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A Battle for Domination Ch. 02

Post #1

When the series' special episode, "Like a Horse", aired, the buzz it generated was beyond expectations. The first scene introduced the island where the clan of men led by Diego's character, the Giant Bull, lived. The clan consisted of eight muscular men, who worked as lumberjacks, blacksmiths, hunters and butchers. The eight were courageous men who oozed virility. In the story, they were distant descendants of the mythological centaurs, which justified why all actors cast in the role had exceptionally big, thick cocks.
The setting had a primal and rustic atmosphere. The camera operators did generous takes of their aesthetically pleasing bodies. For many, the episode was labelled as an exaggeration of masculinity. Iron bracelets with an insignia were the only piece of clothing that identified the clan, as the eight felt comfortable with nudity. As such, the chapter featured hot, naked men with giant cocks swinging as they chopped wood, practiced wrestling, or drank beer.
There was a hierarchy in the clan structure. Diego played the leader, the ultimate alpha male. In fact, even among so many muscular and well-endowed men, Diego still stood out. With a meaty uncut cock, dubbed the third leg by his co-stars, Diego was the definition of BIG. He was big everywhere, with low hanging giant balls and muscular thighs.
He was the last of the eight to appear in the special chapter. His first scene was in the clan's dimly lit forge. Sweaty, with his muscular arms hammering metal, The Giant Bull was also the tribe's blacksmith. The sexual energy of the scene was high, with Diego's body showing vascularity, mass and definition.
The bulky size and the complete smoothness of his body accentuated his ripped physique. His chest was divided by a deep crevasse and his washboard abs had a clear definition. The only thing small was his waistline, a counterpoint to his broad back and wide shoulders. The key element, however, was his extremely thick cock, whose inches were slowly displayed by the camera, from the pubes to the huge head. According to the dialogues, he was forging a 6.5-inches dagger. The length of the shiny dagger was smaller than his cock, so it was just a not so subtle way of informing his flaccid cock was bigger than this mark.
Almost as important as the leader was his second-in-command, known as The Stallion. A muscular Colombian man called Miguel portrayed him. Tanned, with abs of steel and big legs, 27 years-old Miguel had shaved hair and a stubble beard. The producers found him on the Internet, on the recommendation of Diego. Although his English was not the best and his experience as an actor almost insignificant, he had a physique that resembled Diego's. This included the size of his dick, slightly smaller and less thick, but equally impressive. The Stallion was the clan's master-at-arms, especially skilled with swords and shields.
The first scenes showed how the clan of eight men lived their lives: with superhuman strength, in contact with nature and having orgies. Although previous chapters had not showed hard-ons or penetration, sex was a recurring theme. For the special chapter, the directors had included a long take on group sex. The scene took advantage of the entire cast's muscular bodies. The script also showed The Giant Bull and The Stallion being the tops at an ass feast. They fucked all the holes available and, after making them cum, kissed each other violently. Believe it or not, the script specified that, years later, another cluster would be born from the amount of cum they gushed into a mystical well.
With the exception of Diego and Miguel, all the other actors were Latino men recruited from pornographic studios and amateur sex pages. With Diego's help, the producers chose profiles of men who claimed to have around 10 inches of dick. For some, there was a certain exaggeration in the information, but the producers were visually satisfied with the group. Of the six, five were straight. The other gay man was a Cuban named Pedro.
With Mediterranean-toned skin and shoulder-length black hair, 25 years-old Pedro had an ass almost as perfect as Arthur's. Built with muscles and owner of a peachy round ass, his lower body was insane. Pedro had a famous private porn account, Latin Conan, in which he exhibited himself. He had never thought about becoming an actor, polatlı escort but ended up standing out and was invited to become a regular in the cast. His character was nicknamed just The Hunter. He was also the only one, alongside Giant Bull and Stallion, who would survive the special chapter.
Yes, because in the final half of the episode, when all eight men were gathered in celebration, arrows were fired at them. The arrows turned their targets into stone statues. Diego, Miguel and Pedro's characters managed to counterattack, but the invaders fled from the island.
The only clue left pointed to a symbol used by the Iron Gladiator and it was from there that the story of these men would intersect with the story of the character played by Arthur. The Giant Bull and the Stallion would camouflage as civilians to conduct parallel investigations, while the Hunter would be in charge of the island's defense.
In civilization, they would disguise themselves as horse breeders. Thus, the series would not show so much the nudity of the characters, but would take advantage of comic situations caused by adjustments to another culture and the impact caused by Diego and Miguel's bulge.
For this special episode, Arthur didn't shoot any scenes with them. The famous lead actor, who seemed to be working on autopilot, was only interested in the money he made from the series. Arthur demanded that the producers incorporate into "A Battle for Domination" a young actor he and Ritchie had met at a party. At 26 years old, Stuart Worthington was exactly what Arthur liked: blond, lean and handsome like a Nordic prince.
After the experience with Nicholas Han, the famous Ritchie-Arthur couple were reticent about engaging in threesomes. Intoxicated by Stuart's beauty, however, Arthur decided to secure him a spot in the production he was starring in, to try something out with him in the future. Stuart would play his new partner in the police, who, throughout the chapters, should also be the Gladiator's partner in bed.
However, the secret was that his character was the main antagonist of the season, who wanted to eliminate mythological creatures. Thus, he was responsible for the arrows and the one who indirectly blamed the Gladiator for the incident.
On the day of the premiere, Diego invited Miguel and Pedro to his house, so that the three of them could watch it together. They were looking forward to the repercussions of their scenes and decided to celebrate the moment. Due to other commitments, like trips and interviews, Diego had not seen the others since the days of the recording, although keeping in touch with them through messages.
Diego had already been the subject of some specific vehicles and fansites, causing his popularity on social networks to increase. An hour before the chapter was available, Diego, Miguel and Pedro uploaded a photo with the caption "Waiting for the premiere together". With rock-hard muscles, the three were at the height of male form. Miguel wore a green flannel shirt, Diego a basic white shirt and Pedro a black tank top. The photo was able to capture a very strong sexual energy and Diego's followers made encouraging comments.
Leaving social media aside, the three began to have a few drinks and talk about their expectations for the series, until they realized that the chapter was five minutes away from being uploaded to the streaming service. Diego had a very large television in the living room and the three of them sat on the sofa, with Diego in the middle.
They really liked what they saw. The opening with their names, the photography, the editing, everything favored the positive atmosphere that had taken hold. When the scene that introduced Diego's character, focusing on his huge cock, aired, Pedro, the Cuban, could not hide his erection anymore. The shape and size, along with Diego's muscular body were perfect, giving Diego a kind of power statement.
"Damn, man, this thing is huge. On the day of the recording, we were all talking about it, even the straight guys," said Pedro. Diego was amused and paused the video. "One of the criteria for our lineup was exactly that. I've never seen so many big dicks in the same place. You guys are all extremely well-endowed," Diego replied.
"But..." Pedro insisted.
"Oh, pursaklar escort there's a catch," Diego smiled, amused.
"Miguel raised a hypothesis. You could be a shower, not a grower. And, in this case, his cock would be the biggest one," Pedro said. Miguel chuckled. Diego loved that they had theorized about him.
Miguel, the Colombian, already had a huge erection; the outline of his thick cock was visible. Diego was enjoying the whole situation more than he could have imagined. He had found them both very hot and could barely hide a smile.
Apparently, the two had been seeing each other since that day. Pedro added: "I always liked being a bottom and, before Miguel, I had never had sex with a man with a dick bigger than mine. I've always been fascinated by the idea of finding a guy who could outsize me, but I never thought that would actually happen."
"Interesting," Diego nodded, looking at the two of them, genuinely enjoying where the conversation was going. He replied, "I'll tell you something. I just didn't get a hard-on on the day of shooting the scene, because I had to be a professional." Then he leaned to kiss Pedro. It was an intimate, wet and lingering kiss.
Diego was the one who stopped kissing him. Turning to the other side, he pulled Miguel against his torso and kissed him with an aggressive, manly energy. They became short of breath.
They all stood up. Sometimes in pairs, sometimes in trio, the three of them kissed each other, truly enjoying it. They were all too hard, too horny. Diego's monster cock was swelling and stiffening, reaching its almost-absurd maximum size. Miguel and Diego both adjusted their cocks inside their pants. Horny, Diego pinned Miguel's back against the wall and, still wearing his pants, rubbed his thick cock against the Colombian's large cock.
This intense frottage session was interrupted by Pedro's hands, impressed by the combination of volume in front of him. Miguel took off his shirt, revealing his broad shoulders and almost not an ounce of fat in his body. He was like a muscle god. I He grabbed his pants by the waistband and pulled it and his underwear off at once. Yes, his hard cock was just ENORMOUS. Cockly saying that he had never lost a cock comparison dispute in his life, Miguel looked at Diego's eyes: "Do you think you can beat me?"
Slowly, Diego started to take off his clothes. He first took off his white shirt, throwing it on the sofa. He remained with a thick cable chain that only accentuated the musculature of his pectoral. Bare-chested, Diego looked quite impressive and menacing. He had a powerfully muscled body, glistening with sweat.
He calmly unbuttoned his jeans. Teasing, he asked Miguel: "Have you ever seen a cock bigger than yours?", finally pulling his gigantic cock out of his underwear. The massive combination of length and thickness gave Diego's big uncut cock an unquestionable authority. Miguel and Pedro were stunned. Fuck, it was perfect, with the ideal proportions to his robust body. From the huge, heavily hung bull balls, to the big and flawlessly shaped cock head, Diego's cock was an aesthetic masterpiece.
Feeling a mixture of jealousy and desire, Miguel felt a certain deference to Diego. It was the first time in his life he had taken second place in a cock comparison. "Man, this is not just big, it's immense. The thickness is unbelievable."
Pedro, on the other hand, had remained silent. His eyes showed all the disbelief of being in front of a male with such a huge set of balls and cock. "This is my lucky day," he finally said. "The two biggest cocks in the world and me as a bottom."
Turning his back on Miguel and Diego, Pedro lowered his pants and then pretended to wear them with difficulty, just to show how big his ass was. It was so out of this world that nobody needed to pay attention to his big manhood. Firm, muscular, virile. An ass that could make anyone cum in seconds. Recognizing themselves as tops, Diego and Miguel looked at each other, excited about what was to come.
With his eyes shining with happiness, Pedro knelt between their big legs. Intoxicated by the size, shape and muscular frame of the two studs, Pedro wanted to use all his senses. It was an inebriating experience. He felt the girth, taste, texture and smell, sincan escort before pleasuring them with his oral skills, making sure that one of his hands was always touching their throbbing cocks. Pedro found them harder to suck because they were so large, but he accepted the challenge.
Still slightly shaken from having lost this kind of competition for the first time, Miguel touched the huge muscles of Diego's torso, torn between the fascination with the Argentinean stud's muscles and the attention his own cock received from Pedro's tongue. "You're so big, you're even bigger than myself," an enthralled Miguel kept repeating variations of this sentence. Diego kissed him again. Two well-endowed hunks kissing each other was an erotic but somewhat aggressive scene.
Having justifiable difficulties to hold such a big cock inside his mouth, Pedro was gagging, crying. He rolled his eyes and had to breathe from the nose, inhaling the man scent from Diego's alpha cock. Pedro began to devote himself exclusively to Diego's cock. Looking at Miguel, Diego signaled for the Colombian to help Pedro in his mission. Miguel tried to refuse, but Diego blinked at him, smiling, knowing that deep down he knew he wanted to.
Perhaps it was a question of power, some primordial instinct to satisfy the alpha of the clan. Miguel liked to see himself as a power top and had almost no experience even with sucking dicks, but there was no way he could not submit to Diego's commands. It was the right thing to do.
Mixing their tongues, Pedro and Miguel shared Diego's immense shaft. The Argentinean hunk approved, patting the back of their necks. "Good boys," he said with his voice, deep and masculine.
The Argentinean rubbed his big cockhead all over Miguel and Pedro's cheeks, making slow movements, letting them feel every bit of texture and smell of his immense rod. From passionate movements, Diego adopted another approach, rough, while verbally dominating both Latin studs. "So you like it huge, right? Maybe do you want a hard beating? To feel your face getting beaten by my superior cock?" Hearing these words, Miguel and Pedro were both having the best hard-on of their lives, almost exploding. After rubbing it all over their face, Diego rested his immense cockhead in Miguel's lips, torturing him, who never wanted so much a cock, being ashamed of feeling this at the same time.
Putting his hands behind his neck, Diego looked like the king of muscle. Involuntarily, he flexed his biceps, roaring with pleasure. His armpits became exposed. This was one of Miguel's weakness and the Colombian stud stopped sharing Diego's cock with a hungry Pedro, licking Diego's abs, chest and finally his sweaty pits.
As a homage to his own character, Diego incorporated a dominating persona. "I want you both to know why my name is The Giant Bull." Diego slapped his gigantic cock against his own big hand. It was strong and threatening. Hearing the sound of it, Diego and Miguel cummed hands free.
Diego was disappointed that they had already cummed, but at the same time proud of his achievement. He squirted gallons of cum all over their bodies, a scene that made them somewhat intoxicated. Spurt after spurt entered their mouths. The last strips of cum were dropped to Miguel's lips.
Exhausted and sweaty, Diego grabbed both by the chin to assure them that their partnership was far from over. The three went to Diego's room and lay down on the bed, hugging each other, to continue watching the chapter. Diego lay down in the middle and Miguel and Pedro rested their head on Diego's large chest. Miguel, Diego and Pedro were falling in love. Covered in cum, Miguel whispered to Diego: "Tomorrow I want to fuck Pedro while you fuck me."
That night, the chapter was the hottest topic among the gay community and Internet websites devoted to big dicks. Diego had already become a celebrity, gaining thousands of followers on his social networks. The program's executives were very satisfied with the decisions they made.
In another Los Angeles home, however, where Arthur watched the chapter in the company of his boyfriend Ritchie and his crush Stuart, the chapter would cause anger and envy in the show's biggest star.
Arthur felt betrayed and pissed off at the producers. Little did he know that this was just the beginning of changes that would take place in his life. He would finally face huge and gigantic challenges, as well as positions he wasn't used to.
The Giant Bull would be not only The Iron Gladiator's most formidable rival, but also the man responsible for destroying his convictions and his tight hole.
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