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Having Kate Ch. 02

Post #1

Having Kate in his office did nothing to calm Ted's desire for her. In fact it only stoked his passion more. He wasn't in love with her, just simply in lust.

Kate left Ted's office that day, her head spinning. 'Did that really just happen?' she asked herself as she left the building and headed for her dorm. She wasn't sure what to think but she knew she wanted more.

Before leaving Ted's office Kate had given him her phone number. He had asked for it, and she didn't see any reason not to give it to him. That night as she was trying to concentrate on studying when her cellphone buzzed.

"Hi sexy. You were so hot this afternoon. I can't stop thinking about you bent over my desk, and the feel of your pussy around my cock. Can you meet me at the Hilton on Park and 5th tomorrow at 4? I need more of my sexy girl."

Kate could feel herself start to get wet just from reading the text. Though it took a while for her to figure out how to respond.

"I liked this afternoon. Sure, I'll see you tomorrow at 4." Was all she could think to write.

"Great I'll meet you in the lobby." Ted responded within seconds.

The next day Kate couldn't figure out what to wear. She didn't think anything would make her look sexy. She finally chose a blue pull over blouse with a low v neck that showed just a little cleavage and a black pencil skirt that hugged her wide hips, and ass.

Ted got to the hotel early and checked in. He carried with him a small leather bag of toys he wanted to try with Kate. Now that he had her, he had no intention of taking it slow. He waited anxiously in the lobby, hoping that Kate wouldn't get cold feet and not show.

But just a minute or two after four, Kate came through the front door, and immediately spotted Ted. She smiled at him as she walked over.

"Hi there," he said, a huge grin appearing on his face. "You look amazing."

"Thanks," Kate said, shyly.

"Come on, I've already got us checked in," Ted said as he took Kate by the hand and led her to the elevator.

Once alone in the elevator, Ted grabbed Kate's ass, groping her meaty cheek hard through the stretched material of her skirt.

"You look so hot, dressed like that," he said, leaning in and whispering in her ear. Kate gave a soft moan. feeling Ted's warm breath hit the side of her face. The way he talked to her turned her on.

The elevator doors opened on the tenth floor. Ted once again took Kate by the hand and led her to their room. Unlocking the door, he allowed Kate to go in first, watching her ass jiggle as she walked.

Kate stood by the king size bed, as Ted put the 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the door and bolted it shut. He dropped the bag on the floor, near the bed and immediately grabbed Kate. He pulled her into him, one arm around her midsection, the other hand groping hard at her ass. He kissed her hard on the mouth, pushing his tongue into her mouth.

Kate responded with a loud moan, as she put her arms around Ted's shoulders. Ted's hands seemed to be everywhere on Kate's body. Groping the meaty cheeks of her ass, running up and down her sides, and fondling her breasts through her shirt. With every touch, Kate became more aroused.

She was so turned on that she reached for Ted's pants and began undoing his belt. Ted broke the kiss and smiled at her.

"That's it baby girl take my cock out for me," he said as he began to kiss her neck. Kate quickly undid Ted's pants and fished his cock out of his underwear. she began to stroke him softly as he returned his mouth to hers. Ted moaned into Kate's mouth as he felt her hand rubbing up and down his rock hard cock.

In a sexual frenzy Ted once again broke the kiss and immediately started to pull Kate's shirt over head.

"This time I get to undress you," he told her as he let her shirt fall to the floor.

Kate returned her hand to his cock as he starred at her breasts, which were covered by a lacy black bra, which pushed them up higher towards her neck. it was there that his hands went first. Grabbing one breast in each hand, he fondled and squeezed. Kate inhaled sharply as Ted fondled her breasts.

Ted reached around Kate and made quick work of unhooking her bra. He smiled, lewdly at her, as he pulled the bra straps off her shoulders and down her arms. Kate returned a small smile as she let her bra join her shirt on the floor. Ted took a breast in each hand, groping from the bottom, lifting them up as he ran a finger over each dime sized nipple.

"Does that feel good?" Ted asked, as he looked into Kate's blue eyes.

"Yes," she answered taking a sharp intake of breath.

"I've got to see more of you baby," Ted said, as he ran his hands over Kate's fleshy stomach.

He found the zipper on the back of Kate's skirt and quickly opened it. He pushed the skirt down to the floor, exposing Kate's black thong. Kate had chosen the thong to try to look sexy, but when it was exposed to Ted's glare she just felt embarrassed. That didn't last long.

"Is kartal escort that what I think it is?" Ted asked, as a large smile crossed his face.

Silently Kate nodded, as she could her face redden.

"Get on he be, on your hands and knees," Ted told her.

Again, Kate found herself being turned on by being told what to do. She quickly, stepped out of her skirt and slipped off her shoes. She climbed on the bed and got on her hands and knees. Once again her ass was fully exposed to Ted's stare, as the small strip of the thong did little to cover her crack.

Kate grunted as she suddenly felt Ted smack her right ass cheek hard. 'Is he spanking me?' she thought. The question was answered with another hard swat, this time on her left ass cheek.

"You're a bad girl aren't you?" Ted asked as he used both hands to rub the large cheeks of Kate's ass. "Dressing like that to get me turned on. You want to be fucked again don't you?" he asked as he delivered an even harder smack to Kate's right cheek.

"Yes," Kate grunted. She hadn't expected to be turned on by getting spanked, but she could feel her arousal growing with each smack.

"On your back," Ted ordered.

Kate quickly followed the command and flipped over onto her back. Ted looked down, and starred at Kate's thong covered pussy, his mouth watered. He quickly got undressed, looking at the mostly naked girl on the bed the entire time. He loved how her breasts pointed towards the ceiling, how her large thighs came together just below her pussy, almost as though they were trying to bury her treasure.

Once naked Ted grabbed Kate's feet and yanked her legs wide open. He crawled between them, as pulled her thong off to the side, he dove face first into her pussy.

"Oh...oh...oh," was all Kate could manage as Ted's tongue found her clit for the first time.

Ted took in Kate's musky smell as it filled his nose which was pressed up against the fat on her pelvis. The taste of her pussy made his cock throb as his tongue danced over and around her clit. Slowly he brought his pointer finger to her hole and found her to be so soaking wet, his finger slipped right in.

"Oh my God!" Kate exclaimed as Ted began to finger her. Kate clenched the comforter on the bed below her, as Ted made her feel a type of arousal she had never felt before.

"You taste so good, baby girl," Ted said, as he came up for air. "Does my girl like getting licked?" he asked before diving back in.

"Yes!" Kate moaned as Ted's tongue returned to her clit.

After a few minutes, Kate began to writhe on the bed, as she could feel her climax approaching. Right when she was on the brink of cumming Ted puled away. Pulling his now soaking wet finger out of her pussy and getting back to his feet at the end of the bed.

"No cumming, yet," he told her as he grabbed the sides of her thong and began pulling it down her legs. Kate gave a frustrated groan as she lifter her ass off the bed to allow Ted to remove her last piece of clothing. "Not until I'm inside of you," he added as he retrieved the leather bag from the floor, and put it on the foot of the bed next to Kate.

Kate lifted her head up and watched curiously as Ted opened the bag and began rummaging through it. He quickly pulled out a small vibrator and a butt plug. Upon seeing the butt plug, Kate tensed. She didn't really want anything going up her ass. Ted seemed to sense her hesitation.

"Don't worry, I'll be gentle," he said as he placed the two items on the bed. "For now there other things I want to do," he added as he climbed on top of Kate, his hard cock pressed against her pelvis.

He grabbed one breast in his hand, squeezing it hard as he brought his face to Kate's and kissed her deeply.

"Can you taste yourself?" he asked her as his face hovered above hers.

"A little," she said, softly. She could feel Ted's cock pressing against her pelvis and she desperately wanted him to slide it inside her. She could feel her pussy crave the feel of his hard cock pulsing inside of her.

Ted could see the want on Kate's face, but he had no intention of giving in so easily. He watched her eyes close as fingers danced over her nipples. Her freckled face was flush from arousal, beads of sweat visible on her forehead.

Ted scooted his way down the bed so his face was above Kate's chest. Quickly he too breast in each hand. He couldn't get over how soft her skin was, and how heavy each large breast felt. He lowered his head to her chest, pressing her breasts against either side of his face. He heard Kate gasp as he gave each nipple a hard pinch.

With her breasts still pushed together, Kate felt Ted move, his head over her right breast, she felt his warm breath on her nipple. Then her fingers dug back into the bed as Ted began to first lick her sensitive nipple, then take it in his mouth and suck on it.

Ted sucked the small nipple into his mouth, and ran his tongue over it several times. He could feel Kate arch, as though kartal otele gelen escort she was trying to get more of her breast into his mouth. 'Can I make her cum by playing with her tits?' Ted thought to himself. He sucked harder, and licked with quicker strokes of his tongue, as Kate began to writhe and moan underneath him. He wasn't sure she would cum, but it did seem like she was getting extremely close. So with one last swipe of his tongue Ted pulled his mouth off of Kate's breast.

Kate groaned again, in frustration as her nipple exited Ted's mouth with a small pop. Her frustration quickly dissipated though as she felt Ted begin to kiss and lick his way down her body. She felt slightly embarrassed as Ted kissed all over her large stomach. Kissing her soft skin in one spot then, licking his way down a little further until he reached her belly button. Kate couldn't help but giggle a little as Ted stuck his tongue into her naval.

Moving himself further down, Kate's body Ted raised his arms above his head and once again grabbed Kate's breasts, pinching her nipples hard as he pushed his tongue between the lips of her puss, and found her clit.

Kate's legs shot open as she felt Ted lick her again. she wanted him to take her over the edge so badly, her body longing for release. But every time it seemed as though she was about to reach her climax Ted would stop his licking and just gently kiss around the lips of her pussy.

Without Kate noticing Ted grabbed the butt plug, and spit on it. He then brought it up to her pussy and gently started to press it in.

"Ohhh," Kate whimpered as she felt the object enter her. "What is that?" she asked softly.

"It's the butt plug," Ted said. "You're so wet I can get it lubed with your own juice," he said as he moved the plug in and out.

Kate still wasn't sure about anything going up her ass, but she couldn't deny that having the butt plug inside her felt really good. She began to writhe again, as s grabbed her breasts in her hands and began to play with her nipples. Once again she could feel her climax building. But once again it was stopped sort as Ted pulled the plug out lf her pussy.

"Roll over, sexy," he said as he stood up. He watched as Kate reluctantly rolled onto her stomach. "up on your knees, but keep your shoulders on the bed," Ted said, suddenly reminded that he was playing with a 19 year old with very little experience. The thought made his cock leak. So did the sight of Kate's fat ass in the air, on full display.

Ted quickly moved closer. He used one hand to move Kate's right butt cheek, opening up her crack, and exposing her small pink asshole. Ted wanted to fuck her ass so badly, but he knew he had to take it slow. So he settled for slowly inserting the butt plug into Kate's very tight ass.

Ted pushed the tip in slowly, watching it first spread then sink into Kate's virgin anus. Kate grunted with the intrusion. She still wasn't sure she wanted this, but everything else Ted had done had felt so good, she trusted him.

Ted took his time inserting the butt plug, he could tell Kate was tight, but the plug was so wet from her pussy that it went in rather easily. Once it was in, he left it alone, and began using his hands to rub Kate's ass, as he let her get used to the new feeling.

Kate felt like she was taking a shit that had somehow gotten stuck. But then a sudden wave of pleasure came over her as Ted had reached between her legs, and placed the vibrator against her clit.

"Oh my God!" Kate exclaimed as she felt the vibrator work its magic. She had used a vibrator often on her own, but this was different. She was splayed prone on a hotel bed, her English professor had just stuffed her ass with a but plug and he was the one using the vibrator on her.

Kate moaned loudly as she felt two of Ted's fingers, from his free hand, enter her pussy. He began to finger fuck her. The feeling was overwhelming. The vibrator on high on her clit, Ted's fingers inside her pussy, her ass stretched to accommodate the butt plug. 'This is it thought' she told herself, as she felt her body tense.

"Fuuuuck," she groaned as the vibrator was turned off and Ted withdrew his fingers from her pussy.

"Roll over," Ted said as he gave her ass a playful smack.

As she rolled over Ted kept two fingers on the end of the butt plug to make sure it stayed in place.

"Try not to push it out," he told her as she settled on to her back.

Kate nodded as Ted got up on the bed. Kate was surprised, when he actually stood up on the bed, a foot on either side of her, and walked up until he was standing over her stomach.

"Have you ever gotten your tits fucked before?" Ted asked as he lowered himself to his knees. Kate shook her head no. ""Well this week is just full of firsts for you!" Ted said with a smirk as gently jerked his cock. "Push those tis together for me."

Kate did as she was told. Ted groaned at the sight of Kate kartal eve gelen escort pushing her breasts together, making them look even bigger than they already did. He looked up into her face, starring right into her blue eyes as he scooted his way up her torso, and began to press his cock between her fleshy breasts.

"Ah, fuck yeah," he said. "Play with your nipples,"" he told her.

The soft skin of Kate's breasts felt amazing against Ted's cock. He quickly began to thrust his hips moving his cock back and forth between Kate's large tits. Without being told, Kate pushed her tits closer together, and began moving them up and down. Ted groaned loudly not only of the increased sensation on his cock but also from the sight of Kate moving her breasts, up and down making them jiggle.

"Lift your head up baby," Ted told her as he placed both pillows behind her head. "You ready to suck my cock?" he asked as he gave one last thrust between her breasts."

Kate just nodded, as she rested her head on the pillows. Ted shifted slightly higher on her torso, until his cock was level with her mouth. Kate opened her mouth as Ted guided his cock inside. Kate tried to move her head up and down like she had the day before but the angle made it difficult.

"Lay still," Ted told her, looking deep into her eyes. "I'm in control. Don't worry I'll be gentle," he said as he slowly began to move his hips back and forth, softly fucking Kate's mouth.

Ted looked down, Kate's blue eyes staring back at him, her long red hair spread out over the pillow, her red, full lips around his cock. He could not think of a sight that could possibly be hotter.

Kate began to moan around his cock. She was finding the she enjoyed the feel of Ted's cock in her mouth, and having him be in control.

Ted continued to fuck Kate's mouth picking up his rhythm slightly the longer he went. It was his to turn to be on the brink of cumming. But as much as he wanted to feel Kate swallow his cum, he needed to be inside that pussy more.

His cock exited Kate's mouth with a pop. Kate took a deep breath as Ted shifted himself so he was laying on top of her.

Once between her spread legs he reached a hand down to her ass to make sure the butt plug was still in place, giving it an extra push just to make sure. He lowered his face to Kate's and kissed her hard on the mouth, cupping her chubby cheek in his hand. She moaned softly into his mouth, as his tongue danced with hers.

"Ready to be fucked again?" Ted asked as he broke the kiss.

"Yes please," Kate smiled.

That was more than Ted needed. He guided his cock to Kate's pussy with his hand, then pushed. Kate was so wet, he slipped right in, and was instantly balls deep inside of her. Kate's eyes went wide as Ted filled her up, the sensation of having both her holes filled was better than she could have imagined.

"Oh fuck baby you feel so good," Ted moaned, as he began to fuck Kate.

The day before he had started slow, but Kate wasn't a virgin anymore, and Ted was in no mood for a slow fuck. He quickly began to pound her. Fast, short strokes, his pelvis slamming against hers, the room filling with the sounds of flesh slapping flesh.

"Ahhhh," Kate groaned, the feeling of Ted fucking her that way with the butt plug now moving inside of her was over powering.

Ted grabbed Kate's right breast in his hand and began to grope it, running his fingers over her raised nipple.

"Fuck, you feel so good," he said as he continued to pound her. "You like getting pounded?"

"Yes," Kate said breathlessly.

"Play with those tits while I fuck you," Ted said as he released her breast from his grip.

Kate quickly took over, grabbing a breast in each hand, pushing them together and running her fingers over her nipples.

Ted grunted as the sight before him, and the feeling of his cock pounding Kate's pussy brought him dangerously close to cumming. Keeping control, he grabbed the vibrator from Kate's side, and turned it on as he lifted his pelvis just enough to place it on Kate's clit.

Kate's right hand instinctively went to the vibrator to keep it in place. Ted was going to stop her, but decided he had teased her enough for one day. 'It's time to make my girl cum' he thought to himself.

With that he changed his rhythm and began to fuck Kate with longer strokes. It was all too much for Kate, the vibrator on her clit, the plug in her ass, Ted cock fucking her soaking wet pussy. Even the feel of her own hand on her breast was intensified. She felt her body tense, her back arch.

"Oh God I'm going to..." she started but was cut off by Ted planting his mouth on hers and kissing her deeply. She screamed into his mouth as her orgasm over took her.

Ted felt Kate's pussy clench around his cock as her body climaxed, he loved the rush of her hot breath flowing into his mouth as she screamed. Two more hard thrusts and Ted felt his cock explode, sending a rush of cum into Kate's pussy.

Exhausted he collapsed on top of her. Kate could still feel his cock, hard and pulsing inside of her.

"I can't get enough of you baby girl," Ted whispered in her ear. "I need all of you."

Kate wasn't sure what that meant but found herself anxious to find out.

To Be Continued...
07-09-2024, at 08:23 AM

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