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How it all began 4 Pam tries her luck again then helps Marie.

Post #1

After her last fist fuck Pam is craving another..

Once her hubby leaves for work she again puts on her pickup cloths and heads out to find a different day bar.. After driving around a bit she finds what she's looking for, An out of the way quiet bar with only three cars in the parking lot.. She parks and gets out putting her jacket back in the car and rolling up her skirt ad makes her entrance going straight to the back and sits in a secluded booth facing the front.. The bartender serves her beer and welcomes her.. A couple min later the guy who wasn't playing pool came over and introduced himself as Dave then says I don't believe I have seen you here before.. "Well This is my first time, My name is Pam Why don't you grab your beer and join me" He did and when he came back she slid over so he could sit beside her in the booth.. "Now this is much better than you standing while we are trying to get to know each other." "Pam may I ask why you picked this bar? I know without a doubt you're not a working girl or you would be working the other side of town where you could make the kind of money you are wort." "You are correct I am not a working girl and the reason for choosing this bar is that it seems to be the kind where I tend to find what I'm looking for" "May I ask just what you're looking for? "I just like to expand my circle of friends, you never know what you might find off the beaten path if you know what I mean.." With that blouse on I'm sure you don't have much of a problem attracting the friends you desire.. BTW those look like some very cuddly boobs you have there" Thank you, would you like to cuddle with them?" " would really love to feel them for sure." "Go ahead I like them touched" he took one in his big hand and squeezed it softly.. " Dave you have a nice touch for a guy with such big hands.. "Thank you, Your tit feels really good and the no bra thing was a good move even though I know blouses like this were meant to be worn with a frilly bra." "Yes's I know but when I'm looking for new friends I never wear underclothes" "You saying that you aren't wearing panties either?" "I don't think so, Why don't you check?" He moved his hand from my breast and down to the edge of my skirt.. "Go ahead I promise she won't bite very hard" he slid up slowly and as he did I spread my legs allowing access.. When he touched me I moaned slightly. He pressed slightly and said "Wow Pam you sure aren't and your shaved pussy is sopping wet." "Maybe that's just on the outside you should put a finger in to be sure." He did and his big finger made me groan louder. "Oh Dave that feels so good could you go deeper just to be sure?" He did, All the way in. "yes that's much better maybe two would be even better" He didn't hesitate and put the second one in all the way which caused me to squeeze his arm and say "Yes that's much better, How about three? He didn't hesitate and put all four in and I really squeezed his arm saying "shit that's it, now go out and in" He said in other words you want me to finger fuck you" "absolutely I love it" He stroked me several times causing me to orgasm.. When it passed I said "Dave you just made me cum did you know that?" "Yes I did you must be one hot lady" Well hot enough I want your thumb in also" "Oh shit really?" yea as a matter of fact I want your hand all the way in me, I'm so fucking horny I can't stand it without some relief" "My hand is pretty big you sure you know what you're asking for?" "Oh god yes I love being stretched" with that he folded his thumb in and pressed really hard without success.. I said "thrust it back and forth really hard and it will go I'm sure" He did that a few times and I could tell it was going deeper so I took hold of his elbow and helped him press hard, After a few more times he went right in and I almost screamed in pleasure.. "Dave you have no idea how good that feels. now go really deep" He did and once he was well inside I said "Now make a fist and fuck me all the way to the bottom hard and fast" He did and it only took a couple strokes for me to start a rolling orgasm which lasted a couple min then I calmed down.. he said "Damn girl you one horny lady" I smiled up at him and said "I'm always like that and my husband can't satisfy me that's why I'm always looking for new friends" Well you sure have found one here" "there's something else I want you to do while you're inside me" "What's that?" "Pull you fist all the way back until you hit the front wall and apply pressure while rotating it.."

When he did that oh shit it started all over again.. After a couple min of rolling orgasm's I did "Please, With your other hand flick my clit really hard and fast" He did and it worked I started squirting like a fountain.. and almost passed out, If I hadn't moved his hand off my clit I may have but this is not the place for that.. After jerking and quivering for about two min I relaxed and did "Wow thank you I needed that".. You can take your fist out now if you want to and I will either give you a blowjob or you can fuck me your choice and that includes your friends and the bartender.. either right here or if the bartender isn't cool with that I will do you guys in the parking lot.. That is unless your cocks are to big to fit in my mouth.." "wow you would fuck all of us?" "as many times as you can handle if it takes all day." "I'll be right back and he went to the bartender I guess to ask. He told him man you saw the hot chick when she came in, Well she's offering to fuck and or suck all of you either inside or in the parking lot, Your choice" " he'll bend her over a table and have at it.. He came back with a big smile on his face and motioned for his friends, When he got to the booth he pulled me out turned me around and bent me over the table lifted my skirt and shoved a really big cock balls deep.. I'm glad he chose to fuck me because I would have never got him in my mouth. Even though I had cum about twenty time already I started Cumming immediately begging him to fuck me hard.. I guess because he was wound up already he didn't last long before he dumped his huge load.. He was immediately replace by another big cock, Wow I hit the jackpot here but he to didn't last long then he was replaced with yet another nice big cock, This guy lasted long enough that the bartender climbed up in the booth and stuffed his hard cock in my mouth which would barely fit, I really got excited and actually took the bartender balls deep in my throat just before the two of they both cum buckets full.. I straightened up, turned around and said "looks like I hit the jackpot today You guys were all very good and made me cum no telling how many times.. I would gladly do all of you again if you want and Dave that fist fuck was heavenly You are welcome to do that again any time.. To my delight all of them wanted seconds and even the bartender fucked me.. Surprisingly I sucked off the bartender again while Dave was fuckin me crazy.. Then the other two took their third turn.. I left there at 2:30 pm.. Just goes to prove that the parking lot don't have to be full to get your fill of big Black cocks.. I will be sure to put his place on my list.. I can hardly believe that I got fist fucked in a bar, And by a guy with a really big fist.. I hope Dave is there the next time I stop by Now that I have showed him what to do he will be even better the next time..

When I got home and showered I called Marie, Knowing that her hubby was gone for work.. Hey girl I just got back from a solo trip to as local bar that only had three cars in the parking lot where I got my brains fucked out.. Nothing really huge but all three of the guys had real nice sized cocks plus the bartender there was only four but all four fucked me three times each. Oh wow sounds like you had fun.. I may have to try the solo thing.. well my day started shortly after 9 with a dude fist fuckin me silly with a huge fist in a booth.. You simply have to teach your hubby to do that it's fucking intense.. I have even been known to pass out it's so intense.. "my, my it must be intense." "Hell even Ruby and I do it to each other so if you're interested you can come over and I will teach you how to teach him.. That way you guys can have fun at home and maybe he will gain some confidence from the fact that he's pleasing you" "You know that just might do the trick and since I like being stretched with big cocks the fisting would fit right in.." "Have you ever squirted girl goo before?" "no I can't say I have" Well trust me if you had you would remember it.. When fisting is done correct I assure you that you will.." "Hey If you would like I can come by in the morning before hubby leaves for work and do you and explain step by step to hubby, That way we can kill to birds with one stone so to speak."

"I'm game to try anything to improve our personal sex life because regardless of his inadequacies we do love each other, So by all means why don't you come over about 10am.."

I arrived at ten as suggested.. We visited a few min and I said we need to do this on a hard surface floor in case there needs to be a clean up after so let's go to the dining room and you sit in a chair.. We both also need to be nude" Then I turned to hubby and said "Now I want you to pay close attention because everything is important.. After we're finished I want you to fuck my brains out, Is that ok with you?" "Oh hell yes I have been wanting to fuck you for ages." "When you finish fucking me don't run away because Marie is going to suck you back hard again so you can fuck her too, Agreed? "Agreed"

"Good because the size of a cock isn't everything, Why do you think girls can please each other, They don't even have a cock but they do know how to please each other and knowing that plus the intimacy of being in love goes a long way.. Just because you bust a nut don't mean that you can't do it again and in some cases several times.."

"Now everyone undress and Marie take a seat.." She did and I got between her legs.. "now because Marie is pretty loose I can start with three fingers,, Just finger fuck in the beginning until she begins to enjoy it and after a couple min add the fourth finger and do the same thing fingering her fast and hard" AS I did she was starting to buck against me "Now see how she's responding She's liking this and she will regardless who is doing it.." Now that she's warmed up fold your thumb into the palm of your hand and continue fucking her the same way only when you go forward press real hard.. Because my hand is smaller than yours it will go in rather easily.. Just because it don't seem to go don't give up just thrust harder, I will.. I have taken fist almost twice the size of yours and she can do the same so you're not going to hurt her.. There could be a slight pain but trust me she will love it.. Notice how she is hunching back at me now she really wants it deep so here goes" and I pushed in.. She said "oh god yes now fuck me please" "See what I mean this feels as good as any big cock she has ever had believe me and it's going to feel better yet because I'm now going to fold my fingers in and make a fist.. With my fist balled up it will not come out so you need to fuck her very deep until you feel it hit bottom gently,, now just like me fuck her fast and hard with long strokes.. After several strokes she lost it and began moaning and groaning saying oh god that's it keep fucking me then she went into a rolling orgasm.. after a bit she began to cost down with a long sigh and said "damn that was good" "Now you see I don't have a big cock but I made her cum her ass off and feel really good, You can too.. I'm not finished with the lesson yet, I'm now going to teach you how to cause ANY woman to have the ultimate orgasm and I promise you she will want it many times and probably never say no.. Unlike a man, once a woman comes she can cum many times almost immediately.. Watch listen and learn.. Now pull your fist back against the front wall and rotate it applying slight pressure gradually getting firmer.. Believe me she will let you know when she wants it firmer just like she's doing me now by bucking against my fist.. Now we all know that a woman likes her clit sucked and played with. This is a bit different in that I will begin sucking really hard on it stretching it out and flicking it with the tip of my tongue.. at this point its really tender but that's ok when she begins to really get wild with the bucking bite down on it gently and when her orgasm gets really intense apply more pressure with your teeth.. I did and she went rigid lifting completely off the chair and screamed to the top of her voice and it happened she began squirting like a fountain filling my mouth to overflowing bunching hard against my mouth and I kept biting then she fell back in the chair passed out cold but she just kept squirting , and squirting until she finally ran out of girl goo and I let her clit go and raised up smiling at hubby" "Wow is she ok?" "honey I assure you she is much better than ok, She will tell us when she wakes up..

She was out for another good five min giving me time to wash my hands an face and wipe the goo off my upper body.. When she came around she drew her knees up to her chest still jerking and quivering for another two or three min.. Finally saying "What the fuck just happened?" I leaned over and hugged her close and said "honey you just experienced something that 99.9% of the women in the world never has and never will" You just had a female ejaculating orgasm just like the guys do except 100 times more intense.." "When I first woke up I was scared shitless but I'm good now." She looked at hubby and said honey I sure hope you learned good because I want this many times" In fact I would like it again right now.." After you fuck us would you please do it while Pam is here to be sure you do it correct?" "You mean that you are ok with me fucking Pam?" hell yes please do and fuck her brains out please she deserves it Then I'm going to give you the best blowjob of your life until you're erect again so you can do the same to me, I can see that you're hard and ready and have been wanting to fuck her for a long time, Now's you chance." "Pam have a seat on the couch and honey fuck her the way you have always wanted to and while you're fucking her suck her nipples really hard she loves that." "Oh and don't rush because of me I will be here.."

Pam sat on the couch scooted forward, Speed he legs and motioned with both hands for him, He positioned himself and entered her fucking slowly and as I asked started sucking her nipples switching back and forth.. Pam started moaning and groaning and I know why hell she can orgasm just from nipple stimulation so I know she's having fun.. Surprisingly he lasted almost twenty min, Much longer than he ever did with me which impressed me.. Pam was evidently enjoying the fuck because she pulling his hips to her and hunching him like crazy.. All of a sudden she hollered OH YES FUCK ME HARD and they both cum at the same time.. He got up with a look on his face like he had just concerned the world.. I motioned him over and got up hugging and kissing him really hard.. When we broke I said "from what I saw it looks like you can go back there any time you want because she really enjoyed that.." with that I dropped to my knees and took him in my mouth just as I figured he was again hard in no time flat... We may have finally found his hot button.. I got up took him by the cock and led him to the couch and said "My turn smiling sweetly, Oh and BTW as If you didn't already know I like to get my nipples sucked also.. He just smiled back and slipped his cock right in and also started fucking me kind of slow before leaning forward and taking a nipple in his mouth.. The more he sucked the better it felt and that carried right down to my crotch, This might turn out ok.. I guess his confidence was increasing because he started taking longer strokes which was getting my motor running.. I now started slowly rotating my hips gently and cooing that it was feeling real good he changed nipples and sucked harder and I hugged his head tight against my breast whispering yes baby that feel really good, Bite it a little he did and wow it hit my clit hard.. I whispered for him to change nipples and when he did I whispered bite it too and he did with the same result I took his ass in my hands and pulled him hard against my groin and said bite harder and when he did I screamed oh god I'm Cumming my ass off and I did and just kept Cumming and he just kept fucking, Oh god now I'm having one orgasm after the other.. He is now Taking longer strokes and I'm Cumming harder and harder.. By now I'm bucking and thrashing so hard I'm almost throwing him off when he lets loose a monster load.. When we finished I just hugged him real tight and started crying

"honey you have no idea how much I have wanted that all these years. That was the best orgasm of my life.." "Well you have no idea how much I wanted to give it to you but just didn't know how" Now I really do want to be sure I know how to fist you properly" "Oh my god yes, I have not doubt it will be even better with you" Pam said hey mister don't leave me out OI want some more of you any time I can get it and a good fist fuck would help out drastically lol" As a matter of fact there's plenty time, Why don't you fist me first and I can guide you better so that you know what you're doing when you do it then you will still have time for Marie." Marie said "oh hell yes that sounds great"

Pam wasted no time, She took a seat and spread her legs for him motioning him forward with both hands saying "come on let me show you the way" He didn't have to be asked twice but dropped to his knees and slipped three fingers I and started thrusting.. After a few min of he thrusting back against him he just added the fourth on his own... "oh yes that's it " and thrusted back against him real aggressively.. When she started moaning he added his thumb and thrusted really fast and hard.. It took a bit of doing but he kept pushing harder and harder and bam he was in.. "oh my god that's it honey now make a fist and fuck me hard and deep" He'll he was almost up to his elbow then she began to go fucking wild with orgasm "God yes fuck me like that I'm Cumming my ass off.." Finally she slumped down with a sigh and he simply pulled back against the front wall and began rotating his fist and the orgasm's started again.. As they got stronger and stronger he pulled back a bit harder then took her clit in his mouth and sucked really hard stretching it out while flicking it with his tongue.. when she got out of control he bit down and she fucking lost it.. The harder she bucked the harder he bit until she pressed his head firm against her and started squirting like a fountain .. Surprisingly he didn't flinch but kept biting hard then she too passed out cold.. He continued rotating his fist and biting until she stopped squirting then he lifted his head up smiling at me, "I did it" When she came to and stopped quivering she looked at me and said "Honey I think that you are going to have lots of fun with your new husband because he did that perfect..

"Now get your ass over here and take advantage of a good thing" After watching her I didn't have to be told twice.. I simply took my seat and he was already on his knees so he just started three finger fucking me.. It didn't take me long to get started since I was still wound up from the great fuck he gave me.. So he added the fourth and started fucking me hard causing me to buck against his hand.. Then he added the thumb and fucked me fast and hard.. The harder he fucked the more I bucked my hips wondering if I was actually going to squirt before he even got inside but hen he pushed really hard and in he went causing a sigh and a deep groan I reached down and took his wrist and helped thrust him inside until he was to deep for me to hold his wrist so I took his elbow in my hand and pulled him as hard as I could His fist was already balled up so he went right to the bottom and I pulled him hared against it rotating my hips and humping hard

"Oh my god I'm fucking Cumming so damn hard" Then I collapsed and slumped down in the chair.. He pulled back to the front wall and started rotating his fist rubbing that hot spot which got me started again.. I reached down and placed a hand on each side of his ark so I could feel what he was doing pulling against my groin then began to thrust really hard hunching and bucking when his mouth took my clit and sucked it really hard and I started Cumming really hard again when he bit down and oh my god I lost it.. Almost immediately I began squirting like crazy The harder he bit the harder I squirted, It was so intense it actually hurt deep in my groin which just made me squirt even harder then bang I was out like a light.. They said this time I was out a good ten min.. When I was finally able to talk I said "Oh my god I thought the first time was super but that one simply knocked it out of the park".. Pam said girl I have never seen anyone squirt as much as you did, Where in the hell does all that come from"

"Well I have no idea but I sure hope I have lots more.. "Honey you have no idea how happy you have made me, Tonight I will have a supper cooked for kings.. because after you have a bit of a rest and get a full stomach I seriously want you to fuck the hell out of me again then fist me all night.. afterward I'm going to suck you dry and swallow every delicious drop, That's a promise.. "I am jealous of you two I would give anything if my hubby could be half as underacting as you.." " Honey this don't mean that I won't be fucking BBC's anymore just that you will be my first priority.. I mean I really do like those big socks and the variety is a real turn on, Especially during those gangbangs, I mean you saw that before and know how much I like it.. May've you can get a chance to fuck Ann, Ruby and Julie, Who knows maybe all of us at the same time , After the way you fucked Pam and I, I have no doubt you could handle all five of us.. Just think you will probably walk in at work with a swagger and well deserved at that.. You know there has been a long, long time since I looked forward to you coming home..

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