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Adult Nudist Camp part 2

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Adult Nudist Camp part 2So I just a short wild time with my new friends in the nudist camp grounds. This was my first time at a nudist campground. The last thing I was planning on fucking this lady. The couple was Bonnie and Allen. Bonnie is far from a model wife. In fact she is a very sex craved woman. Not that I am complaining. This is starting from my fuck session with Bonnie.Bonnie and I returned outside with my cum running down her legs and Allen doesn't have a clue. Allen says the food is done so we all sat down to enjoy Allen's hard work. He decided that Bonnie should sit next to me, I am thinking oh boy that might not have been a good idea. Allen said he ask Bonnie to put something on so you wouldn't feel awkward, but you know woman, just got to let them have their way. She put her hand on my dick but it looked like my knee and said you don't mind seeing a fat old ladies body. Knowing differently I said not a problem. I was trying to keep a straight face because this conversation knowing she has my cum in her pussy and running down her leg. The conversation turned to events that happen here at the grounds. Tonight and tomorrow night they have dance in the recreational center. Usually a lot of fun if you feel like going. It's clothing optional so you can wear as much or as little you want. Bonnie said she bets more that few of those horny old biddies would love to see your nude body, she said that with sly smile that Allen didn't catch. He told her to stop teasing me, he will get use to being nude or not at his own pace. Bonnie asked me and Allen if we wanted another beer. With that she got up and walked to the cooler. Because was to Allen's back he couldn't see her. She was playing with her tits and putting her finger in her pussy. She come back to the table with two beers for us a glass of wine for herself. We sit around longer chatting with small talk. Bonnie then tells Allen that she is out of wine and she would like him to get her some more. He agrees, says the camp store should still be open. She tells me that she doesn't want that stuff, she want the kind that he gets her off the camp grounds. She says come on baby you know I like. I promise I'll make it worth your wiId when you get back. Allen complains that it is 20 minutes both ways. She gives her tits a good squeeze and say these are your when you return. He tells her ok. Bruce you don't mind cutting our visit short and of course I say no, I should probably lay down if I am going to make it tonight.OK hope to see you there.He barely get out of the site before she takes me by the hand and drags me into the camper. When we get inside she pushes her naked body against me and say this time we can take our time. She starts taking my clothes off and licking every part that she exposes. When she finally has me naked, we lay on the stroking and kissing each other. Then she starts licking her way down my body. She passes my cock, licks the inside of my upper thighs the down to my balls. She said baby your nuts are huge, now I see why you shot so much cum in me, I hope you have more for me. She sucks on one ball at a time while stroking my now hard cock. She then takes my cock in her mouth getting it nice an wet and climbs on me to ride my cock. She rubbed the head of my cock around her pussy before sitting on it. But she puts it at the opening of her ass. She say you want my ass baby, you wanna put this big black cock in my tight white ass. She doesn't wait for me to answer, she starts lower herself all the way to my balls. She waits a minute the starts fucking me like a woman possessed, I have never had me fuck her ass like I was fucking her pussy. She was moaning loud baby I love your cock I want it all the time. MMMM fill my ass like you did my cunt. Ohhh baby I can feel it, you going to cum for you dirty slut, fill me up baby, I want to keep it in their all night. I can't take it any more, on her next time down I hold her hips in place and start filling her ass. It felt so good to her that it made her have a major orgasm. It was so hard she passed out of a few seconds. As she is milking my balls dry, she can't thank me enough. I tell her the pleasure is all mine. When she feels she drained me she gets off with a pop followed by a stream of cum. I told her we are going to get you bed clean before Allen gets back. She says fuck him. I tell her that you promised him sex when he get back. She said yes I know, I am going to make him eat my cunt with still some of your cum inside me, then I'll let him fuck me with his tiny dick, I can hardly feel it. He will cum in about 3 minutes and then fall asleep. I hope I get to see you at the dance, I make it worth you wild. I tell her I will be there, I look for the brunette with big tits and freshly fucked ass. She give me a big kiss and my dick a nice squeeze. I grab my clothes and head for the door, she asks your not going to get dressed first I tell her no it's a short way and I will be going in the back way so nobody will see me.I am in such a cloud on my way back, I didn't see the lady sitting in the chair on my site.When I got their I saw it was the lady that was in front of me when I checked in. This time she was naked, and then realized so was I. She heard I coming, looked around and said hi and then noticed that I was naked. Oh I see you were with that whore Bonnie. We had a bet to who got you first and the bitch won. Oh well my name is Julie. When I saw you in the office I knew i'd wanted you and from what I am seeing Now their is no doubt. Come over here and sit across from mama. I did as she asked and even thought in the six hour I have been I have fucked and came three, two of the in the last hour and a half. My reason for mentioning this is because sitting naked across this naked MILF, my cock is getting hard again. Looking straight into my eyes, she starts playing with her cunt. She has three deep in her and rubbing her clit with the other hand having a great time. She then motions for me to play with my dick. So I don't want to disappoint the lady so i do as she asks. I was having a nice slow stroke from top to my balls. She is licking her lips moaning and fucking herself hard and fast.She gets up, walks over to me, drops to her knees and right there in the open starts sucking my cock. She couldn't care less if someone saw her. She was just as good a sucking cock as Bonnie. She baby I got to have this big cock in me now. I told her sure but I want to go find the public shower before I fuck you. She asked me why would I want to go to the camp showers when you have your own private one. I asked her where it was because I could find it in there. She said silly man come with me, she takes me to the side of the camper that is covered my a curtain, sure as hell their is an outdoor shower. Julie said since she told me were it was , I am going to have to fuck her in it. How could I pass up fucking the lady, full body, thick in all the right places and I can't wait to suck on and fuck those beautiful tits. After turning on the water and getting it just right I pushed her with her tits against the wall. I came up behind her and shoved all 9" in her in one move. She screens out in both pain in and pleasure . Julie the says that it baby punish the slutty cunt. Beat it up. I was giving it her as hard as I could, bouncing tits off the wall. I pulled out of her, sat on the bench and to her to ride this black. swallow it in your cunt all the way down to my big black balls. Take hard, I want you you to feel in your gut. MMM baby, Make my black cock fill you up with my hot load. As she is riding me, she leans back and begs me to pull on her tits, twist her nipple hard. I did as she wanted and she went wild on my cock. I have never been fucked so hard. She tells me that she is going to cum and then her cunt grabs my cock so hard I thought she was going to snap it off. Her orgasm was so strong I could hold off and shot my load deep in her. She kept on riding until she knew she had every drop. She got off, turned around while kissing me, she said thanks for the best fuck ever. I asked her why is that people keep wanting me to fuck them. Not complaining but all you have husband. She reached down, grabbed my still semi hard dick and said this is way, your big, black and know how to use it, unlike our worthless hubby's. Bonnie and I spend more time fucking each other than those two losers. I said ok fair enough. Their lose is my gain. She said fuck yes it is. She bends over gives my cock one more deep suck and kiss and says I will see you later baby.
04-06-2021, at 11:19 PM

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