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The prude and my GF

Post #1

The prude and my GFChapter 4.After a few drinks that afternoon, we went to my place and had a horny evening... My girlfriend was all exited about her having sex with a woman. She was proud of herself she had seduced Marjory, the most prudish woman in town.. "Can't you invite her at your place..? We could use her all day long... I'm getting horny again, thinking of it... Ohw... It makes me hot again, thinking how she ate my pussy.." As we were sitting on the couch I too her hand and put it against my cock. She started kneading my cock through my trousers first. She got of the couch and sat on her knees and started to pull my trousers down. As soon my cock got out, she wrapped her lips around it and started sucking it."Mmmmmmm..........Oohhwww.... I can imagine how you will fuck Marjory with your big pole....." If she only knew I had fucked Marjory several times already.... I hoped she didn't find out... My girlfriend spat on my cock and climbed on top of me. Her pussy hovering above my hard cock. "MMMmmm.... Imagine Marjory is sitting like this, wanting to be fucked by you.... " She came down a little bit, my cock head parted her pussy lips. "OOhhwmmmmm...... I want to put that big cock of yours in her steamy pussy.... MMmmmm........ She would be begging for it... OOhhw..... Fuck meeeee...!!!!" She let herself drop and impaled herself completely on my throbbing cock. It went in her pussy to the hilt. "AAAOOOwww..... Yes..... fuck me..!!!!!"From that moment on I knew I had an accomplice to work on Marjory... A plan had formed in my head to make the prude Marjory a fucking bitch that wanted to be fucked all the time....That week I bought something for my girlfriend in an on-line shop, which arrived the next day. I put it away in the bedroom and the day after I went to Marjory's shop. A few ladies were looking for some clothes and Marjory was attending them. She looked very good, she wore a tight black dress, it was glued to her body like a glove. It showed her figure very nice. It reached her knees and her legs looked very good in it. She wore a pair of high black heels which made her calves look fantastic. When she came over me, I complimented her on her looks. Again, she winked at me and said, "Thank you... you are always a gentleman. What can I do for you..?" I asked her if she had a pencil and a piece of paper. "I want you to check a few things for me, I will write it down for you.." I took the little paper she had handed to me and wrote down my address, together with a time for next Monday. I knew on Mondays her shop was closed. On the bottom of the note I wrote 'Be on time!', and handed it over to her. When she had a look on it, her face flushed, "But... eeuh...." I didn't wait for an answer and turned around and left the shop, saying goodbye to the ladies in the shop.I called my girlfriend and asked her if she could come around on Monday, I had a surprise for her. She immediately asked what it was. "Remember you wanted Marjory...? Well... she is coming around on Monday...." I didn't have to say anything more.. "Yes... I'll be there, I don't want to miss that.."On Monday morning 9 o'clock the doorbell rang. When I opened the door Marjory was carefully looking around if nobody had seen her. "Hi, nice to see you. Just come in.." When I closed the door she turned over to me, "You shouldn't be doing this... It's dangerous... suppose anybody sees me entering your house...?" I turned her around and took her coat of her shoulders. She wore the same black dress as she wore the last time I saw her. Again I complimented her on her dress. "Yes, I knew you liked it, so I put it on, just for you.." I suggested her to sit down. Just as she sat down on the couch, the doorbell rang again. I could see a scary look on Marjory's face.. I opened the front door to let my girlfriend in. When Marjory saw my girlfriend, she relaxed again. "Hi Marjory, how are you doing..? I knew you were coming... What did you tell your husband", my girlfriend asked in a sarcastic voice. Marjory stuttered a little bit, "Ohw.. I did tell him... I went for eeuhh.. shopping today..." Her face flushed.My girlfriend isn't prudish at all, she walked over to Marjory and kissed her on the mouth, forcing her tongue in her mouth.. Marjory hesitated for a few seconds first, but she returned the kiss.When she broke the kiss, she said, "I bet you're horny, coming this early.....", and put her hands between Marjory's legs.. I could only imagine what she was doing there.... "I feel you're horny......" Marjory face turned almost purple... "No... euuh.... I eeuh... came here, because.. eeuh... I was asked..." My girlfriend smirked at her, "And you're doing always what you're being told... don't you..?" When she said that, my girlfriend unbuttoned her blouse.., "Suck my nipples Marjory... like a good girl..." She pushed her breasts towards Marjory and offered them to her. A bit reluctant Marjory bent forward and opened her mouth a little. My girlfriend pushed a nipple in her mouth, "Yes.... suck on it... I love it when you do that..... MMmmmmm..... yes..." I could see Marjory started sucking on the nipple.My gf straddled Marjory, planting her knees beside her and put her arms on the back of the couch, pushing her breasts into Marjory's face. "MMmmmmmm..... yes.... suck on them.... " The sight of my gf working on Marjory was very exited, it got me all horny. My cock was strangling in my pants to get out already. I thought of taking pictures of them, but it wasn't really necessary.. I have this alarm system installed with camera's everywhere. In those days there was no wifi and web cams, everything was recorded on tape. Afterwards I would have a look if I could use some of the recordings..Marjory put her hands on my gf's breasts and started to massage them, still sucking on the nipples. "OOHHWwwww.... yes.... bite on them...", my gf moaned loudly. My gf pushed herself back and stepped from the couch, looking at Marjory she dropped her blouse to the floor and started unbuttoning her pants. She stepped out of them and pushed them aside with her feet. She got on her knees and pushed Marjory's tight elastic dress up, revealing her bald pussy.. She pushed Marjory's knees apart and looked at her, "What do you want me to do now..? Tell me.... " I think Marjory was a bit overwhelmed by my gf's actions and was not able to say anything... She just looked down at my gf and grabbed her head and tried to push it towards her little tight cunt. "NO.... I want you to tell me what to do !" Marjory's mouth opened and with a soft voice she said, "Lick me.... I want you to lick me...." With that, she pushed my gf's head on her wanting cunt. "OOhhw...... yes...... lick me... eat me!" My gf parted her pussy lips and shoved her tongue in. "OOOhwww.... mmmmmmm....." She let go of her head and pulled her dress down, showing her tits and started to pull on her nipples. "OOhhwww........ mmmmmm........ You two make me so.... horny.... "I couldn't wait any longer and wanted to be part of it too... Quickly I started to get undressed and sat beside Marjory on the couch. Immediately grabbed my now rock hard cock with her hand. Her small hands could not even get around it.. She started moving her hand up and down along my thick shaft. My gf saw what Marjory was doing, "You want that cock in your pussy, don't you...?" Marjory moaned, "Yes...!! I want him to fuck my filthy pussy...." My gf got on her feet and ordered Marjory to straddle me. Marjory got on her feet, she was looking gorgeous, with her dress around her waist.. She slowly straddled me, my cock was aiming at her wet cunt. Suddenly I felt a warm hand around my cock... It was my gf, holding my cock and she pushed Marjory down on my cock head. "Do you want this fucker up your cunt, you little bitch..? Do you want him to ravage you..?" Marjory's mouth opened wide, "YES....!! I want him now..! " She pushed my cock a little further in Marjory's tight cunt.. She was so fucking tight! I thought she couldn't get it in.. My gf got hold of Marjory's shoulders and pushed her down... "AAHHHHHHHhhhhhh......... OOhhh.... Fuuuuuckkkkkk !!!!!" My cock went up her tight cunt in one massive thrust, I felt her pussy spasming.. She dropped herself on my chest and let out a huge moan, "OOhwwmmmmmmmmm......... Fuck... you're soo big !!! " Her cunt still spasming around my cock... I held her tight, giving her time to adjust to it. Looking at my girlfriend, I said, "I have a nice present for you... Go to the bedroom, on the bed you will find your present." I still held Marjory tight, "I have a present for you too..... just close your eyes and wait..." I felt her cunt contracting.... "MMMMmmmmmm........ I feel so full... please..... be gentle with me.. mmmm...."I saw my girlfriend entering the room... She looked gorgeous with a huge black strap-on dildo in front of her... I could hardly believe my eyes the way she looked. With one hand she was stroking the big black dildo, as if was her own cock... I could see it glistening, she must of found the lubrication... She smiled wickedly at me when she stood behind Marjory. She had no idea what was going to happen.... until... she felt the black dildo touching her ass... Her eyes flew open and tried to get away from it.. I held her tight, so she couldn't move.. "NOOOOOooooooo...!!!!!!!" The head of the black giant past her sphincter... "OOOHHH NNOOOOOO...!!!!!! Dooont...!!!! " My girlfriend started to push more and more of the strap-on dildo in Marjory's poor asshole.. I could feel her entering on my cock... Marjory's cunt contracted continuously now... It was almost painful... Marjory's mouth opened wide, she couldn't even scream anymore.. just gasping for air. My girlfriend got hold of Marjory's hips and shoved the big black fucker entirely up her ass.. I thought Marjory was going to pass out.. I almost felt sorry for her... Two gigantic fuckers up her tiny body was maybe too much..! I wondered how she would get home after we were done with her... I don't think she could walk straight anymore.. I reached out for my girlfriend and got hold of her nipples and pulled her towards me. I started kissing her with passion. Marjory was facing us and just kept looking at us. When I broke the kiss I said to my girlfriend, "Let's give her a good fuck..!"I felt that my gf slowly withdrew the big black dildo, Marjory was whimpering.., "Nohohoooooowwwmmmmm..... ooohhhwwmmm......" Halfway out, my girlfriend jammed the black fucker back into Marjory, she kept on screaming..., "AAhhhhhh.....OOhwwmmmm..... " By the force my gf jammed the dildo back in, she got lifted from my cock.. When my gf withdrew, she got impaled on my cock... That way my gf was fucking us both at the same time..! I could feel the dildo every time my gf jammed it in her ass. This feeling was incredible! I never felt something like this. Everytime she shoved Marjory on and off my cock... This was the first time I'd seen my girlfriend like this.. She was in total control this way... She grabbed a handful of Marjory's hair and pulled her backwards and really started fucking her like a whore... She started saying filthy things to Marjory... "You wanted cock... Now you fuck these cocks...!!! Your husband should see you like this.... He doesn't even know he has such a whore in his bed... does he..?" Something changed in Marjory.. The whimpering slowly changed into moaning..., "Ohwmmmmmmm.... yessss.... MMMmmmmm..... I'm a filthy whore..!!!! OOhhhwwwmmmm...." I could feel her cunt getting very wet and grabbed my hard cock every time it went in deep... My girlfriend also noticed the change in Marjory and continued fucking her hard. "I will punish you... you horny bitch..! Here... take it..!!" She pulled her head way back, Marjory arched her back, pointing her tits to me. I grabbed her nipples and pulled on them.. "AAAAHHHHHHHHhoooooohhhhwwwwmmmmmmm.........", Marjory shouted out loud. "YESSSsss... Fuck Me..!!!! AAhhhhhmmmmmm...."My girlfriend rode Marjory like a cowboy on a wild bronco.. Jamming the strap-on in Marjory's ass, puling her hair and with her other hand she smacked on Marjory's ass cheek... "YES!!!!.... OOhww.. yes...! punish this whore..!! I need it!!!! Yess...!!! OOOOOHHHHW.... " The excitement pushed Marjory over the edge. My cock twitched inside her clasping cunt. My balls swelled up and with a mighty squirt, dumped my load deep up inside Marjory's hot squirming cunt. "Cummmming, ", she yelled. "Unnnngghhhh! Cumming on your hot fucking cock! Ohhhhhh, Jesus! Take me, God! Fuck my cunt!!" Marjory felt my hot, thick cream blast into her cunt. The shaft of mys cock was grinding deliciously against her clitoris, she was riding her orgasm... My cock had just warmed her up for more. With her sucking cunt, Marjory was writhing in her orgasm. Her little cunt seemed insatiable..My cock didn't even showed signs of going flaccid..!I motioned my girlfriend we should change places... She just lifted Marjory of my cock with the black dildo... When my cock left her cunt, Marjory just grunted, "OOHHww... nooooooo..... Pleaaseeee..!!! " When Marjory was planted on her feet, my gf pulled the dildo out of her ass.. "OOOHww..........", Marjory moaned.. "Just a second to clean this fucker...", my girlfriend said, as she was walking to the kitchen to clean the dildo. Within no time she returned, not even bothered about lubricant... She sat on the couch next to me and ordered Marjory to straddle her. "Look at this big black cock.... Do you want it up your cunt..? Come... show me how much you want it... " Marjory straddled my gf and pushed her gaping cunt on the big black strap-on dildo, she looked down at her cunt while it went in her pulsing cunt... "OOOHww....... yes..... fuck me with that black fucker..!!! Yess.... OOhwmmm....." When the giant was all the way in, I pushed my cock head against her asshole and with one stroke I was halfway in.. "NNNGGGRRRrrrrrrrr......... " I pushed her hips down, completely impaled her on the black monster dildo. "AAArggghhhhh..... mmmmmm......" and with a next big push, I shoved my cock completely into her bowls. "FFFUUUuuuckkkkkkk...!!!!! OOHmmmmmmmm...... grrrllllll......", Marjory whimpered. I asked my girlfriend if she could reach her clitoris. She looked down.. "It looks mashed against the base of the dildo, but it's fucking huge..! but wait...." My girlfriend reached at it and flicked her finger against the mashed clitoris... "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHhhh..... FUUUUckkkk!!!! OHHW.... CUMMMINGG!!!!! " I couldn't believe this..! With my cock I could feel her body jerking and spasming... She really had a huge orgasm!I started fucking her in her ass, repeating the action my girlfriend did before... I lifted her of the dildo every time I pushed my cock in, and dropped her back on the dildo every time I withdrew... She was like a little fuck doll.. My girlfriend started talking again... "Tell me how you like a black cock in your pussy...! Maybe you prefer a real one...? Tell me..!!" Marjory was in a kind of orgasmic bliss and didn't answer right away... My girlfriend pinched her nipples sharply.. "AAHHHhhhh .......yesss!!!! I want it...... OOhwmmmmm..... I want ... a eeuhh... black cock..!! Hmmmmmngngng...." She started to pull Marjory up and down in rhythm of our fucking.. I think Marjory kept on orgasming... All the time I could feel her body jerk and twist... Her words became a blur of orgasmic noises... "NNNHHGGNNNGHHHH.... NGGHHHHHNNNNnnn...."I thought it was enough.... if we would go on like this, we might hurt her real bad... I pulled my cock out of her tight ass... I looked at her gaping asshole.. OMG, I don't think she can walk anymore.... My girlfriend had no intention of stopping... she kept fucking her with the giant dildo. How was it possible she could take that whole black fucker!! Every time it went the whole way in. It surely must end up in her womb.... I signaled my girlfriend she had enough... Reluctantly she stopped fucking Marjory. "If you want to use her for your own orgasm, you'd better stop now... you will kill her like this..", I said laughing. I pulled Marjory of the big black cock and dropped her on the couch, where she kept on whimpering. "I think she had enough punishment for now.. let her rest for a minute.."I looked at Marjory, her holes were red and gaping, her nipples were big and swollen.. She really looked like a cheap whore, used by an entire football team.. My girlfriend pushed Marjory's legs apart and started licking her cunt.. "OOhmmmm......", Marjory moaned.. She really started to eat Marjory out. She sucked out all the sperm I shot in her hot cunt. She probed her cunt with her tongue like a pro.. Marjory started to react again... "OOhhmmmmm....... I... love... it... MMmmmmmm........" Marjory looked at me. "You two are sooo good.... MMMMmmmmm..... I never new sex good be this good...! Yes... go on... eat me...Mmmm..." She started to squirm and pushed her cunt upwards. "MMmmm.... yes.... Ohhhh... I love being used like this... Mmmmm...." I just smiled and bend over and gave her a passionate kiss. "I think my girlfriend really likes you...", looking at my her.. She was still sucking on Marjory's tight cunt. My girlfriend came up to Marjory and started kissing her. Marjory put her arms around my gf's neck and answered the kiss. When they broke the kiss, Marjory said, "Can't you fuck her pussy..? I want to taste your cum from her pussy...." I stepped behind my girlfriend and removed the strap-on dildo and threw it aside. "Maybe for later.... but now I want to feel your hot pussy..." My gf started to kiss Marjory again and pushed her buttocks in the air, as an invitation for me to fuck her.I pushed the head of my cock against her pussy and started to push it in. She started moaning in Marjory's mouth.. "MMNNGGHHHHhhhhhh....... Mmmmmmm....." The muscles of her pussy sucked me in... I love her pussy! Slowly I started to fuck her... This was so horny... I wanted to fill up my gf, so Marjory could eat her out... Surely to be continued....
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