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Shandya - 1

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Shandya - 1The year was 2004, I was in college and like most college going boys of my time, i was shy, timid but high on hormones. Internet was a new thing for us and computer was more of a novelty than necessity. My father worked as a financially adviser so we had the luxury of a computer at home. Cyber cafe was a cool place to hangout then, friends meet and discuss all random, topical things. Some of my friends discovered porn and we used to surf hours looking at models in hot outfits. Downloading a porn was not easy and it would cost less to just buy a cd. Someday when my parents were out, i would call my friends and rent a cd. We watch and then jerk to it. Life was going good but we're missing the real thing. I tried approaching many girls at different phases of my teenage but i would be rejected flat on my face. I was not popular, looked average, my grades were not great and i lacked other talents like playing guitar, or dancing or a cool bike etc.It was clear to me that until i don't get married, jerking was all that i could do to satisfy my needs. But who would have thought in a matter of months i would be having sex literally everyday even if for a week though.It all happened when I met Shandya. My father being an adviser had lot of connections and he would often be invited to parties. I was not interested in parties but once my friend advice that this kind of party was a good place to meet girls. So i would tag along with my father. The parties were all boring and besides uncles and aunts hardly anyone of my age could be seen. I was getting hopeless but was still attending them as i was hooked to eating party food. So love of food kept me going and eventually lend me where i wanted to be somewhat. I met Shandya at a such party, she was my Father's friend's wife. It was not any different then meeting all other people. But what followed catapulted me and Shandya in a spiral that finished with me giving her the most desired gift of her life.After that i met her few other times at different venues. She would be sitting alone either sipping her beverage or eating slowly out of her plate. I would greet her and sit next to her. Soon we started talking casually. One day I overhead my parents talking and discovered that Shandya though married to a fifty some year man was only 35 herself. She was married late and was second wife to her husband. Though stuck in such a marriage she never regretted but was only thankful. Her husband loved her a lot and after failing to conceive a c***d, she lost her joy. Her husband made efforts for her to be cheerful and so brought her to such parties to get over. One day i was attending a friends birthday in a club and I saw Shandya there dancing out herself. I thought of greeting her but didn't as my presence might make her conscious. After an hour or so someone tapped my back. It was Shandya, she greeted me and asked for my drink. We sat in a corner sipping our poison. I told about my reason to present and she told hers. She too was attending a birthday party of her college friend. She invited them and they all were very generous and friendly. I was about to leave but Shandya asked me to wait. She asked me drop her if I was okay. I obliged and after another hour we left. I dropped her at her home. She invited me in and i obliged. Her husband was ready home and he was really kind and friendly too. He offered me coffee and after i was done he even drove me back at home. Shandya had given me her number and asked me to call next morning. I called Shandya and she told me that she need my help in shopping. I was free and and was going to meet my friends to the same mall. I picked her and left her at a boutique and moved to the cyber cafe. My friends saw Shandya and started questioning me, after they were done we browsed and then left for a real cafe. I saw Shandya there and invited to our table. She talked to my friends and she was really comfortable and enjoying herself. We all talked about movies and food and sports and other hundreds of things. She told us that she had a degree in marketing and was looking to join a bank next month. She was highly qualified and had great depth about students and colleges. It was so fun talking that we talked for many hours. My friends all came to leave her and after she was gone, they all talked how perfect of a woman she was. They all wished to have a mentor like her and were planning to meet her again. We talked for sometime then left for our homes. In the night while i was faking to study the phone rang. My picked it and shouted out my name. Shandya was on the other side. She invited me along with my friends to a dinner. I was going to invite my friends but decided not to. I wanted us to spend sometime. I was growing a bit jealous. The next day my parents went out of town for a week to attend some relative wedding. They left in the evening and at around seven, Shandya called to check if i was coming. We met at a fancy restaurant, she was surprised to see only me. I told her that my friends had some prior engagements and were sorry that they couldn't come. We were talking and she took out a cigarette and lit it with the candle. I was taken aback. She saw my surprised face and told that she smokes when she feel really alone. I comforted her and asked why was she feeling alone. Her husband left that morning for States and would be there for ten days. She invited my friends to not feel the loneliness. I was feeling guilty to have lied to her. I cheered her up and told her that my parents were out too, so we can spend the night out watching movies and in club. After dinner we ordered drinks and really drowned ourselves. We were so drunk that we couldn't think straight. The restaurant manger check us in a room of there hotel. We apologized and dropped to bed. I was heavily drunk and in that state i kissed Shandya. She was too drunk and so much that she couldn't even resist my kiss. I feel on her and kissed her then dragged myself to the side and down on the ground. I passed out. I woke to an unusual sensation. I was dreaming i thought. Shandhya was licking my penis. I tried to shake her away, she saw me wake and came forward and sat on me. Then she slowly removed her top and let her boobs pop out. She kissed me and undid my pants complete. She removed my shirt and then proceeded to stimulate me further. I was really turned but my body was not in my control. She gestured me to stay still and she slowly ride on my top and put my penis in her vagina and started gyrating in a front back motion. My penis could feel a tension but was not erect enough. She moved fast and dropped her boobs into my mouth. I like a small baby started sucklings her nipples. To my surprise she was lactating. I could taste her milk. I was milking her and she was riding me. Slowly my body began to feel its strength back. My penis was hard and she had started moaning. I kept on sucking transitioning between both her boobs and her armpit. She had hair follicles like of a teenage. I was licking her armpits sucking her boobs. Then i felt the grip of her vagina on my dick. It was like my penis was in a vacuum or so. I was about to explode and tried pushing her down. She was in a trance, she kept on moving her hips front and back then she arched her back away from my face and started moving really fast. I was in no control and exploded right inside her. She sat there taking all my semen inside. After five minutes she got up lied beside me and kissed me. She looked really worked up but happy. We both slept. The next morning the manager checked on us. We apologized again and left. Shandya took me to her house and we spend three days just loving each other. After a month or so i heard from Shandya, she missed her menstruation. Continued...
04-07-2021, at 12:04 PM

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