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A Walk Along the Stream

Post #1

While hiking along a river, the quite of the forest is broken by the thunderous falling of water. I move the undergrowth aside and find a pool of water formed by the fall of the river as it cascades down a rock cliff. The setting sun creates a rainbow of color in the mist as it drifts in the breeze. The day is warm; the sky free of clouds and the serenity of the vista has me captivated as I take in the beauty of the rock formations, when I notice an outcrop of rock at the base of the waterfall.

In disbelief I blink and rub my eyes, for on the rock there appears to be the nude body of a woman, lying on her back. Quietly I approach the rock along the banks of the pool, not wishing to disturb this vision. I get within 20 feet of the rock protruding from the bank forming a ledge about 3 feet high resembling an altar, as I realize that I am not hallucinating, but that the vision of loveliness on the rock is genuine.

On her back atop the rock altar, lays the tanned body of a goddess, her nudity harmonious with the grandeur of the scene. Long firm legs, one stretched out and the other bent comfortably at the knee initiate the lines which lead up her thighs and over her torso to reveal her breasts, which are like mountain peaks reaching towards to the heavens. Her arms rest gently at her sides and her head turned slightly toward me, with her eyes closed as though sleeping. I stand in awe, fearful that the slightest movement may disturb the harmony of this specter tuzla eve gelen escort before me.

Gaining courage I approach slowly and kneel beside the altar; my eyes drinking in the beauty. I can see that the mist has formed droplets of water on her tanned skin and rivulets run down her curves. My eyes move slowly from her shaved pussy to her firm tits, as I notice her nipples appear to be growing firm. In disbelief, I rub my eyes once again and lean forward to better see her nipples, discovering that they are indeed growing harder, standing fully erect now, and begging to be caressed. A subtle movement of her hand breaks my focus. She has slowly raised her hand to place her fingers against her shaved pussy, lightly fondling it. I notice my own erection growing as I shift my gaze from her hand to her tits, discovering that she has now begun to roll a nipple between the thumb and forefinger of her other hand. I look at her face to see her lips slightly parted in a smile and her eyes looking deep within my soul.

She broadens her smile and with a wink of her eye, begins to play with her clit in earnest, allowing me to enjoy the spectacle. She moves both hands down to her pussy, separating the lips and revealing an erect clitoris, glistening with the moisture of the mist and her own fluids. Holding the lips apart with one hand and taking the middle finger of the other, she begins to stroke her clit gently, up one side tuzla yeni escort then down the other; pausing at the head to roll the clit between her fingers as she had done her nipple. Then holding the clit between her fingers she moves flattens her had out covering her pussy and begins to rub her hand up and down pulling the clit as she strokes. Her hips roll up to meet each downward stoke, rocking in rhythm to the movements. My own erection now painfully entrapped causes me to stand, as it strains to be set free of its restraints.

Without missing a stroke, she reaches her free hand out and up the legs of my shorts, taking my cock in her hand. Her fingers are smooth and soft as they wrap around my fully engorged cock lightly stroking its length before pulling me towards her as if it were a leash.

She guides me onto the altar, placing my knees along side of her head; she frees my cock from the confines of my shorts and pulls it towards her mouth. Slowly, she kisses the head of my cock and rubs it over her lips, as I fondle her tits with my hands. I notice she has lifted both knees and spread them wide revealing the full beauty of her pussy as it throbs with enticement. I lean over and begin kissing her torso moving my head slowly towards her pussy. I feel her mouth engulf my cock and her hips roll forward as I place my open mouth over her pussy, parting the lips with my tongue and licking her clit. Feeling the tension intensify tuzla genç escort I reach my finger down and probe into her pussy.

With slow gentle movements I suck her clit into my mouth and roll my tongue over its head and begin thrusting my probing finger deeper inside of her pussy. With increasing speed and rhythm I suck her clit and thrust my finger, as I realize she is sucking my cock with the same rhythm. Together we moan and feel the orgasm swell within us as we suck each other. Soon the tension is too great and I must move or I will cum too soon.

I climb down from the altar and move to the end so that I may better reach inside of her pussy. Thrusting my finger deep within her pussy, I resume licking the sweetness of her clit. Her hips thrust violently upwards to match the probing finger as I locate and massage her g-spot. Her hands now tugging at her nipples, her body shakes as the first orgasm floods over her. Before it has subsided, I move to drive my cock deeply into her pussy. Pausing deep inside only momentarily as I feel her pussy squeeze against the fullness of my cock before withdrawing it?s full length. Then taking her nipples into my mouth I thrust my cock into her pussy again, withdrawing slowly and thrusting hard and fast. The rhythm increases as I feel her second orgasm build stronger than the first, her pussy muscles clinching around my cock with each thrust. Her back arches and she screams in ecstasy as I pause deep within her; we cum together in an explosive orgasm, reveling as the her pussy spasms milk my cock dry.

As I dismount to lie down beside her, she reaches her hand up placing her hand on my chest to stop my movement. Without a word, she sits up, steps down from the altar and disappears into the scenery; leaving me alone and dazed.
08-09-2022, at 04:36 PM

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