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Watching Jessie (part 9) "breeding Amy"

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Watching Jessie (part 9) "breeding Amy"Watching Jessie (part 9)It was late Sunday night. I wanted to feel Jessie?s pussy on my cock. Tyson and Darin had just left. They had been fucking her for over eight hours almost nonstop. She had taken ten loads of cum. Her pussy was stretched out and overflowing cum.When I got in the bedroom Jessie was lying on the bed almost passed out. She had moved out of the pool of cum she had made on the edge of the bed. Another wet spot was growing from her pussy where she now lay. I stripped quickly and stroked my cock a couple of times as I moved between her legs. She moaned not now. I plunged my cock into her. Her pussy felt cool and sloppy. I humped my cock into her pussy for several minutes. It was pointless to continue although I enjoyed the slopping sound it made. I took a shower to wash the cum off myself and give myself a happy ending. The next morning Jessie was still passed out asleep. She was coated in dried cum. I wondered what work would be like. If Darin or Tyson would tell anyone about what happened. Apparently neither of them told anyone else which was a pleasant surprise. Both of them were eager to see me though. They were smiling and suggested that we talk. I agreed to meet them in my office. Darin who is usually the quieter of the two started first once the door to my office was closed. He said ?man don?t take this the wrong way but my dick got hard just seeing you?. Tyson laughed ?I know what you mean bro, mine too all it wants to do is fuck his hot as fuck wife". I suddenly felt my dick stiffen. I kept thinking about watching their black cocks pounding Jessie?s pussy. I said ?I can understand that, but you?ll? Tyson interrupted ?yeah work?. Darin added ?after work I need that pussy?. I said ?I?m sure Jessie feels the same way about your cocks but I haven?t talked to her?. Then I added ?it can?t be a daily thing?. Tyson said ?okay but it needs to be a regular thing, or I?ll start bragging?. ?We?ll figure it out just give it some time? I replied. I knew that Darin or Tyson could create problems if they wanted to. The good thing was Frank had seemed to loose interest in Jessie. He hadn?t fucked her in over a week. But if they told the other employees things could get out of control as well. So I needed to talk to Jessie about meeting with them soon. I sent Jessie a text asking how she was doing and that Darin and Tyson wanted to come over. I waited to see how she would respond. It was afternoon before she responded. She was feeling worn out. She had just taken a long bath which had helped make her refreshed. That?s good?what about the guys coming over? I texted back. Not today I?m too sore was her response followed by we can talk about it later.I saw Darin and Tyson again that afternoon. They again asked about getting together this evening. Several other employees were around. I shook my head. They wanted to know why not. I leaned close to then and whispered that she was too sore. They both chuckled and Tyson said ?we can make her feel better?. It was loud enough that several guys heard him. Everyone near was paying attention to the conversation now. Darin added ?she?ll get use to it and won?t get sore". Now the other guys were asking what we were talking about. I spoke loudly ?this doesn?t concern you get back to work?. Again I spoke quietly so only Darin and Tyson would hear ?Jessie wants to talk about it with me tonight ok". They both said alright and I left.I knew that the other workers had heard enough to not let it go. It wouldn?t be long before Darin or Tyson told about fucking my wife. From there it would spread like wildfire through the rest of the place. I was sure that Frank wouldn?t be happy. Then I thought screw it. He had convinced Jessie to let him get her pregnant and have his baby. She was two months pregnant with by him so we didn?t owe him nothing. Amy called me on my way home from work. She was venting about her husband. Amy wanted a baby and to start a family. He wants a family too supposedly but not now. He can?t answer when. Amy said she understands his point but if he really loves her and wants to be with her he should understand her needs. I just agreed with her. Then she changed to talking about what she should do. If I was serious she?d leave him. Find a job and move in next door to Jessie and me and have my babies. I had told Amy numerous times that I?d be more than happy to make her babies. I laughed a little when she mentioned having my babies. She said ?I?m serious I?d be there tomorrow but I really don?t think Jessie would like it". I wanted to tell her not to worry about it, that Jessie was pregnant with Frank?s baby but I wasn?t ready to reveal that. Instead I told her not to worry about Jessie. Amy was shocked. I told her in time she?d understand what I meant. Jessie was lying on the couch in a robe when I got home. She had one leg hanging off on the floor. I asked is she was okay. She said ?not really, as much fun as yesterday was I?m paying for it today?. I knelt down beside her and gave her a kiss and caressed her cheek and stroked her hair. She really didn?t think that she wanted to have Darin and Tyson together again. I told her that they said they would make her feel better. She laughed. I added that if she kept on getting fucked by them she wouldn?t be sore afterwards. She gave me a strange look. I said that?s their words.Jessie raised her robe. She wanted me to see her pussy. It was swollen and red. ?There is no way repeating yesterday is going to make it feel better? she said. Then added that she was glad Frank didn?t want to come over. I agreed with her. I started to discuss dinner with her. We decided what we were doing for dinner. Jessie said ?maybe they can come over tomorrow night, I?ll let you know around lunch time?.The next morning at work Darin and Tyson couldn?t wait to see me. They wanted to know how Jessie and my talk went. I told them that she said maybe tonight. She?s going to let me know if she?s up for it around lunchtime. They were both excited and made fun of each others hard ons. When my phone pinged at 11:30 I quickly checked it. I was expecting it to be Jessie?s decision about tonight. Instead it was a message from Terry asking if I was excited about tomorrow. I replied that I had been looking forward to it for a long time. She replied Me too?.don?t forget to bring condoms. I was surprised by her request. I thought that I wouldn?t need to wear a condom. It was an hour and a half later before Jessie messaged me. She asked if there was any chance just one of them would come over tonight? I replied lol you trying to start a fight. She replied No, but please tell them not to plan on staying to long. I walked out so Tyson and Darin could see me and gave them a thumbs up. They high-fived.Darin and Tyson came to my office on their break. I told them what Jessie had asked about just one. They started looking at each other. I told them not to worry you can both come. She asked that you don?t plan on staying too long. They asked what time. I said I didn?t have a particular time. They talked about going home to shower and agreed to meet at my place around 5. I got off work at 5 and had thought about the fact that they were off at 4. I reminded them that I didn?t get off work until 5. That was fine with them. They weren?t coming to see me. Tell Jessie we?ll be there by 5.When I got home Jessie was seated on the couch with Darin and Tyson on either side of her. She had a cock in each hand and was stroking up and down. They were just pulling her top down to reveal her breasts. They began running their hands over her breasts. Tyson soon told Jessie that she needed to suck on his cock. She leaned forward and took his cock into her mouth still stroking both cocks. With her leaned forward they pulled her dress from under her ass up around her waist. Darin then pulled her over to suck his cock. Tyson began fingering her pussy as she sucked on Darin?s thick black cock. Tyson then picked her up and put her on her knees on the couch. Jessie was still sucking on Darin?s cock as she kneeled on the couch. Tyson stroked his long black cock as he got into position behind her. With one foot on the floor and one on the couch Tyson rubbed his cock against her pussy and ass. When his cock began to disappear into her Jessie raised her mouth from Darin?s cock and gasped. Tyson pushed his long rod all the way inside her in one stroke. Tyson paused for several seconds enjoying the feeling of being balls deep in my wife?s pussy. Jessie again sucked on Darin?s cock. Tyson pulled her back and forth a few times on his cock and said ?come on work that ass". Jessie began to rock her ass back and forth on Tyson?s cock. He coaxed her on, and she began to rock back and forth faster. Tyson was cheering her on. Jessie had stopped sucking Darin?s cock she buried her face into his balls and held onto his cock. She was pounding her ass into Tyson as she fucked herself on his cock. She slowed down as she began to orgasm. Tyson slapped her ass and told her to keep going. Jessie cried out ?oh shit..fuck? as her ass convulsed against Tyson. Tyson slapped her ass again and said ?come on get my seed". She picked up her rhythm rocking back and forth on his cock. Jessie was covered in sweat. She had been fucking herself hard nonstop on Tyson?s cock for several minutes. Tyson hadn?t said anything for a long time when he said ?oh yeah?. He started thrusting his hips forward to meet her push. Tyson was grunting for several seconds before Jessie stopped and said ?oh my God?. Tyson thrust hips forward 6 more times over the next 30 seconds or so groaning in pleasure with every thrust as he deposited his seed deep inside of her.Jessie was stroking Darin?s cock hard as she sucked on his balls. Tyson smacked her ass several times when he finished cumming before pulling his long glistening black cock out of her. Jessie made a little ump sound with each slap. Darin was moaning quietly before Jessie put her mouth back on his cock. Darin couldn?t take anymore. He said ?I need in your pussy? as he lifted her removing his cock from her mouth. She said ?let me freshen up first?. She gave him a kiss on the cheek. Darin wrapped his arms around her and kissed her mouth while his large black hands grabbed and groped her ass. Jessie finally pushed herself away and went through our bedroom into the bathroom. Darin got up after a moment and went into the bedroom. He pulled back the covers and laid down. Tyson followed him as did I. Jessie came out of the bathroom naked and squealed in surprise seeing Darin in the bed. She slid in next to him. They kissed passionately as she rubbed his cock. He groped her breasts and ass.Darin then asked her to suck his cock and let him play with her pussy. Jessie knelt by his shoulder as she sucked on his fat cock and massaged his balls. Darin raised his hand between her thighs and stroked her pussy. Tyson asked me if I?d ever tapped her ass. I told him I had but she doesn?t like it. Tyson raised his eyebrows and asked if I had any lube. I got the bottle from my nightstand and gave it to him. Tyson emptied the bottle into his hand.Jessie unaware of what was happening around her began to moan as she continued to suck on Darin?s cock. Tyson put his hand full of lube on her ass. He rubbed it onto her ass and began working a finger into her asshole. He pulled it out and slathered more lube on it and worked it back into her. To my surprise Jessie didn?t object. Tyson had his middle finger fully inserted into her ass and was fucking her with it. He then pulled it out and got more lube. He then inserted his middle finger and his ring finger into her asshole. Jessie raised her mouth from Darin?s cock and yowled as he pushed both fingers into her ass. Tyson held his fingers in Jessie?s ass. Darin was working her pussy hard with his hand. It took a minute or two before Jessie started panting. Tyson started working his fingers deeper into her ass as she did. Jessie orgasmed from their fingers in her pussy and ass. She pushed Tyson?s hand away when she finished. Jessie sat up and laid on her back and told Darin she needed him inside her. Darin rolled on top of her and kissed her as he ground his pelvis against hers. Jessie raised her legs up and gasped as Darin?s cock pushed into her pussy. She groaned in discomfort as Darin?s hips undulated in a circular motion. Tyson looked at me and said ?he?s claiming her pussy for his thick ass cock?. I looked at him in disbelief. Tyson said ?she won?t be able to cum on anything thinner than his cock?.Jessie locked her legs around Darin to stop his circular motion. Darin pushed fully into her and fucked her slowly. Jessie gradually spread her legs apart. Darin said ?hold her feet?. Tyson knew what he wanted and grabbed her ankles and pushed them apart. Darin pushed from one side to the other and up and down stretching her pussy out. Jessie was crying out her arms flailing the bed, as Darin?s cock stretched her pussy in every direction for several minutes. When she started moaning he began pounding his cock into her pussy.Jessie was orgasming loudly. Darin stiffened and groaned as he shot his cum into her. Jessie yelled out ?God damn?oh my God yes?don?t stop". Her hands gripped his ass pulling him to her. Darin resumed thrusting his hips into her. Jessie wrapped her legs around him as he did. It was several minutes and another orgasm for Jessie before Darin stopped fucking her from exhaustion. He laid on top of her as they kissed for a while before he pulled his cock out of her pussy and rolled off her.Tyson got on the bed and knelt straddling Jessie. She opened her mouth to accept his cock. She sucked on his cock for a few minutes. Tyson then pushed his cock farther into her mouth. Jessie began gagging as he pushed his cock deep into her mouth and throat. He fucked her throat for a short time before he pulled his cock out and shot his cum in her face. To my shock Jessie took his cock in her mouth as it stopped spurting and sucked the last bit of cum from it.Jessie wiped the cum from her face and sucked it off her fingers. She asked ?are you guys busy Saturday? We can make a day of it". Darin said ?why not start Friday night and make a weekend of it?? Tyson added ?it would be great to go out to the club Friday night together?. Jessie nodded as she looked at me for approval. I said ?that sounds like a plan?. Jessie was in the shower after Darin and Tyson left when the doorbell rang. I pulled on clothes quickly and went to find Darin there. He had left his phone. He thought on the couch. We searched the couch and he asked where Jessie was. I told him in the shower. Darin headed to see her saying ?you don?t mind if I check her out?. I tried to tell him he was supposed to be going home as I followed himJessie was drying off when Darin entered the bathroom. She said ?I thought you left?. Darin said ?my cock is too hard to drive home?. He dropped his pants to show her. She looked at it for a moment. She said ?I see this?. Darin sat her on the counter by the sink and moved between her legs. Jessie spread her legs wide and Darin pushed his cock into her waiting pussy. Jessie was moaning as soon as Darin?s cock entered her pussy. He grabbed her ass and pulled her to him as he pounded into her. Jessie had her arms around his neck. She started to orgasm in under a minute. Darin asked ?you like my cock?? She replied ?I love your cock? through her moans. As her orgasm subsided she said ?I love your cock fucking my pussy?. Darin corrected her ?my pussy?. Jessie said ?yes? as she started to orgasm again. Darin kept pounding his cock into Jessie?s pussy. When she finished her orgasm he asked ?whose pussy is it?? ?yours..I love your cock? she responded. Darin kept fucking her for ten minutes he was soaked with sweat. Jessie orgasmed at least 6 times. Jessie started begging him to cum. She told him ?I want to feel you cumming in your pussy?. At that plea Darin grunted and picked Jessie off the counter. He held her tight to him as he shot his seed into her. Jessie orgasmed again as he did. Darin carried Jessie to the bed his cock still inside of her. He sat down on the bed holding her on his lap. He was whispering in her ear. Jessie was whispering back. I soon found out what they were whispering about. Jessie got off his lap and took me into the livingroom. She said ?Darin wants me to go with him to his apartment. Unless you want him to stay here.? ?I guess he can stay here then? I said. Jessie said ?then you have to leave?. ?Hell no am I leaving? I said. She said ?I know and I?m not sure I want to go to his place alone, would you follow me there please?.Amy had been blowing up my phone and I couldn?t get back to her with Jessie around. So I agreed to follow Jessie who was going to follow Darin. Jessie went back in the bedroom and told Darin and they got dressed. I checked my messages from Amy. She had included a picture of herself in bra and panties along with several suggestive messages. Once in the car I messaged Amy to call me. My phone was ringing in seconds. I told Amy that I would be free the rest of the night. When she asked why. I told her that Jessie was spending the night at her new friends apartment. ?Are you two ok" she asked. ?not really? I replied. Amy wanted to know what was going on. I told her she had to promise not to breathe a word of what I told her. She said ?I won?t, so why is Jessie staying at a friend?s place?? ?She likes him fucking her? I said. Amy yelled ?what?. I said ?let me call you back? and disconnected.I had followed Jessie into the parking lot of an ol looking apartment building. Jessie pulled her car in next to Darin?s. Darin opened her car door and walked her by my car. I rolled my window down. Darin said I better get out of there. Jessie would be safe as long as she was with him. I realized that Darin was warning me as I saw some figures in the shadows. I turned around and left. I called Amy back as soon as I got back on the road. Amy asked if it was Frank. I laughed and said ?no it?s a new guy". Amy said ?well thank goodness for that Frank would be trying to get her pregnant?. I told her that Jessie was already pregnant. Amy said ?really congratulations?. I?m not the father? I replied . Amy asked if I was going to divorce her. I filled her in on the details of how I couldn?t and why. Then Amy wanted to know who the father was and how could I be sure. I told her how Jessie wanted Frank?s baby and that I had to wear a condom until she was sure she was pregnant. Amy was in shock and disgusted with Jessie. She said ?I?m coming to see you?. I told her not to it was too far of a drive. She insisted that it was early enough. I reminded her that it would be late by the time she got back home. Amy said ?then I?ll spend the night?. ?Don?t you have work tomorrow?? I asked. Amy said ?I?ll call in sick stop arguing with me and send me your address?. I had plenty of time to shower before Amy got to my apartment. It was over an hour later before she arrived. I opened the door for as she walked towards it. Amy rushed to me and hugged me. She asked how long I?d been standing at the door. I told her about half an hour. She kissed me briefly before we went inside. Amy looked amazing in the black dress she was wearing. I realized that she?d dressed up for me. She asked if I had eaten. Admittedly I had not. She seemed to be making small talk and avoiding the more serious topics. I took her hand and pulled her to me and asked her why she?d came here. Her response almost floored me. She said ?I?ve wanted you since the first time I met you?. I kissed her hard but she kissed me back just as hard.Before I knew it Amy?s dress was on the floor. We were headed for the bedroom. Once in the bedroom Amy pulled my shorts down as she dropped to her knees. She grabbed my rigid cock and put it in her mouth. I leaned down and unhooked her bra as she sucked on my cock. She slipped her bra off never let loose of my cock. She had award winning nipples I thought having my first good look at them. I could feel myself getting close to cumming. Amy sensed it too and stood up and slid her panties off. She laid down on the bed and beckoned me to her. I got on the bed and moved between her legs. Instead of mounting her I ducked my face between her legs. Her sweet pussy juices were already flowing. I licked her nectar from her pussy. She made more my face was soaked with her juice. Amy moaned loudly the she was cumming and flooded my mouth with her juice.Seeing how turned on Amy was had me ready to explode. I moved up to suck her nipples only briefly. I needed to cum. I slid my cock against her sopping pussy. It was all I could do to keep from cumming. I slid my cock into her quickly. Amy let out a shriek followed by a groan. I started cumming almost immediately. I felt my seed flowing in copious amounts out of my cock. Amy started moaning as she felt my warm seed flowing into her. I apologized for cumming so quickly. Amy said that she wasn?t any better. She had started cumming as soon as my tongue touched her pussy. She was happy. She told me that this had been too long waiting for me. I agreed with her on that. Amy said ?I think I?m going to make a mess when you pull out?. She was right on that as a flood of cum followed my cock out of her pussy.Amy hurried to the bathroom to clean up. I followed to dry my soaked cock. Amy pulled a gown from her bag and put it on. She led me to the kitchen where we decided that she?d cook me some eggs. While she stood in front of the stove I moved close behind her. I massaged her beautiful ass. Then I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her neck. She warned me to stop or she?d never be able to finish.I ignored Amy?s warning. I squatted slightly getting my once again hard cock under the hem of her gown. I moved forward until my cock touched her legs then raised up. When my cock got to her ass I slipped my hands under her gown and gripped her hips. I thrust my cock between her thighs rubbing it against her hot pussy. She slid the pan off the burner and turned it off. She then pushed back against me spreading her feet and leaning forward as she did. I continued rubbing my cock against her pussy as I slid it between her legs. Amy reached down and guided my cock into her pussy. I thrust my cock into her. When I did I lifted her feet off of the floor. She almost fell as the oven door opened as she held onto the handle. I turned Amy towards the table my cock still inside her. She knew what I was thinking. She pulled out a chair and grabbed onto the seat bending over farther as she did. My cock pushed deeper into her now. I began to thrust slowly into her at first. Amy was moaning with every thrust of my cock. My pace quickened and she moaned ?oh yeah?. Her feet seldom reached the floor as I was pounding into her pussy now.Amy had orgasmed once already a few minutes ago. My own orgasm was getting close now. My pace slowed and I was breathing heavily. She started coaxing me on asking for me to give her my seed, I need you to cum in me, breed me, I want your baby. She stopped talking and moaned loudly as I released my seed into her. After we showered we went to bed nude. Amy snuggled close to me. She asked if I was excited about having a baby as she was. I was certain that I wasn?t but asked her how could I possibly know that. She then said ?I wish we were married to each other. How about you?? ?It would certainly be easier? I replied. She put her hand on my balls and played with them a little until I fell asleep. I woke up in a few hours. Amy was sucking on my cock. I was already hard. I stroked her hair as she sucked me. Realizing I was awake she straddled me. She held my cock as she lowered her pussy down onto it. She rode my cock for a long time. She climaxed numerous times. My cock was like dead wood and I couldn?t cum. She finally climbed off my cock exhausted and disappointed.I was determined to make it up to Amy. I woke up early in the morning. I began to suck on her large nipples and play with her pussy. She moaned as she woke up. She ran her fingers through my hair and held me to her breast. I had her orgasming in a matter of minutes. When her orgasm subsided she said ?I need you inside me?. I moved between her legs and entered her. Once my cock was in her pussy I put her legs on my shoulders. I fucked her deep and hard for several minutes. She had multiple orgasms before I shot my seed deep inside of her. I began to panic when I remembered that Darin should be at work. Which meant Jessie should be home. For Amy?s sake I didn?t want Jessie to find her here. I sent Amy with her things into the second bedroom to get dressed.I called Jessie to find out where she was but she didn?t answer. I called right back again right before it would have gone to voicemail again Darin answered. He said breathily that he was going to be a little late for work today. There was no doubt he was fucking Jessie as he talked to me. I could hear the smacking sound of their bodies together. I asked if I could talk to Jessie. Darin said ?here" as he must have given the phone to her. ?Ohhh .. fuck ? yes" I heard Jessie say. I started to ask her when she was coming home. When she screamed ?oh my God fuck..shit? then she must have disconnected the call.At least I knew Jessie wouldn?t be home for a little while. I told Amy that she could come out of the room. She came out already dressed. She was going to spend today job hunting and looking for an apartment. She hoped to find something in the same building. She added that she was super excited to have our baby. Her obsession with having my baby was creeping me out a little. I started to see why her husband might have had reservations about it.In a few hours I?d be fucking my bosses wife Terry. But that is another story?
04-07-2021, at 12:04 PM

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