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A night with a sexy bartender

Post #1

This is a true story that happened just a week ago. There's a group of us that, nearly every day, meet at a local bar and restaurant for happy hour. There are teachers, truckers, warehouse workers, lawyers and retired law enforcement that attend each day. Because he is a smart businessman, the owner has loaded his waitstaff with very cute, personable and smart young ladies.

Angela is my favorite, although I like them

all. To say she is petite is an understatement.

She could pass as a teen. Now, to me anyway, that is not what attracts me to her, it's the tats and hair and the very beautiful face. She's a tad feisty, which does not endure her to the boss, but it works for me.

I'm retired. Old enough to be her grandfather but every day when she gets to work, she heads directly for me and gives me a hug. And I like it. I like it a lot. Every day during the good bye hug I whisper "Drop by my house when you get off." She laughs, pushes me away and just blows it off. It's all a big joke. But the regulars are very protective of the girls.

So, Angela's boyfriend works in the oilfields somewhere and is gone three weeks then home for one. We can always tell when he is home, she comes to work with a smile and a more relaxed attitude. She and I are friends on social media and occasionally send PMs to one another. Nothing I wouldn't want her boyfriend to see. Very innocent stuff.

Well last week, while the boyfriend had been gone for about ten days, i received a short video from her. It was a slow striptease. The shirt was first. She pulled it over her head then shook her long brown hair to get it straight. Next came the shorts. I had seen her wear these several times at the bar. Tight blue jean shorts that really accented her cute little ass.

The bra-let and thong. She took her time. I was glued to my phone. kurtköy escort Her tits were perfect A-Cups with cute nipples. On the vid she crawls close to the camera and begins to rub her clit.

"Do you like this?" she asks. "I do," she says.

She turns her back on the camera and shows that cute little ass. No tan lines.

Ok, by this time I was hard as possible but wondering why she sent this to me. My ego allowed me to think that she really was into me. My common sense asks why? Why? Why would she send this to me? There was nothing in our history that would suggest anything like this.

Back on the tape she was dancing and looked up at the camera and said, "I can't wait for you to get back home, baby. I really can't wait." She licked her fingers before pushing them into her pussy.

Back home? Baby?That answered all my questions. The video was for her boyfriend.

Now I felt stupid. That old guy who thinks a young women could be attracted to him. I watched until the end and then shut it off. I debated watching it again but decided it really wasn't the right thing to do. I went to bed feeling old and ashamed.

About midnight I got a pm. It was Angela.

"OMG!!! I'm sorry. I'm so embarrassed. Please please forgive me."

"Nothing to forgive."

"Obviously it was for Taylor "

"Lucky man."

"I am so sorry."

"Once I saw it wasn't for me I quit looking at it. I've already erased it." I lied.

A long period before the next message.

"Did you think it was for you? I mean...why..."

"Skip it, ok? My mistake."

"Look, I m sorry."

"See ya tomorrow." And I put the phone down and tried to sleep

I thought better than going to the bar the next day. I didn't want to embarrass her or me. Marvin gave me kartal escort a call about 4:30.

"You coming to the office?"

"Nah...I have a few things to do around here today."

"Dude, you're retired! Projects can wait until tomorrow." Marvin is forty and has a hot live-in girlfriend and is in charge of maintenance for a big state agency.

"Just can't make it, Buddy."

"Love you, dude. If you need anything, let me know."

I didn't go in the next day either. At 6:00 I received a text from Angela. "Where are you?"

"Playing golf," I lied.

"Ok. Just thought you were avoiding me."

"Well...maybe just a little."


"Can't really explain. Feel stupid because I thought you sent it to me on purpose. Silly old man."

"I'm sorry."

"No worries."

"You're not playing golf, are you."

"Gotta go."

There's no fool like an old fool.

The phone rings at midnight. "Hello?"

"Open your front door."

"I can't get passed this. I never would hurt you," she said as she invited herself in. She put her bag down and gave me my normal hug, but this one was a lot longer than usual. She was looking at me through the tears in her eyes. I wiped them away. I'd seen that look before, from another Angela coincidentally. I leaned down and kissed her lips. Beautiful, soft lips. She opened her mouth and I could feel the tongue piercing as she moved in and out.

I led her by the hand down the hall to my bedroom. She stood in front of me in the light of the small lamp by my bedside. I removed her clothes. Those breasts...those glorious A cup breasts... I left her panties on.

Once on the bed, I tied her hands behind her head and attached it to the hook set there for this reason

"Now wait a minute..."

" kurtköy bayan escort me."

I started with the wartenburg wheel. Circling her barely there tits several times before moving to the nipples. The squirming started. The wheel always gets them. Down her belly, circling around her pieced navel, to the panty line. I traced the wheel across her body. following the elastic waistband of her sheer panties.

Her breathing became deeper. Long breaths.

I began to lightly rub her clit through her panties. Barely touching it at times. Her hips seemingly began to move Involuntarily to the touch. Within minutes she was on the verge so I stopped. I felt her let down. But her disappointment did not last long as I began again. Within seconds she was about to cum. I let her this time. She bucked. I was glad she was tied down.

As her breathing got back to normal, I moved to the foot of the bed, put my thumbs in the waistband of her panties and began to pull them off. She lifted her hips allowing me to remove them in one motion. My index finger found its way into her pussy where it began the same technique on her g spot. Again it didn't take her long. I picked up my Magic Wand, turned it on low and put it on her clit while I licked, ate and fingered her pussy. The sensation was too much and she exploded on my bed. Little drops of female cum squirted from her opening.

As she was in the midst of her second orgasm I rammed my cock in her and fucked her the best I could. As I was building to a climax,she was too. I shot my load and she had orgasm number three. Maybe not as intense as the second one, but enough to squirt a bit more. I rolled off of her leaving a trail of jiz on her leg. When I recovered I lapped up our juices then released her wrists. She was spent and lay motionless for a few minutes before getting up and getting dressed.

"As we got to the front door, she turned and said, almost laughing, "I've never ever been fucked like that. Never."


"It can never happen again."

"I know."

We kissed and I tweaked her right nipple. She walked to her car and drove off.
08-09-2022, at 03:52 PM

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