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Turning the Tide on a Mistress

Post #1

Turning the Tide on a MistressI was on a date with this new lady I met online. I was hoping to have a connection with it. I mean she was the perfect detail of a MILF. Five-foot seven, one hundred twenty pounds, thirty-sin bra size with a ?D? cup, twenty-four waist, and thirty hips. Blonde hair to her waist, blue eyes, and a voice that just sings like a songbird. She would be the definition of a trophy wife. So, how I got lucky I was about to find out. I took her to a nice restaurant, wine, and the perfect dessert. She says she definitely wants to take me home for a nightcap. My eyes lit up and I yell check, grabbed my phone and the Lyft was on the way. She excuses herself to use the restroom. About fifteen minutes later we were on her way to her home.As we arrive at her home she begins to kiss me, and I mean very passionately. I walk around to her door and help her out. She flashed me her pussy and all I could was stare at her beautiful trimmed blonde pussy. When I looked up all she did was smile and said this will be your lucky night. My cock got hard as steel at that very moment. As the Lyft driver drives away, I pull her in deep and kiss her passionately. In my mind the hell with waiting I lift her legs up around my waist carry her to the front wall of her house and unzip my pants freeing my hard shaft and sink it in her pussy all at once. The surprised look and then the look of passion on her face was all I needed. I started fucking her hard. She was moan all in my ear and saying harder, yes, yes, harder which spurred me on. I was fucking her hard and fast building my orgasm and hers to unbelievable heights. About ten minutes later I yes at the top of my lungs, ?IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII?MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMIIIII IIIIINNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG!? And with a loud grunt, I deposit about six ropes of cum deep in her pussy. At the same time, she hits a cross between a high pitch squeal and yells ?CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG? and I feel her juices spray my legs. Both of our breaths are short and shallow we try to calm down from our race to the finish. She looks me in the eyes and said that was the most intense orgasm she has ever had. After I put her down, she leads me inside I do not even bother to zip up. When I enter the door, I just strip naked leaving my clothes and follow her naked wherever she goes. When she turns around, she is first shocked then smiling. We go into the kitchen I step up and smother her in a kiss. I then reach up to grab he dress and literally rip it off her body she gasps in surprise. I sit her on the counter and dive face-first in her pussy. I lock my lips on her clit and she screams in pleasure. I then start flick my tongue between the folds of her pussy and I just can?t get enough of her juices. She grabs my head and pulls me deeper to her pussy and she cums so hard and passes out. I was soaked all over my face with her juices. I couldn?t stand it any longer and just shove my hard cock in deep and all at once. I did not waste any time fucking her hard and fast. I was going to make sure she remembered me. We were going hot and heavy for about fifteen minutes when I felt that familiar tingling in my balls. I then began to move with faster speed bouncing my balls off her ass. All of a sudden, my orgasm hit triggering her own orgasm at the same time. We both yell at the top of our lungs with everything we had. I then slumped over exhausted and she rested on the cabinet behind her head.As we calmed down, she reaches in the refrigerator and grabs two bottles of water and we move our party into the bedroom. We lay down and she begins to sleep. So, I follow suit and close my eyes with her.Suddenly without warning, I am woken up with a slap and a huge sting. My eyes fly open and I can?t move. I scream what the hell. I see her and she is dressed in, leather boots, leather panties, leather top, fishnet stockings, and a whip. My hands and feet are secure to the head and footboards. She then says you made it into the ?Black Widow?s Web! You Little Worm? ?I am going to train you to be a good submissive slave like all men should know their place? ?I only smile. She then cracks the whip on my chest and says I wipe that stupid smile off your face, I will tell you when to smile and what to do. She then cracks the whip on my dick and that was her biggest mistake. I yell bitch you just made the biggest mistake of your life. I will teach you how to treat a man and YOU will learn your place. She then cracks the whip on my face and says shut up worm I am in charge here not you. Just then a young female walks in. She was about eighteen or nineteen years old. Her now understood mother looks at her and says oh high sweety you are just in time to watch me train another worthless worm. Then ask does she want to help. Her daughter sees my cock and says oh yeah that cock looks my good. Her mom smiles and says he know how to use it. While she was distracted, I made my move using all of my strength I pulled on the ropes holding my arms in place. Hearing the loud crash, she and her daughter turn to see the headboard broken then she looks at me and the smile on her face turns to fear. I untie myself and stand up. I told you when you whipped my dick you made your biggest mistake well; I was wrong when you whipped my face that was your biggest mistake. I then grab her by the arm and her daughter and throw them to the bed. I then see in her draw and see handcuffs two sets. I smile and reach down and grab them. The two women try to make a run for it, so I just follow into the den. I throw Lena down on the couch and handcuff to the couch corner. The grab her daughter Paula and handcuff her to the other end of the couch. I say now you will learn manners to a man. Lena yells never I am the master not you and tries to kick me. I say well now you are going to get a taste of your own medicine.I walk in her room and grab the whip, the nipple clamps, the ropes, the chains, the dog collars every piece of BDSM stuff she has. When I return to the room, I look at her daughter and say we are kind of naked and you?re not it is time you join us. She screams ?NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO?. I pull her pants and panties down and smile at her teenage bush, a little thicker than her mom?s, but still cute. I then smell her sex getting wetter. And then on to her chest, her shirt was in the way, and so was her bra. I walked over to my pants and come back with a pocketknife. I click the switch to open. I then reach down and cut the top of her shirt and then rip the rest off her body. I see her breasts all creamy. I cut the bra away and her perfect little breasts are revealed. I reach down and pinch her nipples lightly at first and she moans. I look over to her mother and smile. She has your body. I wonder if she feels as good as you do. With that, I step up and shove my cock in her mouth making her gag at first. I let her get accustomed to my dick at first, I then start thrusting into her mouth, I reached back to grab her head to force my cock in her mouth and her throat. Back and forth making her gag really well. After she got me hard enough, I pull out and walk over to Lena with my hard cock bobbing in from of me. I reach and grab her blonde hair hard and say now your turn. I force my cock in her throat. And without letting her get used to my cock I start thrusting in and out of her mouth. I look down on her to say now I am your master and master of this house you do as I say. She looked up to my eyes with pure lust on her face. I pull out of her mouth and walk back to her daughter and grab her hair and pull her on my cock again. Gag, gag, gag, gag, and slobber, slobber, slobber, I pull out and walk back to Lena and repeat the same in her mouth so gag, gag, gag, and slobber, slobber, slobber, slobber. I pull out and reach over to grab my pocketknife. I start the cut on her top and she screams no this was too expensive. I smack her mouth and say I am in charge here not you. You do as I say. I ripped more at her clothes until I was able to get rid of it off her breasts and stomach. I then reach down and cut her panties off. Naked both women were before me. So, I uncuff them from the couch and put them on their knees and reconnect the cuffs. I hook each one with the dog collars. I connect the chains. Now bitches come here on your knees. They scoot and I whip them, faster bitches, faster ?CRACK?! They reach my feet and I sit on the table I grab Lena by her blonde hair and forced her on my cock. Suck bitch suck it. I reach and grab Paula by the hair and force my lips on her she smiles and begins to kiss me hard. I reach down to feel her pussy. She is soaked her pussy is running like a river. I then pull her in close and stick one finger in her ass. She squeals in my mouth. Yes, you little cunt I am going to fuck you and your mom senseless this entire week. Lena stops sucking me to protest, we can?t do this and the entire week. I grab the back of her head I force it back on my cock. And again, I yell you will do what I tell you to do I am in charge here, not you. In fact, I may just call your boss and tell him you quit you have decided to quit your job. Looking at her laughing I said you are now mine and nothing you can do about it. In fact, I may just move you two into my house permanently. Suck me bitch suck me.As I put them into Lena?s car, naked, they were both trying to resist me which I merely laugh. For I too, drove naked to my house. I talked over my shoulder telling Lena I told you, you made the biggest mistake of your life. Now, you are going to live it. When we arrive at my home, we continue deep on my property I own over one hundred acres. I had built some tree stands for hunting all over. And in a couple of areas, I build escape shelters for the end of times if I had to go underground. I directed us to the farthest shelter that was set up for living in for three months at a time so I know it would provide privacy and no one would hear them scream. I gather up Paula first and carry her in the room first and lock her down to the shelf in the main bedroom. I then go out and get Lena and bring her in the same room. I lay her on the bed and say I will be back in a little while. I tell them both no one knows you?re here and I need to hide your vehicle I will then return to put you both in your places like I promised. I left and drove up to my house to dress and then return her car back to her home. I walked for about three miles away and got a Uber to take me home. Once I returned home, I got dressed in some rugged outfit of camouflage and my combat boots. I jumped on my four-wheeler and traveled back out to the shelter and parked in the underground garage. I went back in and removed my clothing I also started a fire in the fireplace. I then went into the room where both ladies were sleeping. I unhooked Paula and took her to the bathroom to relieve herself. I gave her some water to drink and took her to the table of torture and strapped her down. My table is where her pussy is just perfect, I can walk right between her legs and just insert my cock and fuck her at will. I then turned my attention to Lena, like Paula, I took her to the bathroom to relieve herself and then gave her some water. I then strapped her into a sex swing contraption. I lowered her right over her daughter?s face. I pulled Paula?s hair and said reach up and lick your momma?s pussy until I tell you to stop. At first, she turned her head yelling ?NO I WON?T DO IT!? ?YOU CAN?T MAKE ME DO IT!? I pulled on her hair and said watch me. I grabbed the nipple clamps and clamped them on Paula?s young nipples, and she yelled, ?OOOOWWW? that hurts. I said now lick her pussy, again she defied me and said ?NO!? So I grabbed another clamp this time a clothespin and went down to her young sweet pussy and pulled her pussy lips apart and said one last chance lick her pussy, again she defied me saying ?NO Yoooooouuuuu?.? Before she could finish, I clamped one clothespin to her right pussy lip and she screamed very loud and this time I said to lick her pussy ?NOW!? with a forceful tone ?Or Else!? Again, she defies me and starts to yell ?N? and before she could get the full word of NO out, I clamp the other lip with a clothespin, and again she cries out ?OOOOOWWWW? but something made me smile. I looked at her pussy and pussy juice is running down the crack of her ass. So, my wicked though I wrap my lips around her clit and inhale and suck down hard at that moment she blasts my face with her cum and she begins to buck against my face crying out ?YES YES YES I?M CCCCCUUUUMMMMMIIIIINNNNGGGG?I walk back around to the front and her eyes are glazed over with pure lust. I lean over her and kiss her deeply, I then look at her mom?s pussy and lean over and suck on her clit very hard, Lena bolts up against the swing and moans loud, I look down and tell Paula to lick in between her pussy lips while I concentrate on her clit and it was like seconds Lena?s cum blast over both of our faces and the swing is trying to keep her in place. But her body is shaking so much her orgasm is just going and going through her body like a river over and over from the top of her to her pussy just non-stop. Until she cries out ?STOP. STOP I CAN?T TAKE ANYMORE? ?SSSSTTTTOOOOPPPP, SSSSTTTOOO?.AAAAAHHHHHHH, YYYYYEEEESSS YEEEESSSS!? Her cum is falling all over Paula?s face like a river. I take my dick and pull Paula?s head back where I can throat fuck her and slide my cock in just past her teeth and all the way until my balls come to rest on her chin. I give her a few seconds to adjust and then slowly withdraw my cock to her lips and she gets a quick breath before I shove my cock back down her throat fast and hard this time no pleasantries or sympathy just all-out ballbusting throat fucking I want to cum so bad I am not wasting time. I am moving with the fastest speed I have been so worked up I do not even last long before I erupt deep in her throat. She coughs taking on so much cum but like a champ, she tries to swallow everything. I pull my cock out and walk around to the other end of the table and grab a dildo that same size as my cock and put some lube on and place it at her asshole. I yell up lick your mom?s pussy. She yet again defies me, which I am hipped to her game, so I shove this dildo all the way up her ass. I then reach across and grab a second dildo and slide it deep in her pussy. She screams out in pleasure. I then begin to thrust both dildoes in and out at the same time in the same manner. Her heels are trying to get free beating a hole in my bench. I then start to alternate the dildo?s in and out. She is screaming out loud and screaming she is cumming again. With cries of ecstasy, she is throwing her head from side to side in pleasure. I glance up to her mother who is leaning her head back just watching me finally catching her breath. I then unclip the clothespins from her pussy lips. I walk around to the side where I can move Lena off and to another workstation. As I roll the swing over the overhead tracks I latch on to her nipple and suck very hard at first then gentle then hard alternating trying to make her have a nipple orgasm. I move the swing into place I roll out this machine that I use to drive the butter churn and I remove the attachment and replace it with a flesh-like dildo. I lube it up and then I add another attachment where I add a second dildo. I lube it up and I lineup like the first one up with her pussy shoving half of the dildo up inside her and the I line the second one up with ass and push it into her anal cavity. She is moaning loudly. I then turn the machine on low speed to allow her to get used to it. She is now screaming as her first orgasm hits and her juices squirt all down the machine. I am laughing now; I then turn it up one notch and her head is going side to side from the ultimate pleasure. Up to one more notch, now I am being just plain evil, and with a shit-eating grin I turn it up to maximum speed, and her screams are just echoing off the steel walls. I look back at Paula watching this and go into action on her leaving Lena, to this torture. I grab my whip and strike a blow across her tender young breast catching the nipple clamps pulling it off and she yells out this blood-curling scream of pain. I then smack the whip once more on her breast causing a little patch of blood to rush to the surface of her breast, just not breaking through the skin. I look back to her mom whose pussy juices are flowing like a river making a puddle on my floor. I know this is very torturous, so I walk back over and turn the power back down to a minimum. She is just so lifeless, so I take pity on her and turn the machine off. I walk up and she is passed out from exhaustion. So, I pull the dildos out of her ass and pussy. I scoop her up and take into the bathroom and place her on the toilet. I then start the water on the tub making sure it is not too hot. I add bubbles and some bath oil I bought. I uncuff her and help her in the tub. However, I tell her not to try anything stupid I still have her daughter in the other room. I return to Paula, I remove the second nipple clamp, and untie her, I scoop her up and take her into the bathroom and place her on the toilet. She too is very exhausted. So, I help her in the other side of the tub. I then slide in between them and hold them to my chest. They snuggle up to me and thank me for a wonderful time. I look and Lena and ask can you get use to this way of life. She looked at me with these big blue eyes and says, ?HELL NO!? I am going to be sore for three weeks or more. So, my smart-ass remark is do I need to lock you up even more? She and Paula look at me at the same time and laugh with a ?Hell No? you won?t be able to get rid of us now. It may have been some torture but oh so pleasurable. My next smart-ass remark was did you learn your lesson on who you mess with? She laughs again said this was way beyond her wildest dreams. She says I fell in love you are not going to be able to get rid of me now. My final words were. I love it when a plan comes together!
04-15-2021, at 01:12 PM

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