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More Than a Movie

Post #1

We watch a movie cuddling, like we do all the time, and afterward you hug me like usual, but this time after you pull back you hold on to my hips, then slide your hands up under my shirt to the smallest part of my waist, pull me closer again and kiss me softly on the lips. You kiss me again, more passionately, and you feel me return the enthusiasm because I thrust myself up onto my toes. So you wrap your arms all the way around me and hold me up to you. Eventually, our lips part, but you're not done. You plunge to my collarbone and start dotting it with kisses. I relax to the gentleness with with you are touching and holding me. But suddenly, your grip tightens me to you, pinning my arms to your chest, and you nip at the base of my neck all the way to up right under my ears. Using your tongue and teeth, you play with my ear; I hear you chuckle low at my gasping before you pull away.

I find myself raising my eyebrows expectantly. I'm asking why you stopped but I haven't said a word. I can't; I'm breathless. Your arms unlock themselves and I feel air rush back into my lungs as you let go a little. I'm suddenly disappointed, as if you now owed me something. But I judged too soon. I feel your hands slide back down my body and your fingers curl around the bottom of my sweatshirt. It's your turn to be surprised: there's clearly no shirt underneath it. You lift the hem a little and I pull my arms free of your chest and over my head, waiting. You slowly pull my sweatshirt up and off, but not before it catches on my tits because, despite my little waist, they're big enough to get in the way. You throw my sweatshirt to the side, not paying attention to it anymore; it was simply a barrier between my soft skin and you. Breathing a little easier now, I cock my head and say "Well that's not very fair, is it?" And before you can stop me, I grab your shirt and pull it off over your head. I open the door, hang it on the demetevler escort doorknob, and close and lock the door behind me. The shirt is a sign to others: Don't come in, we'll be busy.

I walk back to you, slow and with hips swinging, and I watch you take me in: tits popping from a white lacy bra, perfect skin, dangly bellybutton ring, and skintight bluejeans. I turn to close the windowshade and you can see my tiny pink thong poke out over the top of my jeans. You're itching to have me now, your pants are getting uncomfortably tight. You come up behind me and grip my perfect-handle hips. You pull my ass to your crotch and start grinding a little. I get into it and back up on you. A dirty song comes on shuffle and soon we're lost in dancing, grinding hard until we want each other too badly to wait anymore. You spin me around and push me onto the bed. I'm startled for a moment, but I trust you. I relax and anticipate your next move. You straddle me and fumble with my jeans button, and I reach up and fumble with yours; our hands are shaky with want-- no, with need.

You peel my jeans off of me and discard them; once again, they were just a barrier between your skin and mine. You kick your own pants off and have barely finished doing so when you freeze. My hand is firmly wrapped around your rock hard cock. You look up and I'm smiling a mischievous smile. I pull your boxers down and off, flip you underneath me, and immediately go to work on you. I lick and tease you, holding your wrists down with my hands and your legs down with mine. You want me to blow you so badly but I just lick and tease. Then finally I start, taking your whole shaft as far as I can go in my mouth. I suck and play with the tip with my tongue, and go over and over until suddenly I stop. You whine for more, but you stop when you feel your balls are suddenly in my hot mouth. I caress them with demirlibahçe escort my tongue and you've never felt anything like it. I relinquish my grip on your arms as I go back to work on your cock with my mouth and one hand, using the other to keep playing with your balls. You just can't take it anymore; you've got to have me. You pull me up and lay me where you were.

You put my legs over your shoulder and tear my soaked thong off. You test my wetness with your tongue. My whimper makes you want to stay down for a minute, and my pussy is soft and sweet. You lavish attention on my clit with the tip of your tongue, and slide two fingers into my opening. I'm soaking now, and little screams are starting to escape me, despite my attempts to keep quiet. As heat builds and tingles in my pussy, you go faster and move up to kissing my lips and biting my neck. You see my tits bouncing in my bra and I moan when you remove your fingers to unclasp it. I throw it away, and you see my nipples are little and hard. You dive down on one, nipping and sucking, and your hand goes back to work on my pussy. My screams start sending shivers down you, they turn you on so much. I'm screaming your name, only yours, and I scream I'm about to come. You move your lips from my tits to my mouth so you can swallow the screams I can't keep quiet as I lose my mind in ecstasy, rocking hard on your fingers. You feel my tight pussy contracting and you know you need to be inside me.

I've barely had time to slow my breathing when you ask if I have a condom. I breathlessly respond that you can always go bareback with me, I'm on the pill. You don't miss my insinuation that this would not be our last night together like this. You keep my legs up over your shoulders and position yourself in front of my opening. You ask me if I'm ready, and I tell you to kiss me. As you lean forward to kiss me, I slide dikmen escort my legs down and around your waist. As you kiss me, I wrap them around you and pull you deep inside of me. I feel you gasp hotly into my mouth. I'm so hot and tight around your cock, and you're filling me perfectly. I feel you shudder as you try to get a grip with the feeling of being inside of me. I unwrap my legs and put them back over your shoulders, smiling innocently. I let you take over, picking the pace. You go slowly at first, but as the minutes fly by you go faster and faster. You feel like your going to lose control of yourself soon. I'm whimpering and moaning and little screams are sneaking out, and I can't stop saying your name and how right this feels, how amazing you are. But you never want it to end. You stop, unsure what to do.

I press against you, wanting more. But I understand. I groan as I pull myself off of your shaft. I lead you down to where I was lying, and I turn around and straddle you, facing away. I slowly ride you up and down, teasing, my big soft-yet-firm ass bouncing in plain view. I feel the heat in my pussy start to build again, and my teasing of you turns out to be teasing of me, too. I try to keep it slow, steady, but I find myself speeding up, riding you harder and faster with each minute. My whole body is tingling with sheer pleasure and anticipation, and I can hear muffled groans escaping your parted lips. You push up hard on me and I'm riding you so hard, your cock pounding me and hitting me in just the right spot each time. I reach down and touch myself just for added effect to what I can already feel is going to be an explosive finish. I can feel your heat growing too, my body knows it's in time with yours. We build together, I'm screaming your name and bouncing for you to see, and your groans become strained until a wave of heat and pure bliss and physical pleasure rolls over us both. You come deep inside me as I contract around you in waves.

We're both breathing hard as we try to regain our senses. I roll to the side, and we spoon with you still inside me for a while. You wrap your arms around my naked body, and kiss my head and whisper to me that I'm yours. I just whisper back, "I know." END.
08-08-2022, at 07:33 PM

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