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I plopped down like a ton of bricks into my seat after stowing my carry on in the overhead compartment. Thank god I was finally on my way. After a few delays, a night spent curled up in the terminal seating, I was finally on a plane ready to take off.

I was headed to my best friends wedding, yeah yeah, I know... always a bridesmaid. The flight would be about 6 hours and I was hoping to sleep for most of it.

I turned my head toward the window to watch the men filling the belly of the plane with various shapes, sizes and colors of baggage as the last of the passengers boarded. I felt more than heard the seat next to mine being occupied and I turned to give the polite smile of greeting to my seat buddy for duration of the flight.

My eyes met his and I actually faltered. He was sexy as hell. Not good looking in that pretty boy kind of way, but ruggedly handsome. High cheekbones, strong chin and supple lips that I thought would be perfect for long slow wet kisses.

His sexy dark eyes met mine as I took in his light brown shortly cropped hair and million dollar smile. He extended his hand over the empty seat between us and I lifted mine in response as I smiled back. His hand was warm and slightly rough. The hands of a man that worked for a living. When he held mine in his grasp, my whole body seemed electrified for that brief moment. I embarrassed myself a little bit by not letting go right away.

Dear god I need sleep, I thought to myself, Down girl! His hands are turning you on!

He stood to place his coat up and I couldn't help but look. His tight white t-shirt hugged the planes of his chest, showing me the definition underneath. He wore button down faded Levis that fit him like a second skin, I ran my eyes over every last inch of him that I could see. A couple of times. My eyes went back to his face and I felt my skin grow hot as I realized he had seen me staring at his goods.

I almost moaned out loud at the mental picture in my head of him with no shirt and just those jeans on, buttons undone. Yum!

He sat back down and we watched the little live show the stewardesses put on for us, then heard the voice from the scratchy speakers announce it was time to buckle up.

I made sure my tray table was locked in the upright position and gripped the arm rests for dear life.

I hate to fly, well not the actual flying part, just the take off and landing part.

After stuffing my stomach back into my middle and hearing the scratchy voice over the speaker again, telling us istanbul escort all was safe. I unbuckled my belt and grabbed the blanket from the empty seat. I gave Mr. Yummy Guy one last smile as I lay my head back against the window and poof...just like that...I was out.

I awoke, not sure how much time had passed. The plane was dark and quiet except for the engines constant hum.

My head was resting against something much softer than the hard plastic window it had started on and I slowly opened my eyes.

I was wrapped around Mr. Yummy, my head on his shoulder, one leg thrown over his leg, my hard nipples poking into his forearm. And my hand, dear god my hand was resting on top of his nice big hard cock hiding beneath its denim prison.

I jerked up fast, embarrassed and hoping to hell I hadn't been drooling on his shoulder.

He stopped me, his fingers locking around my wrist. I felt his hips shift, pushing his bulge against the palm of my hand as his deep throaty voice whispered in my ear.

"Don't stop, I was just starting to enjoy that."

I relaxed a bit, my pussy spasming as my hand went back of its own accord to his lap. I pushed the heel of my palm against his cock, loving the little low moan I wrought from him. I let my fingers move up and down his shaft, my head tilting to his in the low light of the plane.

He kissed me, letting my mouth swallow his low moans of pleasure. I moved my hand up and slipped it into the waistband of his jeans, brushing my fingertips lightly against the head of his cock which was almost poking out the top. I smoothed the wetness I found there over as much of him as I could reach, running my finger around the head until his hips were lifting at a steady rate against my hand.

He pulled the blanket over us as I tugged at the buttons on his jeans. They opened easily and I slipped my hand inside.

As I closed my hand over his hard cock, I felt his fingers brushing over my knee, and then climbing higher. I spread my legs as far as I could, thanking god I had worn a skirt this morning and not the tight jeans I has originally chosen for the trip.

I started to squeeze the shaft of his cock, moving my hand up and down, slow and smooth. His fingers teased over my panty covered and now very wet pussy then they slipped under the elastic.

I moaned loudly, my lips still on his, my tongue pushing into his mouth as I kissed him hard while his fingers pushed into my sex. He spread kadıköy escort me open and started to rhythmically strum my clit. I pushed my hips out, rocking against his hand as my own gripped him tight and traveled faster up and down the length of his cock.

I cried out into his mouth as I came. My pussy clenching tight as he again pushed his fingers inside me. I moved then, not really caring who saw, pulled the blanket over my head and took his hard cock into my mouth.

He pulled the blanket back to watch my hot, wet mouth travel up and down his shaft. I licked and sucked him like I was frenzied. My head bobbing with my mouth locked tight, my teeth brushing over his shaft.

I watched his face as I took him as far as I could down my throat. He was licking my juices from his fingers as he looked down at me. A slight smile on his face as his hips lifted against my mouth. His hands fisted in my hair to guide me as he started to fuck my mouth, faster and faster. He bit his lips to keep himself quiet, his thrusts slowing between my lips as he pulled my mouth off him.

"God...I need to taste you...I need to be inside you." His words were labored, like he had to force them out between pursed lips. " me in the bathroom in a few minutes."

I nodded my head and sat back up, my pussy throbbed as I watched him button his pants again and stand to move down the isle.

I waited, thought about how his cock felt sliding in and out of my mouth, how sweet his pre cum had tasted on my tongue.

It was the longest 5 minutes of my life.

I stood and walked slowly down the isle, when all I really wanted to do was run.

One door had the light on and the little knob was left open. I slowly opened the door and he was waiting for me. His jeans tugged down to his mid thigh and his cock in his hand.

I pushed in, my body pressed against his in the tight space as he kissed me; his hands running through my hair, then down my body. He moved them over my breasts, pinching my hard nipples through the cotton of my t-shirt before he pulled his mouth from mine and lifted me onto the small sink. He tugged the shirt over my head and latched onto one nipple. I nearly cried out as his warm mouth sucked and nipped at my tender skin. I reached a hand down to stroke his cock as he worked my tits with his mouth. He pulled back and moved to kneel, his large rough hands parting my thighs as his head settled between them.

I gripped the sink kağıthane escort for leverage as his tongue came out and tasted me for the first time. I almost came from just that. He slipped it in and out of my folds. Pushing it deep inside me. He flicked over my clit until my whole body moved with him. I held his head to me as my hips lifted and fell, grinding my pussy against his mouth, coating his chin with my juices as I bit my lips to keep quiet and came hard on his moving tongue.

He stood, licking his lips and pulled me roughly toward him. His hands on my hips as his cock slid into my pussy with one deep stroke. I bit into his shoulder, my hands moving beneath his t-shirt. I dug my nails into his back, scratching his back as I kept my face pressed into his shoulder. He pounded his cock into my hard and fast and I started to cry out each time his cock was buried deep. I locked my legs around his slim hips and moved with him, God damn he felt so fucking good I wanted to scream out. I squeezed his cock inside me and tilted my hips, then his hands moved to my breasts and pinched my nipples hard, and I came bucking and writhing as much as I could do in the small space.

My pussy spasmed around his cock as he drove into me over and over, he pounded into me hard and fast until I felt his cock jump, twitch and pulse as his barley there groan filled the small space around us. He came deep inside me, his whole body tense as he poured himself into my pussy. I squeezed him tight, my muscles milking the length of his cock as he held himself inside me until he was spent.

I reached for him, pulling his head to mine and kissing his mouth slow and sweet, thanking him with that one kiss for the most amazing sexual experience I'd ever had. I groaned as his cock was slowly pulled from my body. I moved to stand, and then a sudden sharp shooting pain traveled down the middle of my back.

I sat straight up, eyes wide open, as the seatbelt dug excruciatingly into my spine.

I was snuggled in my seat, right next to Mr. Yummy and my movements alerted him to my consciousness. He smiled at me, and leaned over to whisper in my ear, his hot breath teasing over the column of my throat as he took a little nip of my lobe, 'That must have been some dream you just had."

That's when I felt his hand on my bare knee under the blanket. A twinkle lit his brown eyes as he slide it slowly upward, my legs parting of their own volition, until the side of his hand pressed against the wet fabric of my cotton panties...

I smiled back and reached under the blanket for his hand, moving his fingers under the elastic and moaning low in my throat as his fingers met my wet sex.

" was." I half groaned out in a low whisper back, "Should I tell you about it?" I played coy as I moved his fingers through the lips of my soaking pussy, "Or would you like me to show you?"
03-18-2023, at 02:21 PM

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