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Maggie's Audition

Post #1

Lily was bright and eager. She almost bubbled over. "Look at this, Mag. They're holding auditions for a real Hollywood movie right here in town. They want more than one girl. We can try out together"

She practically shoved the tabloid paper against my nose. She had circled the ad in bright yellow highlighter: "Motion picture audition. One day only. Casting two female roles. Single women only."

"Lily, do you know what this means? 'Single only.' It's an X-rated film. A porn flick."

"Oh. I didn't realize . . . . Well, it's one way to break into actressing. I don't mind getting laid if I can get in the movies. Getting laid is good, right by itself."

"Hell, why not? I'm a three-year virgin, ever since Rod's been gone. My pussy is so empty it hurts."

"Well, the audition is tomorrow afternoon. I'll pick you up for lunch and we'll go from there."

The address was a second-rate hotel in an older part of town. Third floor, room 321, the ad said. The elevator was slow, creaky, and not too clean. The carpets on the third floor were threadbare and smelled musty.

Lily knocked excitedly on the door of Room 321. "I hope, I hope we get the parts in the movie. Oh, Maggie, just think about flying out to Hollywood and being in a movie!"

A pleasant looking man opened the door. His hair was brown and wavy, and his face looked as if it had smiled much.

"Come in, ladies. Just sign in here." He shut the door behind us. "This will take at least an hour, maybe more, so just relax and make yourselves comfortable. You can call me Bill. And this is Rod."

"Hello, Rod. The same name as my ex, the rotten bastard."

Rod mumbled a kind of hello without further comment.

Lily and I both wrote our names on Bill's clipboard. Bill was the leader, the spokesman. "Now ladies, just so we are clear, this project is an adult film." He paused and waited for a reaction from either of us. I didn't have anything to say. Lily smiled.

Bill went on, "We have to see if you can be genuine in sex activity with a camera and a crew watching. Not many women, or men, can do that, actually have sex on demand. It's acting first; the sex is secondary. Rod will be working with you."

Rod stepped out of his shoes and stripped off his jeans. He wasn't wearing any underwear.

He had a huge schlong. It looked about a foot long, and it was thicker than my wrist His foreskin was uncut. It covered his glans completely. I envisioned that hood peeling back and the head of his dick emerging from hiding. The mental picture was exciting and a bit frightening. He was going to put that thing in me. He was going to fuck me with it. I started to feel weak. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all.

"Uh, Bill . . . ," I began.

"I know," he said. "All the girls start out feeling the same way. You don't have to do anything you don't want to do. But . . . ." Now he was more serious, all business. "This is a fuck film. Everybody in the movie gets fucked." He didn't seem to put any extra stress on the word fucked. But it rang in my ears, working on my mental state.

Bill went on, "If you want to be in this movie, you'll have to get fucked, both of you. And we need to see if you can fuck convincingly in front of the camera, and let the camera see that you truly enjoy getting fucked."

Fucked. Fuck. Fucked. The repetition of the word began to work on my mind. It started to sound no less offensive than, say, 'work,' or 'walk,' or any other everyday activity.

Lily's eyes grew bright, and she squirmed. "Getting fucked," she said. "Fucked in front of the camera." She was almost singing. "I can do that. I can fuck for the camera." She was really eager. She was going to start her acting career by fucking.

I looked at Rod's dong again. He size and girth of the thing was truly impressive. Just looking at it made my pussy start to itch, and I felt moisture building inside me. I could hardly believe the mere thought of Rod fucking me with that giant cock was making me hot.

"So, girls," said Bill, "who wants to be first to show off her talent?" We were no longer 'ladies.' We had become 'girls.'

Aroused as I was, and feeling my pussy growing moist, I was still unconvinced and more than a little reluctant. Here we were, two women locked into a sleazy hotel room with two strange men we'd never seen until this afternoon.

But Lily didn't hesitate a second. She whipped her dress off over her head and plumped herself down on the bed. She hadn't been wearing a bra or panties. Her sudden nakedness was a bit of a surprise. She bounced and sparkled with anticipation. Her tits bounced. "Okay, I'm ready," she trilled, "Fuck me."

Her young body was ripe and luscious: C-cup breasts, narrow waist, nice wide hips and a smooth round bottom. I thought, Any man would give his eye teeth to have sex with her.

"Easy, girlie," said Bill. "Not quite yet. First we have to film the interview. We'll do you one at a time. Rod, roll tape." He hit a switch and beypazarı escort the floodlight shone on Lily. "Now, Miss Lily, introduce yourself."

She was slightly less eager now, but she cranked herself up and went for it. "I'm Lily Morton. I'm twenty-two and I'm going to be an actress. I'm 38-28-39. I like pizza and kitties and men. I'll do blowjobs, and I'll swallow a guy's come if I have to, but I don't like being fucked up the ass." She was startlingly frank.

My turn was next. I was still reluctant, and I took my time in removing my shoes, my shirt, my skirt, my bra, and finally my panties. As I sat on the bed with the bright light on me, I felt exposed and almost guilty?of what I wasn't quite sure.

"I'm Maggie Benson. No, scratch that. I'm not married any more, I'm Maggie Fuller." Behind the camera I could see Bill smile at that, the first time he had smiled since we came through the door.

"Good," Bill said. "Okay, now. I think we should take Maggie first. If you'll just sit on this bed here and take off your clothes."

This was the point of no return. I had to go for it or back out. But I had come this far, and I hadn't had a dick in my cunt for more than three years. This was it. I was in.

Rod pumped his cock a few times, and it hardened and swelled. As I had pictured earlier, the big bulbous head pushed its way out of the foreskin. It was truly gigantic. I felt a thrill of fear at the thought of his jamming that big damned pole into me. The shaft was changing color and the veins stood out. He leaned over me, holding my arms down hard against the mattress above my head. He pressed the huge purpled head of his prick against the lips of my pussy. I was fully wet in my cunt now, but fearful. I said, "Now wait . . . ."

Lily crouched on the bed beside me. "It'll be okay," she crooned. "You'll see." She grasped Rod's tool. Her delicate little fingers couldn't reach around the thickness of that tremendous shaft.

"Here," she said. "Let me." She pushed him aside and put her mouth on my pussy. She parted my pubic hair and trust her tongue in me. She found my clit with her fingers and played it like a banjo string as she slurped and drooled into my cunt. She really brought my vaginal juices down. I was wet and oozing pussy juice.

Meanwhile, Rod had been rubbing his rod up and down her back as she worked me over. He got behind her and rubbed his dong up and down the crack between her butt cheeks. She squirmed and wriggled, pushing her butt back against his tool. Then she reached around behind her, got hold of his cock again, and rubbed the head of it up and down my now-flowing slit. She parted my pussy hair and twiddled my clit as she rubbed him against me. She gripped his dick and shoved the head of it about an inch into me.

Okay, go!" she sang. "Fuck her, Roddy boy! Fuck Maggie! Fuck her!"

Rod bunched his butt muscles and pressed his dick into me. Only another inch or so, but it hurt. The pain was intense. I thought he would tear me in half. He eased another inch into me.

"Yeow!" I yelled. "I can't take it. I can't take your dick. You're too big for me. You're too big for any woman."

"Relax, Honey." He really was being slow and gentle. It was only the huge size of his pecker that was giving me pain. "I'm a professional fucker. I fuck for a living. I know what I'm doing. I've fucked hundreds of women, most of them with tighter cunts than you. Just relax and let yourself go."

It was true that I hadn't been screwed for more than three years. And I had never had children. I just wasn't flexible enough yet. Rod was still working his tool deeper in me, but the pain was subsiding and my pussy was beginning to tingle. Pain and pleasure in equal parts. Damn! It was like being a virgin all over again. Second time virgin, I thought. Maybe I'll bleed virgin's blood again.

Rod was good at his job. He was slow and gentle, and he worked that big thing deep into my snatch. I was so long that he couldn't get his full length into me, but I felt him bump against my cervix. That feeling turned me on, and I became eager for fucking. I shoved my hips up to give him more leverage, and he went to work.

Once my cunt was 'broken in again,' so to speak, I found I could enjoy it. Rod began to fuck me slowly, drawing halfway out and sliding slowly in again. He inched his prick into me in tiny jerking motions, time and time again. By now I could take the girth of his fat, thick prick, and he sensed that. He began a rhythmic motion that drove me into sheer pleasure. I wanted him! And I wanted him to fuck me into oblivion.

Within minutes I was at the brink of orgasm. Then he paused and stayed motionless for a full minute or more. He held me there with the tiniest motions of his tool against my throbbing clitoris, trembling on the cusp of a gigantic climax. Then he plunged into me in one hard rush, and I exploded. It was a shattering climax. I was shaking like a leaf in the wind. I felt like a real çankaya escort woman again. A really fucked and ravished woman. I was flooded with gratitude and desire, and I was ready for him to fuck me again.

But as he pulled out of my flowing cunt, I saw that his prick was still hard, erect and throbbing. He had withheld his own climax. He hadn't come! I was astounded.


Meanwhile, as Rod had been fucking me, working his sexual magic on me and reawakening my womanhood, Lily had not been idle. When she saw that I was ready and Rod had his rod lodged in my snatch, she turned to smile at Bill. He had set the camera to automatic and was already halfway out of his clothes. He was pushing down his boxer shorts. Lily padded over to him. "No, wait," she murmured. "Let me do that for you. That's the girl's job."

Cupping her tis with both hands and lifting them up, she knelt in front of Bill and let her tits fall. They bounced. Lily had generous C cup breasts, firm and round, with wide areolas and broad nipples. She tweaked her nipples. Then she put both hands on Bill's waist, sliding her palms under the waistband of his shorts. She slid her palms down over his hips and thighs, down to his knees, pushing his shorts down with slow wrist action as she went. Bill's cock sprang up as it came free of the shorts. It was a good eight inches, and already swollen. It curved upward.

Lily was in no hurry. She leaned forward to push his shorts down to the floor. She lifted his feet out of the shorts, one by one, letting her breasts brush against his shins. Then she looked at his dick, up into his face, and back down at his dick again. Kneeling there totally naked, basking in her own nakedness, she smiled a radiant smile.

"Oh," she said, "that's nice. Nice big dick." She wrapped the fingers of her right hand around his cock and cupped his balls with her left hand. She brought his dick to her mouth and kissed the tip of it. Then she took the head of his prick in her mouth and sucked?only the head. Her jaw muscles worked visibly, one, two, three, four times, and she pulled it out of her mouth with an audible Pop! like a cork coming out of a bottle of brandy. She gave his balls a gentle squeeze, then a stronger one, and let them go. Still holding tight to Bills' reddened, curved pecker, she used it to lead him to the other bed, spread her thighs, and sat on the edge of the bed without releasing her hold on his tool.

She leaned forward and rubbed his peter on her breasts, lingering on her nipples, which were hard and erect by now. She had to put some pressure on his tool in order to do that, for it kept wanting to curve upward, pointing at the ceiling. He moved to kneel between her legs and get his mouth on her pussy, but she had a tight grip on his peter. She guided it straight to her pussy and stuck the head of it inside her. "I'm ready," she warbled. "Do me. Fuck me. Make me a star!"

Bill too was a professional fucker. He had fucked hundreds of women in auditions and in porn films. He didn't hesitate. Her cunt was already wet. She was ready. He slid his dick into her.

"Oooow! Yeow! OW!" she shrilled. "Easy! Do me easy!"

Bill drew back and took his time sliding into her again. His cock met resistance. A knowing smile spread on his face. He knew about fucking women. He put steady pressure on his schlong, mashing it into her steadily. There was a jerk, a slip, and he sank in her to the depth of her cunt. Lily squealed. He had popped her cherry!

Bill held his prick deep in Lily's pussy and let it rest there. "Damn it, little girl," he said. "What are you doing? I never popped a virgin before."

"Whooo! That hurt some," she said. "Did you get my first blood on the tape? I want my virgin's blood in the movie. Ow. It still hurts." Blood was indeed running out of Lily's pussy, down the crack of her ass, spreading on the cheeks of her butt and soaking the bedspread. In spite of the pain. Lily was proud of herself. Her first time virgin blood was going to be in a movie!

"Sure," said Bill. "Of course we did. Your first blood will be in the movie. Now let's get down to business." He was still deep inside her cunt. He eased his pecker out an inch or two and slid it back in, slowly and gently.

"Ow. That still hurts some. Not as bad as popping my cherry. But it feels good too. Do me some more."

Bill was a pro. He knew about fucking, and he knew how to be gentle. He slid his dick halfway out of her cunt and back in again, in tiny little movements. He did it again. He increased the speed and force of his slides by gradual increments, until he was fucking her normally.

There was still a bit of pain from her broken maidenhead, but Lily ignored it. The friction of Bill's dick in her snatch was warming her up. Her clit was tingling with every thrust. Bill finally set up a steady rhythm, and fucked her and fucked her and fucked her. His balls were slapping her bloody ass as he drove into her. çayyolu escort His pecker swelled and spurted. He shot one spurt into Lily's pussy before he jerked his dick out and spewed the rest of his come on her belly.

Lily had been aroused. She had been excited. She had felt intense pleasure, and she had reached a peak, almost a climax. "Oh, Bill, that was nice. After you started fucking me for real, the pain went away, mostly. I'm gonna like fucking. In the movies. Fucking in the movies."

Bill handed her a towel to wipe away the blood.


Rod was done with me. But his tool was still hard, erect, ready and throbbing. As Bill rolled off Lily's bed, Rod came over to her. She was still cleaning herself. Rod sat on the bed beside her. "There's more towels in the bathroom," he said.

"Oh. Okay. Thanks." She go up and walked to the bathroom door. Her steps were not quite steady, and she held the towel between her legs as she walked. She was gone for two or three minutes. When she came out her belly was clean, her pussy was clean, her blonde pussy hair was free of come and blood, and she was rubbing her crotch with a fresh white terry-cloth towel. "Mmmm," she murmured. "That's nice. On my clit. Feels good on my clitty. Good"

She came back to sit on the bed. Rod took the towel from her. "Second part of the audition," he said. He turned his body, pushed her down, and climbed on top of her.

"Hey, wait. I already been fucked. And I still hurt some. My pussy is sore."

"Sshhh," Rod whispered. "The camera's still rolling. You got to show that you like fucking."

"Oh. Okay, I can do that." Lily was ready to do anything to be in the movies.

Rod held his pecker in one hand as he leaned over her. He rubbed it up and down her still moist slit, ruffling the blond hair. He shoved it between her thighs, rubbing his massive erection hard against the cheeks of her butt.

Lily liked the feel of that huge tool rubbing on the bare cheeks of her ass. She said so, "Oh, that's good, I like that. Keep doing that."

He thrust his cock against Lily's butt again and again, with increasing pressure. Finally he brought it down on her pussy and let the head slip inside her. She jerked and squealed. "Yeow! That's too . . . ow! I don't think I can take that big dick. Owwwww."

"You're an actress, so act." He pushed deeper into lily's cunt.

"Oh, my, you're sooo big," Lily warbled, looking over his back at the camera. Rod pushed his tool still deeper into her.

"Oh. Oh. Oh," she said.

He felt her juices flowing, and he slid his schlong deep into her, bumping the head against her cervix. He couldn't get his full length into her, but he began the in-and-out motion of an earnest fuck. As his long slow strokes agitated her pussy and rubbed against her engorged clit, Lily responded to her own sexual feelings. Her cunt had adjusted to the thickness of Rod's rod inside her.

"That's feeling good now," she said. "Fuck. Fuck me."


I was a bit put off when Bill came to my bed. My pussy was still in a state of shock from Rod's immense cock tearing me open as he shagged me into multiple orgasms. Bill smiled at me. "It'll be all right. You'll like it this time."

"I liked it last time," I said. "But his damn big cock was hard to take."

"I'll be gentle. I know how to fuck a woman to her best advantage. I'm a pro, remember?"

And he was gentle, and skillful. He got my juices flowing and slid into my cunt with practiced ease. His fucking was totally different to Rod's, slow, easy, and pleasant. I felt like I could go on with Bill fucking me for hour and hours without tiring. He kept my pussy humming for ten minutes or more, then he changed the tempo. Within seconds I was at the peak and ready. Bill didn't hesitate. He plunged into me in a few rapid thrusts that brought me over the top in yet another shuddering climax. He wasn't done. He was a superb fucker. He gave me three more orgasms in a row, with hardly any perceptible pauses between. Then he shot his load on the outside of my pussy, splashing jet after jet into my cunt hair. I was wrung out like a load of laundry. I collapsed, panting.

On the next bed, Rod was pounding Lily like a hammer. She yelled and squealed in full cry. "Oh, God damn! Good God! Ohhhhhhh!" She was in the grip of her first orgasm. He pulled that gigantic dong out of her and spurted a stream of yellowish come onto her belly. He must have poured more than half a cup of fluid onto that girl. It was amazing, the volume of sperm that he poured out on her. She was as limp as a wet rag, but still smiling for the camera.

Bill stood up as calm as you please and walked over to the camera. He took the tape out of the camera and placed a fresh tape in its place. "Okay, people. Take five," he said.


For phase two, which didn't last as long as the first, we had to fuck each of them again. But first we had to give each of them a blowjob. I wasn't at all happy about that, but Lily took it in stride. Maybe she could become an actress after all.

Bill lay on one bed, Rod on the other. I climbed on top of Bill and took his still slimy peter in my hand. "Now, you've got to get us hard again," he said.
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