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4-5-2 Salamandy's Pad - May Party

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2068, Rotterdale, North Carolina, in the north-east neighborhood of Sweet Loft


I feel like I should recap. How long has this shit been going on? A year at least, ever since my life started getting more interesting than the usual high-school drama. Plenty of that but you all don't need to hear about the sex-oozing hottie I was too stupid to stay away from. Roxanne, that was her name. Wonder where she is now. If only she could see me now, right?

By Friday, everyone in the house knew I'd gotten Spring to have sex with her cousin. Lorna had felt particularly left out for having missed it, and made me redo the foursome with her. She made so damn much noise, the rest came to see. When we were all off, the cousins in question were missing. We found them in the shower. With Mandy. I swear, instead of screwing me like a girlfriend might, she competes with me to get the most pussy in the house.

"Beef, or pork?"

"Both," I says. "Isn't it supposed to be between chicken and vegetables?"

"If you don't know how to diet or exercise and resort to starving yourself, sure."

No one really comes to these parties for food anyway. There we are anyway, buying snacks. The keg's being loaded into the car, and yours truly has to wheel it out when we get back to the house we're sharing.

"More guys at this party, Spring says," Mandy says. "Her cousin requested, forgot her name already."

"May." Not like it matters whether I get laid at the party. Mandy takes to locking her bedroom door when the front doors are open and the beer flows. If she wants to get some dick, and she doesn't lie to me about it if I should happen to find out but she doesn't exactly blow up my phone about it, she uses one of the roomies' rooms. That, along with a few other details I don't bother with, gives me some of the insight as to why a good deal of people don't like her all that much. More for me. Except for the part where she fucks plenty of dudes and not me her boyfriend. Fair? Certainly; I get plenty of pussy and more often than not she's in the same room.

Oh for fuck's sakes, we're not married, stop bloody thinking about it and just do your thing, Derrick. I swear, I'm turning into a woman sometimes.

We pull up to the house, yank out the keg, and by then the other girls have done most everything necessary for a bumping fiesta except to get dressed. Fine by me; I still haven't tired of the sight of shapely females conducting they business in silk and lace instead of flannel and cotton. Two hours to go, so not much time to squeeze into tight dresses and do odd things with their hair that'll only get undone in a few hours. I go play video games because I'm just gonna put on a shirt and comb my hair five minutes before dark. If I ever do turn into a woman, I'm keeping the whole "five minutes to get ready" bit.

Then dark hits, and people start hitting the door. Twenty people show up minutes after the first, and I really have no idea whether I recognize anyone. Mandy's cousin isn't here, which is good I suppose. Lot of guys this time, and not really that many girls. Already I'm grouchy. That has nothing to do with my mind wandering to what happened the last time Mandy's cousin showed up to one of these gigs, nope. Not at all. Did I ever describe exactly what happened that night? Fuck it, don't care. What she does on her own time is her own business; she never rubbed it in my face so we're fine. Moving on.

Then my luck changes. I think. See, Mandy doesn't just have the random cousin from her mother's side which is obscure to start with because as far as anyone knows she's never met her mother. She has sisters. Lots and lots of sisters. Come to think of it, aren't I still dating one of them? The fuck ever happened to Cindy? Remind me to call her, she was fun. Has a twin, both like being naked when I'm holding a camera.

Then there's the other one, the one besides Mandy with black hair while the other twenty-odd (I've never actually counted them; don't give me shit about not having met all my girlfriend's brothers and sisters when she counts them by the dozen) are all blond. She's genuinely polite where Mandy is blunt and even rude. Her skin is light while Mandy's is dark so her dark brows and lashes stand out more. Something about her is sexy in the way that she can't give a flying fuck about playing the game. If Mandy doesn't get laid by the end of the week, she's grumpy. So am I, come to think of it. Prudence, she doesn't even keep track. Isn't that odd? I mean, what a girl does with her own body is her own goddamn business. It's just odd because she's got the body for it, the kind of body that makes unmentionable parts of me ache after being around her from forcing myself to keep eye contact with her.

So up shows she in a little black dress that shows off remarkable cleavage for her. One reason I may have failed to mention why she and sex aren't exactly best friends is because she was a virgin until subayevleri escort she was eighteen like her father wanted and by the time she was nineteen she had a baby girl. After becoming a father myself, and yes I'm still spending much of my energy figuring that out even if I don't talk about it, I can understand her being a little aversion about sex.

Aaand... handcuffed to the lovely Prudence is... yep, that's Tiffany. Tiffany is... fuck it, I've discussed her plenty in the past; now is for now. Prudence and Tiffany are wrapped in little black dresses of differing style and it's a parade of cleavage that makes me happy to have woken up that morning even if my chances to get laid may as well only exist on paper.

Prudence spies me through the crush of women with not a figment of her style or class and men with not one whit of my self-control around such well-endowed figures. She heads right for me as though there isn't a literal line forming at the door to offer her and her "date" their first drinks of the evening. How little do those chumps know. "Hi, Derrick, haven't seen you in a while," Pru says to me, nice as always. "I heard you were living with Mandy now."

"You too," I say with a smile that flexes as inevitably into place as the erection she gives me. "I don't know about living here; I sort of crashed after the situation with my latest roommates didn't work out. Tiffany, the light of dawn is truly at your disposal."

Tiffany's a little dumb so my compliment sails over her head. She gives a puzzled look to Prudence who whispers something flattering (I hope) into her ear. Then she gives me a smile that stretches from tooth to tooth with an abundant "Thanks! You too!" Her arm, the one not attached to her sister, wraps tight around my neck. Prudence is of course dragged with her and she embraces me as well.

Nice hug, those two. Long, snug. A proper hug. Two women who appreciate friendship more than the average person, and I gobble it up with glee. More when I see past them approximately every gentleman guest in the house glaring at me for my quick acquisition of the evening's most choice pair. As mandated by the guy code, I flip them off each in turn, and in at least three different languages. Not Ned though, he gets the thumbs-up. We've been cool since computer class in high school.

"What're you up to back there?" Prudence asks when she feels my sign-language happening from behind her head.

"Guy stuff. Feel like getting your ass squeezed for the greater good?"

"As long as it's only you," Prudence accuses like I had something far less selfish in mind, "and you'll owe us drinks after."

"A man can only do what he must to get by in this world," I sigh in dramatic fashion as I let my hands drop down the ladies' backs. Prudence's dress is backless and her skin is warm down to her very bottom where a hint of cleft teases. Tiffany is bare only above the shoulder but her bottom is full and round to push the hem of the dress up higher than decency should allow. Both girls give me contented sighs as I grip their bottoms possessively. I may be doing this just for show but I'm not about to pretend I don't want them.

I should have asked for more specific permission to touch Tiffany like that. Prudence is pretty clear about protecting her sister who isn't handcuffed to her for decorative purpose. I turn me around and swipe drinks for them. Tiffany gobbles hers down like she's starving but Pru crinkles her nose at her own drink.

"Thank you, but I'm still breast feeding," she says, handing her drink to Tiffany. It's cute how fast Tiffany polishes off the first one so she can grab the second. They're not just handcuffed together, they're used to holding hands now, even wearing the same shade of dark red nail polish. Looks a little gay, actually. But you'd never know they were sisters except for the tits.

Since I really don't feel like talking to any of the other girls, I stick with Mandy's hot sisters. Teen mom Pru doesn't appreciate the attention she and her sister get from the boys in the crowd so I glare away any idiot that gets too close to them. It makes Tiffany sulk.

"Don't want to talk to no one?" Perfectly reasonable question.

"It was this one's idea to come," Prudence said with a glance at her sister.

"My idea!" Tiffany says like she picked up on a cue that it was her turn to speak.

"You're in good hands, then," says I to Tiffany, leaning in close and raising my voice to be heard above the din. She beams up and me and thanks me. My eyes are magnetically drawn to those beautiful orbs she has, and I lock onto them helplessly, my willpower shrinking in the face of overwhelming odds. I recall my recent frustrations with being surrounded by smallish breasts, finding myself missing them without ever knowing when I had grown so fond of them.

I look up again, and she smiles at me with that same big yenidoğan escort goofy grin and wiggles a bit to the music, making her breasts jiggle around in her, and again my eyes fall helplessly. And I know Prudence is watching, which is tough because she's my friend, the one I drink coffee with on Tuesday mornings Downtown. It's even worse because she doesn't judge me for oggling at her sister.

"What about you?"

"Hmm? What?" Fak! There's not much worse than getting lost in a girl's chest.

"Hoping to get lucky tonight?" Prudence asks. When any other girl in the world asks that, she's either being coy for her own interest or she's being a bitch. Prudence is actually curious. She's a bit guyish in that sense except any guy on the planet would know I wouldn't be here if I didn't want to get me some.

"Luck has nothing to do with it," I responds with a shrug. My drink is tasty and the fruity tones soothe. What the fuck was I doing sticking with beer for so long?

"Oh?" She and Tiffany are rapt with attention and an explanation is in order.

"Nothing. May I offer the two of you ladies a dance?" Got to be sure to not exclude either of them or be vague or any of that shit.

They both girls smile, and I turn to back up into them where their hands are joined, and wrap my arms around their backs to turn them together towards the rest of the action and get moving. Plenty of eyes still have the three of us on lookout and I have middle fingers prepped to answer the dirty glares I get on the way to the dance floor.

The crowd is tight, so there isn't much room. The three of us are cramped close together. Tiffany holds me close right away, pressing her huge tits against me. Prudence stays close to so she doesn't stick out, and I'm obliged to hold her close. It's weird because she's my friend, but she's also one of the hottest girls I know. Runs in the family. Sam's pretty cute too, now that I think about it.

As the music changes, so do our movements. Tiffany moves with the beat, accomplished in her own right from years of practice. Prudence is talented and a quick learner and is used to dancing with Tiffany. They grind together front to front or back to back, with me, and so on. They have this mojo together that makes your eyes fuse onto their joined bodies. I think it's centered somewhere in their tits, which bulge out as they press together.

Tiffany dips down, moving her nose curiously around her sister's groin, well-covered by the long skirt that hugs her knees tightly, and rises back up, sliding their breasts back together and finishing by taking a long lick into Pru's open mouth. The booze on her breath is enough to force a goofy grin onto her sister's face.

Pru prefers to stay above for her turn, fitting since she's taller. She pulls Tiffany's head to her chest and sticks to shaking her ass to the music while her boobs bounce subtly against her sister's chin. The stupid guy part of my brain, the part currently taking a dip in all the booze I've been sipping, that part starts to forget that I'm not getting laid tonight ever since I decided to dance with my friend instead of keep an eye out for a new piece of trim to take my mind off things.

Both girls have one hand intermittently on my waist or around my neck and their hips never point too far toward each other to keep me from being forced out. For my part, I keep up the interest by exploring while I dance along with them. Things are heating up and I can only try to keep up. My fingers trail down the length of the long sleeves of Tiffany's dress and down the knee-length hem of Prudence's.

Where was I?

Taller Prudence loomed dangerously close to her sister, foreheads pressed together, shifting around so her rack slid across the open face of Tiffany's chest. It all finished when Pru flipped her long black hair back and dipped down quickly, running a ghost tongue on the bulging line of Tiffany's cleavage, up her neck and dipping into her ear before backing off.

You could tell when Tiffany got hot by the way her eyelids lacked the strength to stay alert. Alcohol did that too, but getting anywhere near her breasts like her sister just did with her tongue was reason enough. She closed in on Prudence, nuzzling into her neck and sniffing at her impressive cleavage. Just as I was beginning to feel left out, Pru spun around me quite elegantly (and a rough trick in the stilettos she was wearing. Prudence is wearing stilettos?) behind my back and around Tiffany's to wrap her arm around her so they could be back-to-back in light of the handcuffs.

She presses her sister up to me again, and both look at me with dark or baby-blue eyes depending. I wrap my hands around both, setting dangerously close to their asses, feeling closer to Pru than I ever have. I've never failed to notice how hot she is no matter how she conceals herself, so it's strange for me to see her turned down every yenimahalle escort bit as crisp as Tiffany. Or else she's another person hiding behind all that heavy makeup. The music ends before our configuration can go any farther, keeping me from wondering what would happen with my hands had we had eight more seconds. I mean, with one finger I'd been stenciling my name on the bare divots of Prudence's lower back, another had been slipping beneath the tight hem of Tiffany's skirt short enough to get me a feel of bare bottom.

I lead them back to the drinking fountain, giving them both refills. Tiffany drinks her flavored alcohol and Prudence sips something fizzy boasting either lemon or lime hints. Personally, I like drinks that just say what's on their mind instead of dropping subtle hints and shit. I can't even speak French

"Thanks for the dance," Tiffany says, throwing her arms around my neck and taking her sister's hand with her. It puts Prudence very nearly holding me as well and her other hand rests on her sister's hip. It's teasing and erotic, but I can't seem to behave how I very much want to behave because all the stories Pru's told me concerning Tiffany's loose manner makes me want to behave better than one of her pathetic subjects.

Yeah, sometimes when Pru and I have coffee on Tuesday mornings Downtown, she lets slip a few details of Tiffany's private life before... before they moved in together.

But the way she's standing, she could be farther off, waiting patiently and looking off somewhere else. But she's pressing close into Tiffany, seemingly pressing her sister against me. I've got tits and tits and tits staring up at me and feeling so soft against me and I haven't had anything like that in so long, and...

Tiffany is built for dancing and her body never really does stop moving even with us more removed from the front room packed wall-to-wall with drunkards escaped from college to escape their lives for the next several hours. While Prudence and I chatter, Tiffany wiggles this way and shimmies that, banging her plush bottom into us with a goofy grin on her face and her spike-heeled boots always in motion. She catches my eye and turns to show me her gyrating bottom moving in slow circles to the rhythm of the beat.

Prudence and I are still chatting about nothing; Tiffany's ignoring us both, trying to get us to dance. Her arm goes around my neck, drink and all, every contour of her side up against mine. My hand is already around her waist; it's only a short distance to take another feel of her bottom. Just one squeeze, and she's looking over her shoulder at me, smiling happily. I can tell Prudence is just happy that her sister is having such a good time because she "can't take her anywhere" normally. Mandy's house party was something of a risk she was taking and it's no doubt no matter what Tiffany was wearing.

Tiffany rolls her body around into me like she's hugging me. Her face comes up and she pulls my neck down and my face flushes red. No, she's just taking a sip of her drink though my lips are forced against her neck and I'm gripping her bottom tight. Her black dress is silk. Fits her difficult curves like it was made for her, probably was. Must have cost a fortune. Why have such a dress, Prudence too, if they never go out? Weird.

Tiffany tells a joke to Prudence and Prudence laughs. Me, I'm getting a little dizzy. Am I drunk already? I haven't been laying off the booze since moving here; the roomies drink like fish and Mandy best of all, they say she missed her calling as a bartender, or else she's just waiting until she's old enough to legally serve liquor. I can't be getting dizzy off of just squeezing one girl's ass, can I? She's so pretty, both of them. Real shame that they're off limits.

Prudence smiles at me, a sign of happiness. She's a gloomy woman hidden behind strict propriety and diligent motherhood. She's caretaker for the set of boobs and ass squeezed into a shirt and having to watch someone all the time can't be that fun. To see her enjoying herself doesn't just make me smile, it gives me relief. Tiffany smiles at me too and pulls me down to take another sip from her drink from over my shoulder.

No, she's kissing me. Kissing me on the mouth, teasing me with her tongue while I'm still stupid in the head. Her lips taste like black cherry instead of that disgusting flavor lipstick leaves stuck to your mouth for hours. Her tongue is a soft little shy thing like the rest of her and those breasts, those huge breasts, they're smashing against my chest. Liquor addling my brain makes me kiss her back indifferent to the third person in our circle, someone whom in my right mind I would never affront. What's wrong with me? I know better than to kiss Tiffany of all people; Prudence has told me time and time again how her lust has gotten the better of her, leaving the the two in handcuffs for the foreseeable future.

It occurs to me in my addled brain that I'm fucking things up again just like I did with Cypher. If only Becky could see me now, right? At least Prudence can put a stop to things before I knock Tiffany up too, that's the important part. I only hope I don't lose a friend. Mandy, Mandy probably won't even care. She isn't particularly close to either of them.
08-08-2022, at 07:46 PM

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