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Relinquishing Control Pt. 03

Post #1

She felt him release her from the spreader bar and carry her to the bed. Then after laying her on her back sideways across the bed he gently pulled her hair away from her face and fastened a blindfold over her eyes. She didn't feel alarmed, or try to struggle, she had given herself freely to him, and was his to do with as he wished. She now couldn't see but was aware of him taking each of her limbs and attaching them to the chains she had earlier found hidden under the covers. Methodically he adjusted the tension of each chain until she was spread-eagled. In her mind she could see herself as an exotic butterfly pinned out to be displayed, and the thought of being displayed before others made the butterflies in her stomach flutter. She imagined what she would look if viewed from above; her sex, engorged and exposed below the slutty Basque; her breasts thrust upwards, nipples swollen and clamped by the cruel clamps. The image caused her pelvic muscles to flex and an involuntarily moan escape her lips. She felt him brush a stray hair from her cheek, then he whispered.

'The next part of your training is not only about obedience but also about ownership. Do you trust me?'

She nodded.

'Open wide.'

She obeyed with hesitation, expecting the ball-gag or with luck his penis to be pushed between her lips. Instead she felt something metal pushes between her back teeth and buckled around the back of her head.

'This is a ring-gag, the steel ring you are biting on holds your mouth open and allows it to be used by your owner. You may find it uncomfortable, and will definitely find you will be unable to communicate properly. As you will no longer be able to use your safe-word, if you wish me to stop at any time, vigorously shake your head from side to side. Do you understand?'

She grunted something unintelligible and nodded, twice.


He took hold of her shoulders and pulled her across the bed until her head hung over the side. The chains had enough slack to keep her spread-eagled without further discomfort. She waited expectantly, she could already feel her arousal building. Then she felt his penis being rubbed across her face, she could feel the hairs on his scrotum tickling her neck, and the soft head of his glans smearing pre-cum over her wide open lips. She wanted to stick out her tongue and lick him, but she wasn't sure if she would be punished for such forwardness.

Suddenly he tugged her hair hard, pulling her further over the bed, and immediately thrust his penis down her throat. The ring-gag allowed him unimpeded access and the shock and violence of his thrusts triggered simultaneous feeling of helplessness and arousal in her. She tried to move her neck to make the penetration more comfortable, but he took a firm hold of her throat with both hands, so that she was left in no doubt as to who was in control.

He thrust in and out, while she gagged, and choked. She tried to push up off the bed, but he held her still and used her mouth without mercy. She could feel his penis getting harder and imagined that he was going to ejaculate down her throat. The ring-gag kept her lips wide open and her saliva ran down her face, blocking her nose and making it harder and harder to breathe. His heavy testicles rubbed over her face as he fucked her throat, and she became lightheaded, overcome by the lack of oxygen, his male scent and her total feeling of helplessness. In her imagination she was going to be suffocated by his penis or choked to death by his semen. Strangely rather than being simply terrified by the prospect, she also felt incredibly aroused. It was as though she was having an out of body experience, and watching a video of some other slut being used.

Suddenly without warning he pulled his penis from her mouth and let go of her throat. She coughed and spluttered, her chest heaving as she gasped and took deep breaths to clear her lungs. Before she could process what was happening he climbed on top of her and leaning close to her ear whispered.

'I'm going to fuck you now, slut. But you're not to cum - Do you understand?'

She sobbed with frustration and nodded her head.

She felt the head of his penis trying to find her entrance, then he thrust hard and deep. Even though she was incredibly aroused his brutal thrust took her by surprise and her vaginal muscles contracted making her canal tighter and his penis feel even larger. She threw her head back and panted through the ring-gag as his brutal thrusting continued. She knew her orgasm was just around the corner and she was doing everything she could to stop it happening. She relaxed her vaginal muscles as best she could, let him use her, and tried desperately to think of anything bar the images in her head. Then she heard him whisper in her ear.

'I can feel you're close. Do you want me to take your mind off being fucked, slut?'

She nodded vigorously, and he laughed. Then she felt his hands playing with the nipple clamps and Betturkey realising what he was about to do she panicked, but it was too late. He opened the clamps and she could feel the blood pouring back into her traumatised nipples. He body bucked on the bed and she tried to scream through the ring-gag. The pain in her nipples was much worse than when he had put the clamps on, and suddenly all thoughts of an orgasm had evaporated. She slumped back on the bed as her nipples continued to throb. Then she felt him thrust deep and holding her shoulder pressed against the bed, ejaculate deep inside her. Spurt after spurt coating the inside of her womb. Then he withdrew and she could feel his semen oozing out and running down over her anus. She lay there helpless and sobbed with frustration.

He unbuckled the ring-gag, removed the blindfold and offered his penis to her mouth, she dutifully licked it clean of their combined emissions. Then he made her pay special attention to his testicles which were covered in her juices. Once he was satisfied he stroked the hair out of her eyes and asked.

'You did very well. Would you like to cum, slut?'

She nodded, and he smiled.

He climbed onto the bed alongside her and gently licked her ultrasensitive nipple. Then he sucked it into his mouth and his hand squeezed her breast. His other hand began to slowly toy with her clitoris. He gently teased the entrance to her vagina, rubbing his semen over her clitoris, but was careful not to penetrate her. He changed nipples and began to gently bite one as his hand pinched the other. She moaned and writhed as much as the chains would allow. He alternated between her nipples, biting, sucking or twisting them, and continued to play with her clitoris. He could tell she was very close. He leaned close to her face and taking her chin in his hand he turned her face towards him. She opened her eyes wide, he could see there was a desperate need for release. He rubbed her clitoris harder and said.

'Cum for me.'

Within a few seconds he felt her orgasm hit. She bucked on the bed and cried out. Then lay panting, her chest rising and falling rhythmically.

He left her chained to the bed for half an hour, while he went to shower. She could feel the semen slowly oozing out of her ravaged vagina, and adding to the cold puddle that had collected between her buttocks. Her nipples throbbed and her throat ached. At least without the ring-gag she was able to exercise her aching jaw. He returned with a warm drink, and then slowly unclipped her restraints. She sat on the side of the bed and drank the coffee.

'Are you OK?' he asked.

She nodded, and they both smiled.

'Do you think you can cope with more today?'

'Yes' her voice was croaky after the throat fucking, 'Just give me a little while to recover.'

He stroked her hair and she smiled up at him.

'When you're ready come down to the study, naked. OK?'

She nodded. He squeezed her shoulder and taking the empty cup left her alone to her thoughts.

She lay in a hot bath and gently soaped her aching limbs. Her bottom was stinging from the earlier whipping, her jaw ached and her throat was still slightly sore. Not to mention her throbbing vagina and tender nipples. She gently rolled her elongated nipple between her finger and thumb and wondered if they, or she would ever be the same again. One thing she was certain of, was that she was glad she hadn't turned tail and run on the first day. Whether this would be something she would do again she still didn't know. What she did know was that she was eager to find out what else he had planned for her tonight.

It was almost an hour later when she left her room, naked, and walked slowly down the steep staircase to the ground floor. When she reached the closed door to his study, she knocked twice and then entered with her head bowed. He was sitting in the armchair reading a file. There were piles of papers on the desk, together with a heavy reference book. He looked up and pointed at the floor a few feet in front of him.


By his tone she knew the next session had already begun. She walked slowly to the indicated spot and waited. Her head was bowed but her eyes surreptitiously scanned the papers on the desk. She noted that the reference book was a legal text. Perhaps he was a lawyer after all?

He placed the file he had been reading on the desk, and said.

'Position One - now!'

She quickly fell to her knees and assumed the required pose. Her thigh muscles strained and her back ached as she thrust out her breasts. She tilted her head back and as she stuck out her tongue they made eye contact and she saw him smile.

' can put your tongue away for the time being.'

He indicated that she should come closer and she obediently shuffled on her knees until she was between his spread thighs. He reached down and cupped each of her breasts in turn, squeezing Betturkey Giriş them as though it was checking an exotic fruit for its ripeness. She felt her sore nipples respond, and she had to bite her lip to avoid moaning. Then he moved a hand between her painfully spreads thighs and she was unable to stifle the moan.

Excellent, slut. Still dripping even after all you've been through today.'

She registered a flicker of humiliation but that was outweighed by his praise.

'Shall we continue with your training?'

'Yes, Master.'

He noticed with sense of satisfaction that Master had replaced Sir.'

'We'll continue with the next position. When I say Two. You get on your hands and knees, legs splayed, back arched, head back and mouth open. Do it now.'

She quickly assumed the pose as best she could, he inspected her and adjusted her position with gentle taps of a wooden ruler he took from his desk drawer. When he was satisfied he called.

'Position One.'

She quickly resumed her previous pose. He repeated this several times, going from position One to Two, and back again until he was satisfied that she had memorised the poses.

'Now position Three.'

He indicated a thick Turkish rug in the centre of the room.

'Kneel there, as though you were in position two. However this time place your shoulders flat on the floor, turn your head to one side and reaching behind you use your hands to pull your buttocks apart.'

She obediently assumed the position. The rug was soft on her face and traumatised nipples, but although she was comfortable she felt incredibly humiliated. Her thighs were spread and her hands held her buttocks apart. She knew that her sex and anus were displayed before him. She knew he had seen her naked before but this seemed much more humiliating, and she was ashamed to admit to herself - arousing.

He stood up and walked closer to her, then used the ruler to tap her hands gently.


She groaned and pulled her buttocks further apart. She could feel his eyes examining her most private parts. He reached down and traced a finger between her slick labia and rubbed her juice up over her tight anus. She bit her lip as his fingertip gently penetrated her anus.

'Do you remember your safe-word, slut?'

'Yes, Master.'


He gently but firmly pushed his fingertip into her anus. She stifled a squeal, but remained silent. Then he withdrew his fingertip, and walked out of sight. She could her a drawer being opened and closed and then him walking across the room towards her.

The ice cold gel squirted on her anus took her completely by surprise, she squealed and nearly loss her position, but quickly regained her composure as the gel warmed. They had often discussed anal play during their on-line chats, and she knew that he knew that she was an anal virgin. Lovers had occasional played with her anus, but she'd always refused all requests to go further. She realised that his question about her safe-word was an indication that wanted her silent consent to go further.

The finger returned and with the aid of the lubricant gel probed deeper, followed by a second finger. She bit her lip and tried not to wriggle. Then she felt a fresh application of gel and something other than fingers began to press insistently against her tight sphincter.

'Relax,' he said, 'This is just small a butt plug.'

She tried to relax as much as possible, as he gently rotated the plug, then she groaned as she felt it breach her sphincter and slowly open it wider and wider. Then with a plop it slipped inside and held firm. She knew from watching videos that the narrow neck and wide base would hold it in place.

'Good, slut. I'm proud of you. Now, position One.'

With difficulty she assumed her previous pose. The plug inside her felt huge. It wasn't actually painful as she had expected it to be, just uncomfortable. However the discomfort eased slightly as she spread her thighs, waiting for her next instruction.

He stood next to her, stroked her cheek and pressed his thumb into her mouth. She remember their first session and submissively sucked his thumb. She looked up at him and saw him smile. He reached down, unzipped his trousers and took out his partially erect penis. He removed his thumb and replaced it with his penis. She dutifully sucked it to full hardness. He placed his hand on her head as she sucked him, but seemed careful not to push too deep. She wondered if he was as excited as she was and worried that he may cum too soon. As if to confirm her suspicions he pushed her head away, and said.

'Position Two.'

She quickly shuffled into position. She pushed up with her arms, arched her back and spread her thighs as wide as she could. He knelt behind her and she felt the head of his penis sliding between her folds. Then he tapped the base of the butt plug with the head of his penis and the vibrations caused her to take a deep breath. He leaned forward and guided the head of his penis between her engorged labia, she was slick with arousal and welcomed him in without resistance. His penis eased its way deep inside her, and taking hold of her hips in each hand he begin to fuck her slowly and deeply. She groaned and rocked her hips in rhythm with his thrusts. The butt plug constricted her vagina and made his penis feel even larger. She could feel her orgasm approaching, but still didn't know whether that would be allowed. He leaned close to her ear and whispered.

'Do you want to cum, slut?'

'Yes, Master.'


He grabbed hold of her hair and tugged her head back.

'Please Master, can I cum?'

'Who owns you, slut?'

'You do.'

'Say it again.'

'You do, Master.'

He pushed deep and increased the speed of his thrusts. She could feel her orgasm so, so close. She clenched her vaginal muscles, milking his penis and felt the butt plug filling her anus.

'You may cum. Now!'

She felt her orgasm hit and slumped forward onto her elbows, then she felt him pull his penis from her and she rolled onto her side, gasping for breath. She looked up and saw him standing above her, his penis was erect and glistening with her juices and she realise that he had yet to ejaculate. She rolled onto her back and opened her thighs expecting him to take her again. Instead he simply said.

'Position Three.'

She slowly rolled onto her stomach, and then keeping her shoulder on the rug, pushed up with her legs offering her sex to him. She knew what he intended and also that she would not use her safe-word. He knelt behind her upturned buttocks and gently tugged on the base of the butt plug.

'Anything you want to say, slut?'

'No, master.'

He tugged the plug partially out, then pushed it back in, slowly fucking her anus.

'Are you sure, slut?'

'Yes, master.'

He suddenly tugged the plug completely out, she gasped and could feel the cold air deep inside her body. She imagined what she must look like and she blushed with another wave of humiliation.

'Do you want to be my Three holed slut?'

She shivered, but answered.

'Yes, master.'

He stroked her hair from her wet forehead, and whispered.

'I knew you wouldn't disappoint me.'

Then she felt another ice-cold squirt of the lubricant into her gaping anus, followed by his hot fat penis. She gasped and bit her knuckle as he opened her up, but remained silent. She always wanted to be the best, always had to succeed in everything she did. Today she was going to be the best three holed slut a man could own.

His fingers gripped her hips in a vice like grip and he slowly forced his fat penis inch by inch into her virgin arse. She sobbed and whined as he penetrated her anally, spreading her legs as wide as possible to ease its passage, and when she felt his heavy testicles rubbing on her engorged labia she knew she had taken it all. She was surprised to find that she didn't feel violated as she had imagined she would, instead she had a feeling of accomplishment.

He moved his hands up and under her body pulling her onto her elbows, and allowing him to squeeze her breasts. Then she felt him pull his penis back slightly, then thrust forwards. He repeated this again and again slowly stretching her sphincter and making it less uncomfortable for her. After a few minutes she had relaxed enough for him to begin buggering her properly. It only took a few minutes in her virgin arse for her to feel his penis swell and him to ejaculate deep into her bowels. Spurt after spurt of hot semen squirt so deep inside her that she half expected to taste it. He groaned and collapsed on top of her causing her knees to give way. They rolled onto their side with his penis still embedded in her anus. They lay in one another arms, until his shrinking penis slipped from her tight sphincter.

The following morning it was time to go back to the real world. She was packed and dressed in her normal clothes, her make-up was immaculate. He waited at the front door for her to descend the steep staircase. She placed her overnight bag at his feet and kissed him on both cheeks like an old friend.

'Perhaps we could do this again?' he asked. He seemed less sure of himself when not in character.

'Perhaps' she replied with a smile. She still hadn't decided if she wanted to repeat the experience. She would need time to process this and decide how she felt about it in the cold light of day.

He opened the front door. She turned and asked.

'Are you really a lawyer?'


'And called Richard?'

'Yes.' He smiled, 'I didn't imagine we'd ever meet, so why make something up.'

He looked at her quizzically.

'Aren't you called Chloe?'


'What should I call you then?'

'You Richard, can always call me, Slut.'

She smiled, kissed him on the lips and steeped out of the door. He watched her walk down the street without a backwards glance, and wondered if he'd ever see her again.

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