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A Passionate Encounter

Post #1

My mind kept wandering back to the amazing night I had experienced the previous weekend. I had decided I needed a well-deserved weekend away, with the sole purpose being to relax and recharge my batteries. The day was spent being pampered with an exquisite massage and by the end, as I walked out the door every muscle in my body was deliciously humming, my skin shimmering and seductively soft. My mind was thinking what a perfect start to a wonderful, probably never to be experienced again, weekend away.

Walking up to my room I dressed in a short black skirt that accentuated my long tanned toned legs and a silky cream shirt that hugged my curves revealing my ample cleavage to perfection. After sliding on my black high heels I looked in the mirror and smiled, as it was the first time in a while I actually had time to stop and look at myself. "Not too bad, if I do say so myself" I murmured. Gentle laughter rang from my lips as I realised that praising myself was such a foreign concept to me. Picking up my small purse I made my way down to the bar to enjoy a few drinks.

Walking over to the bar I sat on the edge of a bar stool and smoothed my skirt down, knowing that it was short and that I had to ensure I was mindful of it not slipping up too high. Ordering a scotch and coke my eyes took in the variety of people that were sitting in various locations around the bar.

The memory is still so clear in my mind of how, as I looked to the right, I could not help but inhale deeply as my eyes glided over the tall, dark haired man that stood to the side of me. His chest was broad and his arms rippled with firm, hard muscles, noticing how sexy he looked I could not avert my eyes from his ruggedly handsome face and intense eyes.

As I turned slightly so that he was standing directly in front of me, the feeling that I had known him a life time overwhelmed me. He bent and as he pulled me against him, he took possession of my mouth, his intoxicating, sweet tasting mouth, his body hard and hot pressed against mine. His arm moved around my waist while his other hand moved up the curve of my back and encircled the nape of my neck.

The caressing touch of his lips was so enticing that I gave myself up completely, lost to the overwhelming sensation that was sweeping through me. His body was powerful, strong, and masculine and exuded a raw power. I felt boneless as my body molded to his. I couldn't breathe, I had never felt such overwhelming need. His tongue penetrated my mouth in slow, erotic, seductive movements.

My hands, of their own accord, slid along the hard sculptured muscles of his chest through his shirt, I just knew without a doubt I needed to get closer, needed the touch of skin on skin. My hand slid under his shirt and slowly caressed the broad expanse of his warm chest. His hand moved from my waist and he placed it on his shirt, capturing my hand which lay beneath the material. He growled low in his throat and his kiss became deeper, stronger, and more possessive. His thick, long, hard arousal was evident through his jeans as it pressed against kurtköy bayan escortlar my thigh.

I could feel my whole body trembling with desire as his lips moved to my ear and I felt his warm tantalising breath on my sensitive skin as he whispered "I want nothing more than to lie on top of you and thrust my body deep inside you, over and over, until you scream in ecstasy."

I have no recollection of how we ended up in my room, but there was never going to be any stopping for the two of us. In my room he pulled me in one swift motion against him, trapping me between his rock hard body and the desk. I could see the raw emotion on his face. His hungry mouth nibbled at my lower lip and then as the heat grew he settled over my lips and began to devour me, in long fierce kisses. My body was on fire for him and my hands glided up and over his chest, his back.

His powerful body lifted me onto the edge of the table and he separated my legs with his muscular thighs, his hand lifting my skirt until his hard erection was pressing against my heat. The only thing separating us was his jeans and my skimpy lace thong.

"Damn, I want you" he murmured as he pulled back from my mouth. He could see my taut nipples through the thin material of my shirt. He leaned down and slowly undid the buttons while raining kisses along my eyelids, my jaw line and then down my neck. When my shirt was fully unbuttoned he pulled it open to reveal my soft full breasts. "Damn you are so beautiful, I could lose myself in you" his voice so intoxicating.

The feeling of his hands on my skin as he slowly, seductively slid down my bra exposing my soft breasts sent shivers through my body. He moved to capture the tip of one nipple in his hot moist mouth while his hand moved across the curves of my other breast, stroking and kneading. My body arched, of its own free will, giving him greater access and I heard the soft moan escape my lips. His tongue flicked and swirled across my taut nipples his teeth gently scrapping and then he was pulling my breast into his mouth.

Feeling the movements of my hips as I ground and gyrated my pulsating opening against his hot shaft, it was pushing me over the edge. His hand slipped down to the small thong and he ripped it from me and placed the small piece of material into his pocket. He slid one finger into my wet, tight pussy, and then another as his thumb caressed my clit.

Pressing my face into the hollow of his neck, my hand matted in his hair. "You are so fucking wet and smell so exquisite" he groaned, as his fingers continued to slide in and out. I could feel the spasms within my tight hot folds building until an orgasm surged through my core and as I began to cry out, he claimed my mouth swallowing the sound.

He pulled his head back and looked into me starry eyes. "Please don't stop." I heard myself breath in a husky whisper. I had never been so forward when it came to being with a man.

My breast ached, craving his touch; I felt a throbbing between my legs. His smoldering hands kurtköy escort set my body on fire as they trailed heat over my ribs and traced my breasts, making me tremble. A fiery inferno of sensuous, all-consuming heat was going to send us up in flames. Feeling him unzip my skirt and then slowly lower it to the floor. His hands removed my shirt and bra completely as his eyes raked over my bare body.

He lifted me up effortlessly and carried me the small distance to the bed before lowering me gently onto the soft covers. I watched mesmerized as he removed his clothes while maintaining constant eye contact.

As he lowered himself between my spread legs my body arched to meet him as his mouth again claimed my breasts as he licked, swirled and teased sending sensuous vibrations through my whole body. His hands were all over me as if they were touching every inch of skin, every nerve ending was inflamed. Molten heat was raging through my veins.

His fingers trailed down and slowly one finger penetrated me as his thumb stroked, causing my writhing body to ripple with overwhelming pleasure as a slow burning fire blazed through me and I heard myself cry out in ecstasy as his fingers teased, whirled and stroked. He slowly inserted another finger into my tight, wet pussy, making me wider so that I could accommodate his large, thick erection. His mouth reclaimed my breasts, his tongue flicking across my taut nipples, his eyes hot with desire. How could he not feel my climax spiraling upwards, as every muscle pulsed around his fingers. "That's it Baby." He groaned in the most seductive voice.

My head was spinning, a burst of color flashed before my eyes as I felt a fireball of pure pleasure rip through my body, taking me over the edge. "I'm burning up" I cried. He was doing amazing things to me, just when I could take no more; he bought me to another mind shattering climax that bought a scream to my mouth. Suddenly his mouth was on mine, his tongue plunging into my mouth in the same rhythm that his fingers were arousing me, as another volcanic eruption raked through my body.

His eyes locked on mine and they were filled with hungry need and lust. "I need to be inside you baby." He growled.

"Yes" was the only word that could escape my lips as I was so ready for him.

His hands held my hips as he gently opened my thighs wider with his legs, his erection against my wet, lush pussy. He began to slowly push into my wet, tight channel allowing my body to adjust to his large size. "Look at me baby I want to watch your face."

Capturing his gaze I knew by the look on his face that he could not wait any longer, he was going to explode, and I wanted it as much as he did. I was mesmerized as I lifted my hips to take him in. My fingers digging into his shoulders, as I began to lose all control. With a thrusting motion he buried himself deep inside me. His hands were possessive as they trailed over my skin.

He pulled back slowly and then drove deeper again into my hot tight pussy, unimaginable pleasure searing kurtköy escort bayanlar through my entire body as my breathe left my lungs, my body, pulsating, burning. I could feel my body spasm around his hard throbbing cock as I gasped and he thrust faster and harder, needing to push deeper into my body, lifting my hips to meet him stroke for stroke ,a never ending spiral of ecstasy. I could feel my body tightened around his, my muscles gripping and pulling him deeper. His release came harsh and violent as he threw back his head and shuddered and groaned, as he joined me in a mind shattering climax that went on and on.

He was still deep inside me, still wanting more, not fully sated as he lifted me with his strong arms. "Wrap your legs around me baby." His breathing was hard and fast. I instantly did as he asked, wrapping my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. He walked with me into the bathroom, the movements sending aftershocks pulsing through my highly sensitive core as I trembled with desire, tightening my muscles and sending his shaft hard again.

He held me with one hand under my ass while with the other hand he turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature and then stepped in. The water cascading over us in a sensuous caress heightened our senses. He pinned my back against the tiles of the shower his hands grasping my hips. I could feel his erection still firmly inside me, my legs wrapped tight around him as I felt him shudder with pleasure. He lapped at the water beading between my breasts and then took hungry possession of my mouth as he slammed his shaft in and out of me; over and over. He was fiercer this time, driving us both over the edge. My body moved with him, met and was lost in his fiery, fierce demands. Hot molten lava coursed through my body, searing through my veins with a consuming intensity.

I felt the water lapping over my highly sensitive skin as he drove into me; the combination sent my body into overdrive. "Don't stop" my voice a whisper as my head lent back against the wall and I moved my hips in a violent motion meeting his demands with a searing force. A flash fire ignited in my toes, roaring through my body, until exploding into fireworks in my head. My body contracted over and over, orgasms ripping through me, until I felt like I would pass out from the sheer pleasure.

I felt him shudder as a primal growl "Fuck" escaped his lips and I could feel my body continue to pull him tighter and tighter as my muscles clamped tight around his cock, milking him and I screamed with our volcanic release as if our bodies were one, exploding, soaring high, before collapsing against his hard strength. I couldn't move, could hardly breath, my body felt like jelly as my feet fell to the floor. "I don't think I can stand up" my breath was ragged. Without his support I would have fallen.

He held me against his taught chest as he slowly began to soap my body allowing me to regain enough strength so that I could stand while he washed my hair. He then wrapped me in a towel, dried me all over and then carried me to the bed where he put me under the sheets. He went and finished drying himself and then climbed into bed, lying next to me. The last thing I remember was drifted into sleep as he pulled me into his protective arms and I savored the feel of my naked body cradled against his, even if it was for just one night of pure ecstasy.
08-09-2022, at 03:57 PM

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