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A Nevada Brothel - My Initial Work Ch. 03

Post #1

I am back, for the third time, at a legal brothel in Nevada. This time is much easier then my earlier trips. Only yesterday morning, I was getting on a bus for the ride to Northern Nevada. At my final destination, the shift manager meet me at the bus terminal and drove me directly to the medical clinic for the necessary physical checks. That evening, I talked with the Madam regarding house policy, rules and regulations. There is little change from my earlier time -- and the Madam quickly gave her permission for me to wear as little or nothing for Late Night Line-Ups.

For several hours, I talk with a few of the 'girls' in the brothel lounge. I am still dressed in my street clothes -- gym shoes, blue jeans, and a long sleeve shirt. The 'girls' are dressed in their brothel uniforms:

Two 'girls' are wearing colorful lingerie -- sheer and opaque with matching shoes. One gown is bright yellow with black trim, the other gown is a pale blue with dark blue trim. The four boobs are covered, their shape is evident but not the details. Both gowns just touch the wearer's knees, one gown has a side slit that almost touches the 'girl's' rounded ass. The other gown has a slit on each side -- these slits reach up to the wearer's mid-thigh. As the girls move around, it was evident that one is wearing thong panties. No panty line is obvious through the other gown.

Another 'girl' is wearing a black semi-sheer gown with red trim. Her thigh high hose are black, red shoes match the gown's red trim. She is wearing a realistic plastic red rose in her black hair. The gown has a plunging neck line - - the valley between her breasts is visible, part of her breasts is also visible. Her breasts, genitals, and ass are covered with an opaque black fabric; the rest of the gown is sheer. The bottom of the gown ends about an inch below the top of her hose.

One 'girl' is wearing a black leather bra, thong panties, and black medium height shoes. Much more shapely female flesh is bare then flesh that is covered. I have some bras, back home, that cover more of my boobs then the leather bra covers.

One 'girl' is wearing a green opaque bathrobe that covers her knees. But she seldom had the belt tied. Her red thong panties are often visible. As she sat in the lounge her breasts were covered, but as she moved both of her boobs are partially and even completely revealed. She has a nice pair. Many men would be pleased to fondle and suck these boobs. Or to fuck her breasts with his hard cock.

These 'girls' probably would become my casual friends over the next few days. But they would also be my competition in any line-up and at the bar. My past experience told me that usually there was only one man at a time selecting a 'girl' for his party.

My job -- as a contractor -- is to provide desired sexual services, within legal limits and house policy, for a man. The fifteen and thirty minute parties are simply about sex. The man will be using my body for his pleasure -- -- really for the pleasure of his organ. I know that the initial parties will be hard -- not physically hard for me, but somewhat mentally hard.

Based on my past experiences, it will take me a few days to get in the grove of stripping for a complete stranger. Then letting him play with my breasts and genitals, giving him a hand job, covering his cock with a condom, sucking his cock, and letting him penetrate my cunt. While I prefer the missionary position, the sexual position often is selected by the man.

But I also know that the man's organ will become hard. And he will penetrate my cunt with his hard cock. Some men will be gentle and easy with my pink treasure; other men will fuck me so hard and long that my cunt will become sore from the pounding and ramming. However, the money received is excellent -- and much better then my salary as a clerk at a big box discount store.



After breakfast, the Madam told me that I had passed the physical -- and to start working. I can be in the line-ups and also in the bar area. At other times, I would be negotiating parties in my bedroom or in my room providing sexual services for men. Except for the required weekly physicals at the medical clinic, I probably will not leave the brothel or the adjoining brothel land. During my previous weeks at the brothel, I got in the habit of taking early morning walks outside.

My brothel bedroom - work room is adequate. There is a double bed -- used for both sleeping and working. A closet, dresser, desk with lamp and chair plus a second chair completes the list of furniture. Several large mirrors and a few suggestive large pictures are on the walls. Little is left for a man's imagination with these pictures as they show a nude woman in an erotic position or a sexually suggestive pose. The private small bathroom has a toilet, wash basin, large mirror, and shower.

The room lighting can be adjusted with the use of a dimmer switch -- from soft intimate lighting ataşehir escort to very bright. Depending upon the man's desire, our bodies can be lightly touched with soft and suggestive romance type lighting. Or every crevice of our bodies can be extremely visible with the higher wattage bulbs. During the day, the curtains on the windows near the ceiling can be opened to let in sunlight.

In my room, I prepare for my First Day Back as a prostitute at a legal brothel. Hopefully, within several hours, I will be in my bedroom -- with a man. A man who is paying me money for my sexual services. I will probably be in the missionary position on my back with my legs spread wide. And receiving my first fucking from a stranger. I sense that my third time back will be much easier then my earlier two times. I want to get back "in the swing of things" -- on my back with my legs spread and a cock in my cunt. I need the money!

I really want to have my first party and get my first fucking. I have been told by some of the other 'girls' that the first party, on coming back, is the hardest. I guess it takes time to "get back in the groove". But I think that most men can quickly slide into the pink groove between my legs -- and then into my moist cylinder. I want to provide sexual services for a complete stranger -- hopefully, for a gentleman. I need the money!

I take a shower, wash my hair, shave my underarms and legs, and trim my pussy hair. Stark naked, I dry my body as I stand in front of the large bathroom mirror. Then I put some lotion on my entire body. My boobs, thighs, and lower stomach area receive some extra lotion.

Now -- standing in front of the large mirror -- in my bedroom, I put on my brothel uniform: crotch-less panties, modified bra, thigh high black hose, short light red scarf, and an opaque red gown with black trim.

The black bra was a gift a man gave me during our party about six weeks ago. I still remember his name -- -- he was a gentlemen. Both of us obtained sexual pleasure during our extended time party. Actually, Garrett gave me a regular bra -- size 36 C. As I recall, he was sitting on the chair stark naked. I was standing in front of him and stripping. As he requested, I fondled my breasts and genitals for several minutes. He reached into his small canvas bag and handed me a plastic bag. Standing within a few feet of him, I put on the black bra and modeled for him. I was wearing only the black bra, some jewelry, and red lipstick.

As I modeled and turned around, his eyes traveled from the black bra to my genitals and ass. Finally, he got a small pair of scissors from his bag and had me remove the bra. In a minute or so, the bra had been modified as the cloth cups were cut out.

Once again, I put on the now modified black bra. For all practical purposes, I am stark naked. But like a picture mounted in a frame -- my breasts were also mounted between narrow black strips of cloth. My nipples and pink flesh are completely exposed; most of my ample mounds of female flesh are exposed. My breasts are framed with narrow black strips of cloth.

As I put on the modified bra, I watched Garrett's cock becoming larger and harder. In only a minute or so, I was on the bed. My ass was raised with a firm pillow, my legs were spread wide. He licked and sucked my exposed nipples frequently as he rubbed my clitoris and pink flesh with his fingers -- covered with a plastic glove. I could feel my natural female lubricant starting to coat the inside of my cunt. I was essentially stark naked, my female charms were completely on display. I enjoyed being naked for him. I enjoyed watching his penis grow into a large and hard cock.

I recall a comment he made about an actual picture being only two dimensional -- height and width. But with my boobs sticking out, I made a three dimensional picture -- framed in narrow strips of black cloth.

Finally, he penetrated my body with his large condom covered organ -- -- for many minutes, the two of us were like one, as he pounded and rammed my cunt repeatedly. The fucking he gave me six weeks ago was wonderful. Both of us received sexual pleasure and satisfaction. I appreciated and enjoyed having him completely possess my body.

I wore the modified bra for the balance of our party and did not remove it until after he was gone. As he left the brothel, Garrett said he would check the brothel's web site and have a future party with me. But I could wear the modified bra anytime -- instead, I put it away with my personal things -- -- this modified bra will be worn again upon his return, for our next party.

The bell rang -- -- indicating that a man wanted a line-up of available 'girls'. Hopefully, I would soon have a party. I slip off the modified bra and put it with my personal things. Then join the other available 'girls' for the line-up. My ample breasts are covered only with my opaque gown. The shape of my boobs is evident, but not the details.

There ataşehir escort bayan are four 'girls' in the line-up, including myself.

"Ladies. This is gentlemen is Bruce. He said he would like a thirty minute party. Please introduce yourself." The Shift Manager states.

When it was my turn, I smile and take one step forward and say: "Kitty." Then step back into the line.

Bruce closely looks at each of us. Then says: "I would like a party with the 'girl' wearing the red and black gown. Kitty."

As I walk toward him, I smile. Hand in hand, I lead him to my room. Initially, his other hand lightly touches my waist; then drops down, touches, and holds my ass. His hand on my ass does not bother me -- -- as I would like to have some of his money in my pocketbook. His hand stays on my ass until we are in my room. If we have a party, I expect that his hands will freely roam over the parts of my body that most interest him.

As I close the bedroom door, I ask: "What type of activities would you like, Bruce?"

"A quick blow job, then cow girl until I have an ejaculation. Thirty minutes. I really enjoy watching a woman's breasts bounce and sway as she rides my cock."

We negotiate the money and settle for thirty dollars above the house minimum for a thirty minute party. Bruce unfastens his belt. In one swift movement, his pants and underpants are pushed down to his knees.

I have him turn toward the light and check our his penis, balls, and surrounding area. I am satisfied that he is free of any disease. He gives me the money, I leave the bedroom and book the party with the Shift Manager. Then I return.

I knock lightly on my bedroom door.

"OK to enter."

As I close the door behind me, I observe that Bruce is completely naked and laying on the bed. His cock is already firm and pointing upward.

I smile and ask: "Have you been playing with yourself."

"I am saving you some work. Please strip completely. Then get my cock dressed and give me a quick blow job before you mount me in the cow girl position."

Being a prostitute is a service job -- providing sexual pleasure for a man. I strip completely.

"You have a nice pair of boobs, Kitty."

"Thank you. I like a man looking, licking, sucking, and fondling them."

"I will, Kitty. Often."

I open a condom and place it on his erection. Then roll it down his shaft partway with my lips; my fingers complete the unrolling. I open my mouth and feel his partial erection inside my mouth. Then I start bobbing my head -- -- up and down.

"Suck me, Baby. Suck my cock for a few minutes. Harder and faster."

My head bobs up and down -- quickly. Harder and faster. I start feeling Bruce's manhood becoming larger in my mouth.

"Do you like a cock growing larger in your mouth, Kitty?"

"Yes." I mumble -- over his cock.

Now I can not reach the base of his shaft. I focus my sucking activity on the cock head, rim, and several inches of his erection. I apply even more pressure on the cock rim. My head bobbing continues. His manhood continues to become harder. And larger.

"Very nice, Kitty. You give a very pleasing blow job. But let's move on."

"OK. It is your party. What would you like to do." I mumble -- over his firm and hard cock.

"Mount my cock. Cow girl position. And lean forward so I can pleasure your boobs."

After putting some lubricant on my pussy lips and on the outside of the condom, I move into the desired position. Holding his condom covered cock in my hand, I lower my body and guide it into my cunt. Penetration is complete -- male and female pubic hair touch.

"OK, Baby. Start riding my cock -- up and down. I always want part of my cock inside your cunt. But I like to see my cock appear and disappear inside you. I want to see my pubic hair touching your trimmed pussy hair as my cock disappears completely into your body."

I start pushing my body up several inches, then lowering my body. I can easily feel his large cock filling my cunt. But the fit of his male rod into my female cylinder is comfortable. My cunt can accommodate his manhood.

"That feels good, Baby. I enjoy looking at your body -- -- very pleasing."

"Thank you, Bruce. Your cock feels good inside my cunt."

"Continue riding my cock, Baby. But faster. I want to see your breasts bounce and sway."

"Would you like me to lean forward so you can fondle my boobs?"

"Yes. But even lean closer. I would appreciate licking and sucking your teats."

Soon I was leaning forward. Bruce licks and sucks one breast and its teat. His hand is fondling my other breast and teat. My teats start to become firm. I continue moving my hips -- both cock and cunt receive pleasure.

"Very nice, Kitty." He mumbles -- as his lips continue sucking a teat.

Bruce stops sucking. Now he is fondling both boobs and their teats. I continue to move my hips.

"OK, Baby. Straighten up and ride my cock as fast and as hard as you can. And I want to watch your ample breasts swing and sway. Pleasure my cock and my eyes with your female charms."

My legs are starting to get tired from the length of the ride. But somehow, I continue riding Bruce's cock. As I ride him, I watch his eyes making the round trip many times -- breasts to pubic hair - male shaft.

"Are you enjoying your party, Bruce?"

"Yes. My cock likes penetrating your cunt. And my eyes enjoy moving breasts."

"Are my breasts large enough for your eyes?" I ask -- as I smile and laugh softly.

"I have had a few parties with women who have larger breasts. And some parties with women who have smaller breasts. Guess that I like breasts of all sizes. Yours are very nice."

"Thank you, Bruce."

"What size are your breasts, Kitty?"

"I usually wear bras that are 36 C."

Bruce turns his head toward the timer. We have about five minutes left.

"Looks like you have been riding my cock for about twenty five minutes. You may not be able to give me an ejaculation by riding my cock."

"Would you like me to finish with a hand job?"

"Yes. I had an earlier party this morning at a brothel in another town."

I move out of Bruce's saddle and kneel down between his legs. After pulling off the condom, I put some baby oil on my hands and start rubbing his firm hard erection.

"You like looking at my cock and balls , Baby?"


"Stroke my balls, Kitty. One hand on my cock, one hand on my balls. Rub my triangle."

For a few minutes, I stroke and rub Bruce's male equipment. He continues laying on his back, his head is elevated with a firm pillow. I watch his eyes -- frequently they make the round trip: between my boobs and my hands on his cock and balls.

The buzzer of the timer sounds -- there are two minutes left in our party. I continue to apply gentle pressure on his cock head and cock rim. I continue to rub the sensitive triangle on the underside of his cock.

"Yes, Baby. Yes."

I feel Bruce's cock enlarge slightly. Bruce's head jerks several times. His body moves slightly. I watch as his cum shots out of his swollen manhood -- and falls down onto my fingers. Bruce rests briefly. I watch his large firm cock gradually become a small cock -- then a flaccid penis.

"Do you want to suck my cum off your fingers, Kitty?"

"No. Not this time." I reply.

"Let me suck my cum off your fingers, Kitty. I believe in recycling." Bruce says with a smile and a soft laugh.

Finally, we watch each other as we dress. Bruce in street clothes. I in my brothel lingerie. After giving me a nice tip, we walk down the hallway toward the brothel's lobby. Bruce has his hand on my ass. His fingers rub and pinch my ass.

In the lobby, we hug, say thank you, good by -- see you again. Our paths have crossed for about thirty minutes, I know we may never see each other again. We only know the first names, or the names used. My actual name is Betty, and not Kitty. I only know Bruce as Bruce. Where we live was never discussed.

I go back to my bedroom and freshen up -- both myself and the bed. I need to be ready for the next gentlemen who wants my sexual services.

Over the next two hours or so, several men come. But they select other 'girls'. I spend my time in the bar area, the 'girls' lounge, and eating a large salad.


It is early afternoon when the door bell rings and a man walks in, The Shift Manager takes him to the bar but he only orders a cup of coffee. Several 'girls' including myself join him at the bar. We each give our names, then we talk about different subjects; but nothing is mentioned about a party.

Finally, Tim finishes his coffee. He looks at me and says: "Let's go to your room, Kitty -- -- and discuss a possible party."

Hand in hand, Tim and I walk toward my room.

With the door closed behind us, I ask: "What type of party would you like?"

"I have been here before but the 'girl' I fucked earlier is not here. I was really hoping for a party with Brenda. Our party was very pleasing for me."

I smile. I only say that no Brenda is at the house now. My best friend, Marsha, from high school has been at this house and goes by the name of Brenda. But I don't know if Tim's Brenda is the Brenda (Marsha) that I know.

"I certainly will do my best to provide you with a sexually satisfying party, Tim. What would you like to do?"

"I would like a quick hand job, a blow job -- with warm and cool water, and missionary. Then I have a banana that we can share. Thirty minutes."

"Exactly how would we share a banana?" I ask.

"We can eat it together -- each starting from opposite ends."

"And before we eat the banana?" I ask.

"Cover it with a condom -- and use it like a dildo in your cunt."

The Madam has never said anything about using fruit -- instead of an actual penis or a dildo. Years ago, possibly my husband used some type of fruit or vegetable in my cunt. But I do not remember. But now I am not married -- my husband and I grew apart and went on separate paths. In time, we obtained a divorce.
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