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Lost in the Woods

Post #1

I stumbled through the fog that covered everything. I stopped and listened. Nothing. I had lost my pursuers. I felt relief, but I was also alone and lost. I was 20 years old. My family had been killed. My heritage was gone. Now I had lost even my horse to those thieves. I pulled what was left of my torn dress over my exposed breast and sank down onto the damp leaves to catch my breath and think.

I am a good fighter, even if I am a woman. My father and my brothers had trained me as a warrior since the age of 7. My mother died of fever when I was 8, and even if I remember her well, I grew up without her. We were nobles, but no one was safe from the marauding barbarians who attacked castles like ours to seize booty and frighten everyone from the land. When they attacked our castle ten days ago, I had fought alongside my father and my brothers. But our castle had been burned, and. I alone survived. When my younger brother was killed right beside me, I slashed his killer across the neck and fled. I swore I would fight them another day.

I hid in the woods for two days, found one of our horses that had not been rounded up and herded away.

I had entered these woods after a long journey from the North.

After hours without water or food I was beginning to lose my strength, and I was no match for the three drunken thieves I came upon. They grabbed my horse and my arm before I could hoist my sword. They pulled me to the ground and tore at my dress, exposing my breasts, touching them with dirty hands. I was frightened, of course, but my mind registered the events coldly: I just wanted to find the right moment to fight them. No matter how hard I kicked and squirmed, two of them forcefully held me down while one began unfastening his pants. Then, that terrible filthy man straddled my leg and ordered me to look at him. "I will punish you with this!" he groaned while his huge, throbbing member was pointing at me.

It was too much. As he kneeled and reached to push my legs apart, my anger exploded and with all the strength I could summon I managed to lift my knee, hitting him on his testicles. The maniac fell right against his comrades who had been too concentrated on my breasts until the last second to react. The three of them fell to the ground, and I ran as fast as I could. I did not have time to panic.

They began running after me, but they were drunk and I was too fast. They lost track after a short while and I entered the brush with a smile of relief.

In the quite of the fog, as the light was fading and chill was settling in, I shuddered and looked around. I had to survive the night. I sat on a cold stone covered with musk and fell asleep immediately.

I woke up a few moments later with a start. I had a sense of being watched...why? I turned around and I realized I was not alone.

A man in his mid-thirties was staring at me; his horse was probably nearby because I could hear it. He was strong, his dark hair cut short, he was muscular built and wore leather armour with a black robe. He had a sword with him, and I gulped down my fear, not knowing what to expect. Then, I met his dark and golden shaded heart missed a beat. He saw me sleeping, I thought, and I instinctively covered my breasts with my hands, embarrassed.

He had a beautiful face -- a long elegant nose, sensual lips, and chiselled features. "Have you been here for long, young lady?" he asked me, his tone steady yet deep and serious.

I tried to catch my breath and calm down. ", not for long."

His eyes looked at my breasts, and he moved closer. "Did someone hurt you?"

I took a deep breath and decided to speak.

"My Lord, I had just left my town when I opted for a protected travel across the forest, and I bumped into a bunch of thieves. They stole my horse, everything I brought for my journey. That's why you see me in such a state...but they didn't have the time to..." I blushed. "I managed to fight and eventually saved myself." I paused. "I am Caroline of Peverell...." He stopped me. "This forest is wicked, especially for pretty young ladies like you. You shouldn't have decided to enter it." It was patronizing, but I simply nodded. "My name is Guillaume Deschamps. I wish to do you no harm. I live near this forest. We need to get you out of here as soon as we can." We locked eyes again; I felt a positive feeling comforting my soul as well as my tired body.

We approached his horse, a strong, proud black animal. I caressed the horse's nose. "Here, let me help you." I felt a jolt of electricity running up my spine as he lifted me up... "Gothard is not an easy ride. You'd better put your arms around my waist, like this," he suggested, reaching back and pulling an arm around him. I felt so silly: here I was, lost in the woods and above all, I was feeling attracted to this stranger.

We trotted, my breasts brushing against his leather-covered body, my arms around his balgat escort waist. I felt warm. We remained silent for a while, then I decided to break the silence.

"I see from your sword that you must be of noble's heritage, and a soldier." I said.

"Yes, but not any more," he replied. "My life is simple and quieter now."

"My brother was a soldier as well. But...he died. I am my family's sole survivor. The barbarians destroyed our castle after we fought against them." I tried to use a steady tone, but I am sure he felt me tremble all over...he squeezed my arms.

"I am sorry. It must be an unbearable loss." His voice was polite. I put my head on his back. He did not protest. Maybe he thought I fell asleep.

The horse increased its pace and I stiffened, my breasts pressed against his back, caressing them. I suffocated a small moan. Was he feeling my hard nipples pointing out?

"Stop" he ordered. We were in a large field surrounded by willow trees. A stone cottage was in front of us.

"Such a beautiful place, so peaceful," I said.

He glanced over his shoulder. "Yes, I like loneliness."

He climbed off the horse and offered his hand. I let it wrap mine and I felt a rush again as he put his other hand on my waist and helped me down.

"Welcome to my cottage. Carolina," he said with kind smile, awkwardly dropped my hand.

My name, pronounced from his lips with a low voice worked its magic on me...I shyly smiled, realizing that my skin was tingling, my heart was racing and I couldn't cope all this sensation without being noticed. He opened the wooden door and we went inside.

The first room was a small salon. It had a stone wall and simple wooden furniture, except for a leather sofa that was placed strategically in front of a big fireplace. A place to recover and heal heart scars, forgetting Evil on Earth.

Lace curtains hung at the small square windows. A woman's touch? My stomach twisted. "It's a really nice place to live," I softly said as I looked around.

"For luck, I left the fire on. Please, sit and warm yourself, you must be freezing."

He went to a table, poured a glass of red wine for me and another for himself, and offered some bread. I ate silently while he adjusted the fire.

"You must have a bad opinion of this impulsive lost woman." I said. I dropped my eyes from his.

"You've been strong and full of courage, Lady Caroline; a female warrior deserves all my admiration. I just know that women end up badly in this forest...believe me, for I learnt it too well."

"Why?" the question came out of my mouth before I could stop it. I turned to see his resigned, angry expression.

"You see, I'm alone now. But I wasn't before."

He paused and I asked, "Were you married?"

He nodded. "She was riding her horse alone in this forest, just like you, and she died exactly where I found you. She was a warrior like you. After her death, I changed my life completely." He stared at the flames in the fireplace.

I wanted to ask him if he found the killers who tool his wife's life, but I didn't want to be too indiscrete. "I'm sorry." I whispered. I instinctively put my hand on his again. God, I wished to cure his soul.


His eyes looked at mine for a moment, then wandered to my body. I held my breath. Every part of me was on edge, waiting. Stop it, I said to myself once again. You don't even know each other.

He cleared his throat and looked away, awkward again. "I set some water by the fire; it should be warm by now. I thought you'd be happy to take a bath. My wooden tub is in that corner." He stood up. "I will exit so you can have your privacy." He picked up his cloak and started to the door.

"Guillaume," I said. He turned, his eyes so wide and dark. "Don't be too far from the house, please."

He smiled. "I'll just be outside. There are some dresses in that drawer if you need them." He caressed me from head to toe with his wonderful eyes and left me alone.

I took the pot full of water and poured it inside the wooden tub; I mixed it together with cold water, then removed the remnants of my dress and undergarments. My right hand touched a nipple. It was hard, and I felt another rush of desire between my legs. "I wonder how it would be to lie with him," I thought. I imagined his firm stomach and strong back that I had been holding during the ride a short time ago. I lifted my leg to step into the tub, and let my left hand drift to my pubic hair and slide to the top of my slit. It was damp, as I knew it would be.

I sat down in the warm water and kept sliding down until my shoulders were almost under water. On the side of the tub was soap with a fir scent, like the trees in the forest. I slid down further until the water covered my head and my long blond hair for a few moments. It had been so many days since a bath.

I started batıkent escort washing myself with a piece of cloth and rubbed the mud from my hair, my face, my arms, my breasts, and my feet. As I rubbed the cloth across my breasts, my nipples were still hard. I imagined it was his hand washing me, and I pinched my nipple in pleasure. I imagined him now, without his shirt. I put my head back and savoured the moment, then I put the cloth aside and rubbed the soap down my stomach and between my legs. I was tingling now, and I pressed the soap against my sex. Then I let the soap slip from my hand and touched myself with my fingers. I imagined that he must have bathed inside this tub many times, and perhaps touched his own naked body the way I was touching mine. I imagined his cock, hard, as his hands washed it.

I knew then that I had to feel that cock inside me.

I have never done it, but I could imagine how it would be like. Being touched from his strong big hands, feeling his face pressing against my neck, and...oh, the mere thought of his body nestled into mine made me throb down there. It was time for this bath to end.

As I stood and reached for a towel, I stepped on the soap in the bottom of the tub. I shrieked as I put one hand against the wall to regain my balance. I paused a moment, then took the towel from the hook. I heard his voice as he rushed through the door. "Do you need help?" He stopped and stared.

I clutched the towel, but did not try to cover myself. Nor did he turn away.

We stared for a moment. "God. You are absolutely beautiful," he said.

I stretched my arms toward him. Every part of my body was screaming for him. I was a virgin, but did not care. All I wanted was to be in his arms, to know what I had been imagining. "Come here, please" I whispered.

In seemed to glide to me in an instant, and embraced me. He lifted me, still wet, from the tub.

"Caroline" he sighed. My nipples touched his shirt. I pressed my hips against him and I could feel his hardness there. His lips searched for my mouth, and he caressed my back. I parted my lips and invited his tongue, and I pushed my tongue firmly under his. It was my first kiss, yes, and I did not wanted to behave like a terrified maiden. This man was a miracle.

I became wetter as he probed his tongue again and again. His right hand came up to my breasts and lifted it, then cupped it and gently pinched my nipple. He broke our kiss to move down and kiss and lick the nipple.

"Please," I whispered again. He bent over, and with his right arm under behind my knees, lifted me.

He carried me into his bedroom. He leaned in to kiss me again as he walked.

He tossed me on the bed. The room was lit only by a small lamp. I could feel the softness of fur blankets under my damp skin. He looked at me, then began unbuttoning his shirt. I spread my legs. I wanted him. He reached down and rubbed his hands gently up the inside of my thigh to my slit. He kept caressing my sex for a moment; I let out a small moan. He smiled, then began to remove his pants.

I could finally admire his beautiful body. My gaze wandered across his large shoulders, his chest, his abdomens, his long muscular legs and thighs...then, biting my lips and taking a deep breath, I watched his cock for the first time. It was springing from its nest of dark hair, toward strong, so full of life. Totally different from the disgusting thief's member. The manhood I was observing some hours after that bad encounter did not belong to a drunken rapist, it belonged to a kind, handsome man who did not want "to punish" me. Everything in Guillaume was elegant, even his throbbing, stiff sex. At the base of it, on his left groin, I noticed a small star shaped mole.

I became bolder. I pulled him on top of me, kissing him on his golden skin and caressing his strong muscles of his back, his shoulders; I could not believe the strength of his desire. His hardness was pushing against my navel. He touched my left breast this time, then raised himself up to fondle both breasts at once. I closed my eyes and opened my legs more. His left hand went between them, traced hot lines on my thighs, then slid slowly upwards...and caressed my heat.

"Oh God, you're amazing" he moaned on my lips. "I must have you now."

I opened my eyes and stared at him. My heart was racing. My sex was tingling, begging. I knew he could see my fear behind my yearning. I could read fire, control and respect on his face. I put my hands around his neck. He slipped a knee between my thighs. I was now completely opened, exposed. I loved it.

I felt the tip of his hardness on my labia, caressing me. Then, he found my opening and began to gently ease inside me, so delicately and insistently at the same time. His eyes held mine.

His cock found my hymen. He stopped. "Are you new to this, Caroline?" he asked, with an astonished beşevler escort look.

"Yes," I said. He paused, but I pulled his face towards me and kissed him again. "Take me," I pleaded. He smiled. He pulled his cock back slightly and rubbed gently in small strokes. Then, with a firm thrust, he broke my barrier and rested inside me. I could hear him panting, tiny droplets of sweats falling from his skin onto mine. I fell stretched, full.

I put my legs around him, clenching my teeth. My pulsating inner walls got slowly used to him, thanks to his kisses. All of a sudden, I felt a wave of pleasure hit me and I nearly screamed. He thrust deeper and deeper inside me, with growing intensity, making me feel possessed yet not used.

I was being loved by his entire body, and God only knows how much I needed it.

Our lips pressed together. He wrapped his arms under me. His hard cock was buried inside me now, and he slid up my body so that the top of his cock was rubbing my clit and the top of my vagina. "Ahh, ohh God, yes," I started moaning, as his hands pulled my hips upward.

He nibbled on my neck and earlobes then devoured my mouth once again. The waves of pleasure started to encircle me, sending sparks from my throbbing channel all over my body as he rotated his hips and growled into my ear.

Then, it happened. "AAAAAAAAAH!" I screamed, both in pleasure and shock, climaxing around his cock. My whole body convulsed, yet he didn't stop. Finally he slowed his pace. As I recovered, I opened my eyes and saw him smile.

I stared back at him, lost in my aftershocks, not able to say a word while he withdrew. Why? Where was he going? He was still hard, and suddenly I was empty.

He kneeled on the bed and lifted my legs so my knees were bent and my feet pressed against his chest, and he entered me again with a quick thrust. "Ohh, yes," he said huskily. I could feel him completely now. I so wanted to touch him, but I couldn't reach him, and this made my arousal grow.

His hands were trembling as he lifted my hips to meet his thrusts. I started moaning and writhing on the bed, shaking my head from left to right. "Guillaume, ohh my God, please fuck me," I shouted. With my feet still resting on his chest and my knees bent and spread widely, he suckled on my toes while driving again and again inside my extremely wet slit, quicker, harder. I felt completely dizzy. All I could feel were his moans, my sighs and the wet slaps of our bodies.

Abruptly, he lifted me. "Wrap your legs around me," he whispered. I complied. What else did he have in mind? He pinned me against the cold wall. "Hold me tight, Caroline."

"OHH God," I sighed. I devoured his mouth and gripped his shoulders. His strokes were once again languid. I knew he didn't want it to end. Yet I felt his cock pulse and grow bigger.

"Mmm, ohhh, uhh," I moaned. His pace quickened. "," he whispered with almost no breath, in rhythm with his thrust. I arched my hips. "Ohh, please, Guillaume, come inside me," I moaned back without even thinking about the possible consequences. He buried his face in my hair. "Are you sure?" "Yes, ohh yes."

I felt his finger dig into my ass as my walls sucked him with vigour. His tempo increased. "OHHH YES," he moaned. "UHHH." His cock swelled. "Caroline, OHHH!". With one last push of his hips I felt the first jolt of seed inside me. He kept thrusting, so much desire so long contained, and finally he slowed and stopped. He looked at me, and we kissed. Sweat was all over us. We lay together for a few moments.

He gently withdrew from me. "Come here, Caroline. I'm not done with you yet," he said.

He kissed me hard, with a new sense of intimacy, now that we have become lovers. I hungrily returned the kiss. As he was leaning under to kiss my neck, his left hand found my wet pussy and he inserted one finger into my heat, then another.

I held my breath; breathtaking pleasure was rippling through my body like a stream. I moaned as his thumb brushed against my clitoris and forced his fingers deeper, my juices dripping on them. My whole body tensed, and I began to push my hips up against his thrusts. He sucked on my earlobe, then headed downward until he met my breasts. He feasted on them, biting and licking. "Oh God," I repeated over and over, moaning, shivering, as he increased the pace, his fingers thrusting inside me, the friction of his thumb making me shiver with lust.

"Ohhh, Guillaume, ohhh" I screamed, as he brought me to the edge with his experienced fingers.

"Come for me one more time, Caroline," he whispered in my ear. His words sent a huge wave of pleasure that shook me from head to toe, and I climaxed, squeezing his fingers with my throbbing walls and lifting my buttocks off the bed.

Then I collapsed, sweaty and gasping for air, totally lost in my own sensations. Through the blur I saw him smile.

He ran his tongue over my breasts and licked first one, then the other. He looked up, and we stared at each other. I lost myself in his blue eyes and his smile.

He moved up and kissed me, put his arms around my back and pressed himself against me. We drifted off to sleep.

(To be continued...)
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