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Young Couple Surprise

Post #1

Young Couple SurpriseCindi and I checked into the 5 star resort in San Juan Capistrano. The luxury place overlooks the pacific and the view is stunning. I was ready for a long weekend and Cindi was too. We booked one of the luxury suites right at the side of the secluded (exclusive) pool.About mid afternoon we changed into bathing attire and headed out by the pool. There is only about 25 people around the pool since a luxury suite was required for admission to the area. I quickly noticed some of the women were topless, much to my pleasure. There are also about 6 cabanas around the perimeter. The guests are mostly from Europe and wealthy form what I could pick up in the conversations.Cindi is 26, I?m 28. She?s 5?6?, 110 lbs. mid length blond hair, muscular butt and small to medium firm tits. She loves to get frisky on vacation when we leave our immediate area. When we are on vacation she leaves her panties a home when we go to nightclubs, she will tan topless, and basically fulfill most of my fantasies.I?m 6?2?, 195 lbs. athletic. My income has been great, being in the right product line right out of college.Cindi and I ordered drinks just as a young couple sat beside us. They smiled and introduced themselves; I?m Johnna. I?m Luke. Luke is about 5?9? and 165 lbs.Johnna is about 5?8? and 120 lbs. They both have mid length bleached hair and look like surfers except they are well spoken. We began chatting, especially Cindi and Johnna, and we got along really well. When we ordered a second round, Johnna asked if we could order drinks for her and Luke. We didn?t pry, eager to spend more time with them. This casual conversation and drinks continued until the sun was starting to to set. We noticed the reduced light and I?m not even sure how we agreed to move to our suite and order room service. Cindi ordered some appetizers, fruit, desserts and champagne.We snacked in the living room as we sipped the champagne. We kept noticing Luke had his hands all over Johnna as they seemed to be experiencing the alcohol. Johnna had on one of those suits that barely covers everything. Luke would d**** his arm around her shoulder and occasionally garb a handful of tit or run his hand down her back side and get a feel of her butt. Cindi would nudge me. At one point he was playing with her tit while we chatted.Cindi got up to switch from appetizers to fruit and I helped. As we returned I thought Cindi was going to drop the trays. Johnna and Luke were on the floor fucking. Cindi set the trays down and we watched in pure pleasure. Luke was on top and we watched his little butt as he pounded Johnna. She noticed we were watching and smiled. Cindi leaned over with her hands on the edge of the sectional, slid her bottom off and motioned for me to enter from behind. I quickly slid my trunks off and moved in. I don?t remember Cindi being this moist in a long time as I slid my length in one move. I began stroking her as we watched Luke. He and Johnna rolled over and she rode him. We could now see her beautiful butt as she rocked up and down on his member. I have never had it this good, watching a beautiful couple while I do Cindi. I reached around and slid her top forward so I could feel her wonderful hard tits as I gave her long slow strokes. She was coming already as we both watched the show. Johnna began softly shrieking with each move and we watched as she arched her back and quivered. She slid off and Luke was spent also. As they recovered they got to their feet and moved to watch us. This was incredible, this young couple closely watching me pound Cindi. I played with her tits as she got close and we both came. My knees almost gave out as I emptied everything in Cindi?s tight kitty. I could feel her buckling also. We both heaved and as I slid out, Luke and Johnna gazed at my member. Cindi and I were out of breath as Luke played with Johnna?s butt. Finally Cindi could move and grabbed the trays.?How about the hot tub?We all followed her and sat on the edge. As Cindi poured more champagne I looked over the young bodies joining us.Luke and Johnna are both smooth/bald all over. It makes them look like they are pre pubescent. Luke had a normal sized dick. He has a boyish face and a taught gut. Johnna has medium sized tits and she has tan lines. They both surf regularly. ?How long are you staying her?? Cindi asked?Actually, Luke replied, We live in the neighborhood. We sneak in to enjoy and pool.I was probably grinning from ear to ear right then.Cindi sat down her drink and pulled my head to her kitty. I guess she wanted more as Luke and Johnna watch.I nibbled on her lips and kissed them. I began licking her and she pulled my head in tight as she groaned. I could hear Luke and Johnna having pleasure but I wasn?t sure what was going on. Pretty soon Cindi began panting and moaning louder. I nibbled on her clit and gave her some special attention as she began bucking and coming. I kept licking until she pushed me away. She lay back and rolled away.I turned around and took in the scene again. Cindi had rolled close to Luke and Johnna was sitting at the edge facing me with her legs apart.?I want that? she remarkedI was shocked again.I looked over at Cindi to see how she was reacting, she had luke in her mouthWe had never experienced another couple. I guess it?s okay I thought to myselfI moved in between Johnna?s legs and admired the view. I held her legs up a bit and stared at her young lkittyI moved in a kissed her lips. She squirmed slightly, I blew on her mound as she pulled me inShe wanted some licking and I gave her my best. I held her legs up again and slightly licked her in between region. Her moaning increased. I nibbled and pulled on her lips in between sucking her clit. I could feel her getting close as I concentrated on her clit. She almost screamed as she quivered and shook. Then she pushed me away, her body heaving.I looked over as Luke pumped his gue in Cindi, it ran down her chin as she kept sucking. We all took a break and enjoyed the desserts and sparkling wine. Luke was getting hard already and Cindi pulled him to the sectional. He sat down and she mounted him, sitting on his hardness.I grabbed Johnna and headed to the bed. I lay her face down with her legs dangling over the edge. She spread for me as I approached from behind and entered her from a standing position. This gave me a lot of leverage as I entered her tight, tight kitty. I looked down at her butt, her butt is as great as Cindi?s. The tan lines excited me as I long stroked this young cutie.I could hear Cindi coming in the other room as I kept pounding Johnna. I rolled her over so I doul see her young face and her tits. I played with the, so big and firm. Her nipples were eraser sized and hard as could be. She came, I could feel her kitty clamping on me and I quickly followed.All four of us ended up back in the hot tub, everyone grinning. I looked over and Cindi had come running form her kitty and down her chin.Luke was hard again and Cindi pulled him back to the sectional. She got on all fours and he entered her as Johnna and I watched. Johnna sat on the edge and pulled my face towards her mound. I rolled her over and kissed her sweet butt cheeks. She moaned again as I spread her. I kissed her butt then splashed water on her backside and her kitty. I ran my finger around her anus and she groaned again as I gave her cute butt hole a quick lick. I gazed at her back hole, pink and tight. I mover to her pussy and licked her and nibbled. She squealed slightly. I ran my hands on her butt as I licked her clit. She came again.Luke and Cindi were back in the tub as Johnna slowly rolled back over, heaving.Now it was fairly late. We agreed Johnna and I would use the bedroom, Cindi and Luke would use the pull out bed.We left the curtains open in both rooms to watch the moon over the pool area. Couples would sneak to the pool and skinny dip all night, including Cindi and Luke. What a sight to see her sitting on the edge of the pool getting a licking from Luke as I fucked Johnna on the bed.About 3 in the morning they informed us they had to go home, they weren?t supposed to be out all night.Cindi and I fell asleep quickly.The room door bell rang early in the morning, we forgot we had ordered room service for 7:00Cindi jumped up and didn?t think about still being naked. The waiter pretended to not notice as he wheeled the cart in the room. At this point he could see me in my full glory also. I think he smiled. Cindi signed for the order, her gave me another glance and left. We ate and went back to sleep, waking around noon.We talked about the previous evening?It was so spontaneous and they were so innocent? Cindi remarked. I agreed we both felt like it was not harmful, if anything it was stimulating.We went back to the pool and ordered drinks again. Much to our surprise, Luke and Johnna joined us again around 6.?Wow, we didn?t know if we would see you guys again? Cindi remarked?Yeah we had to go t our graduation and the reception, we can spend the entire night now, our parents won?t expect us back tonight.? Johnna repliedI was shocked but I tried to not show any surprise in my mannerisms?Sure, let?s have some more fun? Cindi quickly chimedWe headed to our suite and ordered more food and drinksCindi got the ball rolling by turning on some music?Hey, how about the girls dance?? Luke askedI looked at Cindi and she seemed intrigued?Come on baby, pole dance?We didn?t have a pole but Cindi began a slow sexy strip. She teased us as she slowly pulled off her top and quickly covered her tits again. As she slowly dropped her to my dick grew.She turned around and slid her bottom to her ankles as we all got a full look at her cute kitty and perfect butt. She kept dancing as Johynna jumped up and started. She repeated much of what Cindi had performed. What a sight to see two pretty girls topless in our room. The curtains were still open. As Johnna slid off her bottom she faced us, giving the frontal lookI couldn?t take it any longer, I slid off my suit and headed to the tub. Everyone followed and I soon had Johnna sitting on the edge as I slid in between her legs. I entered her as Cindi had rolled over and took Luke from behind. What a sight weeing her getting pounded as I stroked Johnna. Johnna came almost immediately as did Luke. I kept stroking Johnna as Cindi and Luke watched me. What an odd feeling. Johnna neared her second climax and we came together. I thrust I her and my legs went weak again. I pulled out as my stuff ran down her lips. She lay there too weak.This time Cindi and Luke got the bedroom and we took the pull out bed. This was almost better, the sliding door went right to the pool side. I would fuck Johnna as couples were skinny dippingJohnna and I relaxed in the tub for a while and as she started to leave I kissed her sweet butt again. She moaned louder this time. She ran to the side of the sectional playfully. I softly scolded her for speaking, the folks at the pool could hear us. I turned her over my knee and playfully spanked her. She grinned and I paddled her cute bottom.I leaned her over and fucked her from behind. The couple in the pool grabbed the edge and watched. What a thrill.I woke up as the sun was just peeking, just a little light. Johnna had fallen asleep with her head facing away from me. She was now awake. She glanced back at me and then at her butt. She did this several times. I finally figured out what she wanted. I grabbed a pillow and as I headed to the bathroom I slid a pillow under her stomach. I came back with some lotion and sat beside her. She buried her head in the pillow and moaned as I spread her cheeks and ran some lotion around her pink anus, pausing, teasing. Then I lubed her some more and fingered her butt for a good 5 minutes, softly praising her beauty. Then I moved into position between her legs. She moaned louder as I pressed my tip into her cute little hole. She clenched a bit as I slowly slid in, pausing to take a look after every inch. I admired her beautiful pair of cheeks as I slowly began to stroke her hole. What an incredible feeling, Cindi doesn?t do this. I wanted to make this last but she is very tight. After couple of minutes I noticed Cindi had come in and was watching me fuck Johnna in the butt. That was the final straw, I came forcefully in her tight hole. I could feel every pulse as I emptied in her. I collapsed on her back, too weak to move. When I could I pulled out slowly and rolled over. Neither one of us moved.I fell asleep. When I woke up Cindi was talking to Johnna about being butt fucked?Yes it did hurt?Johnna explained. ?But it was pleasure at the same time??I?ve always felt that Derek is too big? Cindi replied?That?s the only time I?ve done it? Johnna said ?I don?t know what normal is? she addedAbout 10 our host came to escort us to our spot. We covered in robes and followed her to our cabana.?You can watch sports, movies, whatever on the tv, she stated. We supply all the drinks and food you desire.We arranged the loungers and the girls lay down and slid their robes down to expose their upper bodies?Is that okay?? I whispered to our host?Yes, as long as it is in good taste? she repliedLuke and I watched a game and enjoyed our drinks. I looked around. Almost every cabana had folks laid out near the back of the cabana in various states of undress. Some of the women around the pool were topless also. What a tit show.Some of the folks made rounds to get a better view. They would pretend like they were going to the restroom, taking the long route, admiring the tits along the way. Our cabana got a lot of stares.At one point a lady about 35 came over and kneeled between Cindi and Johnna. She was about 35, black hair, deep tan and wearing a white suit. The contrast was awesome. She was fit and had a large pair. I couldn?t hear the discussion but all of them were whispering and giggling. At one point Johnna reached over and played with her tit. The lady smiled and continued chatting as Johnna even reached in and played with her nipple. The lady handed each of them a piece of paper, smiled and left.I dozed off. When I awoke I was a little shocked again. Johnna and Cindi had turned over on to their stomachs and pulled their towel down to cover only a bit of their ass. Basically the upper half o their butt was showing. The host came by to check the drink situation.?Are we okay? I whispered?As long as we don?t get any complaints?I think the girls heard me and the reply. They whispered something and they both slid their towels down further. Only their hole was covered. Cindi?s hole might have been exposed. After another 30 minutes they turned over on their back. They rolled the towels down again, their mound on displayThe host came by and they had to cover up someAfter she left Cindi and Johnna would flop open their towels, exposing everythingI realized we needed to head to the roomWE all covered in robes and headed to or room. I slid my hand behind Johnna?s back and pulled up her robe in the back to reveal her stunning butt?You?re naughty? she smiledI looked back and many folks got a great view. Johnna rocker her ass to show it offWe didn?t bother about selecting rooms or beds. That evening we sucked, fucked, whatever in any room, in front of each other. Luke could still reload in about 5 minutes and Cindi was being pounded non-stop. I could see the appeal. I fell asleep with Johnna by my side. At about 3 in the morning I awoke with the pleasure of someone taking me in their mouth. I smiled at Johnna?s attitude. But then I realized she was still by my side. I looked down. All I could see was a blond person sucking me. Johnna smiled. I grew quickly and came as Johnna licked my ear. I fell back to sleep.Unfortunately about 5 in the morning Johnna and Luke had to leave?Our folks will notice if we aren?t there in the morning? Luke mumbledAs Johnna arose Cindi moved close and took her in an embrace and began kissing her, Johnna returned. Cindi played with her nipple for about a minute as they kissed each other. Luke and Cindi dressed and left. It felt empty.Cindi ordered room service and forgot to dress again when the waiter arrived. She pretended to be forgetful as he brought the tray into the room. She signed for the breakfast and left to go pee. The waiter, a 19 year old guy, wearing shorts and polo short, came over by my side and handed me a slip of paper.?Call me? he whispered and he brushed my dick and quickly gave me a kissCindi and I ate in the nude for the last morning exchanging thoughts?Hey what was with that gal in the cabana?? I asked?Oh Gloria? Cindi replied. ?She wants to get together with other girls or couples??I might be willing to do that? I tested Cindi?Actually Johnna and I were thinking about a girls night??Wow, I didn?t know you were into girls??We just thought a little experimenting might be fun??I heard you had a blow job early this morning?? Cindi inquired?Yeah??.thanks??Are you sure that was me???Huh?She smiled sheepishlyI thought about the boy that handed me his phone number. I wondered if he would blow me and let me fuck himI
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