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Jessica's Adventures! 2

Post #1

Author?s Notes: everyone in this story is fictional, and if they are real, I did not know. Do not distribute this to other sites without my permission. This is the second chapter in my series. ENJOY!!!

P.S. I couldnt have done it without one of my best online friends. he doesnt want me to state his name, so i wont. NOW ENJOY!!

Part 1: Getting wet again

It has been 1 week since Jessica had sex with her twin sisters Jaimee and Jennifer. She was home alone today, laying on the couch, watching a porno on TV, where this really hot babe was fucking a dog, ?EW, GROSS!!? Jessica said, about to change the channel, but watching it, interested. The dog humped on the woman?s pussy hard, Jessica got wet in a bit. Her own aroma was smellable, and she took a whiff, getting hornier. ?Oh god, this is really cool!? she said excited, getting closer to the TV.
Jess had no choice, she had to get naked and touch herself. She stood up, and took off her top, throwing it somewhere, along with her shorts, as again, no underwear. She moved her fingers, down her breasts, pinching her nipples, a jolt going through her. She moved further down, circling her belly button a bit, then down to her awaiting pussy.
She rubbed her pussy lips with her left hand, ?Mmmmmm, yes!? she then spread her lips open with her left hand, and fingered herself with 2 fingers with her right hand.
?Oh yeah, yes, come on dog, fuck that bitch!!? she got excited, and added a finger, making 3. After 40 more seconds of watching this porno, she EXPLODED, cum splattering everywhere, and over her hands. She rubbed it all back into her pussy, smiling, also tasting a bit from her fingers.
She then got in the doggy style position, trying to feel how the woman in the movie was, on her knees and hands. It didn?t feel bad, but having a dog on your back too, wow. Little did Jessica no, the family German Sheppard, Shadow, was walking down the stairs as she watched. He smelt her female juices, and instantly got horny, looking for the source.
Shadow found Jessica, the source from this arousal. He walked up from behind her, sniffing her pussy, then licking it. Jessica noticed, and looked behind her, ?HEY, SHADOW, GO!!!!? she yelled at him. But he didn?t go. Instead, he hopped up on her back, pushing her down a bit. He humped her, aiming at her pussy, ?Shadow, get off, NOW!!!? he payed no attention to her, and soon struck gold. His 10 inch doggy dick rammed into her pussy.
?OH GOD, SHADOW!!!? he pushed his entire dick in her pussy, making her scream. He pumped fast, faster than the movie, faster than any movie she has ever seen. She moaned his name loud, ?SHADOW SHADOW SHADOW SHADOW!!!!!!? her pussy clenched tight around his enormous dick, making him whimper some. She laughed while he fucked her. She was sweating, and bobbing forward and backward, feeling tired. Soon, there was a knot in his dick, like there was a big old rock inside. It sort of hurt, ?Hey, what?s happening?? but then she remembered that she read about a dog?s knot. And she got scared. He came inside her soon, which set her off. This was the most intense orgasm of her life. She collapsed on the floor, her ass in the air, the dog still inside her, still humping.
After 2 minutes, the front door opened, where Jessica?s twin sisters appeared.
?Oh my god!? shouted Jennifer.
?HOLY SHIT!!? also yelled Jaimee.
Jessica blushed a deep red, ?I didn?t expect it, he??..? but she was cut off by Jennifer saying, ?We couldn?t wait till you eventually fucked the dog, congrats!!!? the both of them clapped. The blush on Jessica?s face disappeared. ?Can you pull him off girls?? asked Jess. ?Naw, this is fun!? they all laughed, and soon, he pulled off himself, the knot gone. Jess stood up, back sore, ?So, you 2 fucked him also?? they both laughed and responded yes in unison. Then they told their story, here it is.

Part 2: The Twins VS The Dog

Jennifer and Jaimee were both 16. They have had sex together many times. But this time was different. Jaimee was lying naked on the floor, Jennifer in her arms, ?God girl,? began Jennifer, ?you are a beast!? they both laughed. ?Uh oh, speaking of beast, here comes Shadow. This scene has to turn him on? they giggled when they found she was right, and he had an erection. ?Jennifer, you keep a look out from outside the hall, I want to fuck Shadow.? Jennifer looked disgusted, and ran out, not wanting to see this. She closed the door, and stood outside.
Moaning was heard from outside the room, and Jennifer was curious. She cracked the door open, and saw Jaimee getting fucked doggy style. Jennifer let out her own moan, thinking it would have been disgusting, and she was right. She closed the door, and 20 minutes later, Jaimee walked out, ?Oh god, get in there!!? she pushed Jennifer in the room, and held on from the outside, so Jennifer couldn?t get out.
Jen looked at him; ?Uh, Hi!? she looked scared, and walked towards him. Shadow got on his back, erection pointing up, like a flag pole. Jennifer frowned, then layed in front of him, taking his head in her mouth. It wasn?t as bad as she would have thought, and she kept going. Soon, she took all of him in her mouth, bobbing up and down. Jennifer and Jaimee couldn?t remember detail, so there won?t be much. After 5 minutes he came in her mouth, and she ate it all. Getting up, and leaving.

Part 3: The Zoo

After the 2 of them told their story, Jennifer and Jaimee told her that they were bringing Jess to the zoo. They all hopped in Jessica?s car, and drove off. 20 minutes later, they arrived, ?But guys, it?s closed.? ?Not for us.? replied Jaimee. All 3 of them walked up to the gate, and Jennifer picked the lock. They strolled in. Jennifer and Jaimee led Jess to the tiger?s den. ?Guys, what the fuck are you getting me into?? ?A lot of trouble!? stated Jaimee. Jessica noticed, that she was still naked. ?Oh shit, I never got dressed!!? ?Don?t worry, you won?t need them!? Jennifer and Jaimee giggled. The twins stripped each other off, rubbing each other. ?Oh Simba!!!? called Jaimee. A tiger came out of the den, and growled. ?OH SHIT!!!? yelled Jessica. She ran, but the tiger chased. He jumped on her back, holding her in doggy style position. Jaimee and Jennifer came up and rubbed his dick, which was a little hard, but now was 12 inches. He sniffed Jessica?s juices, and got crazy.
He fucked Jessica?s small pussy with his huge dick. He couldn?t fit it all in at a time, but after 10 minutes, got all of it in her, ?SHIT!!!!? she was in pain and pleasure. This was like a stone cucumber, only longer, in her pussy. Jaimee stood in front of Jess, pussy in her face, ?Eat me bitch!!? Jess smiled, and fucked her pussy with her tongue. She licked it with long hard strokes. Jennifer got behind Jaimee, and ate out her ass. Jaimee was in heaven, obviously. The feeling of Jen eating her ass out felt like someone was tickling her, she just wanted to pull away, but it felt so good.
Jessica and Jaimee came at the exact same time, and they moaned loud, ear splitting. Then they switched positions, Jennifer eating Jessica?s ass, Jennifer eating Jessica?s pussy, while Jennifer got fucked. They all fell asleep in the zoo, after one more switch in positions, the tiger licking them, as they slept.
Jessica started dreaming, in the same house as last week. She walked down the hall to the right, and looked at the door on the end, labeled ?Shadow and Animals?. Jessica opened the door. After walking in, she dreamed of Shadow and many other animals fucking her all night long.

End of Chapter 3
09-11-2021, at 08:49 PM

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