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A Night of Passion

Post #1

It was late, we'd just spent our first evening together, dinner, dancing, and a walk out under the stars. We finally get back to your place and pull into the drive-way. You come around and open the car door for me and give me your hand to help me up out of the car. We walk towards the door and you open it for me placing your hand on the small of my back guiding me in. Such a gentleman you are! I love it so much.

I stand in the entrance as you lock up and sigh happily "That was such a wonderful evening Frank. Thank you so much! I'm so happy about being here with you. You're amazing."

You smile back at me and follow me into the living room where I stand with you behind me taking it all in, the wonderful night, the moonlight, and just being in your presence. Its almost too much, but its better than anything I've ever wanted.

You wrap your arm around my waist as your hand slides up to my shoulder, your fingers sliding between my flesh and the strap of my dress as you start to kiss my neck. I lean my head to the right to give you better access and moan softly as you kiss me.

I turn around and smile back at you, staring deep into your eyes as my hand cups your face and we lean into eachother for a passionate warm kiss . We stay like this our bodies pressed against one another in a loving embrace until I break free and walk towards the bedroom. "I'm getting tired," I say as I turn slightly and wink back at you. I stop at the entrance to your bedroom and once again find your arm wrapped around my waist and you kissing my neck behind me. Your hand left hand is resting on my stomach as your right hand begins moving up to cup my breast.

You whisper into my ear, "Do you know how much you turned me on tonight?" and kiss my neck again. "You make me so hard darling." I moan as your fingers find my nipple and squeeze through the fabric of my dress and my bra.

You start to slide the hand on my stomach up my back and slowly starts to unzip my dress. Your fingers graze the flesh on my back as you pull the zipper down slowly. "Your skin is so soft Faye, so warm."

I turn my head and catch your lips on mine and we kiss passionately as you reach your hands caress my shoulders, pushing the straps down letting my dress slip off me and onto the floor. I turn and you embrace me and we kiss as you start to guide me into your bedroom. You urge me into the bedroom with your gentle guidence and finally my legs bump up against the bed, we stop moving back and kiss more, my hands begin to run all over your body.

You reach around my body and start to unclasp my bra as my hands are slowly unbuttoning your shirt. "Frank, I've been waiting so long for this!" You remain silent and I feel it , you've got all the clasps undone and move your hands up to my shoulder and begin rubbing them, not pulling the straps down yet. I can feel you throbbing against me as your body rubs up against mine.

Your hands move up to my face and caress my cheeks as i'm finished unbuttoning your shirt and I pull it down off of your arms. escort kurtköy bayan The shirt falls to the floor and I begin to run my hands over your chest, feeling your warm skin under my fingers. I move my hands down to the waist line of your pants as you kiss down my neck and to my chest. Before I am able to reach your button and zipper, you stop me and push me down onto the bed. I oblige and lay there looking up at you standing over me, I can see you hard in your pants wanting to get out. But you don't reach for your zipper, instead you sit down on the bed next to me and start to move my bra off my shoulders. "And I've been wanting to do this for so long," you say to me as you kiss the area my bra had just covered and continue sliding it off.

You slowly begin exposing my left breast and you can see the flesh, the pink nipple and want to take it in your mouth, but you resist the urge as you slowly continue to unwrap your gift. Finally you slide the bra off my right arm and throw it down onto the floor and you cup my breasts with your hands and squeeze them gently but firmly, looking into my eyes, so that I can see the lust they hold for me.

You slowly start to lower your head down still looking me in the eyes the entire time and you stick the tip of your tongue out and graze the tip of my nipple "Oh Frank, yes, baby! You know what I want you to do." I moan as the sensation runs through my body, letting you know you're welcome to continue and you suck my nipple into your mouth, sucking on it making me wetter than I've ever been.

I continue to moan and move under the touch of your tongue and the feel of your hands on my breast, and you stop, look at me, and then attack the other nipple with your loving tongue, sucking and squeezing my breast as you do.

I finally have had too much and cry out your name as I cum for the first time. "Ohhhh Fraaaaaank, suck that nipple! I'm ohhhhhh, ohhh, I'm cumming for you!!!"

You continue to massage my breasts with your hands as you kiss me deeply and I come down from that amazing intense orgasm.

It felt so good, and I wanted to repay you, and continue my pleasure as well. I sat up on the bed and told you to lay down. You did as you were told and I stradled your body and kissed you deeply, thanking you for that amazing orgasm. "Frank, you worked wonders on my breasts, you made me my love, its your turn." I kiss you again and begin kissing down your neck. My kisses move down over your chest, down your stomach, and finally I reach your waist, as you begin to moan.

Your pants are still on and I can see you hard through your jeans, so I rub you through your pants "Baby, I think there's something that would like some attention from me now!"

"Oh Faye, I want you to suck it!" You moan as I slowly begin to undo your belt and unzip your pants. I stood up and pulled your pants down off your legs until all that's left is you on that bed with your underwear on.

I move back up, kissing your calves escort kurtköy bayanlar and up your knees, caressing the inside of your thighs with kisses and massaging them with my hands, not wanting to let any part of you go untouched. I let my hand slip up into your underwear but not touching "you" yet.

"Ohhh yes Faye, that's it wrap your hand around my cock." I look up at you as you say this and wink back at you, "Not yet baby."

I pull your underwear off and slowly start to reveal the thing I've been craving this whole time. A part of you that I can't wait to get ahold of. Inch by inch, you're more exposed to my sight and my eyes grow large as a smile creeps onto my face. I look up at you with big wanting eyes as you say to me, "Go ahead, its all yours."

With this, I bite my lip slightly and lean down to you, your hips raise to meet my face, but I back off, still not wanting to touch you. I kiss up your thigh, right up to your cock, my mouth moves to the tip of your cock and I slightly stick my tongue out, about to lick, as you feel my hot breath on you, warm, wanting, and then it drifts away, and I begin to kiss my way down your thigh, creating an anticipation, a lust that drives you to the brink of insanity as you moan out "Ohhhh Faye, you're driving me crazy! MMMMMM!"

You buck your hips up at me as I kiss your inner thigh, the motion of your body and seeing your cock throbbing, it all tells me that you want to feel my lips wrapped around your cock, and I finally begin to oblige.

I once again position my mouth at the tip of your cock and look into your eyes and slowly begin to run my tongue around the head. Drawing a circle around your tip, flicking my tongue back and forth. I love how your cock tastes and I want more, SO much more! I lick my lips and look down at your cock in front of me and start sliding you over my wet lips and letting you glide onto my tongue.

I start to move my head up and down on your cock, slowly, massaging you with my tongue as my head moves. My hands still haven't touched your cock, but they're massaging your thighs, higher and higher, inching closer and closer to you. I take you out of my mouth and wrap my right hand around you as I begin to suck on your balls, massaging them with my mouth, pulling gently and enjoying every part of you.

My hand begins to slide up and down your slick cock and I move my mouth back up to your cock, cupping your balls in my hand and holding you at the base with my other and I let my mouth slide down onto you again, moaning around your cock as I'm enjoying how you feel, how you taste, how warm and hard you are in my mouth. My hands and mouth are working together now to rub your wonderful cock.

I stop and let your cock fall out of my mouth, kissing my way up your body and I passionately kiss you. You wrap your arms around me tightly as you roll me over onto my back, positioning yourself on top of me, kissing me, and I can feel you hard and throbbing against my leg, wanting more.

"You're gebze escort amazing, you made my cock so hard, I want to cum for you Faye, I want you to cum for me again, to feel you squirt down my cock like you did so many times as we were talking online."

With that said, you bring your hand up to my breast and begin to caress my nipple and then your hands move down my body, your kisses as well, you stand up and look down at me, wanting you. You move your fingers into the waist of my panties and slowly start to run your finger between the fabric and my flesh, causing me to squirm at your touch and you pull them down off of me, over my legs, lifting my right leg up as you kiss your way up my calf, over my thigh, and give my dripping wet pussy a quick lick. I almost cum from the sensation of your tongue against my clit and you continue to kiss your way up my body and my arms wrap around you bringing you as close to me as I can. "Faye, I think you want this. You're a little wet sweetheart."

"Frank, this is something that I will never forget, making love to you for the first time...being here with you, holding you, you're amazing and I have never been happier." You kiss me, and I can now feel you throbbing and hot between my legs. You whisper into my ear, "Guide me in Faye, show me how you want it," as your cock grazes my clit and I jump in ecstasy. I reach down with my right hand and wrap it around your cock, stroking it as we kiss, and look deep into your eyes as I push you up against my wet pussy and feel you slowly enter me. "Oohhhhhhhh, I moan so glad to finally feel it. "It feels even better than I'd imagined it Faye, mmmmm so wet, so warm."

Your thick cock finally inside me. I reach my arms around you as you continue to push yourself inside of me, every inch, you come out again pushing in more each time, driving me crazy, driving yourself crazy, both of us wanting it so badly. "Ooh fayyyyyyeeeeee!" You finally push yourself all the way in and stay there awhile, savoring my pussy, and letting me enjoy the feel of you deep inside me and your thickness, then finally you begin to move out of me again, our bodies moving in sync with one another. We finally begin to make love for the first time.

My hips rise to meet your every thrust its slow at first and meaningful, every stroke I know you're mine, and with every thrust you are claiming me. You kiss me and look into my eyes as you begin to move a little faster and harder, "Ohhhh Frank, yes baby, that's it ohhhhhhh." Our bodies moving together, all of a sudden you roll over and now I'm on top of you, your cock still inside me, my breasts hanging in your face. All in one motion, its just how you wanted it and I begin to ride your cock as you take my nipple into your mouth and suck.

My pussy moves up and down your cock getting you in as deep as I can, my juices running down you and you move one of your hands to rub my clit as your mouth is working on my nipple. I start to moan and you can feel my pussy squeeze around you as I begin to have another orgasm. I cum, gushing over your cock "OOOOOOHHHHH Frannnnnk Ohhhh yes! I'm cumming baby, ohhhh!"

I lean down and kiss you still riding your cock, slowly now, my breathing is heavy as I slightly collapse on your chest.

You are still thick and hard, throbbing inside my quivering pussy...

(To be continued)
08-09-2022, at 03:56 PM

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