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Harry's Ladies chapter 5

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Chapter 5

After reading the list once again, Harry heard Hermione come bounding down the stairs. ?What's all this commotion about?? she asked. Harry shifted uneasily. ?I uh- got the results of who's affected by my end of line cause.? explained Harry. ?Well, that?s wonderful! Let me see the list.? Harry handed her the list and looked away. Hermione?s eyes widened in shock when she saw her name on the list. ?Oh well if it's you I have no complaints.? Hermione said. Harry sighed and looked like a huge weight got lifted off his shoulders. Then Ron came down and the feeling was back. ?What's that paper about?? he asked then snatched it out of Hermione?s hands. Ron read it then glared at Harry. ?Why mate? You knew I loved her!? Ron cried. ?Well Ron it was nothing he could control. And besides me and you always bicker and get into fights.? exclaimed Hermione. Ron looked at Hermione in disbelief, then turned around and stalked off.

?Well, that was interesting? said Sirius ?Do they always argue like that?? harry looked at Sirius and said ?That was not an argument that was a heated debate. She?ll come around soon.? Harry then remembered he had introductions to do. ?Susan this is my godfather Sirius Black. Sirius this is Susan.? Sirius bowed and said hello. Susan nodded and went back to talking to Remus. ?Sirius is there a bigger room?? Harry asked. ?Of course.? Sirius replied and then called for Dobby. ?Yes Mr. Black?? the little house-elf asked. ?I need you to clean up the master bedroom on the fourth floor for me please as well as move all of Harry?s stuff up there.? Sirius explained. Dobby nodded eagerly at the task then disappeared to complete it. ?Also, I brewed up a potion that allows us to see your Animagus? Sirius reported happily. ?Really? Wonderful where is it?? asked Harry. Sirius beckoned them to follow. Harry jumped up and followed and so did Susan, Ginny and Hermione.

They followed Sirius down into the basement. When they reached the brewing cauldron, Sirius grabbed a cup and poured some in. ?Here Harry drink this.? Harry took the cup and swallowed it in one gulp. It tasted vile but it was nothing compared to the Polyjuice potion. His vision clouded and when he blinked, he was standing in a vast field. A snake slithered up to Harry and he quickly realized that it was a Basilisk, so he closed his eyes but all the snake did was say: ?Sssoooo you finalllllly found meeeeee? and then it was gone. Harry then saw a Phoenix swoop down and land in front of Harry then it quickly disappeared. Then Harry blinked and he was back in the basement. ?What did you see Harry?? asked Sirius. ?I saw a Basilisk and a Phoenix.? Harry said. Sirius?s brow burrowed in thought and started pacing. Finally, after a minute Sirius spoke. ?I don?t know which is your Animagus either one is extremely unusual. The basilisk is most intriguing because you slain one not too long ago.? Harry was just as confused. ?Oh well? said Sirius ?Just don?t go trying to transform by yourself have someone like me or Remus or even McGonagall.? Harry nodded and the group started heading back upstairs.

When they arrived up in the kitchen, Molly was putting dinner on the table. ?Oh, I am glad I made extra. And who are you dear?? asked Molly politely. ?I am Susan Bones ma?am?. Molly smiled and said, ?Alright everyone tuck in the others will be here shortly.? When everyone sat down Dobby apparated into the kitchen and addressed Harry and Sirius. ?Lord Black I have finished the task you requested.? Sirius smiled. ?Thank you, Dobby?. Sirius flipped him a galleon and Harry thought Dobby would explode with happiness.

When dinner was finished Harry climbed the stairs to his new room. It was decorated in the Gryffindor colours and had a big bed set in the corner of the room. Susan and Ginny ran over to the bed and laid down on it and sighed. Harry chuckled at the girls then grabbed a occlumency book and sat down to read it. Harry just finished the third chapter when the girls, who got bored, came over and dragged him to the bed. After a heated kissing session with them both, and they were getting ready to get it on, someone knocked on his door. Harry got up and pulled it open to find Hermione standing there. ?What's up?? asked Harry. Hermione just walked on in and sat on the bed. Harry shrugged closed the door and walked over to the three of them. Hermione grabbed Harry and pulled him into a deep kiss. After a minute they pulled away and Harry saw that her eyes were glazed over with lust. Harry laid her down and pulled of his shirt. Then he untied her robe and let it fall away. Hermione?s cute little perky breast were showing back up at him. Harry caressed her breast and started kissing down her stomach. Harry stood up and took of his pants receiving a moan from the girls when his penis burst out of his underwear. Harry leaned back down and lined up his cock with her sex. Harry slowly thrusted into her and when he touched her hymen, she gave a little jerk. Harry quickly thrusted in all the way ripping Hermione?s hymen. She grunted in pain but that quickly faded to pleasure. She smiled at Harry, so he started moving in and out of her. She wrapped her legs around his back and started moaning louder and louder every time he peaked in her. Harry grabbed her bum and picked her up. He withdrew and told her to get on all fours on the bed. Harry glanced at his other ladies and found them fingering themselves furiously. Harry thrusted back inside of Hermione's tight snatch. He kept fucking her like that and then he felt his cum piling up in his balls. After another minute Harry grunted and released his load inside of her. Hermione felt Harry?s cum splash her walls and this caused her to climax on his cock. Harry pulled out and rolled over. He looked at Susan and Ginny again and saw them 69ing each other. A few minutes later they both came, and they too rolled over exhausted.

In the morning Harry walked to the bathroom connected to his room to do his business. Then he got in the shower a few minutes later. Harry was enjoying the hot water pounding on his back when he heard the door open. A minute later Susan got in the shower with him. ?Morning love? said Harry kissing her neck. Harry washed her back and paid special attention to her bum. When they rinsed off Susan spun around and pushed Harry against the wall trailing kisses down his chest until he got to his stiffening member. Susan licked up and down his cock and then inserted it into her mouth. Harry moaned at the feeling. Susan bobbed her head up and down his cock. She tried taking more and more down her throat but couldn?t get past her gag reflex. ?Breathe through your nose? Harry told her. Susan moaned a response and started breathing in and out her nose. Susan managed to get even more down her throat and eventually managed to relax her gag reflex and deepthroated him. That drove Harry over the brink and told Susan that he was cumming. True to his word his seed burst out of his cock down her throat. Susan couldn?t swallow it all but managed to get most of it. Harry pulled her up from the floor. ?Thanks love.? Harry said. ?How can I return the favor?? Susan thought for a moment then said ?Have anal sex with me. Ginny seemed to enjoy so I want to try it.? Harry nodded and agreed. When they got out of the shower, Harry went up to Ginny and Hermione to wake them up. They both trudged into the bathroom rubbing the sleep out of their eyes. Harry got dressed in some of Dudley?s old muggle clothes. Harry looked at them in the mirror and decided that they would go shopping for muggle clothing that day.

When they finally got downstairs for breakfast, Sirius and Tonks were already down there eating their breakfast. Harry went and sat by Tonks and asked if she could escort them to go muggle cloth sopping today. ?Of course, Harry.? Tonks responded. ?However, we have to wait for Kingsley to arrive? Tonks added. Harry nodded and started chowing down on some eggs and hash browns. When Harry was done Kingsley has yet to arrive. Harry pulled out his occlumency book and kept reading from where he left off. The book was describing ways to set up defenses like having blank bubbles that are alarms that tell you when someone is trying to breach your memories. Kingsley arrived just as Harry was finishing the eighth chapter. Harry asked if Kingsley would escort them to do some shopping. Kingsley agreed but only if he could eat first. When Kingsley finished eating the group headed out to do their shopping.

When they arrived in a shopping district the group went to a department store that Hermione picked out. When they entered a man at the door told them they had a sale going on for clothes. Hermione spotted a female worker and ran up to her. ?Jessica? she cried. The female worker, Jessica, turned around and a huge smile lit her face. ?Hermione, I thought you were skiing with your parents.? said Jessica. ?I was but I came back to spend some time with my friends. Besides you know how I ski anyways.? Hermione explained. Hermione drug Jessica over to Harry and the group. ?Jessica this is Harry, Ginny, Susan, Tonks, and Kingsley. Guys this is Jessica. Harry here is need of everything and we are burning those when we get back.? said Hermione rapidly. ?Yes Ma?am? replied Harry with mock seriousness. Jessica led them through the store grabbing polos, slacks and shirts as they walked down the different aisles. When Harry decided he had enough clothes he walked behind the group as they picked out different clothes for themselves. Tonks got two outfits each for herself, Ginny Hermione, and Susan. They also grabbed dresses, blouses, slacks, and miniskirts. And of course, a whole bunch of G-strings. The group went to a check-out counter and got everything rang up to a total of 1235 pounds. Harry handed Jessica his Gringotts credit card and she swiped it then handed it back. ?Sign this slip please.? said Jessica. Harry signed the slip and handed it back to Jessica. When they walked outside, they went to the side of the building and Kingsley pulled out his wand to shrink the packages. Once their purchases were in their pockets, they made their way to another shop and spent another 1300 pounds. Finally, they headed back to Grimmauld place. When they arrived, Molly was cooking lunch and said it would be ready soon. Harry went up to his room with all the purchases and dumped onto his bed. Harry then striped and put on some of the clothes they just bought. He then put up all the clothes and headed downstairs and ate a good lunch. Just as Harry finished an owl flew in and stuck out its leg at Harry. Harry took the letter and broke the seal.

Dear Lord Potter,

There will be an Wizengamot meeting this evening at 6:00 pm. As you should be aware Sirius Black was named House Potters Proxy, but he was arrested so the Wizengamot let his closest of kin vote in your stead. In other words, Narcissa Malfoy is the current proxy for the Potters. I am letting you know because there are several bills that I believe you wouldn?t not have voted on the way they were. You can choose to change the bills by having a revote on them. However, you can only vote for two houses at a time. I would recommend bringing proxies to vote in the stead of the other houses.

Sincerely, Amelia Bones

?Well, it looks like there is a meeting I need to attend later. Tonks, Kingsley mind escorting me to the ministry. Oh, and Susan, Ginny and Hermione need to come as well as my proxies.? Harry told the lot that gathered. Tonks and Kingsley agreed so Harry went up to his room for a short nap. When Harry woke up it was 5:00. Harry got dressed and went to the kitchen to get his ladies and his guards.

End chapter 5
05-17-2021, at 06:41 PM

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