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became a cuckold

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became a cuckoldIt was during this time that I met a friend of mine, Robert. I was subbing and had a domme who was friends with Robert. He is a very distinguished older man who has turned his entire basement into the most elaborate dungeon you could imagine, with a prison cell, cages, hoists, a sling, medical bed with medical restraints, spanking benches, crosses, torture wheel, and two bedrooms right off the dungeon. Robert was a very experienced player, and is well known across the country in the BDSM community. I knew he was bi, and he always flirted with me a little bit when he saw me on my Mistress' leash, but thankfully Mistress always kept him at arm's length as she knew I was straight. One thing Robert is known for is throwing multi-day parties in his dungeon where people come from all over and stay overnight for several days. Its an amazing experience.A few years back Sue was tired of being left home at night, so we explored the swinging scene for a few years. This was mostly vanilla play, except we were swapping partners so Sue would be with the other guy, and I would be with the guy's wife. It was exciting seeing Sue with another guy, not to mention I was getting to play with a new sexual partner as well. So it was all good! Occasionally we would end up in a pile on a bed and Sue got to experience her first girl on girl play, which surprisingly she seemed to like.Ultimately though, my real desire is to be a sub, and I was talking to Sue about how much I would love for her to by my domme. Eventually she agreed to give it a try and we did a little tentative play, but Sue was having a hard time getting into it and was still very unsure of herself. Eventually we went to one of Robert's parties and Sue finally met Robert. At the party we did a little scene and afterwards Sue and Robert sat to talk, and I knelt on the floor at Sue's feet.Robert enjoyed talking to Sue and gave her insight into the mindset of submissive males. He was assuring her that all I wanted was for her to relax, accept that I am her slave, and make this fun for herself, and as long as she was having fun everything else would just fall into place. Sue asked me if this was true and I nodded vigorously, telling her that I'd do anything she wanted if she really thought she would enjoy it. Sue liked that idea and said she would have to give it some thought.Robert said he'd be happy to help her and provide advice, and all he wanted in return was to give me a spanking. Sue seemed delighted at the idea, and ordered me over Robert's lap. I looked at her and asked her if she was serious, and she assured me she would love to see Robert spank me and that is what she would enjoy. So I begrudgingly I laid over his lap, and after running his hands over my bottom for a few minutes, telling Sue how he thought I had a cute butt, he eventually got around to giving me 10 hard smacks. Afterwards he ordered me to my knees in front of him and told me to kiss his boots and thank him for the spanking. I have to admit, presenting my bottom to him and having him groping my bottom, clearly enjoying it, and getting the spanks from him had an effect on me. Without a word from Sue, I meekly knelt in front of him, kissed his boots and whispered a low 'thank you, Sir". I looked over at Sue and I could see had a smile a mile wide across her face.When the next party came around Robert wrote to and Sue and suggested that he and Sue co-top me so he could help her get comfortable in the domme role. Wanting Sue to develop into a good domme, and knowing that Robert would be a good mentor, I agreed. As usual for his parties, we would arrive in the afternoon and spend the night at his house, so we each packed a bag with some change of clothes.When we got to the house Robert greeted us and suggested that the scene start right way. I was taken downstairs into a small side room off of the main dungeon space and stripped, and an iron collar was placed around my neck. The collar was then chained to an eye hook that had been sunk into the concrete floor. The chain was double locked, in that it was looped and secured with two padlocks, so that my head was about a foot from the floor, making me lie down on a piece of scrap carpet. Robert said he and Sue had to go talk for a bit, and left me there.I have no idea how long they left me there, but it felt like hours. Every once in awhile someone would come in and see how I was doing, and I always asked where Sue and Robert were or if anyone had seen them. Eventually I found out they had gone into one of the bedrooms and closed the door, and they had not come out yet. Some people were teasing me about what might be going on in there, and as the time went on I started getting a hollow feeling in my stomach. What were they doing? I was getting very nervous and anxious, and quite frankly wanted out of the collar, but Robert had the keys. No one could let me out.Finally, after what seemed like eternity, Sue and Robert came back, both wearing white cotton robes. I was frantic to be let loose, but was told to calm down and listen. Sue dropped down and stroked my hair, and as she did I could tell she was naked under her robe! My mind was racing, how did that happen? She said she and Robert had had a wonderful discussion and that Robert had some excellent suggestions about my training. She also told me that, for the purpose of furthering my training, from here on out I should consider Robert my Master and should obey anything he tells me, subject only to her orders. I couldn't believe what I was hearing! Robert was going to be my Master??With that, Robert stepped close and asked if I wanted to be let loose. I empathically said yes! He moved over me and told me that to get loose, I had to suck his cock. What????I looked at Sue and saw a big smile on her face as she was nodding in agreement at Robert's statement.I asked Sue if she was serious and if she really wanted this? I mean, do you really want the image of me sucking cock in your head? She just smiled and said yes, and besides, I would be doing it a lot this weekend anyway. That made my eyes go wide!!With that Robert unlocked one of the padlocks to let some more slack on the chain, letting me sit up but still chained to the floor. Robert let his robe slip open, and he was naked underneath as well. Now my mind was running a mile a minute, wondering what they were doing before, and a sense of dread came over me. I felt a big lump in the pit of my stomach as the situation was quickly getting out of control. His cock was pointing straight out at me and he started pressing his cock to my lips, telling me to suck him now...I turned my head to the side, and said No! With that Robert closed his robe and said, fine, but I am not getting unchained until I suck his cock. With that he took Sue's robe off, exposing her completely, and said lets go play and let jerry think for awhile. I watched as Robert very possessively put his hand around my naked wife's waist as they headed out the door and into the main dungeon space.For the next hour or so I sat on the floor, trying to comprehend what was happening. Every once in awhile someone would come in and tease me with saying stuff like "Oh man, you should see what Robert is doing to your wife!" or "Man, I don't know if I would feel comfortable with watching Robert doing all that stuff to my wife, so good you can't watch, huh?" At this point had been locked to the floor for hours and I needed to be let out. Besides, I couldn't take the feeling in the pit of my stomach, wondering what was going on and what Sue was doing. Finally I told someone to tell Robert to come let me go. The guy came back and said Robert wanted to know if I wanted to suck his cock. At this point, I had surrendered, and said yes, I did...Robert and Sue came back into the room, and I noticed that Sue had been tied up in a rope dress, although her arms and hands were free. Robert loved using rope and had done a decorative tie over Sue's body. Robert was still in his robe, but it was open in front. Robert came over to where I was sitting on the ground and stood right in front of me, and asked if I was ready to be let loose. I asked Sue if this is what she really wanted, and she smiled and said yes, so I nodded to Robert and he pressed his cock to my lips. I took it in and did my best to suck him, as Sue and Robert were absolutely gleeful as they watched. Robert gave me some instruction on what he liked, and assured me I would be getting lots of practice in the future, which made Sue giggle.Eventually Robert pulled out and released me from the floor, and they both led me back into the dungeon area and locked me into a stand up cage. This is a cage that is about two feet wide, one foot deep, and about seven feet tall. All you can do in it is stand. I saw a few people in the dungeon watching and laughing, while Sue padlocked the cage. Once in, Robert pulled up a massage table and placed it about two or three feet away from the cage, and he had Sue lay down on it. I watched as Robert stood next to the table, massaging Sue's naked body, his hands running over her breasts. He was standing close by the table as I saw Sue lean over and take his cock deep between her lips and begin sucking him. Robert looked right at me as Sue took him in, smiling at me before closing his eyes and lightly thrusting his hips back and forth, just ever so slightly fucking her mouth. I was shocked to see this. Up till now I was trying to convince myself that they were just messing with my head, but seeing this, and how willingly Sue took his cock, and I instantly knew this was very real; she was cuckolding me!Eventually Robert went and got a hitachi magic wand and I saw him using it on Sue's pussy, vibrating her as I saw her body writhing in pleasure. The hitachi never takes long to get her over the edge, and I stood in the cage as I watched Robert give my wife several orgasms. Occasionally Sue would suck him again after she had regained her composure, only to have to let him slip out as another orgasm shook her body. This part of the night was mind blowing, but I had to admit that it was exciting me beyond belief. During our swinging days I had seen Sue with other men before, but I was always with another woman at the time. Seeing Sue do this on her own, and conspiring with my friend to do this was way beyond what I thought she would do.Robert crawled up on the massage table and Sue and Robert spooned and caressed each other, just a few feet in front of me. They relaxed and pretty much ignored me for a bit as they were lost in each other's arms, occasionally kissing each other deeply and fondling each other. After a bit they got off the table and stood right in front of me, Sue standing right next to the cage, with Robert behind her. Robert was massaging her breasts from behind, and then his hands went down and slipped into her pussy. I could see Sues eyes roll into her head as Robert played with her, and then he pulled out and held the fingers out and pushed his hand into the cage. Reading his thoughts, I sucked on his finger and could taste how wet and aroused Sue was, as if I couldnt see that with my eyes.Robert commented on my stiff cock and pointed it out to Sue. Sue reached into the cage and began stroking my cock, asking if I was ok. I assured her I was fine, and admitted that the night had been extremely erotic. Sue smiled and said she was glad, as she was having a very good time and was hoping I was enjoying it as well. She said she was a little unsure when Robert suggested all this whether I would like it or not, but Robert assured her I would. I looked at my "friend" who was now my Master and saw him smiling from ear to ear as he fondled my wife. The bastard planned this whole thing.Robert suggested it was getting late and it was time to head to bed, so I was let out of the cage and taken to one of the bedrooms, where I was chained to the foot of the bed by the collar that was still around my neck. I was again chained so that I could only lay down. As I was laying there, Sue stepped up on my chest and stood on top of me as Robert came over and wrapped his hands around her. Looking up, I could see them kissing passionately as Robert's hands roamed all over her body, and Sue kissing him back deeply, her arms wrapped around his neck. It was unbelievably erotic to have her literally standing on my chest as she passionately kissed Robert. Eventually Sue stepped off me and they climbed into bed, out of my sight. The lights were dimmed, and all I could do was listen to them in the bed directly over me. They spent a good long time with each other, leaving me wondering what was going on. I really couldn't tell what was happening, until finally I heard something that sounded like fucking. Robert was clearly thrusting and rocking his hips, and I heard the sound of him finally cumming. Sue was strangely quiet, though.Robert got off the bed and unchained me, and led me up to the bed where Sue was laying on her back. I could see that he had cum all over Sue's tits. He took my head and pressed it down and held me close as Sue told me to lick up all my Master's cum. Repulsed, but strangely excited, I slurped it all up, and spent a good bit of time kissing and sucking on Sue's nipples. The evening was clearly over as Robert stood by and watched as Sue and I re-connected. He asked if we wanted to sleep in his bedroom, offering me the floor and Sue his bed, or we could spend the night in this room alone. Sue looked at me and said she thought it best if we stayed where we were, thankfully. Robert said goodnight, and Sue and I snuggled and talked about what had just happened, and about how our life had just changed. Jan 4th went very well. LS spent a good deal of time with Keysafe, while I was there to assist. Although she does not usually make me dress femme, for some reason she decided she wanted me dressed last night. So I had a very short mesh skirt on (as in, not covering my bottom), a mesh bikini top, fishnet stockings, and 4" pumps on. Keysafe was also gracious enough to send me some instructional videos for cocksucking and handjobs prior to the evening for me to study, and from what he tells me, he thinks they improved my technique.I can't relate all the things LS and Keysafe did last night, as LS sent me out to fetch dinner while they played. But the seemed to enjoy each other immensely, which always makes me happy. LS gets such a beautiful smile on her face when she is having a good time, and Keysafe never fails to bring out that smile.One particularly interesting part of the night was when I was secured in a sling while LS and Keysafe stroked and teased me, and prepared to fuck me. What was interesting, though, was the conversation they were having about the benefits of me getting a PA in order to assure LS of greater security when she locks me up. Also, one of my balls slipped through my Queen's Keep last night, and LS is getting frustrated with the ball trap devices. So LS is seriously considering having me get a PA. She is a medical professional, so she needs to feel comfortable with the medical implications of the decision. But she told me if she is comfortable with it, then I will be getting one. Possibly the next time we see Keysafe on the 18th. It was a challenge walking around cleaning and keeping he plug in, and I found out that if I walk a little pigeontoed, with my thighs kind of together, it helps to keep the plug in.After about an hour Sir came down and sat down in a throne like chair he has down there, and called me over to kneel at his feet. When there, he urged me to get close so that my face was in his lap, and he offered up his cock for me to suck. I made sure to remember my lessons from last time and worked it mostly with long, slow strokes of my tongue at first, before slowly taking it between my lips and gently and slowly sucking it. In case you don't see the point, Sir likes long slow strokes on his cock.Eventually Sir decided to fuck me, and took me over to a kneeling stockade and secured me in place, strapping me in. After lubing me up and stretching me out a bit, Sir pressed his cock into my ass, filling me as I was bound in place and unable to move. At first he left it in there, allowing me to adjust to his cock in my ass, before he started to slowly fuck me with short strokes, that became longer and faster over time....Soon Sir had me moaning like a whore as he was thoroughly fucking me deep and hard. Every once in awhile he would reach around and feel how my trapped cock was dribbling pre-cum, it being three weeks since my last orgasm. I have no idea how long this went on, as I was focusing on being Sir's anal slut.Sadly, after a bit I had to tell Sir I was getting a little sore, and he thrust himself deeply inside me and held himself there, enjoying the feeling of having his cock deep in his anal slut. Not wanting it to end I found myself thrusting back onto Sir, wiggling my bottom for him and trying to give him some friction or motion while he was still pushing himself deep into me...Finally it was over and Sir released me and put me back to work cleaning the dungeon as he went into his office and was talking on the phone. Thankfully, Sir did not require I get plugged again, as I doubt it would have stayed in. We did get the chance to spend a little time with him a couple weeks ago though. I had been locked in our new device, the tube jacket, for about three weeks, and no orgasms for three weeks, when we ran into Sir at a party. He had a new toy that was an e-stim machine on sterooids that he could run from his laptop. It has mutliple connections that include vibrators as well as electrodues. Lady Sue was keen to see if Sir could force me to cum in my device, so I was strapped down on a table and Sir, with the help of Princess Circe, put electrodes on each nipple, at the base of each ball, and a vibrator put on the head of my cock. For those who have not experienced estim, it can give a range of sensations from very nice to very severe. Sir had the electrodes on my nipples and balls doing a nice wave effect that kind of felt like people were sucking on my balls and my nipples. The vibrator was also on a wave effect, so that it ramped up, ran for a while, and then ramped down in time with the electrodes.This had the effect of bringing me to the edge over and over, each time with me straining my best to cum. Lady Sue had given me permission to cum if I could, and I desperately wanted to. Apparently the sight of me teased over and over attracted the attention of quite a few people at the party, and soon I had a rooting section in place, urging me on to cum from the machine. Needless to say, I was not able to cum, and as each wave subisded I could hear the laughs and giggles, and the occasional "awwwww", as my body eased up, wating for the next wave. I have no idea how many waves came over me. I would guess at least ten, and I came oh so close several times, but just could not get over the edge. I was actually thinking that if Sir would make use of my mouth on his cock it might help, but he was off above my head talking to Lady Sue about how the machine worked and enjoying my efforts.Eventually, exhausted, I was taken off the machine, unstrapped, and allowed to curl up on the floor at Lady Sue's feet.The other thing about the party I will relate is that is was a birthday party for a few ladies and I was lucky enough to be choosen to receive all the spanks on their behalf. Alas, we had to stop after 117 as my butt was beginning to bleed. And lastly, since one of the ladies was a sub, I was allowed to spank her luscious tush, which is a rare treat for me, I assure you. Well, I am glad she found it enjoyable, Sir. And thank you for pointing out Mistress Circe's blog to me! It was nice to read another view of the scene.And I know Lady Sue and I would love to find time to get together with you, Sir. Lady Sue did ultimately let me out of the device to check on chafing and to give me some relief (thank god). No chafing or redness after two weeks in the device so after a few hours out now I am back in for thirty days. She says if still no redness at that point it will be on full time from now on. She is very pleased with it so far. I know you will be pleased with that, since the piercing was originally your idea. Wish I had something to report, but we have not seen Sir recently. My wife finally let me out of the new device after about 10 weeks locked up, and is giving me a month off before I go back in. She is considering keeping me locked for the rest of the year, but hasnt decided yet.
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