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A Very Informal Meeting

Post #1

Scott sat patiently waiting for Julia to finish the phone call she'd absolutely had to take before they'd started their meeting. The conversation seemed to be mostly one sided, with her responding positively to the caller's questions and confirming requests, while she played with her long red hair. He liked her hair, it was the only thing he did like about her.

He tried to calm his nerves by staring out of the window, focusing on the rain lashing against the panes of glass as the sun set on what had been a truly awful day. An awful day culminating in this "quick word" with Julia that he'd requested in the vain hope that his recent problems in the office would be solved. He'd never complained about a member of staff before and had no idea what to expect afterwards. Would his co-workers shun him for ratting on one of them? Maybe they would understand. After all nobody enjoys sexual harassment in the workplace, no matter what your gender.

Julia ended her conversation with a melodic goodbye, placed the receiver down slowly, and sat back in her chair.

"Sorry about that Scott. So what was it you wanted to talk about?" she asked with an annoying smile spreading across her pale, doll like features.

Scott took a deep breath, cleared his throat, and remembered what he'd practiced saying on his drive to work. Then promptly forgot it all, and blurted out the first thing that came to mind, "Jacob has been saying inappropriate things about me." He'd meant to say to him but thought it better to cover that in any follow up questions.

Julia cocked her head in puzzlement. "Such as?" a tone of humour in her voice.

He attempted to clear his throat, hoping he'd be able to say it to her without his voice cracking. "Well he keeps asking me how big my, erm, penis is. He asks me if I'm circumcised, if I shave my testicles, that sort of thing."

Of course those weren't the words Jacob had used, and he didn't bother to mention that Jacob licked his lips or winked whenever they conversed. The whole thing already felt awkward enough.

Julia was clearly amused by his discomfort. That annoying smile now turned into an annoying smirk, "anything else?" Her eyes seemed to light up as he squirmed.

"Well yeah, a few other things but more of the same. Shouldn't you be taking notes?"

"I can if you would like, but I thought you wanted a quick word not to report a member of staff."

"Well, um, yes I would like you to take notes." His already shaky resolve was slowly being eroded by her calmness. He needed to be more assertive. This whole episode had been eating at him all week, and she just seemed to brush it off as if she couldn't understand why he was here talking to her.

She opened a draw and took out a notebook and pen, flipped it open, and clicked the pen with a flourish. Though it was immediately clear to him that she wasn't planning on writing anything.

"It just seems a little unnecessary to me is all. Isn't this just a bit of fun in the office, something to pass the day. Have you asked him to stop?" she asked.

Scott felt himself flush with anger. He suppressed it by fidgeting in his chair and taking a deep breath. "Yes on three separate occasions now, but he keeps doing it and everyone keeps laughing at me, and I'm sick of it," he said trying his best to stay calm.

It wasn't easy being a single straight man in this office. Mostly because aside from Jacob, he was the only single person in the office. Hell, even the stuck up bitch in front of him was married. What's more, he hadn't had a girlfriend for years. His own Mother was starting to suspect he might be secretly gay, and just afraid to come out. He almost wished he were, perhaps things would be simpler.

"Well perhaps now you've told him, things might calm down a little. Maybe try not to let it get to you so much. Maybe he considers it a compliment," she said.

This time the smile was dismissive. It seemed that as far as she was concerned, he could go now.

Now he really felt his anger boil over. How could she say that? He imagined what the consequences would be if he'd said such things to her. "Really? How would you like it if it were you? Tell me Julia, what colour is your pubic hair, or do you shave your bush? What about your pussy lips, are they all puffy or nice and tight?"

She stared at him with no change to her expression, and he felt the blood drain from his face. He'd said it without thinking, and now he was in trouble. He'd come here to make a complaint about sexual harassment in the workplace, and now he was probably about to be suspended for asking his married boss about her genitals. She sat there in silence while his heart beat faster and faster until he was ready to be sick.

She sat there a moment longer, then as if reaching a decision, slowly leaned forward and said, "I have red pubic hair, more orange I would say, lighter than the hair on my head. I don't like to shave it all off but I do keep it tidy, it's a neat little landing strip at the moment. As for my pussy lips, well I'll let you be the judge."

Still with tuzla escort bayanlar no change to her expression, she rolled back in her chair away from the desk, hitched up her skirt and opened her legs wide. Leaning back she revealed her black laced underwear, which she then proceeded to pull to one side. Between her slender thighs he could see a short thick patch of orange fur. Sure enough her bush was trimmed into a neat little landing strip that disappeared up into the shadow cast by her stretched pencil skirt. The lips themselves looked quite tight but a little swollen. Perhaps Julia was a little excited as she exposed herself to a work colleague, and one she probably considered beneath her at that. He stared longingly at the deep shape of pink, that wrapped around her clitoral hood like the petals of a rose around a glistening bud. He imagined the little cherry buried inside, and his mouth salivated at the thought of burying his head between her thighs right there and then, while she held his head tight and smirked as she came all over his face. He craned his neck to get a better look, it was after all, the first pussy he'd seen that wasn't on a photograph or a computer screen, for quite some time. His cock was straining against his trousers now, and his whole body trembled with excitement, optimistically preparing to fuck his boss.

In one swift motion Julia released her underwear and readjusted it to cover her modesty, then pulled her skirt back down smoothing out any creases. The thrusting of her hips sent waves of excitement through him as she shuffled her soft peach like bottom along to get her chair back under her desk. Because of the angle at which they were sitting, nobody in the office had any idea what had just happened.

"Well, why don't you think about what we've discussed, and if you still feel aggrieved then my door is always open. Okay?" she said, her expression still unchanged, but her voice almost hypnotic.

"O-okay." He said still feeling the aching throb of the erection that was trying to escape his body and dive into her. He couldn't think of anything else except Julia's sopping wet pussy and fucking her on her own desk with everyone watching.

"Well okay Scott, if that's all I'll see you tomorrow," she said with an inviting smirk and flick of her hair. The colour reminding him of her little landing strip, which was indeed lighter in colour than the beautiful auburn locks that cascaded over her shoulders.

His head swimming with confusion and lust, Scott stood up and turned so as not to show her the lump in his pants, then swiftly left to go to the bathroom.

Sitting in his cubicle, Scott heard the whispering and laughter again. The first time he thought he'd imagined it. But with a little detective work and some

eavesdropping he'd learned that the whispering was indeed about him. More specifically how Jacob was going to get him to come out, or possibly fuck him at the office party, perhaps both. At first he hadn't cared.

He was still on a lust filled high thanks to Julia's little show three weeks ago, but even that pleasurable memory was starting to fade now. His eyes still followed her though, as she would glide through the office to the photocopier, or to the kitchen to make her lunch. From his cubicle he could see her eat her pasta salad in the very chair she'd teased him from, and wished he was sat there with her. Maybe at the end of the day when everyone had gone home, they could laugh and chat over a candlelit dinner, then make love on her desk until the morning.

Of course he hadn't been in to speak to her since that last wonderful meeting they'd had. He couldn't even bring himself to meet her gaze. She on the other hand would often float past his cubicle and offer him a warm smile, and perhaps a flutter of the eyes, he never knew how to respond.

But the past week had seen Julia out of the office for a meeting at headquarters, and the euphoria she'd made him feel was fading faster. The whispers and giggles were penetrating the lusty fog like he wished he could penetrate her, and without her presence making his cock do all the thinking, his other brain was working overtime again.

She had tricked him. She'd dismissed his concerns with a quick flash of something he'd never be allowed to see again, let alone touch, fondle, or even fuck. That was the power she had over him, she'd shown him something intimate, but what had it cost her? And all the while the original problem she'd dismissed with a literal wave of her pussy, had gotten worse. He was still the talk of the office and his days were spent in isolated misery. He needed to speak to her again, and this time for her to take him seriously. Or perhaps, if he were being honest with himself, he was just hoping for another glimpse. A quick refresh of the memory he'd worn out every night lying alone in his bed.

Luckily for him, she was back today. He'd seen her making small talk around the water cooler earlier. His eyes had followed the curves of her backside as it wiggled it's way back into her office. istanbul tuzla escort

Today was his best chance. Julia would undoubtedly stay late as she always did on a Friday, and he could ask for another quick word. Perhaps she would think he was only there for a repeat performance, perhaps he was, but he had to resolve this issue. The stress was really getting to him.

When everyone was starting to leave he knocked lightly on the door and leaned around it. "Julia could I have a quick word," he said meeker than he hoped.

Her smile could have been interpreted in many ways. Perhaps it was a knowing 'I know what you're here for' smile, or an 'it's about time' smile, or maybe even an 'oh god not you again' smile. "Of course Scott, come in. Working late today?"

He ambled in and dropped into the chair across from her, already picturing the orange between her legs. "Yeah I've just got a few things I want to sort out before the weekend, don't want to come back to it on monday." It was a lie of course, he'd spent the last hour or so looking for another job.

"Good to hear. So what can I do for you today?" The emphasis on 'today' was subtle but he was sure he noticed it.

"It's erm, about the matter we discussed a few weeks ago. About Jacob." He felt flushed as he reminded her of that day burned into his memory. Was it a big deal for her? Was this something she'd done before?

"Ah, and I was hoping that I'd convinced you to let the matter drop," she said, the smile slipping slightly, its absence a reminder that she had indeed used her charms to sway his decision.

"Well things are slightly different now. It seems I'm the talk of the office, something about me being gay and whispers behind my back, it's all getting a bit too much for me to cope with." He kept his voice low, the office wasn't completely empty and his coworkers were likely to notice him talking to the boss after office hours.

"I see," she looked down and he half expected her to push back from the desk again. "In that case let me be blunt with you Scott. You probably don't know this, but Jacob is a dear friend of mine. We are friends of many years and it was me who helped him to get a job here in the first place."

It was true, he didn't know. He didn't know much about Julia, he'd never even seen her husband.

"So you were covering for him?" he asked.

"Yes, but only because Jacob had come to me first. You see Jacob did actually think that you were gay, and he thought some encouragement might be helpful to you. When he realised you weren't, and that he'd accidentally created rumours about you, he was mortified. I told him to give you some space and that I would deal with the situation."

She was firm but gentle in her manner, it knocked his confidence.

"So what, you flash your pussy at me and save your friend some trouble. Why bother, you're in charge, why not just listen to what I have to say and sweep it under the rug?" His voice was louder now and he glanced around quickly to see if anybody had heard the outburst that had contained the words 'your pussy'. It seemed the office was empty.

Julia stood up. She was wearing a white satin blouse and the same style skirt she had worn last time they spoke. "You're a nice guy Scott. Hard worker, good problem solver, very dependable, but you know what your problem is? You worry too much about what people think. You have no confidence." She stood by her desk looking down at him. "You're right, I am in charge of the office, but office hours are over. So how would you like to be in charge for a change?"

With that she unbuttoned her skirt, which fell to the floor in a heap around her shiny black shoes. Scott found himself almost face to face with the orange fur that he'd masturbated over the memory of so many times. Julia had not been wearing any underwear. How long had she been going commando, he refused to believe she'd started today in the hope that today he would come to her office. All those times she'd passed his cubicle, had her pussy been exposed under that tight skirt she always wore? Had it been as wet as it looked now?

She unbuttoned her blouse and he felt his cock already straining. It too fluttered to the ground followed by an expensive looking bra. There stood Julia, his boss. Naked but for a gold bracelet on her left wrist, her wedding ring, and a pair of shoes.

Not a word was spoken as she casually sat on her desk and spread her legs wide, wider than before. He could see the glistening wetness of her rosebud against the pale white of her open thighs, and this time it was an open invitation. Before he could think, he was up and ripping off his tie and shirt, the buttons pinging all over the office. He hoped the cleaners would find them, recognise them and know that the nerdy guy from cubicle four, the one they all thought was gay, had fucked Julia right on her own desk.

His tongue parted her swollen lips and he tasted her as she gave a little moan, placed her hands on his head and ran her fingers through his hair. He kartal escort felt her buck and squirm as his tongue probed deeper into her. The orange fuzz he'd coveted so badly over the last few weeks was now tickling his nose. He pushed his way into her wetness, alternating between licking, kissing, and even biting at her clitoris. If her grip on his hair was anything to go by she was certainly enjoying this meeting, and again he wondered if her meetings at head office were like this. It would certainly explain her rise to management in such a brief time.

Whether it was his efforts, or whether Julia had just been so horny didn't matter because it seemed like no time before he felt her tense and then a warm sensation on his chin, and a strong taste in his mouth. He hadn't heard her at first but was suddenly aware of her loud groans of pleasure that almost became shouts as juices flowed from her pussy onto him and all over the floor beneath her desk.

Her hands guided him up and he stood before her, his cock ready to burst as she started to undo his belt.

"I'm curious to know the answer to Jacob's questions," she said, her usual soft voice full of lust.

She didn't react as his cock bounced out of his underwear like a coiled spring, she simply started to suck on it. Gently at first, letting her saliva dribble down his shaft and working the tip, but then she surprised him by pushing herself down onto it until her nose was buried in his own pubic hair. A slight gurgling sound and she was back up again letting her spit collect on the tip. He nearly came there and then when her green eyes stared up at him, the sexiest eyes he'd ever seen. He concentrated hard and was so glad he'd masturbated so much of the past few weeks, months, hell, years, he wouldn't have lasted more than a minute if he hadn't. His cock disappeared into her mouth again as she bobbed down quickly and then slowly eased back up again several times in quick succession. She guided him back down to the chair, his cock never leaving her mouth, then started to bob harder and faster, sometimes slowing and sucking the tip. Scott held on, he wanted to come in her mouth and see his semen dribbling from his boss's lips, but was afraid that once he did it would all come to an end.

She slowed down and eventually raised her face away from his crotch, a string of what was probably spit and precum still connecting her luscious lips to the tip of his cock. She gave him a smile as her eyes stayed locked on his. Pulling him gently by the cock, her wedding ring sharp against his shaft. She hopped back up onto the desk, her eyes inviting him to proceed.

"What if someone comes in?" Scott found himself asking, imagining his cock screaming at him to shut up and get on with it.

"It would solve all of your problems," she said softly and pulled him by the cock again, guiding him to her swollen wet warmth.

He pushed himself into her and her arm draped over his shoulder as she watched him enter her. The warm wet sensation nearly sent him over the edge. As their pelvises met she gave a little chuckle that formed into a moan and he felt her pussy clench around him, accepting him into her body. He'd never felt so close to anyone in all his life.

"Fuck me," she said breaking him from his reverie.

Scott looked down at her firm pale breasts with the striking pink nipples bobbing hypnotically, her red wavy hair now loose and tousled spread across the desk, her porcelain features locked in a state of joy as she rode his thrusts with determination. He went for as long as he could, but this beautiful woman beneath him, the wet sound of their coupling as well as the moans that escaped her luscious lips, was too much for him. He felt his whole body tense up and then unleash a wave of pure pleasure, all the way from his stomach, through his abdomen, down to his gut, and like a lightning bolt shot out through his cock more times than he could count. All the while Julia rode the wave and milked his cock with little squeezes that almost caused his knees to buckle. He gripped the desk and practically collapsed onto her, making sure his face fell between her breasts. His cock slipped out of her releasing a torrent of his cum onto her desk and carpet. Her hand wrapped around him and held him in an embrace for a few minutes as they both rose up and down with each heavily drawn breath. Scott didn't want to leave this moment, he was the happiest he'd been in a long time here with his face pressed against his lover's breasts. The feel of the nipple under his cheek, a sensation that gave him more satisfaction than it ought to.

But all good things come to an end, and eventually Julia motioned for him to climb off her. She reached for some tissues on her desk and grabbed a handful, patted them against her pussy to wipe off the excess cum, then padded it against her opening. Retrieving her black satin thong from her desk drawer, she threaded her underwear back over her shoes holding the tissue in place until the elastic could hold it. Without dressing again she moved back to her chair as Scott collapsed back into his, cum still dripping from his now semi deflated cock. He was pretty sure he'd be ready to go again in a few minutes with those tits swaying in front of him. She smoothed her hair back and clipped it into a ponytail then sat at her desk as if she were still conducting a meeting, albeit with her breasts still exposed.
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