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The Bounty Hunter 3

Post #1

After 4 months of space travel, you've finally reach to your destination. You approached the space station, Nova Titan. A man made space colony where you were born and grew up on. The bright colorful neon lights glows everlastingly around the metal artificial planet as you remembered. There's two over sized mechanical rings simultaneously spinning slowly around Nova Titan containing its atmosphere. It has a population over 3 billion, 90% humans and 10% from all kinds of intelligent alien species. Space travel is very strict for ordinary citizens. High end companies like ISHB can only travel with minimum privileges. Only the government and military personnels can space travel with no restrictions.

You are being hailed and a woman's voice came on your com.

"This is security control from Nova Titan. Identify yourself and your clearance code", she ask you.

"My name is Eric Jaks. I'm a member of the International Space Bounty Hunter CORP. My badge number 3297B7. I'm bringing in a fugitive. My CC is W825T-71." You replied.

"Please standby while we scan your ship and confirm your Clearance Code", she ordered you.

"Our scanner showed only one life form on your ship, is that correct?", she ask.

"Affirmative, the fugitive is deceased." You told her.

"Your Clearance Code is approved, you may dock your ship onto Port C78." She advised you.

"Yes mam." You said to her and disconnected from the com.

You docked your ship onto the port and have Khorm's body transfer to the coroner department to confirm his identity.

You hired an AutoCab and rode for three hours to the ISBH headquarters. You stare at the city as you flew by. So much memories. The flying vehicles loudly rushing by, the bright neon lights and the tall buildings brought nostalgia memories back to you. All these sights made you second guessed if you were homesick.

The lobby of the ISBH headquarter is filled with bounty hunters from noobs to veterans as you walked in. You walk up to the busty cougar receptionist sitting behind a counter. Her body is quite thick all in the right places. She's brunette with hazel eyes and she's wearing a tight red dress that is pushing out her big cleavage. She's typing on her keyboard on the desk with her eyes glued to the computer screen. "Can I help you?", she ask with out looking at you.

"Hey Laura, I've brought in a fugitive, badge number 3297B7.", you reminded her.

"Eric! Sweet Jesus, I haven't seen your face in a while! How long has it been? 2 years?", She exclaim to you as she recognized your voice.

"Probably three, give or take." You said to her.

"How've you been beautiful?", you flirted at her.

Blushing, she coyly said, "You always do have the words with the ladies. My day is going great with you here now sugar". She types in your info into the computer.

"Can you please identify the fugitive and their status, Mr. Jaks?", she ask you back in a professional tone.

"Khorm Kilak, dead.", you inform her and the entire lobby went dead silent. You can feel all the glares behind you.

"His body is being inspected by CD as I was on my way here. They should be done by now. You should've received a confirmation in your inbox." You inform her. Laura checks the inbox on the computer screen and confirmed your bounty.

Typing in the information you gave her, she receives a red flag on the screen. "Oh...honey, Are you aware that there is no reward for the fugitive, Khorm Kilak, dead?", she ask you.

"I do.", you reply her looking a bit disappointed. She types in Khorm's file; captured, dead and she types in your name as Khorm's bounty hunter. She hovers the mouse on confirm and she clicks on confirm.

"Okay sugar, your report is completed. Good luck and stay safe out there Cowboy." She said as she smiles at you. Before you turn around she told you to wait.

"Hold on sweetie, I just got a notification here on the screen. There seems to be an anonymous donor here. It says the sum is to pay out to whoever captures Khorm Kilak.....dead or alive.", she informs you happily.

"Really? That's great! How much?", you said to Laura with you hands smacked onto the counter.

"Hmm, that's weird. It doesn't say and I don't have permission to check the balance. But I can transfer it to your credit chip right now if you want?", she asks you as her hand reaches out to you.

You hastily gave her your credit chip from your back pocket and she plugged it into the side of the computer screen. Within seconds, she completed the transfer and hands it back to you. "Don't spend it all in one place, you hear?", she said with a wink.

"How about I take you to a fancy dinner, maybe some fine wine and then to top it off, a dance on the rooftop with night lights and slow music?", you ask her and smiled.

"If you don't get out of here right now, I'm gonna toss you in one of those jail cells with me in it, lock the cell and throw away the keys." Laura threatens you.

"You promise?", you snap back at her.

She grabs a pen from the desk and threw it at you. You laugh as you turn around and headed for the exit. As you walk, all the envious eyes in the lobby were glaring at you. Your smile died away quickly. You wonder if you painted a big red target on your back.

When you got to the exit, you forgot to do something and ran back to counter. "I forgot to give you these.", you said to Laura. You reach into your pouch and pulled out the bag of ISBH badges. You put it on the counter. In doing so, the red pokey dots panty that was in your pouch is stuck on the bag of ISBH badges. Laura's face turns pink as she saw the panty. You quickly grab the panty and put it back in your pouch. You return your attention back to Laura. "I found these after I killed the bastard. I'm assuming they were all KIA by Khorm.", you said to Laura as you pour out the ISBH badges onto the counter.

"Sure thing honey, I'll make sure their families are also notify as well." She told you with her face still pink. "Thank you", you said as you turn around to the exit.

As you walked out the building, you took a peak back at the glass doors. They were still leering at you through the doors. Paranoid, you hire another AutoCab and rode to Bank of the Galaxy.

"May I help you sir?", the receptionist ask as you approached her. You told her you want to check the balance on your credit chip as you slid it forward to her on the counter. "May I see your ID?" She ask as she took you credit chip. Taking your ID, she plugged both the credit chip and your ID into the side of the computer screen. After some typing on the keyboard, she looks at your account and said, "you have a total balance of 801,527 credits in your account sir."

Repeating herself a couple times, "Sir?".

You snapped back into reality. "Yes?", you said to her.

"Will that be all?", she ask you.

"Uh, could you split it into two chips?", you ask her.

"How much do you want to split into each chip sir?", she ask you.

"200,000 on one and the rest onto the other.", you said to her.

Within thirty seconds she finished the process. She handed your ID and two credit chips to you. "Thank you and we appreciate your business with us." She said to you. You thanked her and left the building.

It wasn't 40 million credits but 800,000 is better than nothing. You smiled as vehicles flew by silently. The neon lights glows cleaner around the buildings. Your shoulders feels lighter. You took another AutoCab to your usual shop. You arrive outside the shop and the sign on top reads 'Henry's Emporium'.

You walked in and Henry spotted you from behind the counter. "Jaks, you son of a bitch. You're sure are a sight for sore eyes! Where the hell have you been?!", Henry yells at you.

"You don't want to know." You said to him as you walk to the counter.

"I need some upgrades, Pops." You said to Henry.

"Ugh, stop calling me Pops. It sounds like I'm 50 years old.", he said.

"But you're 67 years old Henry", you said to him.

"Right, I forgot you knew that. So What can I do for you Jaks?", he ask.

"I need a new AemBrace, upgrades for my phaser and some armored clothes." You said as you slid your credit chip forward to Henry.

"What? You're paying in advance this time? What fuck happened? Caught yourself a big fish?", he ask.

"Yup and I'll bet you 10,000 credits you'll never guess who it is." You said to Henry as you reach your hand out to him for the bet.

He shook your hand and said, "Khorm Kilak."

"How the fuck did you even guessed that right?!", you scream at him.

He grab the tv remote and turns on the TV. "It was on the news all morning and just now I assumed it was you." he laughs at you. The news only display Khorm Kilak is captured, but they did not say who captured him nor if he was captured dead or alive.

"A bet is a bet", he said to you as he charges 10,000 credits from your credit chip.

"So how much is the reward? 40 fucking million credits huh? You'll retiring right?." Henry ask you.

"Nah, I killed the scumbag by accident. He hit my phaser with his fucking wooden club. My phaser switched from stun to lethal and I blast a fucking hole through his chest not knowing it had switched. I didn't get the bounty reward because he was wanted alive.", you told him. Henry fell to the floor and nearly piss his pants laughing.

"Pops, Are you done? I got places to go", you said to him as you stare down over the counter. He got up wiping his tears away.

"Tell you what, I'll give you a 25% discount on your total purchase for your misfortune." He says as he still trying to contain himself.

"Thanks", you said sarcastically to Henry.

"Go have a look around. Shot a hole through his chest, this story is gonna be the best one in the history of bounty hunting.", he said chuckling.

You upgraded the charges on your phaser with ten times the capacity charges from before. You also installed a new safety lock switch button on the phaser, making hard to accidentally switch stun to lethal. Henry couldn't stop laughing while applying it to your phaser, so you did it yourself.

You went to the armored clothing section. An outfit in a glass case caught your eyes. It looks like it is made of carbon fiber. There are titanium plates that are placed on the chests, abdomen and thighs. It's a dark brown jacket and a black pants.

"Hey Pops, how much for this outfit?", you ask him.

"100,000 credits", he told you.

"God damn Pops! I might as well buy a tank instead." You said to him.

"That outfit is made with top quality reinforced carbon fiber and the metal plates outside are made with condense concentrated titanium. The cloth can resists slashing and piercing penetration. Hell, it's even energy proof. You can even take a couple shot from your phaser on lethal. It'll still hurt but I'll guarantee you won't end up like Khorm on the first shot. It's super light weight and flexible and yet durable like a tank. It's a one size fits all. You can buy them separately for 50k each. They're doubled military graded." He said with pride.

"You had me at slashing, I'll take them both." You said to him.

"Slashing?", he ask you.

"Never mind, I'm ready for checkout. What's the total, Pops?", you ask.

"100,000 for the outfit, 12,570 for the phaser upgrades and 11,200 for the new AemBrace. With a 25% discount, your total rallied up to 92,828 credits. Hey I'll even deduct another 10,000 credits from our earlier bet. So that'll be 82,828 credits total," he said to you.

You told him you would pay him the 92,828 credits because the bet has nothing to do with the purchase, but he already made the transaction. You put on the new outfit and the AemBrace. You look at a mirror and it looks good on you. It's a bit flashy with the titanium plates but you will need protection everywhere you possibly can on your next job. You put your old outfit in a bag and threw it in the trash.

"Nice, that suits you pretty good.", Henry said to you.

"Thanks. Would you mind keeping the info on the down low?", you ask Henry.

"Yeah I know the drill. Bounty hunter's confidential code or what ever it is.", he said to you.

"Wait a second. If you didn't get paid for Khorm's bounty. How are you paying for this?", Henry asked you.

"Oh, some mysterious donor secretly paid 800k credits whoever captured Khorm Kilak, dead or alive." You smiled as you said to him.

"What?!, hey I want my 10k credits back!" He yells at you.

"Alright, see you later Pops." You said to Henry as you walk to the exit of the shop.

"Yeah, see you around Jerks. Make sure to double check your phaser is on stun before you shoot okay?", he joke to you and you flipped him the bird from behind as you walk out the shop.

There's only one place left to go. Felling great, you decided to walk instead of taking a AutoCab. It was only a 20 minute walk from Henry's Emporium. Ten minutes in walking, it started to rain. The rain has a little sweet aroma to it. The mechanical rings around Nova Titan collects HO2 from the atmosphere and dispense the water from the second inner ring, making artificial rain for crops and produce.

With it pouring you decided to take a longer route where the rain cannot get to you. It was a dark and quiet alleyway with a little bit of neon lights. It seems like a bad idea but you know how to handle yourself against a mugger.

Half way through the alley, you sense someone is following you. Maybe someone from the guild is tailing you. You quickly turn around and you saw no one. It's no ordinary mugger and you don't like this one bit. You quickly ran for the end of the alleyway in front of you. You heard running footsteps behind you as you ran. You took out your phaser with your right hand and turn around to face whoever chasing you. You pointed at the mysterious figure running towards you and pulled the trigger. Your phaser is stuck on safety and you quickly tried to figure out how to work the newly installed safety lock on your phaser. "Fuck, I should've read the fucking manual.", you said to yourself. You got shot in the right arm in with a phaser and you dropped your phaser. You don't know if it's a stun or lethal shot but it felt like someone just swung a bat at your right arm. You groan as you fell on your back. The mysterious stranger ran up to you and pins you down with their knee on your stomach. The stranger points their phaser in your face. The person has a hoody on and you couldn't make out their face.

Your arm is in pain and you're discombobulated. "Who are you? What the fuck do you want?!", you yell at your attacker.

"Eric?", a familiar voice calls out to you.

The person pulls their hood off and your face looks as if you had seen a ghost when you saw her face.

"Tess?...", you ask.

"Eric! It is you! Oh my god, I'm so sorry I shot you. I thought you were someone else!", she cried to you as she put her phaser away and moves her knee off your stomach to your side.

You don't even feel the pain in your arm anymore. With your emotionless face, you leaned up and surprised Tess with a hug. You wrap your arms around her and pressed your face into her chests and cry.

Tess looks down at you as you hugged her. "Are you okay Eric? I didn't shoot you in head did I?", she ask you as your face was pressed against between her breasts.

While crying, you said, "I...I thought you were dead.." as you looked up at her with your teary eyes.

"Why would you think that?", she asks you.

You pulled out your neck chain tagged with the ISBH badge numbered 3297B8 from under your shirt. Tess eyes starts to get watery as she saw her badge.

"So it was you who captured Khorm...", she said as she starts crying.

You two walked into a nearby diner and sat across from each other. You had a bucket of ice on your bare right arm where Tess shot you. The waitress came back to your table.

"You folks ready to order yet?", she ask the both of you.

"Can I get another bucket of ice? And whatever this lady in front me wants." You said to the waitress.

"I'll have the cheese burger with fries and a Diet Cola, thank you.", Tess told the waitress.

She wrote down the order and looks at your bruised right arm. "What happened to you honey?", she asks you.

You pointed at Tess with your right finger and lied "My crazy ex-girlfriend here was too rough with me in bed this morning". Tess stayed silent and her face turns beet red as she heard you.

"No wonder she's your ex." The waitress said to you.

"Girl, if you want to keep a man, you have to be gentle to him in bed. Like this.", she said to Tess as she strokes your right shoulder gently.

"If I was 10 years younger, I be asking you for a date right now." The waitress said flirting with you.

You stared at her top to bottom and she wasn't that bad looking. You look at her name tag and said, "I just might take your offer on that, Linda." Linda smiles at you went to the kitchen to fulfill your orders.

Tess kicks you in the left shin very hard under the table. You groaned but also laughed in pain. "Did you really have to kicked me that hard? I think I rather be shot by your phaser again," you joke to Tess.

"That can be arrange." Tess says as she slowly pulls out her phaser.

"Relax Tess I'm just teasing you. Please, you shot me in the arm. I'm allowed to make a joke out of it at least." You laugh at her.

Your former partner's name is Tessah Marie Walsh. Her height is 5'6. Her hair are fiery red that reaches to her shoulders. She has blue ocean green eyes and a freckled nose. Her bust size is 32DD. She has slim waist and a petite butt. You met her at the ISBH academy at the age of 15. You two clicked instantly after you two were randomly chosen to spar with each other. She's a year younger than you and you've always treated her like a little sister during the academy training. You both graduated together from the academy and became partners on the spot. You've always looked out for her when you two were working together. Even though she's great at doing her job as a bounty hunter, you did not approved some of her judgments which was one of the reasons that lead you both to a fallout. You started to developed feelings towards Tess over the first 3 years as partners. It seemed unprofessional to have feeling towards Tess which lead to the ultimate decision of you two separating as partners. Tess never found out about your feelings for her.

"So?", she ask you as she looks at you.

"So what?", you ask staring at Tess.

"you gonna tell me how you caught the piece of shit?", she asks.

"I want to know how that piece of shit got your badge first.", you reply back to Tess.

It started over a year ago when Tess did a job in Kingston here on Nova Titan. The guy she was hunting for had connections with Khorm. His name was Frank Dukfah and he knew where Khorm was hiding on Nova Titan. When Tess caught Frank at his hideout, he told her he wanted to cut a deal. Khorm's secret hideout for his released. When Frank's info was verified. Tess and three other female bounty hunters teamed up to take Khorm down at his secret hideout. What Tess didn't know was that Khorm had planted a bug on Frank's hideout months before Tess got to him. Khorm was already 10 steps ahead of them. Tess and her team were ambushed trying to get to Khorm. Khorm raped all of them one by one, including Tess for two days. He murdered them all except Tess. Tess didn't know why Khorm spared her life. You assumed Khorm got a liking to Tess and spared her. Khorm collected their ISBH badges and left Nova Titan. Tess knew Khorm collects bounty hunter badges after he kills them. That's why Tess secretly installed a small hidden beacon in her ISBH badge in case the operation went side ways. That's how she knew about Khorm's last location in Kumaj. Frank was found murdered with a blunt force trauma. Tess did not want to face Khorm again after such a humiliating defeat and gave Khorm's location to you a month later after her ambush. Our Captain, Carrie Baldsworth kept Tess's report classified. Captain Baldsworth advised Tess to take some time off and get some therapy. Instead, Tess unofficially retired from ISBH and she's now working as a private investigator ever since. Tess's beacon alerted on her AemBrace when you came back to Nova Titan. She thought you were Khorm or an associate of his and tracked you down to the alleyway.

"I'm so sorry Tessah, I wish I could've been there with you to take that fat bastard down.", you told her as you held her hands.

"No, I'm glad you weren't there. I would've never forgive myself if I got you killed", she said to you.

You got up and went around the table to comfort her with a hug. "It's alright Tess, what matters is that you're alive and I got the bastard.", you said to her as you rub her back. Tess leans up her face at you for a kiss. You also lean down at her until the waitress interrupted you both before your lips touch.

"Aw, you two made up, that's so sweet. See, if you treat your man right, they'll always come back to you, sweetie.", Linda said to Tess as she ruined the moment for the both of you.

"I can't stay mad her, she'll always be my girl no matter how dangerous she is in bed.", you said to Linda with a smile.

Tess punches you in the arm where she'd shot you and went back to your side of the table while holding on to your right arm. Linda set down your orders on the table. She gave Tess the stink eye and walks away. You rest your bruised arm in the new bucket of ice.

Eating her cheese burger Tess asks for your story. You stole one of her fries and told her everything that happened on Kumaj except for the sex. Like Henry, Tess laughed when you told her how you accidentally killed Khorm.

"Why didn't you tell me what happened with you and Khorm when you gave me his location?", you ask Tess.

"Would you have intentionally brought him back alive if I did?", she asked you and you didn't answer her.

"That's why I didn't tell you.", said Tess.

"I would've loved to meet Nakiti and Nyajih. They seemed adorable." Tess said with a smile.

She looked at your three clawed scars on your right hand. "How did this happened? Did Rudkah did this to you too?", Tess ask.

"No, Nyajih was being naughty and I tried to stop her from doing something and she scratched my hand with her claws." You told Tess.

"You'd probably deserved it." She joke at you. You stole another fry and ate it.

"So, you didn't get paid for Khorm's dead body huh? That's sucks. No reward for all that hard work." She said in disappointment.

"Actually after I completed my report at ISBH, an anonymous donor paid me a mysterious lump sum of credits.", you told her.

"It was 800k." You told Tess.

"I didn't ask Eric." She said looking at you.

You pulled out a credit chip and slid it across the table to her.

"What's that?", she asks you.

"That's over 600k in credits, your cut from the tip you gave me." You told her.

"That was your bounty Eric, the reward belongs all to you." She said to you while sliding the chip back to you.

You wanted her to take the credits and slid it back to her but then she said "If you don't take that credit chip back, I will pull out my phaser and shoot your other arm with it." Her hand was already on her phaser. You gave up and put the credit chip back in your pocket.

Tess looks at your new outfit and your brand new AemBrace. "I see you went shopping." She said to you.

"Yeah well, a guy gotta treat himself once in a while you now." You said as you smiled at her.

"So how's Dan, Evelyn and Hannah?", you ask Tess.

"You don't keep up with them during your missions?", she ask you.

"No, Evelyn forbids anyone to call me during work ever since you and I split up. Evelyn wants me to have a clear conscience while working." You said to Tess.

"So I guess you don't know then.", said Tess.

"Know what?" You ask.

"Evelyn and Dan divorced about 6 months ago. Evelyn and Hannah still lives at the same place while Dan moved out. That's what Evelyn told me." Tess informs you.

"Wow, I guess I should get going then." You told Tess.

You plugged in your credit chip on the table and paid the tab. You stood up went to Tess's side and lean in to kiss her. You went for her lips but hesitated and kissed her right cheek instead. "I guess I'll see you around?", you ask Tess.

"Yeah, see you around Eric." She said looking disappointed.

You arrive at the front door of the complex apartment. It has been at least 3 years since you came back to this place. It has three bedrooms, one living room, a kitchen and a bathroom. You open the door with your card key and walk in. You hung up your jacket on the wall hanger. You walk into the kitchen and there's a beautiful woman cutting up vegetables on the island counter.

"Hi mom, I'm home." You said softly. She is wearing tight blue jeans and black blouse with a white apron on her front. She looks at you and puts the knife down on the cutting board. You open your arms wide apart for a hug as she walks to you while drying her wet hands on her apron. You smiled at her as she reaches her hands out to you. She surprised you by grabbing your right hand. She inspects the claw marks on it.

"Jeez, mom. Do you have to do this every time I get home from work?", you ask her.

She then went for your right arm. She inspects the freshly bruised spot thanks to Tess. "Ow, easy with that.", you told her. She inspected the bigger claw marks right above it, curtesy from Rudkah.

"Mom..", you said to her but she kept looking. She angrily took off your black shirt and drops it to the kitchen floor. She found the another fresh scar on your left shoulder. She slid her hands all over your chests to your abs, inch from inch trying to find more injuries.

"Mom...", you kept repeating. She then reach down to your zipper and and unzips your pants.

"Evelyn", you call her name. She stop as she was about to pull your pants down. Her hands drops to her sides as she stood in front of you with her forehead leaning on your chest.

"I'm okay mom, really, I am.", you said to reassure her. You gave her a hug and said, "I missed you too mom."

"When you come home with new injuries, it breaks my heart a little bit every time.", she said softly with a angry tone.

Her right cheek is pressed against your bare chest as you are hugging her. "I don't know how long I can keep this up, Eric. I worried that one day you won't come home anymore just like your father and I won't know what to do. How long has it been since you came home? Three years?", she ask you.

"I'm sorry I haven't come home in such a long time, but I promised I will always come home, okay?", you said to her and kiss her on the forehead.

You look at the picture clipped on the fridge. It's a picture of you, your father and your stepmother, Evelyn. You were told your real mother died giving birth to you. Your father and Evelyn met when she was 16 and they married each other two years later. Your father was a renown bounty hunter. Growing up, you always looked up to him as a kid. Your father was your ideal role model. He was the reason you wanted to become a bounty hunter. Your father went MIA during a classified bounty mission when you were 10 years old and you haven't seen him since.

You weren't surprised Evelyn took down the family picture of Dan, Evelyn, you and Hannah from the fridge. They are now divorced after all.

Evelyn is now 42 years old. You've known Evelyn all your life. Evelyn adopted you a year later after your father went MIA. You started to address her as mom instead of Evelyn after she adopted you. She was very strict with a firm hand while raising you as her own. Evelyn is 5'6. She has dark brown eyes, long black charcoal hair that reaches to her waist. She has medium size breasts, a slim waist and a average size round butt. She has a beautiful face that almost reminds you of Rudkah. She always kept in shape for her work. She works as a bartender down at the 24/7 popular pub. Her beautiful looks always brought a lot tips from the customers. She met Dan during work. She married Dan right before Hannah was born. Dan was a stand up guy and a good father to Hannah. Dan's good quality drops when he's drunk though and he is a heavy drinker. You assumed Evelyn and Dan are divorced because of his drinking problems. The only good thing that came out of that marriage was Hannah. Evelyn had Hannah at the age of 25, which should make Hannah around 17 years old. You are very protective of Hannah like an older brother. To this day, you don't know that you have a bad reputation for being overly protective of Hannah. You're the reason the boys avoid Hannah at her school.

You heard the front door opened. It has to be Hannah coming home from school. Evelyn went back to cutting the vegetables on the counter.

Hannah notices a man's jacket on the wall hanger. "Is Eric home?!", she ask from the door. You answered yes from the kitchen. "Eric!", she yells excitedly.

As always, you drop a knee on the floor and wait for Hannah to run up to hug you. Hannah steps into the hallway and you got visual of her. She's not that scrawny little girl anymore as you remembered. She almost has the same features as Evelyn, except Hannah has more meat on her body. She's 3 feet taller now with a lot of curves around her body. Hannah is wearing her school uniform. She's wearing a tight white dress shirt with a dark blue vest on the outside of her shirt. Her school insignia is on the left side of the vest. On the bottom, she's wearing a dark blue crisscross pattern skirt that reach down to her mid thighs. The first thing you noticed as she runs, was her breasts plumping from her vest. They were the size of coconuts. Her curvy thighs jiggles beneath her skirt as she runs. Still kneeling, Hannah ran to you and tackles you to the ground.

"Oh my god mom, what have you been feeding her? Steroids?", you said to Evelyn from the floor.

"I missed you so much Eric!", Hannah said to you as she lays on top on you.

"I missed you too Hannah.", you said to her as you wrap your arms around her.

She lean up and said, "look I have boobies now!". She squeezed her breasts together with her forearms.

"I know, I felt them slammed into my face as you sacked me.", you said rubbing your cheek with your hand.

"Why is your shirt off? And why is your pants undone? Did mom frisked search you again?", Hannah asked and you nodded.

"Mom, you should mind other people's boundaries. Eric is a man. A very handsome man. He can take care of himself." Hannah told Evelyn.

"Thank you Hannah. At least someone here understands me.", you said to Hannah.

Hannah looks at your right hand. "Oh my god Eric! What happened to your hand?! And you arm?!! And your shoulder?!!!", she ask you while observing your new scars and bruises.

"Why do you have so much injuries?!", Hannah ask you while lightly pounding your chest with her fists.

"Hypocrite...", Evelyn scuffs at Hannah as she finished dicing the vegetables.

"I'm okay Hannah. Look, don't these scars and bruises make me look badass?", you said to Hannah as you flex your arms at her. Hannah didn't say anything but she just blushes and nods at you as she looks at your flexed arms and abs.

You push Hannah aside of you and said, "Alright I'm gonna go take a nice warm shower. I haven't took a proper shower in months." You picked up your shirt and head for the bathroom. "You need help in the shower Eric? I can help scrub your back for you.", Hannah told you. "No thank you.", you said to Hannah as you threw your black shirt at Hannah's face and it hung from her head.

You came back to the kitchen for dinner after you showered. Evelyn and Hannah just finished setting up the dinner table.

"Oh yeah it smells delicious mom. Damn I missed your home cooked meals. This is one of the top reasons I want to come back home for. I can't get this anywhere else in the universe." You said sitting down.

"I helped cooked too.", said Hannah.

"Then it will taste even more delicious. Oh man I'm starving.", you said aloud.

"You better eat fast then. Hannah eats like a black hole ever since puberty hit her like a train.", Evelyn joke at Hannah. Hannah gave Evelyn a mean look.

"I heard you and Dan split up. Tess told me.", you said to Evelyn as you ate. She just nod at you and Hannah stayed silent while eating. They both ate quietly as they both seemed not to want to talk about it. It must've been a nasty divorced. Changing the subject you asked, "Do you still work at Joe's Oasis?"

"I do, my next shift starts at midnight tonight to 9 A.M.", she said. You looked a little disappointed because you don't like the customers at Joe's during the graveyard shift.

"So you're a senior now Hannah?", you ask Hannah and she nodded.

"You were probably a freshmen the last time I was home. Time sure has fly by.", you said aloud.

"Mom, did you see the news today? Someone finally caught that serial rapist and murderer, Khorm Kilak. The whole school was talking about it. I hope they give who ever caught him a medal or something.", Hannah said to Evelyn.

"Eric, Do you know who caught Khorm? To catch someone as dangerous as him. It has to be a bounty hunter. The best bounty hunter in the galaxy. Was it you?", Hannah ask you.

"It wasn't me and I dont know who either, but I'm glad they caught him.", you lied to Hannah.

You finished eating and help cleaned the kitchen. It was still early but you went to your room and strip to your boxers. You leaped onto your bed and It felt great laying in a soft bed in such a long time. You instantly fell asleep laying in your soft bed in mere seconds.

In the morning, you woke up with Hannah sleeping in your bed. Hannah looks so peaceful as she sleeps on you. Hannah always sneak into your bed when you come home from a long absence from work. You think it's cute when she slept with you when she's a little girl. Now, you don't think it's appropriate anymore. Hannah is wearing red pajamas that's a size too small for her. Her cotton pajamas is wrapping tightly around her body, outlining her bust and butt. Hannah has her left leg between your legs and spooning against your left side. You can feel her breasts pressing against the left side of your chest and her left hand on your abs. You can tell she's not wearing a bra. You can see your morning wood bulging to the right in your boxers.

"Wake up Hannah.", you said softly to her.

"Ten more minutes please.", she begs at you.

"Wake up Hannah or you're gonna be late for school." You said trying to convince her to wake up.

"Alright, I'm getting up." She said waking up.

"Morning Hannah." You said to her.

"Good morning Eric." She said yawning.

"Um, we got to talk Hannah.", you told her.

"About what?", she ask rubbing her eyes.

"You can't sleep in my bed anymore." You told her.

"What? Why not?" She said sitting up next to you and fully awake.

"You're getting older now and It's not appropriate for you to sleep with me anymore. If mom finds you in my bed right now, she'll kill me." You said to her. Hannah looks as if she's about to cry.

"But we're not doing anything. I'm just sleeping next to you. Why can't I just do that? I don't think mom would mind at all." Hannah says as a tear drops from her left cheek.

"Well, I can sleep on the floor and you sleep on the bed, That would be okay I guess.", you told her.

"No! I have to sleep next you!", she snap at you.

"Why would you have to sleep next to me?", you ask her.

"Because...", she said as she's stalling to think.

"....I feel safe with you next to me when I sleep." She told you.

"Why would you feel safe sleeping next to me?", you ask Hannah. You felt something was wrong.

"Because You can protect me Eric.", she told you.

"Protect you from who?", you ask Hannah. Hannah sat on your bed in silence.

"Who are you afraid of Hannah? Is it mom?", you ask her. She shook her head no.

"If you tell me who it is, I will let you sleep in my bed whenever you want, deal?", you try to bribe her. Hannah looks into you eyes. Her eyes were watery.

"If I tell you, you have to promised not to tell mom nor will you doing anything to him?", Hannah said to you.

"Who is he? What's his name? Is it a boy from school? What did he do to you?", you said as your blood starts to boil.

"Promise me Eric and I'll tell you!", Hannah says as she starts crying.

You closed your eyes, took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. "Fine, stop crying. I promise I won't tell mom nor I will do anything to the guy that you're afraid of.", you said calmly as you opened your eyes.

"It was Dan.", she said weakly.

You got a bloodshot in your eyes hearing Dan's name and clinched your fists.

"I'm sorry I wasn't there for you Hannah. I'm sorry I didn't protect you when you needed me the most.", you said to her.

"Does mom know?", you asked Hannah.

"She was the one who turned Dan in coming home from work when she caught Dan on me in my bed.", Hannah said wiping her tears away.

"Mom divorced him the next day while he's in custody. Mom told me nobody needs to know about What Dan did to me. So we told everybody we knew that Mom and Dan separated", said Hannah.

"How did it happened?", you ask Hannah.

"6 months ago, Dan came home in the morning drunk after work. He came into my room thinking I was mom. He touched me in my private places. I screamed at him, telling him I wasn't mom. He was so drunk and horny, he wouldn't listen to a word I said. Mom got home from her graveyard shift and heard me crying in my room. She came in and threw Dan off me. Mom punched the drunken bastard into a bloody pulp with her bare hands. The police came and took him away later on. There was no charges against mom because she claimed to be defending me from Dan. The police agreed and Dan is locked in a jail cell right now.", Hannah told to you.

"I'm glad mom was there to protect me instead of you though." Hannah said you.

"What? Why not me?", you ask her.

"Because you would've killed Dan and you would be locked in his jail cell instead." She said.

"Wait a minute, I would've been able to, Ugh never mind, I hate it when you're right.", you said to Hannah.

Hannah smiles as she lays next to you. Her hand is on your abs and she slid her hand down to your morning wood and slightly tug on it.

"Is that for me?", Hannah said teasing you.

You pushed her hand off you and said "Stop that Hannah, you want mom to punch me into a bloody pulp too? And the I would end up sitting next to Dan in his damn cell."

"It's okay Eric, trust me.", she said trying to assure you.

"No, it is not okay at all.", you said to her as you try to get her out of your bed.

"I'm gay Eric.", said Hannah and stunned you.

Dumbfounded, you said, "you're gay?"

"Yeah, are you mad at me?", she said looking a bit afraid of you.

"Why would I be mad at you?", you ask her.

"I dont know, some people think it's wrong.", she told you.

"Hannah, straight or gay. I am very happy for you.", you said to Hannah.

She smiles at you and hugs you. "I knew you would understand Eric.", said Hannah.

"Does mom know?", you ask Hannah and she shook her head no.

"Then you can tell mom when you introduce your girlfriend to her.", you said to Hannah and she blushes at you.

"You already have a girlfriend?", you ask Hannah.

"Not exactly, we're just really good friends for now. But I'm hoping it might turn into something special.", Hannah said smiling at you. You felt a little bit envious that Hannah possibly has a girlfriend and you don't.

"Can I see it?", she ask you.

"See what?", you ask back.

"Can I see your penis?", she ask.

"What?! No!", you said to her.

"Come on Eric, I'm gay. I will never get to see a real penis. I'm just curious, Just a quick peek. Please...", Hannah begs at you with her puppy eyes.

"Fine.", you said to her sarcastically.

"Really?!", Hannah said enthusiastically.

"", you said laughing at Hannah.

Mad at you for teasing her, Hannah quickly pulls the front of your boxers down with her right hand and your boner pops out. She tug and squeezes your morning woody for half a second with her left hand. She then jumps out of your bed and walk for the door before you can do anything about it.

"Hannah...I can't believe you just did that to me?!", you yelled at her while tucking your woody back in your boxer.

"Can you make me some breakfast while I get ready for school? Thanks Eric.", Hannah said to you as she walks out of your room.

You finished making toasts with eggs and bacon as Hannah came into the kitchen wearing her school uniform. You set the plates down on the table as Hannah sat down. You pour her some orange juice in a glass. Hannah looks at your grumpy face as she was about to eat.

"Oh my god. Are you still mad at me for touching your penis? Let it go Eric.", She said to you. You didn't reply back to her and stayed quiet as you finished setting up the table.

"Fine, you can touch my vagina so we can be even." She says to you as she scoop her chair back spreads her knees apart. Her blue skirt raised up and gave you an view of her white panties. You had a glimpse of her camel toe and sat down across from her.

"Eat your breakfast.", you bark at her in a angry tone. She finish eating her breakfast and put her plate in the sink. She came back to you and gave you a hug from behind.

"I'm sorry Eric. I shouldn't have touch you there. Please forgive me?", she ask you. You didn't answer her and stayed quiet.

"I have to leave right now Eric. My first class starts at 9:30 AM. It's 8:45 AM and it takes about 20 minutes to walk there. Thanks for cooking breakfast.", she said to you and kiss you on the cheek.

"Wait, I'll walked with you to school.", you said surprising her. You got dressed quickly wearing your jacket over your shirt, sweat pants and your boots. You could've just hire a AutoCab but you wanted to see her walking route to school.

You got a lot weird looks toward you as you have a schoolgirl holding onto your left arm as you walk pass random people. When you got to the gate of the school. A mysterious voice called out to Hannah from behind.

"Who's the stud with you Hannah?", said the mysterious voice.

You turn around too see who it is. It's a beautiful blonde girl. She has pale skin and wearing the same school outfit as Hannah. She has a pony tail, blue eyes and thick lips. She almost has the same body type as Hannah but her breasts are a bit bigger than Hannah's.

"Eric?", she ask you.

"Uh, do I know you?", you ask her with a puzzled face.

"Its me Eric, Jessica!", she said to you.

The only Jessica you know is a friend of Hannah. She was a very scrawny girl just like Hannah was. She always has blonde pig tails, a nerdy red glasses and braces. You figured out the stunning blonde is the same person putting pieces together.

"Jessica! Oh my god. I couldn't even recognize you. You look gorgeous-I mean you look great.", you said to Jessica as you gave her a hug. Hannah has a very jealousy look on her face when she heard you called Jessica gorgeous. You and Jessica were catching up but were shortly interrupted when Hannah clears her throats loudly.

"We have classes to attend to.", Hannah says in a monotone.

"Right. Eric, do you want to have lunch tomorrow and catch up? We have a minimum day tomorrow so I'm free at noon. Wanna meet up at the Mall plaza?", Jessica ask you. You look at Hannah and she was obviously hinting at you to say no with her jealousy glare.

"Sure, I'm free tomorrow. I'll see you there.", you said to Jessica. You agreed just to get back at Hannah.

"Hannah?", you call to her and open both your arms for a hug. She reluctantly walk to you and hug you. You lean in your mouth next to her ear and whispers, "that's for touching my penis." You smiled at her when you ended the hug.

"Have fun at school.", you told her. Hannah walks away with a frown face. As they walked away you heard Jessica said to Hannah, "Is it me or did Eric got like ten times hotter since I last saw him?"

You have a smug on your face as you turn around and bump into a tall chubby woman. She is dressed like a official school security.

"Why did Hannah looked at you like that after you hugged her? Who are you?", she ask you.

"My-my na-name is Eric Jaks and Ha-Hannah is my little si-sister." You stuttered explaining to the tall chubby lady.

"Hannah's last name is not Jaks and you look too old to be her brother. Plus, I've never seen you here before. Show me some ID or proof that you're her brother.", she asks you. You reach in your pockets and found them empty except for the keycard for your apartment.

"I am actually her older stepbrother. Wait... I mean I'm her older adopted brother. Wait... I don't really know. It's one or the other, I swear.", you told the security lady. She's not convinced of your story because you kept retracting it.

"Show me some identification!", she demanded.

"Uh, I don't have any ID on me. I must've forgot them at home, sorry.", you said nervously. She stares at you very suspiciously now.

"Ms. Trenchble.", Hannah calls to the tall chubby lady after she heard you two talking. You smile and thank god Hannah came back to save your ass.

"That man right there in front of you is my boyfriend. He's 29 years old and we have sex three times a day.", Hannah said very loudly to her.

Your soul left your body as your face turns white and died. You stood still as you wait for the tall, twice your size lady to tackle you down and apprehends you.

"Hannah is kidding Ms. Trenchble. That man really is Hannah's older brother. It was just a bad joke.", Jessica said laughing while saving your existence.

You gave Jessica a low key thumbs up as you started walking away from the tall lady. You peek back at the tall chubby security lady as you walk away from the school grounds. The security lady is talking on her cellphone while looking at you. You can barely hear her talk and she said, "Male, maybe 5'9, medium size body, possibly 29 years old, brown hair, green eyes. He's wearing a brown jacket, black shirt, grey sweat pants and black boots."

You were paranoid and expected a swat team to jump you on the street as you were walking back to the apartment.

You got back into the apartment safe and sound and closed the door behind you. You took off your jacket and hung it on the wall. "Oh that Hannah, I'm gonna finished what Dan did to her when she gets home from school.", you said loudly in a joking manner. You heard a glass shattered in the kitchen floor. Your heart stopped for a second. You look at the clock on the wall and It's 9:25 AM.

You slowly walk into the kitchen. There's a shattered glass cup on the floor and Evelyn is leaning on the island counter with her hands.

You and Evelyn are sitting across from each other by the dining table after you help clean the floor.

"When did she tell you?", Evelyn ask.

"This morning when she woke up in my bed", you told her.

"That Hannah, she still sneak into your bed huh?", she ask you.

"Yeah she still does, but I told her not to stop doing it this morning.", you told Evelyn.

"No, let her Eric. Ever since Dan... Hannah kept having reoccurring night terrors at night. She screams bloody murder at night when she has it. She has the night terrors at least once a week or two. I have been taking her for therapy and it does help but her nightly terrors didn't completely go away. Because of my work schedule, I can't always be there to comfort her when she's sleeping by herself. At least you'll be there for her when it happens.", she told you.

"Oh, I didn't know. Hannah didn't mention her night terrors to me. I guess I can let her sleep with me if she needs someone to calm her down.", you told Evelyn.

"Just...make sure nothing happens okay?", she told you.

"What do you mean by that?", you ask her.

"Well, you're a grown man and Hannah is becoming a beautiful woman. You two aren't blood related. So don't let...IT happen.", she said to you.

"Ew gross mom, I love Hannah like a sister. I would never do anything to-", you said to Evelyn but then she cuts you off.

"I'm not taking about you, I'm talking about Hannah. She loves you and she's at a point where her hormones are out of control. So if she tries to to do something. Just try to control yourself okay?", she said to you.

"But she's...", you said to her.

"Gay?", Evelyn finishes your sentence.

"How did you know?", you ask her.

"Yeah, about a year ago. I got off early from my graveyard shift. I caught Hannah and Jessica making out in the kitchen as they were making breakfast for school. They were too occupied kissing each other to notice me so I walked back to close the front door loudly to let them know I was home.", she explain to you.

"You're not bothered with Hannah being gay?", you ask Evelyn curiously because she raised you so strict.

"At first it did, but as time went by, I noticed Hannah is happy and smiling whenever Jessica is over. Just like when you're home and it completely changed my mind. As long as she's happy, I wouldn't even care if she's banging some blue alien from another planet.", she said joking at you. You chuckle a little bit at her alien comment.

"Alright I'm tired, I'm gonna go shower then off to bed. There's food in the fridge if you're hungry." She said to you as she stretches her arms upward. You notice a rip on Evelyn's blouse. You walk to her to inspect it.

"What happened here?", you ask her holding the ripped part of her blouse.

"Oh that? One of the drunk customers were a bit touchy. If you think this is bad. You should've seen what I did to his face.", Evelyn told you and you believed her.

"I don't want you working there anymore." You told her.

"I can take care of myself Eric.", she told you.

"I know you can. I want you to work a at a job that you're really passionate about. Didn't you said you always wanted to be a medical nurse or something?", you ask her.

"I don't have that kind of money to put me through school. I could barely support me and Hannah now that Dan is locked up.", she told you. You quickly went to your room and came back to her. You place a credit chip into her hand.

"There's 600k in that credit chip. It should be enough to cover your bills for at least 5 years. It should also cover your and Hannah's tuitions when she's ready for college." You said her.

"I...I can't take this Eric.", she said to you.

"You can and you will. It's the least I can do for you when you took me in when I have no one else to go. You gave me a roof over my head, food and water in my belly. I can never fully pay my debt to you but this is a small start.", you said to her. You lean in to kiss her forehead and Evelyn raises her face up and kisses you on the lips passionately for a few second. You pull back from the kiss looking confused because she had never kissed you like that before.

"I'm sorry Eric, you reminded me so much of your father and I couldn't resists. It won't happen again I promise.", she said blushing and walk away.

You watch Evelyn walk out of the kitchen after she kissed you. You look into the fridge and made yourself a sandwich to keep Evelyn off your mind. You lay down the ingredients on the island counter and went to work building your ultimate deluxe sandwich. You were half way eating your sandwich when Evelyn came back into the kitchen to pour herself some milk. She wasn't completely dry from her shower. She's wearing a tight white night shirt that reach down to her abs outlining her breasts and black cotton shorts with a towel hung on her right shoulder. She drank her milk in front of you. You stared at her wet glistening throat as she gulps the milk. Your gaze went down to her harden nipples as the milk drips from her mouth down between her breasts. You can see her nipples poking outward from her shirt as you took a bite of your sandwich. Evelyn notices you staring at her breasts while she's drinking her milk.

"Stop staring at my tits Eric." Evelyn said abruptly at you while putting her half drunken glass of milk on the counter.

You choked on the bite of your sandwich after hearing Evelyn saying the word tits. You struggle to breathe as your hands grabs on to your throat. Evelyn quickly ran behind you and gave you the Heimlich maneuver. You spat out the pieces of sandwich as Evelyn humps you from behind. You quickly grab Evelyn's glass of milk and chug the rest of the her milk down your throat.

"You can add that to your debt, Eric." She said laughing.

"Right. Sorry, I didn't mean to stare", you said blushing at Evelyn. You never heard Evelyn said the word tits to you before. You went to pick up the pieces of the sandwich you spat out on the floor and toss it in the trash bin.

"It's okay Eric, no harm done. So, it was you who caught Khorm alive huh?", she said to you while wiping her neck and chests dry with her towel.

"I don't know what you're talking about mom.", you said sitting back down.

"I'm not stupid Eric. Khorm Kilak is captured the day you came back home. The mysterious large sum of money you just gave to me and Hannah.", she told you.

"Can you not tell Hannah please?", you beg her.

"Because you don't want Hannah to brag about it in school and put us all in danger?", she ask you and you nodded.

"She's smarter than you think Eric. But I do understand the danger if she accidentally blurb it out though. I see there's no need to tell her.", she said to you.

"Thanks mom and I didn't actually capture him alive.", you said to Evelyn. You told her the whole fiasco botched story of capturing of Khorm Kilak and the anonymous payment. You got used to people losing their composure as they laughed at your story by now but not Evelyn. Ever since your father went missing, seeing Evelyn laughing is a rare treat. Even when with Dan, It was hard to crack Evelyn. When she does laugh, you can't help but to smile.

You finished setting up your new AemBrace settings as Hannah came back home from school. There's a message in your inbox on the AemBrace but you went to check on Hannah first.

"Hi Eric, I'm home.", she said energetically as she sees you.

"What you did at school this morning was not funny Hannah.", you told her.

"Come on Eric, you didn't find it a bit funny at all?", she said laughing.

"No, I could've been detained and locked in a jail right now.", you said angrily at her.

"But you're not aren't ya?", she said back to you.

"That's not the point Hannah, the point is that-", you were cut off from Evelyn.

"What's all this ruckus? I'm trying to sleep here." Evelyn said yawning from the hallway.

You told Evelyn what Hannah did to you this morning. Evelyn giggled like a school girl and told you calm down because nothing happened after. She told you two to keep it down and she went back to sleep in her room.

"After my lunch tomorrow with Jessica, I'm gonna ask her for a date." You said to Hannah.

"You wouldn't dare Eric.", she said to you.

"Why? Are you jealous?", you ask her because you knew Hannah likes Jessica.

"No....because wouldn't you worried people would think you're a creep from dating someone that's young as Jessica?", she ask you.

"Oh Hannah, I wouldn't worried about that anymore because I'm already am a creep thanks to you.", you said laughing and went back into your room.

The next afternoon, you met up with Jessica at the Mall Plaza. You two had lunch at the food court area with people walking by. You both caught each other up from since you two lasts saw each other. She's impressed at the planets and creatures you have encountered. You left out the story in Kumaj and all the bounties you have done for her safety.

"Do you want to go a club with me this Saturday? It's called The Queen's Pawn. They just recently opened and it's wildly popular.", Jessica ask you.

"Um don't you have to be 18 to get into clubs?", you ask her.

"I am 18 Eric, I turned 18 about a couple months ago.", she informs you.

"Happy late birthday, Jessica." You said her.

"Thank you Eric. Why don't we invite Hannah to the club too.", she ask.

"Hannah's not 18.", you corrected Jessica.

"Oh right, Hannah told me you just got here yesterday. Her 18th birthday was last week.", she informs you again.

'How could you forget Hannah's birthday?', you thought to yourself. You face palmed yourself.

"Thanks for reminding me, Jessica. How about I take you and Hannah out for dinner and to the club this Saturday? You know, for both your late birthdays?", you ask her.

"That would be so much fun, here's my number. Contact me when you and Hannah are ready.", she said excitedly as she gave you her number.

"I have to get back home, so I'll see you this Saturday.", Jessica said to you and left the food court area.

You grabbed your empty plastic drinking cup and without looking, you threw it at your 5 o'clock.

"Ow.", cries Hannah in the table ten feet away rubbing her forehead with her hands.

"That's for eavesdropping dork.", you said turning to Hannah.

"How did you know I was here without even looking?", she ask.

You said to her in a deep smooth voice, "Because I have a set of skills, a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career, skills that make me a nightmare for a person like you."

"What?", she ask you looking confused.

"It's a quote I'm improvising from an ancient movie called-... never mind. I saw your reflection on the tv screen in front of me right after me and Jessica sat down for lunch. Happy late birthday Hannah.", you told her.

"Thank you Eric.", she said smiling.

"So do you want to go this Saturday?", you asked her.

"A hundred times yes.", she answer happily.

"Let's go.", you said getting up and cleaned up your trash on the table.

"Where are we going?", Hannah ask.

"I'm taking you shopping for clothes. The pajamas you were wearing last night was too small for you and I also want to get you a dress for Saturday night. I want it to be the best night you would never forget.", you told her. Hannah rush to you and gave you an incredible hug almost knocking you over.

You two went to so many different stores, you've lost count. You got her all the clothes she needed except for the dress she's gonna wear for Saturday. Hannah wants her dress to be a surprise and she told you to wait outside the store. As you waited outside the store for a while with a bunch of Hannah's bag. Someone spoke from behind you.

"Wow, that's a lot shopping you did. When you said you were treating yourself, you weren't kidding.", Said Tess.

"Hey Tess, these aren't mine. I'm taking Hannah shopping for her late birthday. I missed it by a week.", you said to her as you turned to her.

She wearing a black sweater and a tight grey sweat pants with a pony tail. She's wearing a thick black glasses which made you almost didn't recognize her.

"Wow, aren't you like the best brother in the galaxy.", Tess said sounding a little jealous. Hannah came walking out the store with the dress she bought in a bag.

"Tess! Oh my god, I haven't seen you in months. How've you been girl?", Hannah said to Tess and hugged her.

"I'm doing great Hannah. I see Eric is taking you shopping for your late birthday. Happy late birthday Hannah.", Tess said to Hannah.

"Thank you Tess.", Hannah said as she clings to your right arm with the shopping bags while looking at Tess. Tess took a note of it.

"So are you working right now?", you asks Tess.

"No I'm just shopping for some stuff.", she said to you while signaling you to drop the conversation with a stealthy wink.

"Oh uh, Hannah, can you get us some ice cream cones? You can pick any flavors you like.", you asks Hannah. Hannah gave her bag to you and left to buy some ice cream.

"Thanks, I don't want to say anything in front of Hannah.", Tess said to you.

"Yeah sorry for not being more subtle about it. So what are you really doing here?", you ask Tess.

"You see that skinny creep in the blue hoody with black shades? He's sitting in the food court area?", she ask you.

"Yeah.", you said to her.

"That's a grade A creep who stalks pretty girls at the Mall. I'm paid by a private client to keep tabs on him and a records what ever he does.", Tess informs you with a hidden camera on her glasses.

"I was just at that food court. I noticed him too but I didn't think any of it because he was just eating his food.", you said to Tess.

"Yeah but when he's done eating and searching for his next prey, he's gonna take out his phone and take pictures of girls with short skirt.", Tess told you.

"Well, Good luck.", you told her.

"Thanks. You know? You two look really good together. I don't blame you, she's very pretty.", Tess told you.

"Who?", you ask Tess.

"You and Hannah, you dweeb.", she said.

"What? She's like my sister. You're the second person that said...never mind. I don't think she's into me like that.", you said to Tess.

"You're even more dense than I thought Jaks, you can't tell she loves you?", she ask you.

"I love her too Tess, so what about it?", you said to her.

"She doesn't just love you, you idiot. She's in love with you.", Tess told you. You stare at Tess for a bit to see if she's playing with you.

"Here's your ice cream!", Hannah said coming back from the ice cream shop.

"Thanks Hannah, I got to go. See you guys later and thanks for the ice cream.", Said Tess and she took the ice cream and left for the food court area.

"Man is she sexy, what I wouldn't do to tap that ass?", Hannah says as she stares at Tess's round butt swaying side to side as she walks away.

"Hannah!", you yell at her.

"What? You've never tapped that ass once when you two were still partners?", she ask you while licking her ice cream.

"No, we'd never slept together. We had a very professional relationship", you answer Hannah honestly.

"Aw poor Eric, I'm so sorry. I didn't know you were gay too.", Hannah teases you.

You dropped all her shopping bags of clothes to the floor and you walk away from her.

"I'm sorry Eric, please comeback. I can't carry these all by myself, Eric!," she yells at you.

You two took an AutoCab back to the apartment. You both got in and you helped put Hannah's stuff in her room. You walk into the kitchen and Evelyn is crying by the dining table.

"Mom, what's wrong? Something happened?", you ask her trying to comfort her.

"I did it...", she said to you.

"Did what? What did you do? You killed that guy that groped you the other night huh?", you ask her.

"I quit my job at Joe's and I'm starting my nursing class tomorrow.", she said crying and smiling at you.

"What?! That's great! I'm so proud of you!", you yell aloud. Hannah came running into the kitchen.

"What? What happened? Why is mom crying?", she asks.

"Mom quit at Joe's and is starting her nursing school tomorrow!", you said to Hannah. She ran to Evelyn and congrats her with a hug.

You took Evelyn and Hannah out for dinner at a local BBQ joint for celebration.

You guys came home stuffed and put the leftover food in the fridge. You took a shower and went to sleep. A couple minutes later, Hannah came into your room and slept beside you. She's wearing her new PJ's, it's almost the same as her old ones but the new one fits a lot better now. Hannah can move around more freely now.

"Thanks Eric. I have fun today. Goodnight.", she whispers in your ear. You kiss her on the forehead and went to sleep.

Sometime later in the night you heard Hannah screaming. "No, stop Dan, I'm not mom! Don't touch me there. Please stop Dan! You're hurting me! Stop it!", she screams in her sleep. Hannah was so convincing that Dan was in the room, you woke up with your fists ready to swing.

You realized Hannah's night terror is happening as Evelyn described and it's freaking you out. Quickly, you try to comfort her. "Hannah, wake up. It's okay. Dan is not here.", you said softly to her.

"Stop, it hurts! Mommy! Get him off me! Please!", she kept screaming in her sleep. You shook Hannah awake because talking to her is useless and she woke up thinking you were Dan. She started pushing you away from her.

"Hannah! Calm down! It's me Eric.", you yell at her.

"Eric?'s so scary. I saw him. He was on top of me. He touch me in my private places again.", she said to you as she cries.

" was just a dream Hannah. He can't hurt you anymore. I'm right here with you. He can't hurt you anymore.", you said comforting Hannah. Realizing her night terror is worst than you imagined, it made you raged inside your head. You swore if you ever see Dan again, you're gonna brake his jaw with your fist. Hannah is still shaking uncontrollably and sobbing as you still trying to calm her down but it's not working. Having no idea what to do, you kissed her lips. It's working and she starting to calm down. You held your lips on hers until she fully calmed down. You broke your kiss with Hannah and look at her.

"Better?", you ask her. She just looks at you with her teary eyes and nodded slowly.

"Good, lets go back to sleep. Don't worry I'm here to protect you. Dan can't hurt you anymore. Sleep with no worries okay?", you said softly to Hannah. Hannah closes her eyes and went back to sleep. You heard your door closed, it must've been Evelyn checking on Hannah. You cuddled against her and went back to sleep.

You heard a knock on your door in the morning. "Guys....get up, breakfast is ready.", Evelyn said to you and Hannah. You woke up and look at Evelyn. "Okay I'm getting up.", you said to Evelyn yawning.

"And put that away before you poke Hannah's eye out.", Evelyn said to you.

You looked down and Hannah's hand is gripped to your morning wood sticking out from your boxers.

"Crap.", you said as you pull Hannah's hand off you. You got out of bed over Hannah. You went into the bathroom to wash up.

You and Evelyn already started on breakfast as Hannah walks into the kitchen happy and humming. You all were eating quietly until Hannah ask you a question.

"Why did you kissed me last Eric?", she asks you in front of Evelyn.

Your eyes widens and stunned by her question. Looking at Evelyn you tried to explain yourself, "you don't remember what happened last night Hannah?" Hannah shook her head no.

Evelyn kept eating in silence as she listen to you with eye contact.

"You had a night terror last night. Don't you remember?", you said to Hannah.

"Oh, but that doesn't explain why you kissed me?", Hannah asks you.

'She remembers your kiss with her but not her night terror, how convenient?' You thought to yourself.

"I don't know how else to calm you down so I kissed you and it worked.", you said hoping it make sense.

"Oh, that make sense.", Hannah said and continues eating her breakfast.

"Really?", you asks rhetorically and Evelyn gave you a questionable look.

"I'm sorry Hannah, it was very inappropriate for me to kiss you when you needed comfort. I won't do it again.", you said to Hannah.

"It's okay Eric, if it's working then keep doing what you're doing. I haven't slept that good since...well, since Dan happened.", Hannah said. You look at Evelyn and she ate her breakfast without looking at you.

You ate the rest of your breakfast in awkward silence. Hannah left for school after she ate breakfast.

"Bye mom, bye Eric.", she said to your both. You both said bye to Hannah as she walks out. You waited for Evelyn to unleash hell on you but nothing happened. She packs up her books, school supplies into her bag. She puts on her shoes and head to the door.

"So you're not gonna say anything? You're not gonna punch me into a bloody pulp like you did Dan?!", you ask her almost in anger.

"What's there to say about Eric? Hannah had her night episodes and you were there for her. That's it, end of discussion.", Evelyn said to you.

"You told me to not let anything happen. So you're not mad at me for kissing Hannah in my bed?", you ask her.

"Did you molest her?", Evelyn ask you.

"No.", you replied.

"Did you rape her?", Evelyn ask you.

"No!", you replied.

"Alright, I'll see you later champ.", Evelyn said to you and left for school. That's the first time she ever called you champ.

Saturday came, you are wearing a black dress shirt with a grey vest on top and a black khaki pants. You invited Evelyn to dinner and she accepted the invitation. You invited Tess too but she said she couldn't make it due to work. Evelyn came out of her room wearing a soft tight low cut teal dress. Her figure was perfectly outline from the tight dress.

"Wow, you look stunning mom.", you said to Evelyn.

"Thank you Eric, you're not bad looking yourself.", she replies.

"Well, I was groomed by a very beautiful lady. I have to look at least half as good as she is.", you said to her.

Hannah step out of her room. She's wearing a short burgundy sequin dress. It glitters flawlessly as she walks on her matching high heels.

" look so sexy- I mean there's no words how to describe how beautiful you look Hannah.", you honestly told her. Hannah smiles at you.

"You look great Hannah.", Evelyn said to her.

"You too mom.", she said back to Evelyn.

"Alright the AutoLimo should be here any minute, let's get a move on ladies.", you said to them. We took the AutoLimo to picked up Jessica.

Jessica is wearing a low cut glossy black leather dress that shows a lot of her cleavage.

"You look...", you said to Jessica.

"Gorgeous.", Hannah finishes your sentence. Hannah winks at Jessica.

"Come on I'm starving, where are we going Eric?", Hannah asks.

"It's a surprise.", you said aloud in the AutoLimo.

You all arrived at Alessandro's, the best Italian fine cuisine in the city.

"How did you even book a reservation in such a short noticed Eric? The waiting list is at least 3 months", Evelyn asks.

"I have some friends that can pull some strings for me. It wasn't easy but I did it.", you reply to Evelyn. You turned so many heads with the ladies your with. It almost felt flattering with the men leering at you with jealously. You finished dinner within an hour. Hannah invited Evelyn to the club but Evelyn said she had studying to do tomorrow morning and passed on the invitation. You hired a AutoCab to take Evelyn home while you and the girls took the AutoLimo to The Queen's Pawn.

The outside has a pink theme with a queen's crown symbol on the neon sign. The line of the entrance was all the way to the end of the street. Jessica wasn't kidding when she said it is a wildly popular club. Luckily, Jessica has a premium VIP pass. We got in with no problem. The club was huge. It can fit almost 300 people inside. The music was good and loud. It looks clean inside the club and very stylish. The only downside was that they don't serve alcohol which was a bummer. Jessica and Hannah grabs you by each hand and drags you onto the dance floor. You started dancing between them and noticed something weird. All the dance partners on the dance floors are the same gender. You figured The Queen's Pawn is a gay club. You didn't mind, you just want to have some fun dancing with the girls. You kind of started to feel uncomfortable when strangers in the club were staring at you with two beautiful girls.

Jessica pulls you close and yells in your ear through the loud music, "Relax, don't mind the staring. They're just jealous of you. Here take this!" She handed you a pill.

"What's this?!", you yell.

"It's a artificial buzz pill, it makes you feel like you had a couple beers. It'll help you relax. Don't worry it's totally safe and legal!", she yells at you. You popped it in your mouth and swallow. Within a couple of minutes you started to feel the side effects. It felt just like what Jessica said. With that feeling you just danced away without caring about the glaring at you in the club. You noticed Jessica and Hannah took the pills too as they were a bit tipsy while dancing.

Jessica went and paid for a private stall because it was getting too crowded on the dance floor. You follow them into the private stall and Hannah was the last one in. Hannah closes the door and locks it. It was a lot quieter and private. It was a small room, there was a couch and a TV screen playing the same music in the club. You were facing away from the girls and dance away at the music thumping through the wall. You felt Jessica's hands on your waist from behind. She was grinding against you from behind. You turn around to face her and dance with her. Hannah was still by the door, leaning her back on the door. Hannah looks a bit concern about something.

"What's wrong Hannah? Come dance with us.", you said to her while dancing with Jessica.

Hannah didn't budge from the door and she's biting on her thumb nail. Jessica lean her face to yours and kisses you. You were surprised a bit and then you kiss her back. You look at Hannah while maintaining your lips on Jessica. Hannah is blushing and couldn't make eye contact with you. You move your hands to Jessica's ass and got a feel. Suddenly Jessica shoves you onto the couch and straddles you. Her low cut leather dress has rises up and you can see her black laced cotton panties. Jessica stood up, turns around and gave you a lap dance. Jessica is grinding her ass onto your bulging boner in your pants. Hannah is still at the door watching Jessica grinding on you. Buzzed from the pill, you almost forgot Hannah is in the room with you and Jessica.

Jessica knelt in front of you and unzips your pants. You're too horny to stop her. Jessica grabs your erecting penis through your boxers. She strokes it a bit before pulling it out. You were leaking precum from the tip and Jessica lean her head down and licks it. Hannah was blushing as Jessica bobs her head on your crotch. You stroke on Jessica's cheek with your right hand as she licks your cock. You close your eyes as Jessica's lip wraps around the tip of your cock. You lean your head up as she slowly sucks your cock into her wet warm mouth. With your eyes still closed, you felt her tongue attacking your cock in her mouth. She pulls her mouth off your cock for a moment and then her mouth came back sucking on your cock feeling even tighter than before. You moan as her lips sunk deeper onto the base of your cock. Jessica has completely swallowed your 8 inch cock into her throat. You lean your face back down and open your eyes. Instead of Jessica, It was Hannah that's sucking your cock now. Jessica is kneeling behind Hannah, whispering into Hannah's ears. Jessica smiles wickedly at you when you found out Hannah is sucking your cock.

"What?, no Hannah. You can't...", you said to Hannah.

Jessica leaps forward onto you left side and hushes you up while Hannah continued to slurp on your cock.

"Shhh, just let it happen. It feels good doesn't it? It's okay Eric. Enjoy it. Shhh.", Jessica said to your face.

"Evelyn...she'll kill me if she finds out.", you said in protest.

"Then I guess you better not tell mama if you don't want to die Eric.", she said to you. You moan as Jessica gives you a deep kiss.

Jessica broke the kiss and said, "It's her first time sucking a cock you know. You are Hannah's first blowjob, Eric."

You look down at Hannah as she bobs her head on your cock. 'Jessica is lying, Hannah is too good for it to be her first blowjob.'

"I taught her myself Eric. First we practiced on my hair brush and then we upgraded to a much bigger size, to a cucumber. I taught her to avoid her teeth on the cucumber. So what's the verdict? Is she great or what?", Jessica asks you. You didn't answer Jessica's question.

"I take it that she's pretty good from your silence, Eric.", she said to you.

"So was that gay story all a lie?", you asks Jessica.

"Technically it's not a lie. We're bi. You want to know a secret? Hannah is still a virgin.", she whispers to your ear.

It felt so good with Hannah's lips on your cock that you gave into temptation and let it happen. You caress Hannah's face as she sucks your cock. Jessica knelt down beside Hannah and joined her assault on your throbbing cock. You close your eyes as you felt too hot tongues licking on your dick. You suddenly had a dejavu. Jessica sucks on your balls as Hannah work her mouth on your shaft. You can't bare it anymore told them you're cumming. You felt four hands stroking on your cock simultaneously. That was it for you and you shot out your cum all over Jessica and Hannah. You came everywhere onto their faces to their dresses. The aftermath was horrendous. Your semen filled between Jessica's tits while the rest of your semen splattered all over Hannah's face. Jessica and Hannah both laughed uncontrollably covered in your semen. They started to make out covered in your semen. Luckily there was a tissue box in the room. They both clean up just enough not to be noticed. They both walk out the stall and went into the restroom clean themselves better. You drop Jessica off at her house while you and Hannah rode back home in silence. She tried to strike up a conversation with you but you just shrugged at her. You can't even look at Hannah anymore. You wonder if tonight has changed your relationship with Hannah for the worst. Within 5 minutes later, Hannah started to sob in the AutoLimo.

"What's wrong Hannah?", you ask her.

"You hate me now!", she said crying at you.

"Why would I hate you?", you ask her.

"Because I sucked your dick and you're all quiet now. You can't even look at my direction anymore.", she cries at you and she is partially right.

"Sorry Hannah if I gave the impression that hate you. I don't hate you Hannah. I still love you. It's just this area that we are heading to, it's a bit weird for me. I still see you as my little sister and not as a lover. But regardless of all that, I had fun tonight and I hope you did too.", you said to her and kiss her on the cheek.

"I did have fun and liked you said, it's a night I will never forget.", she said wiping her tears away.

"Do you think there's a chance that one day you might see me more than a sister?", she ask you while looking out the window of the AutoLimo.

"Maybe.", you reply to her and wrap your arms around her.

When you two got home, Evelyn was asleep. You went straight to sleep while Hannah took a shower. She came into your room after her shower. Hannah slept next to you that night.

You woke in the morning. Hannah has already left to school without breakfast. You walk into the kitchen and greet Evelyn while she just finished making breakfast.

"Good morning mom.", you said to her.

"Good morning Eric.", she reply back.

"What did you do to Hannah last night?", she ask you instantly.

"Nothing!", you reply defensively.

"Well, she seemed really happy this morning like she's glowing. She even skipped breakfast and she rarely does that. So I'm wondering how much of a good time did you showed Hannah at the club? Maybe I should've gone too?", she said.

"I dont know, you wouldn't have like the club, it was too messy.", you said to her.

"Alright I got to go, clean up after you finish eating. See you later champ.", she said and left. You finished eating and decided to clean the whole kitchen instead. You swept and mopped the kitchen floor. Cleaning the kitchen counter you heard a knock on the door. You washed your hands and open the door. There are two slim Asian women at your door. They're wearing some kind of black corporate uniform. They look identical next to each other. They have long straight black hair, large brown eyes and very petite bodies.

"Can I help you ladies?", you asks.

"Are you Eric Jaks?", the left girl asks.

"Who wants to know?", you asks back.

"We represent for the Jensen Company, Mr. Jaks have legal actions to attend to.", she told you. You vaguely recognized the Jensen name.

"Legal actions? What kind?", you asks.

"Are you Eric Jaks or not?", the same girl asks.

"Yes I am Eric Jaks, so what legal actions do I need to respond to?", you asks them.

"It's best if you come with us, rather than explaining it to you. Our boss wants to speak to you.", she told you.

"Why don't your boss just call me instead?", you asks.

"No, she wants to speak face to face with you, she also has a proposition for you.", she told you.

"Fine, give me a minute to change.", you said to them.

"No, you are to come with us immediately." She demands you while holding the door from closing.

"You want me to meet your boss wearing a white T-shirt, black shorts and a pink apron?", you asks them. They both took a look at your clothes.

"You have 2 minutes to change Mr. Jaks.", she said. They followed you into your room as you about to change.

"Can I please get some privacy?", you asks them.

"No.", she reply.

You quickly changed in front of them and walk outside.

"This way Mr. Jaks.", she said leading you to their transport vehicle. It has the brand Jensen logo on the side of the vehicle. You definitely recognized the logo. The Jensen Company is a weapon designer company. They also work for the military. You saw some of their products in Henry's Emporium all the time.

You were sitting in the backseat between the twins while the vehicle is on autopilot. They both have perfect postures sitting next to you. You also have an uneasy feeling sitting next to them. Something about them makes you want to stay full alert. It feels like there's a murderous aura around them. Your heart beat is starting to beat a little faster.

"Relax Mr. Jaks. If we wanted to hurt you. We would've done it at your apartment.", the girl on right says to you without looking at you.

"Um, we haven't been properly introduce?", you said looking at her.

"Apologies Mr. Jaks. My name is Fu. The girl on your left is Kiki. She doesn't talk but she can understand you.", Fu informs you.

"Are you two sisters?", you asks.

"Yes.", Fu replies.

"Where are we going?", you asks.

"Enough questions Mr. Jaks. Everything will be explained to you once we arrive to our destination.", Fu told you.

You guessed right as you reach to your destination. The building of Jensen Co. You walk into the lobby with Fu in front and Kiki behind you. You three took the elevator to the top floor. The elevator door opens and there's an attractive lady sitting behind a desk. She's wearing a white dress suit. She has brunette pony tail wrapped into a ball. She wearing rectangular black glasses over her brown eyes. She's wearing red lipstick on her puffy lips. You walk up to her and she stood up with her hand reach out to you.

"Hello Eric Jaks, its a pleasure to meet you. My name is Kathy Jensen. The founder of Jensen Company.", she said to you. You shook her hand.

"Please, have a seat Mr. Jaks.", Kathy said to you.

"I'll stand.", you reply back to her. The twins were standing behind you.

"Suit yourself Mr. Jaks.", Kathy said sitting back down.

"Why am I here?", you asks Kathy.

"I have a job for you Mr. Jaks.", she said.

"What kind of job?", you asks.

"There's a woman I need you to track. She has stolen a property of ours. Once you capture her, you will retrieve our stolen property, then you will kill her. The stolen property is your first priority.", she informs you.

"Why not post this job at ISBH?", you asks Kathy.

"This is a confidential matter.", she told you.

"Then why me?", you asks her.

"Because you're the one who's skilled enough to captured Khorm Kilak or should I say, killed Khorm Kilak.", she said.

"How would you know about that?", you asks her.

"Because I was the one who paid you that 800k credits.", she told you.

"What if I refuse this job?", you asks her.

"You can't.", she said.

"Why can't I refuse this job?", you asks.

"Because you're under my contract.", she said.

"What contract? I never agreed nor sign a contract from you.", you said to her.

"You agreed to the contract once you accept the 800k payment from me and you signed it the moment you spent a single credit from it.", she said smiling.

"What?!", you said.

"The payment came with an attachment. You didn't read it before you accepted it? It should've popped in your inbox the moment it was transferred into your credit chip. You could've easily access it with your AemBrace.", Kathy explains. You check the AemBrace on you. You logged into your inbox and appeared the contract Kathy was talking about.

"I've lost my old AemBrace during my last mission. I couldn't have known about the contract.", you said to her.

"Well, it seems that's not our problem but yours Mr. Jaks.", she said to you.

"What if I refuse to honor the contract?", you asks her.

"Then I am legally allowed to take all of your assets. Everything you own, your ship to your clothes to even the soap in your shower, they all belong to me. It looks like your mom, Evelyn already paid the bills of this month with the credits you gave her. Which makes the lease to the apartment, mine. I could even cancel her nursing classes if I wanted to. The clothes that you bought for Hannah, those are mine too. That burgundy sequin dress would look good on me. Don't you think so Mr. Jaks?", she said to you as she checks on the computer screen on her table. After she mentions Evelyn's and Hannah's name, you charged at Kathy in anger. The twins behind you, rushes in front of you, blocking your path to Kathy.

"Stand aside girls, I don't want to hurt you two!", you yell at them. They didn't budge from your request. "Last warning.", you warned them.

You charge at the twins and instantly Fu climbs on your shoulders while Kiki went down to tackle your legs. It happened so fast, you didn't know what happen until it was already over. Fu has you in a triangle hold while Kiki subdued your legs with with a double leglock. You're on the floor completely immobilized on your back.

"If you mentioned either of their names again, I'll make sure you'll regret it!", you threaten Kathy while subdued by the twins.

"It's not much of a threat if you look like that Mr. Jaks.", Kathy said laughing from the table.

Kathy stood up and walk around the table to you. She stood above you and you can see under her dress. She's wearing white stockings on each legs and a white thong.

"Go easy on him girls, we need him whole.", she orders the twins and they loosen their holds on you.

"I'll make it easier for you Mr. Jaks. You just need to retrieve the stolen property and bring it back to me and I'll consider the contract fulfilled and I'll pay you another 800k with no contract attached. If you kill the woman, I'll throw in another 500k as a bonus. What do you say?", she offers you. Kathy signals the twins to let go of you as Kathy steps aside. You got up stretching out your sore limbs.

"What's her name?", you asks Kathy.
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