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Janice My Secretary

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Janice My SecretaryJanice My SecretaryMichael, who is 49 years old moved back to his hometown about two months ago. He had been living out of state since he started college. He was married with three c***dren.. His father owned a successful business and decided to retire. He asked Michael to take over the business. Michael accepted the challenge. Janice was 61 years old with short blonde hair. She had worked for Michael's father for the past 25 years and enjoyed it very much. She was his administrative assistant and did the job very well. When Michael started working there he decided to keep her, because she knew the business and he would have to depend on her. After the first couple of weeks Janice began to notice what a handsome man Michael has become. She would think to herself, 'Only if I were 10 years younger.' She hasn't any love making for over 10 years. She felt she has missed out on sex. Michael and Janice have been working about 10 hours a day for a month. He asked Janice, "Do you mind working these hours? I need to learn as much as possible about this business and fast." Janice responded, "I have nothing else going on my life and it keeps me active." Michael thought to himself, she seems like a scared woman. He started notice her differently. She had beautiful eyes and a rubenesque figure. Her legs were nicely shaped, but she wore skirts below the knee. He couldn't believe his cock was getting a little hard thinking about her. The more they worked together the more Michael started to think about what it would be like to make love to her. Janice started to look at Michael differently. She imagined what it would like to make love to a younger man like him. She decided it was time for a small change. She began to wear less conservative outfits to work. She raised her skirts to knees length and wore tighter blouses. She wanted to see if Michael would notice.. Then one day Michael made a comment to her, "Janice you are a beautiful woman." That comment got Janice a little excited. "Thank you Michael, nobody has said that to me in years." Michael responded, "That's a shame, because you are." Michael thought to himself 'how much he would love to make love to her.' Then one day he received letter from a supplier, that there was going to be a 3 day conference in Florida , regarding new equipment. This is when he decided to ask Janice to come with him. She accepted with no hesitation. Janice was all excited. She started thinking about what clothes to take. She wanted this trip to be special. It was the slowest 2 weeks before the trip. Michael arrived at Janice's house and helped her with her suitcase. He opened the car door for her and her skirt rose as she sat in the seat. He gazed at her legs and saw she was wearing stockings with a garter. His cock started to twitch and get hard. When he got in the car he hoped she wouldn't notice his bulge.. He tried covering it with his hand as he drove. But Janice noticed it and she could feel the dampness in her panties. They arrived in Miami and checked into the hotel. The conference did not start till the next day, so they had the rest of the evening together. Michael asked Janice," Would like to go to a special restaurant tonight for dinner?" "Yes I would." "I'll come by your room around seven." Janice got to her room and started to get dress. She decided on wearing a black and pink bra and matching panties. A gray skirt to the knee, a white silk blouse and gray stockings. She wanted to show off her legs so she put on pumps. She was getting wet just thinking about seducing Michael. Michael finally came to get her and they went to an upscale German restaurant. They sat at a table in the corner of the dining room. It was very secluded. They talked all through dinner about their lives. Towards the end of the meal Janice could tell that Michael was interested in her. She slipped her shoe off and started to rub his leg with her foot. Michael was excited and took her hand and looked into her eyes and said, "I would love to make wild passionate love to you. Feel how hard my cock is." Janice put her hand under the table and rubbed his cock and said, "I can't believe I can still get a man excited for me. It's been so long since I have felt a cock this hard. Is this for me?" "It's all for you Jan." Michael put his hand on her knee and slowly moved his fingers up her thigh and said, "I love your legs and I do have a fetish for stockings." He finally reached her panties and could feel how wet she was. "I want you so badly. Let's pay the check and go back and make love." Janice responded with a big, "YESSSSSSSSSSS." They got back to the hotel and entered the elevator. They were the only ones on the elevator and Michael gave her a sensuous kiss. Their tongues were darting in and out of their mouths.. Janice responded, "I can't wait to make love to you. It's been so long.... Micha please be gentle with me." They went to Janice's room and Michael and started kissing her wildly all over her face and neck. His went to her full breasts and caressed them. He removed her blouse and skirt and picked her up and placed her on the bed. He left her stockings on. Michael removed all his clothes. His cock was sticking straight out and Janice could not believe how thick and hard he was. As Janice was lying on her back with her legs spread, Michael said "I am going to eat and fuck your pussy you so hard, that you will be asking for more. You are one beautiful woman." He like the fact that her pussy had hair around it. Janice screamed, "Oh I can't wait to feel that cock inside me!!! Just give me everything you have, Micha!!!" Micha knelt between her legs and noticed her smooth pussy. He really liked that. He lifted her legs and started licking it all the way to her pussy and rubbed his nose in her pubic hair. Then he did the same with her other leg. Janice yelled, "Quit teasing me and eat my pussy!!!" Finally Michael put her legs on his shoulders and slid his head down the inside of them until he reached her cunt. He loved the feel of the stockings on his skin. Michael put his tongue on her clit and licked it in a circular manner and very hard. He mumbled, "Please cum on my mouth honey." Janice lifted her legs straight up in the air and screamed, OH FUCK THAT FEELS SO GOOD.....I"M CUMMMMMMING!!!!" She was grunting, moaning and breathing fast. Michael quit licking her pussy and kissed her stomach and then reached her breasts. Janice's nipples were very hard. "Please suck them Michael." He licked them and at the same time he stuck his fingers in and out of her cunt. Michael asked her, "Do you like to be fingered fuck, babe? I want you to cum on them while I suck your breasts." He continued this until she couldn't hold back anymore. "I'm cummmmming again Michael. You are so good!!!! I want you to fuck me hard." Michael ran his tongue from her breasts to her neck and all the way to her lips. He started kissing her very slowly. Janice and Michael were on their sides and continued to kiss. At the same time Michael kept running his hand up and down her thigh, so he could feel the silk of her legs. "Janice, darling are you ready for more?" "YES my love, do me gentle." Michael took held his cock and started to rotate over Janice's pubic hair. He did this for a minute or two as they kissed passionately. He placed is cock in the entrance of her pussy and went in and out of her slowly. Janice was moaning, "That feels magnificent Michael" They kept as kissing as Michael increased the speed of fucking. Michael couldn't hold back anymore. He got on top of her and Janice wrapped her legs around his waist. Her heels were digging to his back. Janice shouted, "I want to cum with you sweetheart!!!!" Michael pumped faster and faster and shouted, "I'm Cummmmmming!!!!" He exploded hard and deep inside her. He was spent and kissed Janice softly and said "that was the best I ever experienced." "Janice said, "I never experienced anything like that. I hope there are many more experiences." They just lied there holding on to each other and giving each other kisses. "What a wonderful feeling, Michael" Janice told him. Janice fell asleep in Michael's arms. They woke up the next morning and Michael looked into Janice's eyes and said, "Last night was one of the best love making I ever experienced." Janice was rubbing her hand all over Michael's chest and said, "You were wonderful to me. I know I have never experienced anything like that. I never knew I could get so excited. I never thought in my wildest dreams I would ever have met a man like you. That's what happens when someone like me marries young and to the wrong man." "Don't think of the past. Since I was a teenager I have always wanted to be with an older woman. Then when I got married I have fantasized about having an affair with an older woman, who needs to be satisfied. I could not have imagined I would be fulfilling that fantasy with you. This is magnificent!" responded Michael. "We need to get ready. Our first meeting is at 9 o'clock." Michael gave Janice a long sensuous kiss and said, "I'll see you at the meeting Jan." Then he got up and went to his room and get ready. Janice was in heaven. She took a shower and started to get ready. She brought a nice light green suit, white silk blouse, a pantyhose and a see-through lacy bra. She decided not to wear panties. She cut out the crotch of the pantyhose so she could seduce Michael. After she was dressed she put on a new pair of pumps. She looked in the mirror and thought to herself 'I look really good for my age.' The skirt ended right at the knee and her legs looked fantastic. Michael and Janice met in the lobby. Michael whispered in her ear, "You look great Janice! I would love to skip this meeting and take you back to the room and fuck your beautiful pussy." Janice smiled and winked at him. They attended the meeting. Michael could not concentrate on the presentations. All he could think of is loving Janice. The meeting finally ended late in the afternoon. They decided to go to the bar for happy hour. They found a table in the corner. The waitress came over and they ordered drinks and a couple of appetizers. Michael said, "You look absolutely stunning in that outfit. I can't get my hands off you." Janice was sitting with her legs crossed as Michael began rubbing his hand on her thigh. "Your hand feels so good there. I love the feel of these pantyhose on me and you exciting me. I'm so glad that meeting is over and I'm looking forward to this evening." While they were drinking Michael received a call from his wife and talked to her for about ten minutes. He finally said goodbye. Michael and Janice continued to talk and drink for over an hour. Janice felt the effects of the drinks and said, "Shall we go back to the room?" Michael paid the bill and they proceeded to the elevator. When they got in the elevator they were only ones in there. Michael give Janice a loving kiss. They went to Michael's room. Michael slid the key card in and said, "Wait, I'll pick you up." He took Janice in his arms, kissed her and carried into the room. He sat her on the edge of the bed with her legs hanging to the floor. Michael walked over to Janice and put his hands on her cheeks and began slowly kissing her. His to tongue was darting in and out of her mouth as Janice started moaning..."ummm." He lips covered her whole mouth and their tongues were twirling inside their mouths very hard. "I need you Janice." His mouth moved to her neck and started nibbling on it. Janice responded by saying, "Yessssss Michael, I'm so sensitive there." Her hand dropped down to the bulge in his pants and she began rubbing his cock through his pants. "You are so hard, babe." "All because of you. Do you see what you do to me? Everything has fallen into place. You're older, you're wearing stockings and you're beautiful." I LOVE IT!' Michael moved away from Janice. He stood over her, removed her pantyhose carefully and grabbed her leg and lifted it up. He licked up and down her calf. "Oh your legs are so beautiful,'" moaned Michael. He placed her foot on the front of his pants and said, "Feel how hard my cock is Janice." She rubbed her foot up and down his cock. "It feels so magnificent, Michael, I am getting so wet and excited." She could feel it throbbing. Michael took his pants off and rubbed Janice's foot on his bare cock. She took both her feet and stroked his cock, let out a muffled moan. Janice was rolling her eyes and watching what Michael was doing to his cock. "You are bad, Michael. Look at my pussy. She's so wet!" Janice said as she pulled her skirt up to her hips to give Michael a better view. She then put her hands on her pussy and began rubbing. "I'm going to cum my love.....OH OH aargaarg!!! OH MYGOD THIS FEELS GREAT....I'M CUMMMMING MICHA!!!" Janice jerked her legs up and down as her foot jacked Michael's cock. " I love watching cock going up and down my feet. Your body is so beautiful." Michael started licking the bottom of her right foot and sucked on her toes as Janice continued to play with her pussy. She inserted to fingers and moved them in and out. Michael moved his tongue to her ankle all the way up her thigh. "I'm going to lick your cunt until you cum into my mouth. I can see how wet you are." "EAT ME MICHAEL I NEVER FELT LIKE THIS IN ALL MY LIFE!!!" Michael crept his way up her, licking the whole way to her pussy. He dove into her with his tongue as she wrapped her legs around his head. He loved that feeing. Michael kept licking and sucking at her pussy as Janice moaned, "Oh My God Lover that feels so incredible. You know how to make a woman feel wanted." Michael said, "You have missed love and someone to take care of your sexual needs." Her thighs were rubbing hard against his ears as he continued to eat her. He continued to suck on her cunt until she screamed, "I'M GOING TO CUM MY LOVER. I NEVER CUMMED WITH SOMEONE EATING ME. I'M CUMMMMING MICHA TASTE MY JUICES." Janice lifted her ass off the bed and pushed her pelvis harder into Michael's face. He couldn't get enough of her pussy. Her juices were all over his mouth and face. Michael got on the bed and was lying beside Janice. "Taste your juices," as he started to kiss her on the lips. Their tongues were darting inside each other's mouth and Janice was rubbing her foot up and down Michael's leg. She moaned, "you are unbelievable, sweetie. I am so glad I found you. Do you like the feel of my feet on your cock" "I love everything that you do to me." Janice grabbed his cock and licked her way down his chest until she found his cock. Her tongue just licked the tip and Michael said, "Your tongue is amazing." Janice looked at Michael and started sucking his sensitive glance hard and that the same time squeezing his balls. "Oh my God Janice, that feels so good!! I want to cum inside your pussy." Michael grabbed her and laid her on her back. He got on top and placed her legs on his shoulders. "I am going to fuck you so hard." He began pumping his cock inside her cunt. He could feel it squeeze his cock and enjoyed the wet smacks of her slippery pussy. Janice screamed, "FUCK ME HARD MY MAN!!!! I WANT YOU TO SHOOT YOUR CUM ALL THE WAY INSIDE." He pumped hard and harder until he finally exploded inside her. He looked down at her and started kissing her very hard and said, "I love you so much. You are amazing."
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