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Mıchele's new lıfe - chapter 21a

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MICHELE'S NEW LIFE - CHAPTER 21ACHAPTER 21A: MOVING INOver the next week that the construction takes to be completed, Mom and I are very busy chasing after all the details of the move. The timing is working out very well. The buyers of our home will be ready shortly after we are moved which allows us time to be deliberate and organized. Dad, that man, didn?t want a lot of the furniture from the house. So Mom also took the family room furniture. We planned on that going into the demonstration/training room of the kennel. Also, some of the furniture would be in the apartment studio off the kennel complex.We had a mover lined up for the actual move. Tim was very busy with the change in his responsibilities in his job, he kept insisting that he would be around to help in the planning but we knew better. We loved him for his interest in wanting to be there with us and for us, but we knew his new responsibilities were too enticing at the moment, too consuming to allow him to take that time off while meeting all the facility management teams, setting up his office locally, and establishing his objectives. We knew his new responsibilities were overwhelming at the moment so we simply said, ?Of course you will, Sir.? And then went about the task of doing the planning and organizing. And then, when we saw him at night we would fill him in on our progress and he would apologize. Eventually, we convinced him that he should stop apologizing and just accept that he was too busy and that we had everything in full control. Then he apologized for not just accepting that from the beginning. Men!Finally, though, it happened. We had a large moving truck and a smaller one in the front yard of our new home and men going every which way into the house and the kennel complex. Mom and I smiled when we overheard a couple of the movers mumbling to each other, ?It?s usually bad moving all the stuff of one woman, but two ? where do they come up with all this stuff?? We almost burst out laughing. If they only knew. All this stuff and we normally never wore anything!Juli showed up in the pickup while the trucks were getting ready to leave. She said she was driving by and saw the trucks still here so decided to stop. We greeted her as she got out of the truck. Each of us gave her a hug and kiss on the cheek. We each took a hand and led her into our new home. We gave her a tour through all the boxes. But we were anxious to show off the new bedroom suite. The boys were out in the backyard. We check on them as we entered the kitchen for a lemonade. We saw them chasing around the field on the rise.Juli surveyed the kitchen with boxes all around us. ?You guys have a mess. How about some help. Tell me what cupboard for what items and I will start unloading boxes. You guys can start getting the bedroom and bath organized. When is Tim due home???Tim ? probably in two hours. It will still be a mess for a couple days. Juli, you know you don?t have to, but if you want to help, the kitchen would be perfect.??Direct me. Harry and I have plans for dinner out tonight so I have time.?Mom took over and opened cupboard doors and drawers and quickly made decisions on where things should go based on her cooking preference. That was fine with me. She was the better cook and I was good with letting her have that distinction. I need to admit to her my intimidation of her skills she was bring into the home and relationship. It is one thing for any woman to accept that her mother might be a better homemaker and cook. We kind of grow up with that image that we are learning at the elbow of our mothers. But in this new relationship, equals in a marriage and she bringing all these gifts into the marriage and what do I have? I know it is silly, I am threatened by my mother in our relationship. I know I shouldn?t be. But insecurities don?t disappear because you are grown.But once that is done, Mom and I head for the bedroom. No time like the present, I guess. Once in the bedroom and we cut open boxes to find our own clothes to hang up, I stop and look at her. She senses my watching her, ?What?s wrong???Mom, I have something to admit to you and I don?t exactly know how to do it.??Then, I would suggest just blurting it out. We agreed on the open, honest approach, right???Yes. And that is why I want to admit this to you.??Honey, what is it?? She came over to me and gave me a hug. This wasn?t a lover hug. This was mother hug. And I had to admit to myself that I liked it. She was never going to not be my Mother. She might be my lover but she would always still be my Mother that I could turn to. Was that fair? I don?t know.?Just now in the kitchen. The way you directed Juli how to organize the kitchen ???Honey, I?m sorry, should I have worked that out with you???No! That?s just it. This isn?t my house, my kitchen. It is OUR house, OUR kitchen. It?s just ? well, you are so good there. You are so good at everything around the house. I don?t feel that I offer the same ??She hugged me tighter. ?Shush.? She hugged me even tighter, if that was possible. She kissed my forehead, my cheeks, everywhere but my lips. She was my Mother, fully, completely. And I hung to her like I did years ago. Feeling her love, strength and support flowing back into me.My head on her shoulder, ?I am sorry Mom. You are an amazing woman. I always dreamed of being you when I grew up and then I was this. And I love being this. Tim loves me being this. We have been happy and are happy. And I love you being with us, part of us, and part of what makes us whole now. I am sorry. Old insecurities, I guess. But, I wanted you to know. I will always look up to you as a woman. And it might not be fair to you, but you will always be my Mother in addition to be my lover and Tim?s lover. Is that too much???Well, you left out Cody?s lover and Jackson?s lover.? And we both laughed while in each other?s arms. ?And, no, it is not too much. I never want to lose you as my daughter. That is a special bond and relationship. I love being your lover, but I love being your Mother, too. And as far as the kitchen is concerned, I will accept that I have skills there. But you have yours, too. Besides, you have skills in the kitchen, too. This is a partnership, not a competition. Right???Right! Thanks, Mom. I love you.??Ditto. Now let?s get some of these boxes empty before our man gets home.??I like the sound of that, Mom. ?Our man?. I love you being a part of us.??And you guys might have saved me. I feel like a new woman. And, can I admit something to you???Anything. I just did.??Juli ? it will be nice having her around. Nobody is fooling anyone. We all know I am older. It will be nice to have an older friend nearby.??Good. I think she feels the same way. I have seen her around you. There is a new element here and that is you. A more comfortable woman to relate to.??I felt it, too.??This is going to be nice, isn?t it, Mom???Honey, this is going to be as close to perfect that we mere mortals could hope for.?We busied ourselves in the bedroom and bath suite and we could hear noise from the kitchen as Juli was apparently making headway there as well. Before we knew it, we could hear a car pull up the drive. We had the windows open with the bit cooler weather of winter in the Southwest. Then we heard the dogs racing around the house to greet him. We dropped what we had and walked to the entry as Tim was walking in. Juli poked her head around the side to see who it was, ?Oh, hi, Tim. I lost track of the time. Didn?t realize it was so late.??I see these two put you to work, already???No. I volunteered.? She walked up between us and put her arms around our waists. ?I have a thing for these two hotties. I am trying to get on their good side so they might let me into their panties.?Tim laughed, ?Good luck. They don?t wear any. But if they did, I have a feeling you would be welcome.? He put his arms out to her and she crossed the short distance to him. She walked right into his arms and he closed them around her in a loving hug. ?Thanks for helping.? He put a hand under her chin and raised it to his face and kissed her on the mouth. ?I hope I am not misreading the signals.??God, no.? She put her arms around his neck and planted her own kiss to his lips. She came away with a gasp. ?Oh, you guys ? I better get home to Harry. We have plans tonight.? She turned from Tim and he let his hand drop to her ass which he gave a pat. She turned with a smile and swung her hips as she left out the front door to her truck.I came up to Tim and kissed him and then Mom did. He just looked at us. We just looked at him. I looked at Mom with a question on my face and then ? damn! I saw Mom. She was dressed. I was dressed. I was mumbling to myself as I grabbed the bottom of my tee shirt and was pulling it up over my breast to my shoulders when I heard, ?Stop.? I froze as I was.I looked at Tim. ?Sir, I am sorry. We were dressed because of the movers and then we got busy right away unpacking and ? Sir, is there a reason why I am stopped like this???Yes, two reasons actually. First, I REALLY like your breasts! Second, since you both are dressed and the place is a shambles we should probably just go out and get a casual dinner somewhere. We can start trying out some of the local pubs.?We had a couple of beers and good burgers at a quaint bar and grill just inside the suburb limits. We filled Tim in on the movers and our plans for the getting things organized. We would move things into appropriate areas and organize what we could. His office and his shop tools we would leave in the garage for him to organize himself. We already knew he would need a good work bench and storage shelves or cabinets for his tools. He could putter on that and his office as he had time. He would probably get his office done first. We?ll try to organize his clothes but he can rearrange anything he needed to for his liking.Once back home, that felt nice, our new home. Exciting options on the horizon. We could almost touch them but not quite. But we would let them happen as they might. Not rush them, let our new place present its potential as we adjusted to it.But Mom had one new potential she was fidgeting with. Mom and I were snuggled up to Tim on the love seat in the family room. Very cozy but very nice, too. I could tell she was wanting to ask him, but wasn?t. I caught her attention and nodded, indicating Tim and encouraging her. Finally, ?Tim, honey, I have a question or a request or ? something.??Barb, is something wrong? Why so tentative? It?s just us. I thought we were sharing our lives and ourselves completely. Why the hesitancy???This is maybe a big request. Would you mind if I took your name as my own? Legally? If I change my name legally to yours? We would all have the same name??He took her hand and held it in his two. He looked at me. There was tears in his eyes. I nodded and touch his cheek and kissed his lips lightly. He turned to Mom, ?Barb, Mom, I love you. You know that. God, I hope you know that.??Of course, darling.??Some women don?t take their husband?s name in legal marriages these days.??Call me old fashioned. Barb Hawkins. I like the sound. And I like the meaning.??Barb Hawkins. You would do me a great honor by taking my name. I think it is beautiful. Thank you.??No, Tim, thank you. I feel so loved and secure with you and Michele.??Well, I don?t know how quickly this can get through the system, but don?t get your driver?s license or passport changed.? I am confused. Why wouldn?t she? ?Because she?ll need both to leave the country and enter another country. Unless you don?t want to go on a honeymoon, after all.??We?re going?!?? Both Mom and I blurt out simultaneously.?In a week. I have everything settled. The same resort. So Michele can assist you in packing, Barb. Juli has already agreed to care for Cody and Jackson.??What does that mean? Michele can assist in my packing???This resort is less when it comes to clothes. But, you?ll do fine.??Tim, that reminds me. My limits. We need to discuss those.??You are ready???Yes, I know. You are thinking ?finally?.??Okay, let me see them.??Well, that?s just it. When we looked at Michele?s and started working from that ? well, there wasn?t much left. Tim, I ? I mean ? I don?t mean to disappoint you ? but ???Barb, you are not submissive!??Michele said you would say that.??Barb, I love you to death. Again, you know that. But you don?t need to compete or duplicate Michele. You are different. I don?t want a woman trying to be like Michele. I never dreamed I could love another woman like I do Michele. But here you are. I don?t love you because you are like Michele. I love you because you are the woman you are. You are not Michele. You are not submissive.??Thank you, Tim.??Now, that said. We can have fun in the family, at home with you playing it. But that is up to you. I really like the two of you being naked, dressed up in negligees, stockings and heels. I like the two of you not refusing me or the boys. That?s home stuff. That?s just us. What about that???Oh, yes! I love all of that. That is so exciting to me. But the other, outside the family structure ? I just ? it?s not me.??I know that, Barb. But you did with Carlos. What about Harry???Let me try to put a framework around it. I need an emotional connection. I need it to be my decision to give myself. Carlos, yes, that man intrigued me from the start and he means so much to you two. Harry, I think very definitely. Based on how I feel about Juli ? God, she makes me wet ? listen to me! But she does. So, yes, I am sure about Harry, too. But sex outside this small group is only up to me.??How will you be about watching your daughter being a slut???No problem. I can be there, help her. Just so I am safe from the others.??Excellent, we have an understanding. But, just so we fully understand each other ? I have seen you two dressed much more than I prefer ??Giggling, we both jump up together and strip off the few clothes we have on and sit back down almost on top of him. Once again with his arms around us. Only now his fingers were lightly stroking bare skin. ?Barb, your response just now is probably the answer but I want to clearly understand your comfort in our activities. We?ve eliminated the ?submissive? identity for you. Like you said, Michele is certainly different; someone who can move comfortably and confidently between being independent and submissive. But, for you ? aside from engagement with others, we have had some ?rules? which I think we have all enjoyed. Let me review them and you can decide if they still apply to you:1. I will approved in a general way all clothing. I will direct or select clothing to be worn when we entertain or go out to entertain or have fun ourselves.2. Exhibitionism as a playful activity for us is acceptable and you will continue to follow my lead to fully experience it as the thrill you have already.3. Around the house and on the property nudity is expected as we have already established and enjoyed.4. As opposed to Michele who doesn?t refuse my direction for sexual availability as I direct her, you will not refuse sexually me or the boys as we may want you, when we want you, as long as it is among our ?little group? as you put it.5. Whenever possible no bra or panties will be worn. This not only allows for ?easier access for me or the boys? but also adds to the experience of the exhibitionistic experience.6. When you are attending any event when Michele is fully in her submissive role with others, I want you to assist in watching over her if there are many people involved that I could be distracted or diverted. She has a safe word ? ?Aardvark? - that if she or you use, I will stop all activity. If for some reason she is unable and you feel it is no longer safe, you are to declare the word for her.7. When you are attending any event when Michele is fully in her submissive role with others, she is known only as ?Destiny? to others. Similarly, I want to protect your identity and relationship. I would like to use ?Faith? for you.Are these still acceptable to you in your realization of your attitude in our relationship???Yes, Tim, they are. Thank you for being so understanding of my back and forth.??Hopefully, you have the submissive attitude out of your system now. Michele and I talked about it when you submitted to me, again. We decided to let it play out and let you come to the realization yourself. And you did. Now, we all understand our attitude in the relationship. I recognize that following the rules of the house as they are might seem somewhat like a submissive response and not an independent attitude, but you are comfortable with the difference???Absolutely, Tim. The ?rules of the house? as you put it, are simply understanding of how we live together that we have all agreed to. It doesn?t give the power to control me beyond that.?And, because we are almost always naked with Tim he is playing with our nipples as this discussion is occurring. Definitely something I love about our lifestyle. Even in what we are considering to be a serious moment we can be reminded of our sexual freedom of experience and expression. And like me I see Mom snuggle in closer to him, keeping her arm to the side to allow him open access to the breast and nipple he is playing with. And even my Mom who is not, clearly not, submissive still understands and relishes the experience of totally and completely and freely giving yourself to your man to experience the pleasures of intimacy whether physical or psychological so continuously.Because the contractor completed his work the day before the movers arrived, this morning is the first we have been able to incorporate our full lifestyle in our new home. It is Friday morning and we are all anxious to experience the weekend together here. But one more work day for Tim. And we have a full day of emptying boxes to have enough completed to allow some relaxation on the weekend. When the alarm goes off, I find myself in the middle. My arm over Tim and Mom?s over me. We have this large king sized bed and we are using maybe half of it ? I feel so lucky to be in such a relationship. But I am still the first out of bed and into the kitchen to get the coffee going before heading to the bathroom at the other end of the house. Mom and I smile to each other as we approach the kitchen from opposite ends of the house. I step up to her, take her face in my hands and kiss her tenderly on the lips, letting my hands drop to her shoulders I take her into my arms. ?Morning, Mom. Thank you.??Good morning, dear. But thank me for what???For being here. For being a part of our life ? it feels so good, I will probably be thanking you for a while, yet. Tim and I are so happy.??I am what?? Our man has come up beside us and is stroking our bare backs.?I was just thanking Mom, again I suppose, for being a part of our life and I included you in that thankful expression.?He pulled us both into sideways hug and lowered his hands to our asses. ?Michele and I had a simply amazing relationship and life. I believed I was the luckiest man on this earth. But, Barb, somehow you have managed to ratchet that up even higher. Now I know I have to be the luckiest man on this earth.?Mom?s blushing, again. I love it! ?You two, stop it. Do you have time for breakfast, Tim? Or are you in a hurry this morning???Actually, I am in a hurry. I want to finish up today so I can get home to you two and start the weekend.?I look at Mom and we giggle. We both can think of ways the weekend can be spent with him. ?We approve of that, Sir.??Tim, dear, how about if I make you an egg and bacon wrap for the road???You?ll spoil me, woman.??I hope so ??I look quickly at her and then at Tim. Is this playful or is she still reacting to the rejection from my dad? We will have to work on convincing her that she doesn?t have that as a concern. As Tim goes back to the bedroom with his coffee, I come up behind her and stroke her ass which she wiggles to me. ?You know you don?t have to worry about us or him changing our minds, don?t you???Yes, dear. At least, I think I fully believe it. But I hope you don?t take it personal if I am just a bit nervous for a little while.?I hug her from the back, careful not to restrict her arms as she works on Tim?s breakfast wrap. My arms around her and cupping her breasts, feeling my own pressed into bare back. ?We understand.? I kiss her shoulder and lick her earlobe. ?But, your growth as a woman, increasing your independence and strength and sexuality will only make you stronger and even more desirable to us. We love you and want to see you grow as we all want to grow as individuals and as partners. Your growth will never be a negative here or threaten us. We love you as much as we love each other.?She put the spatula down and held my hands holding her. We twisted our heads to bring our lips together. But then, ?But, I want to finish this for Tim. And I have a terrible time concentrating on anything else when you have your body pressed into mine, holding my breasts. So go take care of the dogs and I will get our breakfast going next.?I went out the patio sliding door. Being still a little cool I just closed the screen door and left it otherwise open for air. Walking out to the kennel I felt the cool air and jogged the last part. I filled their bowls with food and fresh water, let them out of the kennel run and jogged back to the house.Tim was back in the kitchen, dressed and ready for his day. ?Must be a little chilly out there.??Yes, Sir.? But I knew he loved watching my breasts bounce as I ran. ?But I can tell it will be warming up soon.??What?s on the agenda for today, ladies??Mom walked up and put his wrap in his hand. She had it in a sealed container to hold it warm. ?More boxes. We want the bedroom and the living areas completed as soon as possible with pictures hung. We?ll see how far we get. I know I would like to try a jog around the property as Juli mentioned. That would be a good daily ritual, I think.??I?d like to watch that. You two out for a run. Naked except for running shoes, I assume???Yes, Sir. How else would we be?? I was setting the expectation for Mom who was a little more conscious of her slightly less firm breasts. She only smiled at me and nodded.?Well, don?t hang any pictures in the bedroom or bathroom. I have an idea for that. In fact the three of us have plans for late Saturday afternoon for some appropriate hangings.??What?s that, Sir???You?ll see, Michele. You, too, Barb. I had a wonderful idea while on the plane the other day.? He gave us a smile I knew meant his idea was not a routine retail store selection.Finally, we were fully into our lifestyle, again. Standing in the driveway as Tim leaves for work, we are naked with the dogs alongside us. We wave as our man turns onto the road and disappears. I turn to Mom and look her up and down and smile. She looks at me somewhat bewildered, ?What???Today we get to renew our lifestyle fully. We can stay just like this today and greet Tim back home in ?formal? attire once again.?She smiled and opened her arms for me. I eagerly walked into her. She kissed me on the mouth, her hands roaming my naked body. ?And, dear daughter, we can enjoy this as much as we want or need, wherever we are.? We kissed and walked back into the house holding hands.We made amazing progress. As we emptied boxes we just threw them into the garage and went after the next one. Getting the boxes out of the house gave us a real sense of our progress and motivated us. When we took a break for a bite to eat, I pointed to the patio door. Sitting patiently were Cody and Jackson. And if that wasn?t a hint of what they wanted, the red tips of their cocks showing from their sheaths definitely was. We giggled, knowing we had just reaffirmed to Tim that we would not refuse either him or the boys. I stopped Mom when she got up and suggested a run around the property at the same time. Or, at least as much of a run that they allow us before becoming really demanding. We raced into the bedroom and put on our running shoes, put our hair into ponytails and returned to the patio door. The dogs started jumping and running around us as soon as we stepped out onto the patio. We didn?t stop, though, but continued out into the back, moved to the path and set off at a comfortable jog and slowly picked up a little speed over the rise. The boys ran with us, around us and ahead of us. They seemed to enjoy this activity and the full freedom of this property. We made it all the way around the property, even into the front yard and back to the patio but the boys were getting very insistent, constantly nudging our thighs as we ran.I stopped Mom on the patio and I knelt down to untie her running shoes, took them off, then her socks. All the while one or both of the dogs were licking me, one trying very persistently to get between my legs. Then it was Mom?s turn. The same thing happened to her as she knelt and we laughed as we took each other?s hands and moved to the grass just to the edge of the patio. Cody was right there with me as I again knelt down. I reached under him to feel his sheath and cock. It was now well outside. No reason to get more out, we all were anxious to do this outside right at the house. I moved to my hands and knees and saw Mom doing the same. Both of us moved a hand between our legs as our dogs climbed onto our backs and humped into our asses. In only moments I felt Cody?s cock slide along my hand and directly into my cunt. I shuddered and sighed deeply. I heard a similar response to my side and I looked over. Mom had a huge smile on her face as she was already looking to me. She blew me a kiss and then hung her head and arched her back to fully give herself to Jackson. I smiled. This one has quickly turned into a bitch for him. Just as I was for Cody. No matter how much I enjoy dogs, many dogs of many types and sizes, your dog is always best. In the same way that experiencing many different men, I still enjoy Tim the most. Tim and Cody, the two males I started with in my submission are still my favorite cocks. And my face must have been showing it ??Isn?t this a nice site? Mother and daughter sharing their day.? I turn quickly to see Juli walking to the patio. And two things jump out at me. She is naked, having walked along the trail connecting our properties. And, the dogs are very comfortable with her already. Neither dog hesitating in the least but continued pumping frantically into us.I smile up at her and try to act normal, ?Hi, neighbor, beautiful day for a walk.?She laughs and comes over and lays down crossing between Mom and me. ?Funny. For being flippant to your elder, you get my pussy. Barb and I will kiss.?And that?s what happened. She positioned herself for me to have access to her pussy and I dove right in. I could hear them kissing. I couldn?t use my fingers as I needed the support of my hands to provide the necessary firm position for the fucking I was getting. And it wasn?t long after that I heard Mom grunting and I felt the knot at the opening to my cunt, as well. We each cried out, moving our mouths away from Juli for the moments we needed to take the knots and express the air we always seemed to hold for the final effort to force the knot inside. Then, accustomed again to the penetration, I put my mouth and tongue back to Juli?s pussy. But my impending orgasm was making that difficult to concentrate on. I continued to reapply my mouth to the pussy in front of me but I kept pulling back as I gasped and moaned at the increasing stimulation. Then my mind completely separated from any intention to providing stimulation to anyone else?s pussy, focusing completely on the knot and cock inside mine that was now so completely rigid and jerking. The jerking that was the immediate indication of the coming spurts of overflowing dog seed I was to be receiving. And I did! And when I did, when I felt the first splash of seed inside my cunt, hitting my walls and filling it, was all I needed to take me over the edge into my own explosive orgasm. My head hanging from my shoulders, my arms straight and stiff. Only they twitched and shook, like my legs were. I raised my back and pushed my ass into the cock lodged inside me, filling me, making me his bitch again. His knot firmly locking us together but even so not sufficient to trap all the seed being pumped into my greedy cunt which now spasmed around his knot and cock. Squeezing him and relaxing, only to repeat the action many times on its own.But once I recovered and Cody and I were securely tied for the next little while, I let him turn, lifting his front and then hind leg over me so we were now tied ass-to-ass. He periodically pulled on me, testing the tie and in the process giving me jolts of stimulation from the knot pulling my lips out and bumping into my g-spot. But now I could concentrate on Juli. Our new friend laying in front me with her knees pulled up and splayed out to the sides to fully expose her pussy to my again hungry mouth. And meanwhile Mom, equally tied for the time being by Jackson, devoured first Juli?s mouth and then her breasts and nipples. In only moments, before we were untied from our dogs, Juli was brought to her own orgasm. She squirmed and wreathed underneath our mouths as we were also now able to employ our hands and fingers. She not only was being devoured by two mouths, tongues, and sets of lips, but also by four hands and the fingers to go with them. Her breasts, nipples and clit being pinched, pulled and twisted. Her orgasm came fast and hard, causing her to cry out her release. But neither Mom nor I stopped at her release. We continued our assault on her until she planted her feet into the grass and pushed herself away from us, rolling to the side in the process. Once she started to orgasm we held her in it until she managed to escape us. Being still tied to the dogs, we were unable to easily follow her as she pushed and rolled away from our searching mouths.But pulling against Cody in pursuit of Juli only stimulated me further by straining the knot against my cunt lips and g-spot. I had another minor orgasm during which Cody managed to pull his cock and knot out of my quaking cunt. I collapsed to the grass. A moment later I opened my eyes and saw Mom watching me. ?My god, girl, you can cum!??Mmmmmmmm, yes.? Then I remembered Juli. I turned my head the other way and saw her still curled into a fetal position. I crawled to her and Mom joined me there.I rolled her over, ?No, no, no ? no more ? I ? I can?t take ? take any more ?? her body was still in minor quakes. Mom and I joined her, lying next to her on opposite sides, holding her, just holding her tightly to us. No stroking, just holding until her body stopped it?s shaking.When she was quiet, I raised up on an elbow and turned her face to mine. ?I am sorry, Juli, if that was too much. I didn?t mean for it to be unpleasant.?She looked from me to Mom and back and forth. Tears had formed in her eyes. I put a finger out and wiped them away. ?God, you two ? that was awesome! I have never, NEVER, felt anything that intense before or last so long. It was really getting to be too much but it never stopped being anything but intensely pleasurable. Thank you.? We hugged her again and laughed together. ?I came over here figuring you could use more help unpacking.??Naked???No ranch help today. And you said ???And we meant it. You are welcome here naked anytime. We?ll be here the same way.?Although that turned out be an hour and a half diversion, it allowed us to refocus and we were very productive the rest of the afternoon. Okay, there continued to be some grab-ass, grab-pussy, and grab-tits along the way but having fun and Juli?s help allowed us to complete the bedroom, bath and the main living areas. We still had plenty to in the spare rooms, office, and garage but those will come on other days. Maybe this weekend.Then Tim surprised us, coming home early. I didn?t even hear the car on the gravel coming up to the concrete pad in front of the garage. I only heard the door open and close. I was just closing up the last of the boxes for the family room and we had the pictures on the walls and pillows on the couch, etc. I walked around the corner and stood in front of him with my head down. Mom heard and came quickly, too. Juli right behind her, wondering what was going on, but then she stopped before turning the corner when she heard Tim?s voice. But she was trapped.?Good afternoon, ladies. I see I surprised you.??I am sorry, Sir. The day got away from us. We nearly have all of the main living areas done. But I didn?t realize it was so late.??I guess I can?t hold it against you if I am early. Show me how our house is looking.? He took only a few more steps before he could see Juli around the corner in the family room. ?Juli!? He looked at her for quite a while before getting his tongue. ?Very nice to see you. I mean ? that?s not what I meant! Well, no, it is nice to see you, again, but ? damn, will one of you help me here?? Juli was blushing from the attention while being naked in front of Tim. But Tim was also blushing from his stumbling and the obvious innuendo of him seeing her naked.Mom was laughing, ?Not me. I am enjoying this. Juli, this man is usually so smooth and confident. It is kind of nice to see him fumble around some.? Mom took Juli?s hand led her to stand next to me. The three of us naked in front of him. ?You see, Juli, we have this ? understanding. Michele and I are naked at home. We don?t refuse any sexual advances from Tim or the dogs. At night as Tim is coming home, we clean up, have dinner ready and have changed into formal home attire to greet our man. We didn?t manage that tonight, because he surprised us.??Formal attire?? She was getting more comfortable as the talking continued.I giggled, ?Formal attire. Right. You have to remember that Tim likes us naked. Period. For one thing we are available if we are naked. But he also just like to see us naked. And how can you complain if your man likes to look at you naked? I mean, REALLY likes it. Not some dominance thing to keep you at home. Anyway, our ?formal attire? is basically stockings, heels and jewelry. Just recently he added the option of sheer negligees. That?s how we greet him and spend the night ? at least ???Until he gets rid of even that when he wants you??Mom giggled, too, ?Now you are understanding our lifestyle, Juli. You still want to hang around with us??In response she took Mom?s face into her hands and kissed her. Then me. Then she walked to Tim, he put out his arms and she walked right into him and they kissed. She was grinding her pelvis into his crotch, ?Hmmmmm, Timothy, is this because of me??Mom?s hand went to her mouth and she gasped and took my arm, ?Look. Michele, he?s blushing again.??Damn, yes. Okay? Yes, it is. You are just as bad as these two wenches. Someday, Juli, I will enjoy this body.??Tim, I might have been teasing for the sake of your women, but you have me so hot right, now ? I would really like ???No. Not now. But soon. Before that happens we need Harry to be fully okay with this. Not behind his back. I have an idea, though, if you are serious. Tomorrow afternoon we are busy, but how about we grill tomorrow evening and we can play. You talk to Harry and let us know. We know you guys enjoyed sharing with Nikki and Joe. If this is going too fast, just let us know that, too. But ???But???You are naked in my house and in my arms still ? and still grinding your pussy into my hard cock.?She pulled away and swatted his arm. As she came to us, she stopped and whisper, ?Thank you. I feel like I could cream all over again. I will give you a call.? We all watched as she exited through the patio. For a woman who spent her time on farms and ranches, she knew how to swing that ass.* * * CHAPTER 21B: MOVING IN, PART 2 will follow * * * Thanks for reading.
04-06-2021, at 11:19 PM

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