Bite her nipples. Yes! You?re making me hot! Now slobber on them. Make them slippery.?

Bobby gnawed on her amazing boobs enthusiastically, rubbing them with his face, biting and sucking her nipples, spitting and drooling on those sweet, sweet tits until they were slick.

?Excellent, Bobby! Her tits are dripping! Now, fuck-toy, on your back, like a good slut. Suck my husband?s balls. Suck his balls while he fucks your big slippery tits.?

Susan laid on the bed face up, and Bobby knelt with his scrotum over her mouth, facing her tits. She began to lick his balls, taking each one into her mouth and rolling her tongue around it. He groaned and leaned forward, pressing his swollen member between her huge, glorious breasts, gazing down at her sweetly curving body. Squeezing her tits together, he began sliding his long cock into the heavenly tunnel they formed.

?Fuck-toy, reach up and fondle my husband?s nipples while he tit-fucks you. Pinch them every time he thrusts his prick between your tits. Yes, just like that. Don?t stop sucking! Suck his balls. Get them both in your mouth.?

I laid on top of Susan?s lower body, facing Bobby as he knelt above her mouth, his face a rictus of pleasure, squeezing her firm pliant titties together with both hands, luxuriating in the feel of them, and fucking the elastic valley they formed, slick with spittle and sweat, while she sucked his balls, her hands reaching up his body to caress and stimulate his nipples. I saw a drop of precum ooze from the head of his penis, making Susan?s breasts even slipperier.

Bobby was getting very close to orgasm.

The first orgasm, I reminded myself with a smile.

But I wasn?t quite done making it memorable.

?Use your mouth, slut. Tongue my husband?s asshole. Stick your tongue up his ass, every time he shoves his cock between your tits.?

Susan obediently began to eat his ass. Bobby?s eyes widened as another erotically sensitive body part responded to her oral ministrations. I crawled up higher on Susan, facing Bobby as he neared his climax. ?Kiss me,? I urged.

Bobby?s lips and mine pressed together, and our tongues were swirling around each other. I sucked on his tongue while Susan pinched his nipples and put her tongue up his ass, in time to the rhythm of his blood-red cock sliding between her beautiful pink tits. Bobby and I looked down and watched his dick glide between those succulent breasts, admiring the erotic view together.

I slithered down and pressed my face between Susan?s thighs. She opened them for me and I burrowed in her fragrant cunt, lapping up the slippery dew seeping from her vagina and slathering it over her clit with my tongue. Susan began to moan with her tongue still up Bobby?s asshole. It must have felt good to Bobby because he began to groan in unison with her.

I rose up and kissed Bobby again, this time with my mouth full of the musky smell and taste of Susan?s delicious cunt. Bobby eagerly sucked Susan?s juices from my mouth, inhaling her scent. I took one of Susan?s hands away from Bobby?s nipple and sucked on her middle finger, lubricating it with my spit and her own pussy oil.

?Go back to sucking his balls again, slut. Put this where your tongue is.? I said, squeezing her finger. Susan submissively shifted back to Bobby?s scrotum, licking and sucking on his ball sack, while teasing the entrance to his anus with her finger. Bobby was shuddering, close to exploding. I lowered my face to Susan?s belly, inching up until Bobby?s penis touched my lips at the end of every thrust down the valley of her cleavage.

I opened my mouth, sticking out my tongue to lick the head of his cock at the end of every stroke. ?Now,? I said, ?fuck my girlfriend?s tits and cum in my mouth.?

Susan thrust her finger all the way up Bobby?s ass then. He gasped and stiffened, then began to thrust harder. I moved up until my face was between his hands, right on top of Susan?s gyrating bosoms. He began to alternately thrust his cock between her tits and into my mouth. He moaned.

?Yes,? I said, talking dirty to him every time his cock came out of my mouth. ?Cum in my mouth. Mmph.? His dick filled my cum hole, then slid back out.

?Feed me your sperm. Umm.? He fucked Susan?s tits, then fucked my face again. His cock felt so big and so good in my mouth.

?I want to suck the jizz from your cock,? I cried, as his dick came back out of me, covered in slobber, and thrust again into the slick tunnel of Susan?s tits.

?Mmm Hmm,? I hummed as his cock reentered my mouth.

?Shoot your load on her tits and my face. Mmmm. Cum, baby. Drain your balls.

?Mphh. Mphh. Fuck my girlfriend?s beautiful tits and cum in my fucking mouth.?

Bobby let out an incoherent yell and started to cum, shooting his first jet of semen onto Susan?s slick breasts and spattering my chin. Susan chose that moment to flex her finger against his prostate, milking it, then pulled it suddenly out of his ass while humming loudly on his balls.

He bellowed as he thrust his manhood into my hungry, waiting mouth. His hot, hard cock pulsed and throbbed, filling my mouth and spurting his warm thick sperm onto my tongue. His salty jism completely flooded my mouth, overflowed onto my chin and dribbled down onto Susan?s glistening tits. He kept cumming and cumming, jerking stiffly and shooting pulse after pulse of semen into my mouth, down my throat, and onto my face. I sucked and sucked while he came and came, squeezing his cock with my mouth to maximize his sensations with every spasm.

Finally he sagged backward against the headboard, his cum-covered, semi-erect cock still pulsing slowly. Susan rolled on her side and I crawled up, face to face with her, our naked bodies pressed together, with both of our heads between Bobby?s legs. We began to lick the cum off his cock together. Our tongues met and greeted each other as they lapped around the sides of Bobby?s penis.

When his cock was licked clean, I milked him with my hand from base to tip, squeezing a last pearl of cum from his slit. I licked it off and shared it with Susan. Our tongues intertwined, coated with his salty, slippery spunk.

Then we began to lick his cum off each other. Susan licked the jizz off my cheeks and chin, smacking her lips and swallowing every driblet. I sucked up a string of cum from her satiny, sperm-covered tits, and delivered it to her waiting mouth.

?Who?s our little cum slut?? I asked.

?I am,? she answered. ?Feed me all of your husband?s cum. I want it. I need it.?

?Do you promise to swallow every drop of his semen??

?Every drop.?

Bobby watched, mesmerized, as I licked every little spatter of his cum off my girlfriend?s tits and belly, and transferred them, tongue to tongue, to our little cum-slut fuck-toy, who swallowed every drop, licking her lips and visibly savoring the creamy texture.

?Oh, my god,? moaned Bobby. ?I don't think I?ve ever cum so hard.? He blinked in surprise. ?And I haven?t even fucked you. Either of you. Not even in the ass.?

I reached into the bedside drawer and retrieved a little blue pill. ?You haven't fucked either of us, yet.?

Susan wriggled her ample bottom. ?Not even in the ass,? she purred.

Bobby dry-swallowed the viagra. ?What now?? he asked.

?Well, about an hour from now we?re going to fuck you in ways you can't even imagine,? I replied, ?and keep fucking you until you empty your balls completely.?

?In the meantime, enjoy the show,? added Susan. ?We?re doing a matinee performance of ?Wifey Does Her Fuck Toy,? live.

?Now look and listen, but don?t touch,? she waved a finger warningly under his nose, then dipped it into her cunt, slid it into mine, and waved it under his nose again.

?Unless you really want to,? she finished.

She pushed her finger gently into his mouth so he could taste our mingled flavors. ?In which case, feel free to touch, taste, and fondle. The show will go on until you can fully join us.?

I put my lips to his ear. ?Happy birthday, baby,? I whispered.

?The happiest,? he sighed.

Susan cleared her throat. ?Excuse me for intruding, but please, mistress, may I suck on your clit?? she asked me submissively.

?Have you been bad?? I inquired.

?Yes,? she answered contritely. ?Very bad.?

?Good,? I replied. ?Come suck my clitoris with your dirty little mouth, you bad, bad girl.?

I laid on my back, closed my eyes, spread my legs, and waited. I was so looking forward to this?
06-01-2021, at 11:43 AM
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