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mistress terie car wash part 2

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mistress terie car wash part 2As soon as i was out i filled a bucket of water and commenced the washing oohh how i wished that nobody noticed me but it was a very vain wish, becouse soon enough the honking started and wolf whistles could be heard from a mile away. I started washing from the side of the pavement and was lucky enough that no one was passing or walking, but when i began washing on the street s end mayhem broke ,every car slowed down and the comments started some were innocuous like be careful not to rip the tights or how i looked great in leotard or why is you ars red, at least with the fake lips i had a fake smile always on.......than disgusting people started arriving and all sorts of comments started being made like i know were those lips should be and you seem good at cleaning cars,let s see how you clean cocks...thankfully the car was nearly clean on the outside and so i commenced the inside and made sure to close the doors behind me ,after about two hours i was ready to start the polishing....................Mistress meanwhile was happier than normal Marcus had given what she wanted good and long fucking ,now they were out in d balcony filming me polishing the car, but if i was lucky at the start misfortune struck at the end ....miss olga a very conservative woman neighbour and very friendly to mistress terie ,was coming back from walking her three poodle dogs and how she hated men ,as soon as d dogs saw me they started barking and one of them broke loose and i started going round the car with the dog biting at my heels soon luckily miss olga caught up with the dog......Marcus filmed everything and than came down to check my work with a fine comb .,he and mistress searched for every speck of dirt imaginable but couldn t find one ,the sole reason being that he liked spanking me a lot and wanted to trash my bottom again this time over his knee....but for a second time luck was on my the coming two days (my stay was of five days) all sorts of people starting pestering and offering mistress lot of money for the sissy slut to wash there car and soon mistress made some calculations and offered me 5 euros for every car washed so if i washed 6 cars a day thats 30 euros not bad accomadation free i taught, i didn t know that some people paid 35 euros to see me dressed sluttily wash there car and soon mistress told me to sign a letter were i ll be dressing and doing what mistress thinks best and getting 5 euros for every car was summer and everyday i was dressed in d skimpiest costumes imagineable ,,sometimes i ll be wearing only tights ,sometimes only hot pants oohh how i hated the red one i looked really and exactly like a poof and with that bow on my head ,,as time went by i began using the toilet as an excuse to not do my job properly Mistress began to notice but i taught,i was a sly fox and very cunning and for the rest of the week continued getting on mistresses nerves.....Finally mistress laid the law ,one day after doing my final car as soon i entered i found mistress terie with a cane in her hand YOU are trying to pull my leg by telling me that your bowels aren t working correctly from now on they are going to work perfectly she thundered she wooshed the cane in the air that sent a shiver to my spine and shouted STRIP take off that poofy apron (that was covering my modesty)and pull down those tights i nearly fell while taking off the tights to be quick and soon was in d middle of the room nude with only the bow on my head.........THis is how i am going to deal with your incontinence mistress yelled, from a kettle on the cooker mistress poured a cup of steaming tea and handed it over to me.......DRINK........IT was the most bitter liquid i ve ever tasted. My mouth literally refused to have any more after the first sip but a look on mistress terie s displeased face when i hesitated made me take sip after sip........Drink up is herbal tea, from a bitter has many health properties ,but mostly it stimulate your digestion and bladder will need to get used to d bitterness as it tends to linger in your mouth for a couple of hours..TELL ME HOW IT TASTES mistress asked as she swiped the cane in d air with a threathering hiss........"It tastes delicious mistress TERIE".......Good you may prepare and drink one litre whole litre of this awful tea my heart sank but mistress wasn t done yet ,now she poured a thick amber liquid on a big spoon....OPEN UP ,the oily liquid mistress fed me tasted even worse than the tea. Don t flinch Castor oil is good for you and will only help your digestion further along. She poured another spoonful and held it up to my mouth "This time i want you to smile as you swallow and thank me for what has been given....I forced my face into a forced smile and gulped down the horrible liquid,,,,her partner giggled instantly..That will be 2 big tablespoons every night....Thank you are welcome you will wake up when your bowels tell you....Mistress than picked up a hot water bottle and poured steamy water from a kettle into it than she proceeded to fill it with cold water from the sink...Now we finish with the morning routine everyday at 7.30 sharp she commanded while attaching a rubber hose with a large nossle to d rubber bag....ON YOUR KNEES forehead to d ground and raise your buttocks up in the air HIGHER HIGHER.......Than mistress gave me a piece of soap and told me to put in my mouth and than put it in my backside to lubricate for d nossle ...come on some soap in your mouth won t kill you and inserted the soap than the nossle followed wright away and soon felt water flowing into me....than she set a timer of 10 minutes.........oohh time is up, mistress pulled the nossle,and ordered get up my sissy slut , face d corner and jump up and down, as i jumped up and down the pressure kept mounting and the soapy water sloshed inside my tummy and pressure always increasing fast ,,finally mistress said to the toilet i ran as fast as i could and sat on the i sat alone making funny noises i taught about being as sly as a fox and began braying.......end of part 2
05-17-2021, at 04:52 PM

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