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Do I have to? Or do I want to?

Post #1

I have always been curious about other men's penises. Not just any; large penises. Could never bring myself to do anything about it though. For one thing I

love pussy, and women for that matter. For another I was a typical straight male. Made fun of gays in front of my friends. We all did I guess. I know, not

very mature. "Faggot" was one of my put-down words to call my friends when I was implying he was weak or unmanly. These first 27 years of my life were lived

as a dominantly heterosexual male. But still, when I was alone, I thought a little too often about what it must be like to touch another man's long, thick

cock. Maybe put one in my mouth and see what that was about. I shrugged it off as normal curiosity but would never act on it or put myself in a position to

act on it. Hmmmmmmm, maybe, if I HAD to blow another guy....not a realistic situation. Forget it, it'll never happen.

I got into a huge fight with my girlfriend. She hid my keys on me but I left anyway. I walked about 3 quarters of a mile away and found myself at a titty

bar. I was there for a while until this trucker came in, sat next to me, and we talked for hours, drank, and both spent a lot of money. The conversation of

penis size came up. I was very honest. "6 and half. Decently thick". He told me something I didn't believe. "I'm 8.75 inches and about 5.5" around. I can't

get my fingers around it. Like a damn baseball bat". That led to this exchange:

"Yeah, right" I said. "Every guy I know SAYS they're 8 inches. Your probably close to my size." He was 6'4" tall and about 265lbs of muscle. So I guess it

was probably true.

Then I looked at his bulge. There was a Large lump there but you can't always tell but I could swear I made out the shape of a huge helmet.

"You wanna bet?" He laughed.

I laughed back "What are you going to pull it out right here?"

"No." He said quickly. "I can give you a ride home since you walked here and I'll show you in the cab of my truck"

"OK" I laughed again. "What will you bet?"

He pulled out $230. "What do you have?"

My mind quickly snapped into focus. Maybe this was my chance to see or touch a big one. I pulled out $13 even though I had more. "I guess this isn't going to

do it. What will you take in trade?" I said hopingly.

"How about a hand job" He smiled. "I'm pretty horny".

There it is. My big chance. To touch one and maybe more even though I wasn't sure if he was joking or not. I quickly answered "Why stop there. How about a

blow job?" With a perfectly straight face.

"Sure" he said but made eye contact with me that was pretty awkward. He seemed to look at me pretty intently for a moment like he was either trying to figure

me out or already had.

Couldn't let him know I wanted to. Not sure I could live with the fact that I offered to. Maybe, like I said before, if I HAD to. But not like this. Damnit!

I punked out completely "Guess we'll never know then. There's no way I'm doing THAT!" Followed with a nervous laugh.

Made eye contact again and he seemed to stare right through me, but the moment passed and the subject was changed.

About 10 minutes later we walked out and got in his 18 wheeler. He asked me if I had ever seen the inside of a cab and insisted on showing me where he

sleeps. There was a small little bed for one the he sat on and leaned up against the wall and turned the interior light on. "What about our bet?" He said and

reached through his fly and pulled out what seemed to be a monster! My mouth gaped open for a minute as it really long. And he was right. Thick, wasn't the

word. For some reason the meaning of the word Girth popped in my head:

THe measurement around something; bulky.

It was half erect, leaning towards one side. It was still bigger than mine is hard. It had a large green vein that started at the base from behind some dense

pubic hair and split into two smaller veins that ran next to each other until they disappeared abouth 2" before the tip. The huge mushroom shaped helmet was

about the size of a child's fist. His big cock had an olive tone complexion that ended near the circumcision line and the rest, including the tip, was a

peach color.

"I know you want my big dick. I'll let you suck it, and eat my cum if you admit it". He said as a-matter-of-factly. Always thought about giving a blowjob but

never swallowing. In fact it kind of sickened me to think aboutit.

I didn't say anything thing. Couldn't bring myself say no or yes. I just shook my head "no" still staring at it in admiration.

"So, you want me to enforce my bet? Make you suck my dick?"

Still said nothing. But I answered him by shrugging my shoulders as if to say "I don't know".

"I'll tell you what. If you don't Ask me permission to suck my cock. I'm putting it away." He said.

My pride wouldn't allow me to do it. I quietly said "No. I don't want to" and turned away.

"Ok" he said and stuffed himself back in his pants and zipped himself back up. "I'll drive you home now."

Damnit! This was my big chance and I was ruining it!

"W-wait." I stuttered. "Can I see it again?"

"No." He said as if he were annoyed. "The conditions are you ask me, nicely, in fact call me Sir IF you may suck my big dick and eat my cum"

I hesitated. I wrestled hard with my pride but finally gave in when he seemed to make a motion to go toward the driver's seat.

"Sir, may I-I-I" I stuttered.

He interuppted me to tell me to get down on my knees, look in his eyes, and ask him like I know I want it.

I got down on my knees between his legs looked him dead in the eyes. This was painful and a huge blow to my ego. "Um, Sir may I please suck your big dick and

eat your cum?" It was surreal. I couldn't believe I just said that! I really wanted to feel his meat in my hands and between my lips. Couldn't fight the urge

no longer. I thought for a minute I could still get out of this and just leave the truck and walk home with a little dignity, but why? When I have such a

beautiful specimen just inches away!

"Well, don't look at me. You want it sooo bad. Unbuckle, unzip, and pull out my cock and balls. Do it slowly I want to enjoy watching you do this!" As he

folded his arms behind his head, and sank down a little farther in his seat.

I undid his belt, his button and his zipper. I did it slowly and kept glancing up at him for his approval. He seemed to have some sort of authority over me.

He was a true alpha male and deserved my respect and obedience I felt. I grabbed his pants and underwear in the same handfulls and yanked down. He lifted up

his hips to aid me a little. Slowly dark curly pubic hair, a thick base, the long shaft, then finally the head sort of flopped out in front of me.

I pause staring at it for a minute. "Well go ahead, it's not gonna suck itself." I went to reach for it with my hand but he said "No! No hands! Put them

behind your back." I did what he said. This moment was exruciating. It was becoming more and more humiliating for me.

It was sort of hanging between his legs almost pointing down spilling over his balls while he was slumped back.

"Wait. You've never sucked cock before? Right?" He asked. I returned quickly, and proudly "No. Never."

"Im going to love this he said. Take me in your mouth nice and slow" he said. "Go ahead. Open those pretty little red lips of your wide for Daddy". He said


I wish he would have just grabbed the back of my head and made me, but no he was going to make me degrade myself. Absolute torture. I licked, then opened my

mouth wide to fit in that massive head and leaned forward slowly looking at him. My outstretched lips were a half an inch away from his cockhead. Slowly I

felt the glans gently press against my wet open mouth. Then I felt the flanges part my lips as they passed the entire head.That was it.I had a giant tip in

my mouth and my moist lips were firmly wrapped around his shaft. I slid down taking more of him in my mouth. I felt his meat slide against my tongue being

careful not to use my teeth.

He tasted a little sweaty, but also...fleshy. The only word I could use to describe it. The shaft was semi-erect and the skin felt funny moving a little

seperately from it. I stopped when the head was at the back of my throat. I would say I had about 5" comfotably in my mouth. Then I slowly dragged him out

past my lips until I felt the helmet on my lips again, then back in, slowly. He was watching me every step of the way. I felt my face get hot from

embarassement. I must have been beet-red! I bobbed slowly back and forth and told myself that I wanted this, so enjoy it. I felt him get hard in my mouth. It

was a very erotic sensation. He looked like he was about 10" never mind 8.75"! It was a little more difficult to take him in and out of my mouth but sort of

worth the effort. Not only was sucking not bad,I definitely did like it. There was something hot about being on my knees servicing a guy and feeling his

salivia slick pole in my mouth. I wanted more. I tried to deep throat him but he was too big. I tried to swallow the head when I forced him in a little

deeper but it was no use. He liked it when I gagged. He moaned and said, "oh yeah, take that cock, faggot!" Faggot!? I guess I was now...

He told me to take him out of my mouth. I disappointingly obeyed. I stared at his big cock for a moment and was easily able to see how far I was able to take

him down my throat. About 7" of his cock was covered in saliva and about 2" of the base was dry. I was impressed with myself.

"Grab my dick and slowly jerk it while licking my balls, cocksucker." He ordered. I took him in my right hand and I couldn't believe how thick it was. He was

right I could barely fit fingers around. I didn't really care for licking balls at first until I felt the shape and size of one of his nuts. His sac was

leathery and hairy but I didn't care. I gently stroked him at the same time. I felt myself get rock hard whilee pleasing this man. I also felt wet in my

underwear which means I had been leaking a good amount of pre-cum.

"Alright, stop that". He commanded. "I want you to smack yourself in the face with it. Do it now!"

It was soo heavy as I began to beat myself up with it. I was degrading myself and I liked it. Slap, slap, slap on both cheeks, forehead, chin, just

everywhere. "You like that big cock don't you" He asked. "Yes Sir". I answered quickly.

"No. I want to hear you say it, and call me Daddy this time."

"I like your big cock, Daddy" I answered obediently. He then want to know what I wanted to do with it. "I want to suck it some more, Daddy". I told him.

"BEG!" He said. No problem I thought to myself.

"Daddy, ummm Sir, may I-I please suck your big dick some more, please, Daddy, Please!?" He said ok but first he wanted to see it laying on my face. I

crouched down and let it rest length wise across my face and looked up at him. He laughed "You look like a ridiculous cock whore with my dick on your face."

He told me to put my hands behind my back and I quickly listened. He then told me to open my mouth and drool over his meat which I had already been doing.

Then he told me to put it in my mouth like I know I wanted it so I leaned forward but he quickly pulled it away. "Follow it with you mouth, fishy" he said.

He kept moving it from side to side and I followed him with my open mouth. Finally he laughed and grabbed the back of my head in shoveed it in my mouth.

"Suck it bitch, suck it good." He ordered me and went back to keeping his hands behind his head. I went back to sliding my lips up and down over his fat meat

and I loved every second of it. The little teasing game he just played with me worked. It got me hot by degrading me and feeling his big mushroom head on my

tongue and drooling over his shaft reminded me of something. How I felt about tits, ass, pussy and other female body parts. How I love to suck, bite, squeeze

, maul and rub all of those. Except being subservient, and doing something that I considered bad or taboo made it hotter for me. I soo wanted to reach down

jerk myself off but I had a job to do.

I felt his big paw again on the back of my head. He made me go a little faster, and take him a little deeper. This is the first time I felt a man touch me in

an aggresive sexual manner and it was such a turn on. He owned my head, and made me please him with my mouth.

"Yeah, I'm gonna cum in your mouth soon" He said. I felt a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach. The kind of nervous excitement you get on a rollar caster

as a kid. I wanted something to happen but I thought cum was gross. There was nothing I could do about it. He was getting ready to shoot in my mouth.

Then the longer, more rapid strokes had become shallow. I felt his hand tightent on the back of my head. His fingers were really dug in.He was pushing my

head maybe 2" down now, and he was thrusting his hips upwards about 2 - 3" to meet the controlling movements of my head. Basically my lips would touch the

the head of his cock then I would have a about 4 or 5" of hot dick in my mouth, then back out again. I felt the muscles in his legs flex, followed by

erratic, heavy breathing. I knew was going to happen next.

"Oh yeah, here I cum!" He groaned. Then I felt his dick twitch between my lip followed by a squirt in my mouth. Then another squirt, followed by another each

time met with a strong pulse of his cock kinda like a heartbeat between my lips. It was sooo hot I could have came right there myself. I wanted more cum, and

I got it. All told, I felt about 7 BIG cumshots in my mouth. He was a heavy cummer like that porno dude Peter North. Then he slowly relenquished my head

breathed heavy, and kept saying "Oh yeah, take my cum. Take it. Take it all!"

He let go, and with my lips still wrapped around his meat I bobbed slowly and sucked gently. I then pulled my mouth off him. "Show it to me. Open your mouth

and show me my load!" He commanded. I opened my mouth and showed him the juices of his nuts pooled inside.

I then started to notice the taste. A little salty, a little bitter and a strange aroma I've never encountered before. All in all, it was mildly unpleasant

but very tolerable. But it was what it was that made it so delicious to me. Another man's hot load.

"Swallow it!". He ordered.

When I gulped it dow, I sort of got a better taste of it using my whole mouth and it was a little stronger than I thought. I loved it. I took my medicine!

Also It was a pretty load. I read somewhere that the average load is the size of a table spoon. This felt more like a 1/3 of a cup of creamy warm liquid. I

enjoyed the aftertaste, and spent the next few momonts milking all the remaing ooze from his big juicy cock. Licked it, nuzzled it, slapped myself with it

gently and he didn't have to ask!
05-17-2021, at 06:40 PM

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