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A Quick Lunch

Post #1

From the moment you kissed me and slid your hand over my ass, I knew you had more than lunch on your mind. As we sat at the table, your face had the most wicked grin on it as your hands slid up my legs and gently twanged my stockings, just hard enough to make me jump. Your fingers would slide along the edge of my panties, my legs would instinctively open wider, waiting for you to slip one finger along my slit, but you never did. No matter how much I babbled on about my crappie morning at the office, your face never changed, your eyes looking into mine then slowly dipping and undressing me, still with that grin that made your mouth look so kiss-able. We ate, we drank, I talked, you looked.

Then it came, the question or statement that I had been expecting,"I have something to show you" you said and standing you wrapped my coat around my shoulders, gently letting you hands brush over my tits, then you grabbed my car keys from the table and then taking my hand, lead me to my car. As you drove, no matter how many times I asked you what it was, where it was, even me sliding my hand over your crotch and slowly unzipping you did not work, all you kept telling me was to wait and see.

You drove until we came to a multi-storey car park, and as you drove us down first one, then another and then finally onto the lowest level, I sat there with a smug look on my face, knowing you had bought a new car. I scanned the level, only half of the spaces we full, one, maybe two could of been yours and I waited for you to stop and show me your new toy. You parked at the end of a line, away from the exit and the door leading to the stairs, OK, so it was dim, a few lights were out, but I could still see clearly. You stepped out and walked round to my side and opened the door, grabbing my hand you pulled me slowly from the car and then covered my eyes with your hand, giggling I walked slowly as you lead the way.

Then you stopped, we could only have walked 5 maybe 6 paces and then you kissed me, you kissed me hard, pushing your body into mine as you held me close. kurtköy yeni escort Your hands roaming over my ass then my tits, as mine rubbed your crotch. You slowly turned me round, then pushed me forward, my hands instinctively spread out onto the front of my car, I could feel your breath, hot on my neck as you leaned over me. "Keep your eyes open" you rasped as I felt your hands slide down the backs of my legs, then slowly slide up and under my skirt. I moaned quietly as your fingers rubbed over my panties and your other hand squeezed the cheeks of my ass. You pushed my legs open with your feet then pressed me down so that I was bending forward against the car. I heard you open your belt and then your zipper, I chewed gently on my bottom lip, knowing full well how horny and hard you were, I wanted you, needed you and you me, the air was alive with pure sex.

You moved your hand and gently pulled my panties to one side, then I gasped as your tongue, not your cock, slid over my pussy. I pushed back and stuck my ass out as your tongue flicked slowly over my lips and clit. I began to move my hips gently up and down but you grabbed them and held me still. You fucked me slowly with your tongue, darting it in and out of my pussy, sucking gently on my wet lips then hard on my clit. My moans getting louder as you pressed your face into my pussy, your tongue pressed flat as you licked from my clit, over my pussy then over my ass, Stopping to probe my holes, making me groan and try to move my hips. You know how to make me cum, your tongue reaching deep into my pussy, flicking gently then sucking my clit hard, gently nibbling it then holding it softly with your teeth as you flick it hard and fast with your tongue.

My legs shaking, my hole body going tense, you sucked harder, faster knowing I was close, my moans loud enough to echo around us. I had to scream. I did not care who heard, I had to scream as my body throbbed and my pussy pulsed as I came. My knees went weak, feeling my juices oozing from me, panting, I tried kurtköy sınırsız escort to turn, still your hand held my hip, then your thumb slid into my pussy, fucking into me hard, your hand covered in my cum as you twisted it and gently turned, rubbing my clit with your fingers as your thumb rubbed over my g-spot.

Beads of sweat running down my back as once again you fucked me, gentle then hard, deep then out and over my lips, your hand driving me wild just as your tongue had done. Then you slowed, your hand gently massaging my pussy, my pants for breath becoming soft moans. You lifted your hand from my hip but as you gently slapped my ass you told me not to move and thrust your thumb into my pussy hard once again. I hissed as I swore at you and thrust my hips back, harder, too hard at times you thumb fucked my pussy, closer and closer you took me, my second orgasm building. I could hear your hand, wet with my juices as you rammed it into me, bucking my hips up and down, using your thumb to bring myself off. So close, you could tell, my moans getting louder, each one coming deep from within, gasping now, now, as I felt myself coming. Then you stopped, I groaned as I felt your thumb slip out of me, begging you no, begging you not to stop. Then your wet hand slid up onto my ass as you held my cheeks and thrust your cock hard and deep into my pussy. So hard that you had to grab me as my knees buckled and I fell forward onto the car. From the moment the head of your cock slipped into me I came, screaming 'YES' over and over again as I pushed back onto you, you knew that's all it would take.

Felling myself going dizzy, my whole body melting as I came, so hard, so intense, all I could mutter was 'you bastard, you bastard' over and over again. I heard you hushhhhhhhhh me as you gently held my tits, I wrapped my fingers into yours and pushed back hard. Your knees pressed against the bumper as you thrust up into me, your cock reaching so deep inside, filling my pussy, making me groan deeply again as you pulled kurtköy sarısın escort back, almost out, then slammed it hard back into me. You fucked me hard, so hard making it difficult to stand, my legs aching, my whole body burning as you filled me. My fingers pressing yours into my tits, my nipples between or fingers as we pulled and teased them. Your legs slapping against mine, hard and so forceful as you began to moan louder. You were so close, I was unable to stop yet another, we both knew and as you grunted and thrust your cock, long, deep and quick, my pussy so tight, my muscles holding you then letting you slide out, matching your thrusts. You moved your hands from mine and held my hips as you leant back and buried your cum deep into my pussy, your ahhhhhhhhhhhhh and my yesssssssssssssssss so loud they must have been heard on the top floor.

Falling forward, the cold metal so nice against my tits as you held my hips, your cock still pulsing, my pussy still milking until we both got 'that' shudder. Groaning, panting, not wanting to stop, wanting this to go on and on, not caring where we were, nothing mattering but us. Turning my head, looking at you as I giggled, feeling so naughty, mouthing the words ' don't stop'. You slapped my ass hard, making me shout 'OUCH' as you slowly slipped your cock from my pussy, still panting, my head still swimming I turned and asked which car was yours. You smiled and said that none of them were. You lifted your finger to your lip and hushed me once more as you pulled up your trousers and slid my skirt back down over my ass, you then took hold of my hand and as we walked, mmmmmmmmmmmm I could feel our cum bubbling tiny bubbles that popped from between my pussy lips as my panties began to get soaked.

You led me over to the corner of the car park where there was a door, we went through it and then you knocked on yet another door that was now in front of us. A guy shouted and you answered, then it opened a few inches and a video tape was passed out and then the door closed. "I said I had something to show you, but I did not mean now, you will have to wait until later" you said as you waved the tape in front of me and then turning back into the car park you ran laughing towards my car. I hope the guy got the look on my face as I realised what had happened and I turned and walked towards you blushing, giggling but with a huge grin on my face!
08-09-2022, at 04:02 PM

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