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I'm Not His Baby Anymore Ch. 02

Post #1

When I woke up the next morning Daddy hadn't called or texted so I assumed I had cleaned his kitchen well. I rolled out of bed, got dressed for the day, ate a bit of lunch and went to my afternoon classes.

It was strange to me how the world kept moving on even when I felt crushed. But move on it did. My best friend had a new boyfriend. There was a disciplinary meeting for someone in a campus organization I belonged to. One of my professors missed class to have her baby.

When my day ended and I walked back to the commuter lot on campus to go home, I finally got a text from Daddy. "You've been a good girl, what with the dishes and not bugging me all day. You deserve a reward. You may have an orgasm tonight if you wish. Only one."

I sighed, so not the reward I wanted. But it would have to do. I sent back a "thank you" as I knew was expected.

At my apartment I found my roommates engaged in the movie He's Just Not That into You. I rolled my eyes, but sat down to watch with them anyways. After that movie finished one of my roommates, Eve, went on a rant about the film industry's portrayal of women. Though I agreed with her, I felt I had no room to talk, given my current situation.

Soon I excused myself to my room, unable to bear their normal talk anymore. I snuggled up on my bed and realized that if I was so miserable one word could fix it all.

I grabbed my phone and texted Daddy, "Red," before curling up and falling asleep, skipping giving myself an orgasm like Daddy had offered.

I woke up late the next morning, but it wasn't a problem because I only had one evening class. When I looked bebek escort at my phone it informed me of 9 missed calls, 11 text messages, and 4 voicemails. They were all from Daddy. I couldn't deal with looking at the messages because I knew he was mad. I wasn't even sure my safe word counted in this situation. I wondered what the hell I had been thinking sending him that text. I turned my phone off, putting off dealing with it. I couldn't hear him say he loved her more and that he was moving away with her and fuck me.

I had time to kill before class so I went made myself eggs, fake bacon, and toast. I ate my meal trying not to think of what the messages on my phone might have been about.

After eating I went back to my room, locked my door, and logged onto and read some sexy Daddy-Dom stories and got myself off. I used my bright pink rabbit vibrator and fucked myself with it. It made my pussy and clit tingle in the best ways. I came so many times because Daddy's rules didn't matter anymore. I reminded myself that since he was probably breaking up with me I should think of him as Rob. I burst out laughing when I made the connection of Rob's real name, Robert, therefore I was ignoring Robert's Rules (like the ones judiciary bodies use for order). Suddenly my laughing turned into crying. It was the worst feeling when I pulled my rabbit out of me and curled into a ball. I fell back asleep.

I woke up about an hour later to knocking on my door. The knocking seemed frantic. I groaned, not wanting to move. I sighed as the frantic knocking continued, then rolled out of bed and pulled mecidiyeköy escort a robe around my naked body, and called "Coming!"

I raced out of my room, through the empty dining room/living room and to the door. When I looked out the peephole I saw none other than Robert. I groaned but still decided to open the door.

"Oh thank God," he said, wrapping his arms around me.

"What?" I asked, pulling back from his hug and giving him a look.

"After you texted red last night and then wouldn't talk to me I thought you might have done something stupid. I don't know," he rambled.

"Nope. Just didn't want to hear about you picking her over me. I should have kept my mouth shut. I can take this. We agreed I'd be your slut and..." He shut me up with a kiss.

"Lori, honey," Rob said, shutting the door, and guiding me to my room, standing in my room he hugged me tight and then let me go and told me to read his texts.

I located my phone, and turned it on. Opening the texting app I read "Oh baby...come over." "I just called her things are over." "Baby?" "Is everything okay?" "I'm sorry. That should have been a one night thing. I went too far." "I'm worried, but I'm going to bed. I'll call more tomorrow. Call or text me and let me know you're ok." "Good morning darling" "Are you okay?" "Baby? Seriously...text me!!" "I'm coming over if you won't text me." "Okay. Headed your way."

I blushed, "Did you mean all that?"

"Lori," Rob said in a disappointed voice, "Of course, you're my baby. I thought you knew we were just playing. I'm so sorry."

I hid my face in his chest florya escort and talked into it, "Can I call you Daddy again and be your sweet sub who you love?"

"Yes my love," Daddy said, "Now, how about we go to my place and you spend the day. I'm not busy and I know you only have your four o'clock class, so that gives us some time."

I sniffled and nodded against him.

"You know you'll have to let go so we can go..." he said laughing.

"Can we just stay here?" I murmured.

"Of course baby," He said, and nudged me to the bed and climbed on top of me. As he lay on top of me, making me feel safe and secure, he suddenly pulled away a bit and asked, "Why is your dildo out?"

"I may have had many many orgasms this morning when I assumed you were through with me," I admitted, sheepishly. I went on to tell him about the rest of my horrible morning.

Daddy stroked my hair, "Well, since I was bad too with how I handled the Mandy thing, no punishment this time," he paused, and then sat up and started tickling me and removing my robe, "But next time little girl, you are so in for it. So so in for it."

I squealed with laughter as he tickled me until I begged him to stop. Finally when my robe only remained on my arms he stopped. Then he leaned down to my pussy and began to lick my clit as he fingered me. I moaned and grabbed at his shoulders. Into my clit he said, "Cum as much as you like baby." His lips vibration on my clit sent me over the edge and I came for the first time of many.

When Daddy had worn me out with orgasms he hugged me to his chest and we napped until it was time for my class.

As he walked me to my car so I could go to class and he could go home I asked meekly, "Even though I had a hard time, can we have more adventures?"

"Of course my sweet good girl," Daddy replied, then gave me a hug and a kiss before heading to his own car.
05-15-2024, at 06:27 PM

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