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The Chauffeur(#11)..Making it Great Again (part two)

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The Chauffeur, Making it Great Again (part two).


Copyright 2018


As we all piled into the limos, our drivers already knew where to take the group. Jill and I believe that we have succeeded in surprising even our personal assistants, Tina and Dakota.

We are peppered with question.

?Where are we going??

?What hotel is the restaurant located in??

?It?s not the one from last night is it??

?Is it Steak, Seafood, or a culture restaurant, like Japanese??

?Who?s the Chef??

I saw everyone holding their phones hoping that either Jill or myself would give a hint, so they could look it up. Occasionally, technology sucks it can ruin a surprise.

Everyone looks so elegant and regal. John, the one I was worried about was quite impressive looking. He told me while we were waiting to get into the limo, that his Mother got him this suit because I suggested that the guys needed a suit. I reminded him that he MUST buy Mom a present, non-negotiable. He agreed.

As we neared the Wynn, eyes bugged out. Diane?s crew were busily punching into their phones, using Google, trying to figure out what restaurant we were going to eat at. I began to tell the group, ?This is the best buffet in all of Las Vegas.? Mouths fell open aghast.

?What the fuck?? John asked.

?What?s the matter John, you don?t think you should have to wear a suit to a buffet?? knowing full well that I had him completely snowed.

?Hell NO! Um, I mean, no sir.? John said correcting his language.

?Well John, not to worry, I wouldn?t have you dress all up in your Sunday best for a buffet. Heck why go to a buffet when Taco Bell is on the next corner.? I said with a huge smile. Even Jill couldn?t keep a straight face at this point.

Tina and Dakota were on to us. They smelled something fishy.

I looked at our assistants, they were stunning. Tina wore a full-length red gown with black stiletto heels. Her makeup was exquisite. Dakota, her counter part wore a long black dress with a low-cut neckline and highlighted with a beautiful diamond neckless. She also wore 9? stilettos. My mind was jumbled up. I am married to Jill, who owns my heart and soul but is pregnant with someone else?s child. I dated Tina, who clearly still has strong feelings for me. Then there is Dakota, who desperately wants me to father her baby, all with Jill?s approval. It dawns on me that without even trying I have ended up in the eye of a category 5 hurricane. The damage that Katrina laid upon New Orleans and the Gulf Coast towns would be nothing if I screw these relationships up.

We arrive at the Wynn. The driver adds to the joke, ?Here we are sir. The best Pizza in all of Vegas just as you requested.? He was better at the straight face look.

John?s head spun around like it was on swivels. Tina whispered in his ear. He just smiled and didn?t say anything.

I held my hand out helping Jill out of the limo. I saw Roger doing the same thing for Donna and Marcus doing the same for Ronda. Dakota got out on her own and took my other arm, opposite Jill. Tina took hold of Jill?s free arm. Here we all were walking into the best restaurant I could find that would accommodate all the different palates that we had in the group.

Apparently, the two gay boys had some sort of falling out. One of the boys stepped over to Paula and put his arm out to escort her inside. The other boy waited for Amy to get out of the car, holding her hand as she got out. Then he extended his elbow for her to grasp.

Yes, our group of 14 was headed for SW Steakhouse, inside of the Wynn. The concierge met us and escorted all of us to the restaurant entrance. The concierge turned us over to Andre, the personal host. Andre was a tall good-looking guy, olive skin color and very well spoken, clearly well educated.

He asked if the entire party was present. I said yes. He asked about the missing two, the reservation was for 16. I explained that due to business they had to leave (basically I lied to him because I forgot to have the suite hostess change the reservation to 14).

I looked around at our group. Everyone was very happy with allot of whispering and pointing. Andre took us to our table. It was very nice to see all the gentlemen pulling out the chairs for the ladies. I pulled out a chair for Jill first, then Dakota, and finally Tina. Our table was a large round table, no head, no foot.

The wine sommelier approached our table. I asked Roger if he would do the honors of picking the proper wine for everyone to enjoy no matter what they ordered. The sommelier offered him several choices, he picked two. The gentleman was off to get everyone wine glasses and get a couple bottles of the first wine choice.

Our waiter appeared and introduced himself as Douglas?. NOT Doug he said.

I asked what he recommended as this was everyone?s first visit here. He made a couple of recommendations: the Sanuki Wagyu steak 4 oz. at $220 with each additional ounce at $55 per ounce. The second offering was Ohmi, Shiga Prefecture at $184 per 4 oz. with additional ounces at $46 per ounce. The second choice was essentially a strip steak using Wagyu beef.

There were also other options, a domestic Wagyu NY style strip steak at $98 per a 10 oz. steak. You can also add a Maine lobster to any entrée for $45. There were other options, but he pretty much sold the table on those options.

John and Diane got up and walked around the table to Jill and I. Diane started the conversation, ?David, sir, you have been so generous, but you don?t need to spend this kind of money to buy us a steak. I mean, seriously, $220 for four ounces of steak? Seriously? That?s the same price that it costs to add an ounce.? John didn?t say anything, but he nodded in approval.

I leaned over and kissed Diane on the cheek, ?Thank you for caring, but we?re fine?really. Think of this as a celebration. We are going to discuss how to get Jaxson?s Inc. back on track. I want to Make it Great Again! And everyone at this table will contribute.?

John did not miss the opportunity to kiss Tina, Jill, and Dakota before he walked hand in hand with Diane back to their seats.

The sommelier returned with 14 glasses and two open bottles. He poured a small taste for Roger to approve, which he did. He then proceeded to pour 14 glasses distributing them to the ladies first then the men.

I stood up and held my glass high.

?I would like to make a toast. This is to all our new friends and the fun we have had this weekend. I have found out much about each of you. From John?s favorite word to Amy?s ability to be a good assistant, to Diane?s brother Marcus who has really been smitten with Dr. Ronda, to our personal assistants Dakota and Tina. Let me go around the table. When I call your name please stand so everyone knows your position in Jaxson?s Inc. Let?s start with Roger Johnson, he is our new Director of Security for all our brands. Next is Donna, she is our new Director of our Call Centers. John, please stand. John has accepted an offer to work in our Pasadena call center. John stay standing, Diane if you and the rest of your crew would please stand. Diane?s crew along with John will be our committee to bring important issues to Jill and I. Dr. Ronda has accepted an offer from Jill to put together a medical group to help some of our employees get low-cost checkups and the such. Paula, we haven?t offered this to you yet, so we will now. We would like you to head up the limo team. We have acquired two limo companies and the need to move inventory and rearrange employees and sort customers? needs a strong leader. Jill and I would like you to lead this project. Then there is Tina and Dakota the personal assistants of Jill and me. Whom we would be in a world of mess if it wasn?t for these two wonderful women. And of course, Jill my beautiful and gorgeous wife is the new Director of Financial Affairs. I am your host, David Greene the Director of Operations across all our brands. Here?s to a successful year, success in the budding relationships I see forming, success to our lives, and may the friendship we have begun here last a life time. To us!?

Everyone clinks their glasses saying, ?To Us!?


As the serving staff began arriving with the salad course, everyone was amazed at the salads, the size, and the home-made dressing options.

Paula got up from her seat to come see Jill and me.

?Jill, thank you for the offer. I?m not sure that I?m the one you really want to head this project. I mean I?m happy to do whatever you want, but are you sure that I will be the right one?? Paula asked.

?Paula, both David and I know how hard you worked at Happee, Happy Limo. You were well-liked by the staff, the customers, even that horrible boss Sasha. I never heard even one negative thing about you considering that you worked only a few seats away from the twin trouble.?

Paula stood silent.

I added, ?Paula. You?re a beautiful woman who gets along with everyone. You?re conscientious, courteous, and efficient. Here?s what we would like to offer you. A base salary of $100,000. The usual full medical/dental/vision/hearing package. Plus, a bonus of ½ of 1% of all the limos net sales, with a cap at $250,000.?

Paula still stood silent.

?Paula?Paula?. Congress doesn?t take this long to decide. Do you need time to think about the offer?? I added.


Jill asked, ?Yes, you need more time??

?Oh, I?m sorry. Yes, I accept your offer. I was just stunned. I?ve never in my wildest dreams thought I would have the opportunity to make this type of money.? Paula said.

Jill reached up to her and pulled her down to give her a kiss on the cheek.

As we all sat there eating, Roger asked a question of the table, ?Does anyone have someone that they know personally who has been in law enforcement or military. I?m only beginning to put together some names for potential staff. However, if you are willing to recommend them then they will move to the top of the pile.?

I was very impressed. He used a long-standing technique on finding great people.

Maybe the saying from that baseball movie with Kevin Costner, ?If you build it, they will come? rings true here. Jill and I are building a team, a cabinet if you will to make Jaxson?s Inc. great again!

There was lots of discussion about the hotel chain, the restaurant chain, even the trucking/logistics company had some discussion. However, the limo companies got the lion-share of the discussion. I figure it was due to the number of people who worked at the limo company, Jill, Paula, Tina, and of course myself.

Donna suggested setting up special teams in the call centers to handle the customers vs. the clients. She suggested giving all the clients an id number. Her idea was that the clients would just present their id number and they would have all their preferences set up along with a charge card on file to pay for the limo ride.

Jill added a great idea that the finance company could issue a special credit card that would automatically debit a client?s bank account, that way the driver would get the same tip instead of having to handle large amounts of cash and thus keeping themselves under the radar of law enforcement. Roger agreed that it should keep it within the grey area of the law. He referenced the initial thought of Jill and I running drugs by finding the large amount of cash in her car at the accident. This would eliminate any interest by law enforcement should anything happen, such as an accident.

Jill?s cell phone buzzed. She was getting a text message. It read: ?Bought limo company in Vegas as you suggested. Bob?s brother was happy to unload it for about 8 cents on the dollar. They have 63 limos in the inventory. Talk next week. Mel?

Jill handed me the cell phone, smiling her beautiful smile. After reading it, I handed the phone to Dakota and Tina. They were both smiling.

As our entrees arrived, everyone agreed the food both looked and smelled delicious. Everyone ordered steaks. I whispered to Dakota that she was paying for the dinner. She looked stunned. I smiled, and she figured out that I was just teasing.

She leaned into me saying low enough so that only Jill and I heard, ?You just wait until I get my hands on you.? She smiled. Jill smiled. I smiled. My cock was beginning to stir. Jill said to me, ?Hun, why don?t you take Dakota to the second bedroom. That way you and her will have some alone time.? I sat there stunned.

?Darling, are you sure?? I asked.

?Absolutely. You?re always trying to please everyone else. Maybe if you show Dakota some personal attention, she?ll relax knowing that you are trying to give her what she wants from you. Besides, I?m pretty worn out already. This week has been go-go-go and next week doesn?t seem to be any less hectic.? Jill said to me.

My mind began to wander off from the table. I was dissecting what Jill had said to me.

Is she ok? Is her pregnancy starting to take its toll on her body? Does she think that Dakota needs alone time with me? Is Jill worried that I?m spreading myself to thin? What about Tina, how would she feel if Dakota held my baby inside of her? My mind was swirling around and around.

Tina came over to me and whispered in my ear, ?Would you mind if I spent the night with Roger and Donna? They asked me to join them, but I wanted to ask your permission first.?

?Tina, you don?t need to ask my permission. Go! Go have a great night. I think personally that Roger may have a small crush on you.? I said to her.

?That would be great. I have a big crush on him.?

?Just be careful. I have no idea on how much Donna fits into this equation, be it a weekend thing or something more. Please, please be careful.? I cautioned her.

She agreed and padded off.

Diane came over next. She also was asking for the night off. She wanted to see if this ?what-ever-it-is? with John could develop into something. I wished her well and told her that I favored him and to take good care of him tonight. She agreed.

Ronda was the last one to come over. She came to see Jill. I heard them chat a bit about how gentlemanly he was with her. He opened doors, pulled out chairs, ran and got things for her, he even surprised her with a small bunch of roses. She had no idea of how he found the time to get them, but she had them none the less. Jill wished them the best and that there were no worries about missing tonight.

As I looked around the table, the two guys I thought were ?the gay boys? turned out to be bisexual. The taller one, Derrick was intently listening to Paula. They were leaning into each other, talking, giggling, even rubbing each other?s thigh.

The shorter, stockier guy was sitting with Amy. They seemed to be getting along fine, but it didn?t seem to be any sort of sexual type of fine. It appeared to be more of a friendship.

Roger?s phone began to buzz as he was now receiving a text. He looked at his phone, got up and walked away from the table.

He was gone nearly a half hour. When he returned, he walked over to Jill and me showing us his text message: Call your Captain. Sasha made bail.

Those six words sent a shiver down my back. Jill?s face went from smiling to pensive.

Roger, Jill, and I discussed whether we should be worried or not. I asked if we should tell Tina. Roger suggested not to as she would be with Donna and him at least for tonight. He said that we will figure something out when we get back to LA.

That one text message put a real damper on what was an extraordinary evening.

As we were finishing our entrees, the wine sommelier came around filling glasses of any who wanted more. The wine that Roger had picked out was tasty, even though I rarely drink. I usually drink water, soda, and of course pineapple juice.

Our waiter came by directing us to the dessert menu. Everyone chose their favorite.

Jill and I really didn?t feel much like having dessert.

As I looked across the table, I saw Tina kissing Roger. Then Roger kissing Donna. Tina sat to Roger?s left and Donna to his right.

I felt a hand on my left thigh. It belonged to Dakota. She just sat there quietly gently caressing my thigh. My cock took virtually no time growing to it full length. Jill leaned into me and wished me ?good luck? with her tonight. All I could think of was, ?Thank you Doctor Obvious.?

I looked around the table, someone was missing.

I worked from my left clockwise around the table, until I figured out whom was missing?.it was Tina! I thought to myself that I had not seen her get up and leave the table. I leaned over to Jill and asked if she knew where Tina was. She giggled at me saying, ?Just watch the tablecloth in front of Roger and Donna.?

I sat back in my chair. I was stunned. As I watched, trying not to be obvious, Donna?s eyes kept glazing over and at times it seemed they were rolling into the back of her head. I saw Roger extend his right arm down underneath the tablecloth as if he was holding something steady in Donna?s lap.

Jill asked me, ?Do you want to go over and help poor, poor Tina make Donna feel better??

?Um, no, I think that she can handle the job all by herself.? I said with a chuckle in my voice.

As we all finished dessert, Tina magically appeared as if she was a rabbit from a magician?s hat. I could see that her chin was glistening. Donna was sitting quietly with the biggest smile on her face. A smile I had seen before back at her hotel after our session. It made me smile remembering that evening.

I noticed that Dakota was looking for a way to slide under the table as well. I gently grabbed her arm and whispered in her ear, ?Don?t do that. Jill wants me to spend the whole night with you in the second bedroom. Please don?t worry my dear, there?s no need to rush anything.? Dakota smiled whispering back in my ear, ?If you haven?t already done it, we will make our baby tonight. I have plans for you my lover. I will pay Jill at some point for allowing this to happen?. you and me. Tonight.?

When the bill came, Dakota still grabbed it, looked at it and handed it to me. I pulled out my black AMEX and just put it in the little book they give you.

The waiter retrieved it and returned it with two credit card slips, one of which was waiting for a tip and a signature, which I promptly took care of.


As we all piled into the limos, Jill reminded me that I should probably start hydrating right now or I?ll never make it through the night. I knew she was kidding me, but she was correct in her thinking about Dakota and me.

The whole Sasha news kept circling in my head like a kid?s toy train circling the Christmas tree. On the flight home, I thought that Tina, Roger, Jill, and me should huddle and chat about possible Sasha intentions.

I just laid my head back thinking when I felt a set of lips on mine. I opened my eyes to see Dakota kissing me passionately. Her lithe hands stroking my chest underneath my suit coat. I saw Jill?s smile as Dakota?s tongue was playing tonsil hockey with me.

Jill leaned in and said, ?And so it begins.?

She was right. I knew that the pump was primed, and Dakota was ready to go. I saw John watching us. His smile was from ear to ear. Diane was caressing his thigh. His hand was also caressing her thigh.

Next to John and Diane sat Paula and Derrick. They were in a deep lip lock. Her hands were on his back. His hands were caressing her chest through her dress.

?I want you so badly. Make love to me David. Promise me you?ll make love to me.? Dakota whispered into my ear.

?Dakota, I love you. I will make love to you. When tomorrow morning arrives, you will know that I love you.?

Jill reached out and caressed Dakota?s back as she straddled my lap. I didn?t realize it at first, but Dakota had hiked her dress up to be able to straddle my lap. Jill reached over with her other hand and began caressing Dakota?s breast, pinching and tugging on her braless nipples from outside the dress. I could feel the heat from her pussy on my lap. She was ready to go, but I wanted to take it slow, so she would understand my love for her. This is what she said she wanted.

The drive from the Wynn to the Palms was just a few minutes. However, something was going on that there was a set of limos lined up in the driveway. Our driver rolled the privacy partition down about 3 inches to announce that there was a big MMA fight tonight and lots of dignitaries were in town. John acknowledged him and rolled the partition back up.

Jill?s phone buzzed. It was a text message: ?Just bought another finance company. Need you in Dallas in two weeks to finalize deal. 5th largest finance company in US with lots of international clients. Bob?

Jill handed me the phone. I read the text. ?Just you eh?? I said.

?Yeah. Not sure how to read that. Just me because I?m in charge of Financial operations or something more. He did seem to fancy me when we were in NYC.?

?That he did. We can talk more in the morning.? I replied with Dakota draped all over me snuggling her head into my chest.

After what seemed like an endless amount of time, we finally arrived at the entrance to leave our chariot. Waiting for us was Arora, the suite hostess on duty.

?Mr. Greene, may I have a moment of your time?? Arora said

?Of course.?

I turned to Dakota asking her to go on up to the suite.

?Mr. Greene, I have a dilemma and hopefully you can help resolve it.?

?Sure thing. What can I do to help you?? I asked.

?Let me have one of your suites.?

I stood there stunned. I thought maybe it was some kind of joke, but it wasn?t.

?I?m sorry. Did you say you want my group to vacate one of the suites??

?Yes sir. I?m only asking. If you say no, I understand.? Arora said in a defeated tone.

?I haven?t said no. What are you proposing for us to give up one of the suites??

?Name your price.? She said.

?Um, what is the next best rooms you have other than the suites?? I ask

?Well, we do have three presidential rooms. Each one is about 1000 square feet. Two king size beds. One large bathroom. Kitchen. Living room. Beautiful view of the Strip.?

I did the math in my head about how many people were sleeping in suite 3. Marcus/Ronda?Diane/John?Derrick/Paula.

?Arora, how about this idea. We will give up suite 3. I will move the 6 people out of there into the three presidential rooms, two of my guests per room. There will be no charge for the presidential rooms and you will knock off the entire cost of suite 2. We will only be charged for suite 1 plus 2 nights of suite 3. Sound like a fair trade?? I ask.

?Done. When can I get housekeeping into 3 to prep it for the guest??

?Can you give me an hour? My group will need to pack. Oh, one more thing. My wife is pregnant. Could you ask your masseuse to come to suite 1 about 10:30 in the morning to give her a massage for a pregnant woman?? I asked


She thanked me for my time and off I went to the Suites.

I stopped at suite 3 first. I knocked, even though I knew my key worked in the door. Marcus answered.

?Hey Marcus. I need to speak with everyone for a minute please.?

Marcus summoned everyone to the living room.

I explained the need from the Hotel. I also explained what they were offering in exchange. No one seemed to be bothered by moving out of the suite. Actually, John was the first to speak, ?Sir, we are all grateful in what you have done for us. If moving to a different room helps, then I?m sure no one here will challenge your decision.?

The group all nodded in unison.

?Well then, you have less than an hour to pack. A bellman will be here along with a suite hostess to move you to your new rooms, one floor below where we are now. You guys can work out who is sleeping with whom.?

Paula piped up, ?As if you don?t already know the sleeping arrangements!?

Everyone chuckled.

My cell phone buzzed. It was Dakota using Jill?s phone texting me a picture of Jill eating Dakota?s pussy with the text: ?Getting me ready for you?. I smiled. My cock stirred.

I used my cell to dial up the suite hostess. I let her know that everyone had agreed. She said she would text me their room numbers, so I could find my group in the morning and she also told me that the massage was set up for Jill.

I said my goodbyes and headed off to suite 2. I again knocked. I heard cries of ecstasy. The second of the ?gay? guys, Randolph answered. He said that Roger, Tina, and Donna were busy as I could hear. I explained to him about suite 3 not being ours any longer. I also reminded him that we were to head back to LA on Monday and tomorrow was set to be a free-day for everyone. He smiled. I thanked him for his time and left.

As I entered my suite, I heard Jill loudly announcing an orgasm of her own. I quietly went through the suite to find Jill on her back with Dakota?s face buried deep into her warm, wet pussy.

I stood there silently being a voyeur of the two most beautiful women in my life. I stood there for quite a while before Jill noticed me. She was gasping for breath as Dakota was still licking her sex furiously.

Putting my index finger to my mouth, signaling for Jill to be quiet about me being there. I quietly stepped outside the doorway to undress as silently as possible. When I was completely naked, with my rock-hard cock pointing up towards the ceiling, I went back in to the bedroom.

I silently wet my fingers using them to wet my cock.

I slid my cock into Dakota?s pussy without touching her hips. I heard her gasp. Jill giggled putting her hand behind Dakota?s head keeping her on task.

I began thrusting gently into my lover. I put my arm around her waist, leaning over her back and whispering in her ear, ?Here I am lover. Are you all warmed up for me??

?uhhhuughh? was the sound of her approval with her tongues inside Jill?s vagina.

I moved my other arm up to gently grasp her shoulder to get more traction to thrust into her. She felt so wet. Her love canal was grasping my cock milking it for whatever it could get. I began increasing my thrusting yet not so much so to make her feel like ?a piece of meat?. No, this was supposed to be love.

Jill began to reach another intense orgasm. ?OH FUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK!? was all she could annunciate.

I smiled. It was so sexy to see Dakota pleasing my wife as I fucked her gently.

Jill began to push Dakota?s head away from her body. I lifted Dakota off the bed, walking her over to the other king bed. I stood her up next to the bed. My cock withdrew when I moved her off the bed.

I stood behind her pressing my body into hers. I wrapped both arms around her waist. I began lightly kissing her neck. A slight moan left her lips. Her hands reached around behind her and began rubbing my hips. I gently pulled on her earlobe with my teeth. I licked behind her ear, gently blowing into her ear with my warm breath.

She said, ?David, I love you.? In barely a whisper.

Jill had recovered enough to leave the bed. She went to the front of Dakota. She leaned into her and kissed her passionately. When their kiss broke, Jill said to me, ?David, show her how much you and I love her. Put your baby into her. Tonight!?

I felt Dakota?s little body tense up as she heard Jill?s words. Her body was reacting to the emotion that filled it. I went back to kissing her neck. My hands were gently massaging her chest. I pulled and gently twisted her nipples. I ran my hands down to her belly-button, dipping a single finger inside.

Jill gently grasped Dakota?s shoulders and turned her around to face me. Jill put her arms around Dakota reaching all the way to my waist. She pulled all three of us together.

My cock was beginning to ache, needing some sort of release.

Jill began kissing Dakota?s neck. I put my lips on Dakota?s lips. Our mouths parted slightly to allow our tongues tangle. We began gently biting each other?s lip. I heard another moan escape her. I leaned over to Jill, kissing her. I whispered to her, ?Do you know how much I love you?? Dakota was the one who answered. ?I know you love me David. Make me a Mother, tonight, please.? Jill smiled and mouthed the words ?I love you? to me.

Jill released the hug and walked over to the other bed and climbed in to drift off to sleep.

I picked Dakota up, honeymoon style to carry her to the second bedroom.


Dakota smelled of the wanton sex she had with Jill. However, now it was time to make love. Again, I stood her up next to the bed facing me.

I went back to kissing her. I put my hands all the way around her, pulling her tightly into my body. My cock was at full attention, pointing towards the ceiling. As I pulled Dakota?s body into me, my cock was pressed against her belly. I felt her slender arms wrap around me. I felt one hand gently squeeze my ass. A little giggle escaped her when she squeezed my ass cheek.

?I want you Dakota.? I said gently

?I want you David.? She replied.

I leaned forward moving my mouth from her lips and bent down to lick and nibble on her beautiful chest. I felt her hand begin to rub my cock, smearing the pre-cum droplets up and down the shaft.

As she stroked me, I kept kissing and licking her chest. I heard moaning now regularly coming from her mouth.

?David. I love you. I?ve never felt this way before. I love you so, so much.? She said to me with her heart in her eyes.

?Dakota, I love you too. We?re going to make a beautiful baby.?

She took a deep breath and held it for a moment before exhaling.

I patted the bed gently. It was evident that no one had been in this bed as it still had the stupid mint candy on the pillow. I pointed to the candy and Dakota giggled thinking it was a bit odd being there.

I pulled the comforter down to reveal cream colored Egyptian cotton sheets. Now, I don?t know much about thread count except to say that more is better. As I got on the bed behind Dakota my head noted that this was the softest sheets that I have every felt.

I laid next to Dakota facing her. I gently cupped her face leaning into her to kiss her more. We kissed for quite a while. I did not look at the clock, but it just felt like we had a long make-out time. She kissed me with a passion that I had not felt from her before. Our bodies pressed together. Our legs intertwined. Her pelvis grinding into my knee. I could hear her breathing change. It became much shallower.

?OH DAVID? was all she could say.

I smiled and continued kissing her.

I reached down to her soft ass. I gently squeezed both cheeks causing another moan to escape her mouth.

I went back to kissing her neck. In my head, I decided that I should mark her. I began to suck on the base of her neck as forcefully as I could possibly suck. After just a few moments, I stopped. I looked at her beautiful face. Her eyes were glazed over. I looked at my ?mark?. I felt a sense of pride. The hickey was a bold red against Dakota?s soft white skin. I had put the mark where the neck curves into the shoulder.

?David, take me. Please take me.? Dakota said almost begging.

She added, ?I?m yours. Do with me what you want. I will love you forever.?

This inspired me to roll on top of her, parting her knees with my own legs.

I reached down and felt her heat escaping her sex. I felt her wetness. I saw the love in her eyes.

I grasped my manhood and gently pushed it towards her opening. As I began to push into her gently, I paused to allow her body to adjust to me. However, due to the amount of wetness in her pussy, the wait was short.

I pushed my baby-maker into her slowly and gently. I felt her legs wrap around me with her feet locking behind the small of my back. I began to start my rhythmic thrusting into her. Back and forth, in and out. I fucked her.

I whispered into her ear, ?Dakota, my dear, I do love you.?

?I know. I love you telling me so.? She said to me.

I leaned into her again, thrusting my manhood as deep into her as it could go. I felt her pussy grasp my cock with its velvety hold.

Her first orgasm hit her like a thunderstorm. She tensed. She moaned. Her eyes glazed over. Her woman juice squirted out of her love hole on to my pelvis. I kept kissing her neck. I licked from my mark to her ear.

Dakota was now moaning and thrashing around underneath me. Her hands were caressing my back. They cupped my face holding it tight as we interlocked our lips and our tongues transferring passion from one mouth to another.

As another orgasm rolled through her, I felt her body tense up as another spasm washed through. Her mouth moaned loudly into my own.

I broke from our kiss. I leaned back gently grasping her ankles. I lifted them from behind me onto my shoulders, giving me a deeper penetration into Dakota?s pussy.

I picked up my pace. Thrusting into her with a deeper love, I felt my cock hitting her cervix. I pushed past her cervix into her womb.

Feeling my balls tighten up, I knew what to expect. I pushed as deep into her as I could possibly get with my cock. My body exploded into her, shooting rope after rope of my baby making juice into her womb.

While I was cumming into her, I looked into her eyes and said, ?I love you Dakota.?

?Oh David. I love you so much.? She replied.

I kept my thrusting until my cock began to deflate. Once it returned to flaccid, I withdrew from her sex. I rolled on my side facing her. She put her arms around me and kissed me tenderly. We held each other for a while. I felt a couple of smaller orgasms pulse through her body before she drifted off to a short nap.

I just laid there stroking her hair. I held her tight. This sensuous lithe delicate woman was sated. I was also feeling spent.

Her nap lasted only an hour. She woke with a dreamy look on her face. She began rubbing my cock to get it ready for round 2. As my cock hardened, she rolled me on my back. She straddled my groin, impaling her womanhood on me. She slowly rode me back and forth. We remained in that position for quite a while. I could see her face full of expression of ecstasy. I felt her wanton hole spray my lap with its wetness repeatedly. She was moaning almost continually.

After many minutes, she leaned down into me kissing me passionately. Our mouths parted slightly to allow our tongues to intertwine. We remained that way for a long, long time. We rocked, we kissed, we came together?over?and over?.and over again. In my head, I was sure I had done my job of putting a baby inside of her. She kept cooing in my ear as we cuddled between love making sessions.

We repeated that several more times until I saw the morning dawn peeking through the bedroom blinds. It was at that moment that my mind realized we had been making love all night.

I was exhausted. Dakota fell asleep with her head on my chest and her hands cupping my face. She was as exhausted as I have ever seen her. In my head, I joked that having only one lover must take all the energy out of her.

I heard the door open. Jill?s head peeked in. I waved her over to the bed trying not to wake my lover. Jill tip toed over to the bed, leaning down to kiss me. When we broke our kiss, she leaned down and kissed Dakota gently on the cheek.

She gently caressed Dakota?s back. Pointing to my mark on her neck, she giggled softly. She whispered into my ear, ?I guess she?s yours now. You branded her.? Softly giggling. Dakota remained sleeping. Jill walked around the bed and climbed into it hugging me and cuddling with me as I held Dakota.


It was mid-afternoon before any of us woke. Jill woke up first. She gently shook me and then Dakota. We all smiled at each other. I kissed Jill on the lips. I kissed Dakota on the lips. Jill kissed Dakota on the lips. We had made a true family.

As Jill got out of bed, I noticed for the first time she had begun to show her pregnancy. She had a slight bulge in her belly. I said to her, ?Gawd, you look beautiful in the morning!? She smiled and blew me a kiss and left the bedroom.

I looked at Dakota. We both smelled of sex, of love, of passion from our night-long lovemaking session.

I said to Dakota, ?You realize you also look beautiful in the morning. But, hell, you look beautiful all the time.?

She didn?t respond verbally. She just smiled and kissed me.

As she rolled off my chest, she asked what was planned for today. I responded that there were no firm plans. Today was to be an open day for sightseeing.

The phone in the bedroom rang. It was the suite hostess asking why Jill was not available for her 10:30 morning massage. I explained that our group was up celebrating until sunup this morning and we had forgotten all about it as we went to sleep. The hostess said she understood and that things like that happen all the time in Vegas. She also said that the masseuse would be on duty until 5pm today. I said that I would have Jill call her about the massage.

Dakota got up and walked to this bedroom?s bathroom. I watched her ass intently as she headed into the bathroom.

I sat up in bed. I picked my cell phone and called Roger and Donna. They asked if we had any firm plans as they were thinking about doing the strip and seeing as much as possible in one afternoon. I wished them well and hung up.

I received a text from Bob Jaxson. It read: ?Big trucking accident in a mountain tunnel in Colorado. One of our trucks involved. At least one of our driver?s dead. Please get into this ASAP?

I texted him an ok and will call as soon as I know something solid.

I began to make phone calls to our District office in Cheyenne, Wyoming (the closest district office to the accident). I spoke with someone who gave me information that the driver?s family has already been contacted. Apparently, there was a nuclear transport truck that lost control when a front tire blew. The whole tunnel is sealed off and DOT, the FBI, Homeland Security, and Nuclear regulatory agency were all involved. Several other vehicles involved resulting in 3 additional deaths.

I asked if there was any need for me to fly up there. He told me there is nothing to do. I asked for the family name and home number to call them myself. He said he would text me the information when we end the call.

I sat pensive waiting for his text.

I called the wife. She was sobbing, almost hysterically. The oldest son took the phone from his Mother. I offered my condolences, as futile as it was. I asked him if there was anything his family needed right away. He declined. I promised to call him again tomorrow.

Jill opened the door asking if I had watched TV yet. I told her that Bob Jaxson already texted me about the trucking accident. We were on TV for another reason. One of our hotels outside of Reno, Nevada had a shooting. Apparently, a guy distraught over his wife filling for divorce hunted her down and killed her, the boyfriend, and then himself.

I asked her to call Roger, explain what happened and have him investigate this to see if we need to head to Reno today.

I thought to myself ?Not really making it great?.

I decided to call the National office of our hotel chain ?The Pinetree?. I spoke to a senior manager, Mike Sizemore. He assured me that they were already on the situation. He also said that he has scheduled a conference call for Tuesday morning and invited me to join. I agreed. We ended the call.

Jill came back into the bedroom. I asked her to call the HR department of the trucking company to check on benefits for the deceased truck driver as well as the HR for The Pinetree for the guests and family of the Reno Hotel location. She said she would get right on it.

My phone rang. It was Roger. He told me the local law enforcement was handling the shooting with the Nevada branch of the FBI overseeing the investigation to ensure it wasn?t more than a family affair.

I thanked him for the investigation. He said that he may not go back to LA with us, he may end up in Reno tomorrow. I told him to say the word and we would take him there in the company jet.

As Dakota came back into the bedroom, she was all smiles. She smelled wonderful, but my head was elsewhere. I kissed her and got up and headed into the bathroom to shower.

As I left the bedroom, I saw Dakota checking my phone and gasping about Bob?s text message. She got up to get her phone.

I turned on the water and stepped into the shower. I just stood there allowing the hot water pulse over my tired body. I used the time under the showerhead to think about what had happened in the past 24 hours. I came to no conclusions except to say that I believed that I put a baby in Dakota.

I began to scrub myself. I thought about how nice it is to have hotel hot water. It never runs out.

I finished the shower, getting out to dry myself off. I remembered that I had no clean clothes in the bedroom. I wrapped the towel around my waist and headed into the main room collecting my cell phone along the way.

Passing through the hallway, I went into the main bedroom. Tina was sleeping peacefully on the second king bed with a smile on her face. Apparently, Roger and Donna rocked her world last night.

I went over to my luggage and got out clean underwear, tee shirt, shorts, and blue golf shirt. I dressed quietly trying to not disturb Tina.

When I was dressed, I left the bedroom and headed into the living room. I first saw Dakota on the phone in a determined tone speaking about what, I did not know since I had missed the bulk of the conversation.

I also saw Jill on the phone, most likely talking to the HR of the trucking company, Jax Inc. Trucking and Logistics.

From that, I saw someone I didn?t recognize in the kitchen cooking. I pointed to the cook mouthing the words to Jill ?who?s that?? She put her hand over the talk piece of her phone to tell me that was the chef the hotel sent us to cook us lunch for allowing them to take back suite 3.

That reminded me about the 3 couples that were in the presidential rooms one floor down. I picked up my phone and dialed John?s room first. There was no answer. I dialed Marcus? room next. Ronda answered. We chatted a bit and hung up. I called the third couple Derrick and Amy. Again, no answer.

Donna called me since Jill was on the phone. She let me know that she checked in with all three call centers. Only the reservations for the Reno Pinetree have some cancellations. I thanked her for checking (which validated Jill and my opinion that we had selected the proper person to head up the call center teams).

I texted everyone asking them to come to suite 1. I let the cook know that we would have several more guests shortly. She said she would increase the amount of food to ensure everyone got lunch.

Soon, there was a knock at the door. Dakota went and answered it. There stood Roger, Donna, John, Diane, Marcus and Ronda. Only Derrick, Amy, Paula, and Randolph remained unaccounted for. However, John spoke up saying that Derrick and Paula went downstairs to get some gifts for family. He already talked to them and they are on their way up.

About the time John was telling me that Derrick and Paula were on the way up to the suite, Tina emerged from the main bedroom all sleepy-eyed. She looked so innocent, so beautiful.

I decided to start the talk even though we had two missing.

?We had a rough night. Well, Jaxson?s Inc. did anyways. We had two major instances that made the news. First, there was a shooting in our Reno Nevada Pinetree hotel. Three dead. Appears to be domestic related, but Roger is checking into it. The second issue has to do with the truck accident in a mountain tunnel in Colorado. We had a truck involved, first report from the authorities say that the Jax. Inc. truck was involved, but not the cause. Our driver died on scene. I spoke to the trucking district office. I also called the family of the driver to extend our prayers and condolences to the family on their loss. Jill is making calls to the respective HR departments to ensure that we do the right things as a company for the families. Roger will most likely head up to Reno tomorrow morning to assist law enforcement at the Pinetree hotel. Donna has checked with all three call centers and only the Reno Pinetree has lost any reservations.? I said summarizing what had occurred.

Tina sat there not really knowing what to do. Dakota was still on the phone making calls. Jill was also still on the phone.

There was another knock on the door. It was Paula and Derrick. They joined the group asking what was going on. Donna said she would fill them in shortly.

The cook announced that lunch was ready. She had prepared an antipasto salad with homemade Ranch dressing and homemade Italian dressing. She also had made a pot of tomato soup with several grilled cheese sandwiches. Everyone got up and plied over to the kitchen to begin filling their plates with food.

Diane and John were the first to ask questions. They wanted to know if there was anything that they could do to help. At this point, I couldn?t think of anything.

I remember John telling me that his Mother was in commercial Real Estate. I asked him how business had been of late.

?It?s slow. She?s been frustrated lately, I can tell. The more she is around the house, the more frustrated she is. The whole idea of the hit and miss of total commission work is starting to annoy her. She?s would love to find something that she can do full time but would allow her the freedom to still date and have some sort of single life.? John told me.

?Um, how old is she, out of curiosity?? I asked.


?Really? Can you get her on the phone shortly for me?? I asked John.

?Sure, just tell me when to call her.?

?In about a half an hour.? I said.

?Yes sir.?

Roger?s phone rang. He got up and walked away from the group to take the call. He returned a few minutes later.

?It looks like I have to go to the Reno Pinetree. LEO?s need me to work with them on coordinating our information with what they need as the manager won?t cooperate with them.? Roger explained.

?When would you like to go. I think its only about a 90-minute flight.? I said.

?How about later today, if that?s ok with everyone. Otherwise, I can book a commercial flight.? Roger replied.

?Absolutely not! We?ll take you. By the way, what do you have for ID?? I ask thinking about how the LEO?s would know him as our Security Director.

?Well, I still have my Police badge from the force as they never collected it. Maybe you should put in a call to both the local police to let them know about me and maybe to the hotel manager to expect to see me today and to start cooperating with the Police.? Roger said to me.

I looked at Dakota, she was already dialing the Pinetree?s Reno location. She walked over to me handing me the phone.

?Hello, whom am I speaking to?? I ask.

?This is Jim Merks. I am the Manager of the Pinetree.?

?Mr. Merks, my name is David Greene. I am the Director of Operations for all the brands of Jaxson?s Inc. Do you have a couple of minutes to talk??

?Not too long sir. The Police keep asking me all these questions. I?ve been trained not to talk to anyone about anything regarding the Pinetree.? He explained.

?Jim?. Jim?. Let?s change that, starting right now. Please cooperate with the Police. Answer any and all questions that the ask. Do NOT exaggerate, only tell them what you know to be fact. Also, allow them to interview any employee that may have knowledge to help their investigation. Do you understand??

?Yes, sir I do.?

?Also, I?m sending our new Director of Security to assist you. His name is Roger Johnson. He should be there later today. Please allow him to coordinate between the Pinetree and the Police.? I explain.

?Yes, sir.?

I end the call.

I hand the phone back to Dakota.

I look around and everyone is eating, except Jill and me.


?Jill, aren?t you eating?? I ask

?No, not feeling that good right now.?

?Is there anything I can get you to help you feel better?? I ask, beginning to worry.

?Not really. Doctor said that I would have days like this. He called it morning sickness, but since our clock is upside down, I guess I get it a bit later than most other women.? She says.

I get up and go over to her and kiss her. She breaks the kiss and hurries off to the closest bathroom.

I ask Tina to go check on Jill in a few minutes. She said she would be happy to do so.

Dakota asks if she can fix me a plate of food. I tell her that would be nice of her.

She walks over to the kitchen counter and makes me a plate of food and a plate for herself. She brings my plate to me as I sit down on a couch. Dakota gets her plate and sits next to me. The two grilled cheese sandwiches are delightful. I ask if there is any milk. Dakota pours me a glass and brings it over. I thank her.

Tina heads off to the bathroom to check on Jill.

Dakota leans into my ear and whispers, ?I loved last night. I hope you know that I?m madly in love with you.?

I smile, not really knowing the right answer to that statement.

I suggest to everyone that since we?ve had a change of plans, how about we decide to head to the airport about 5 pm. Everyone agrees that would be enough time to at least see part of the strip. This would give everyone about 90 minutes to see the Strip.

I asked John to call his mother, but before he does, I must ask her name.

?Jennifer Mason?

?Then are you John Mason, I thought your last name was something different.? I say.

?It is. Mom went back to her maiden name. She was unhappy with the marriage and didn?t want my Father?s last name.? John explained.

?Please put in a call to her for me.?

Most of the group finished lunch and head out to see what they can in Vegas to be back by 5 pm.

?Hey Mom. I have my new boss here who would like to talk to you. Is now a good time to talk to him?? John asks his Mother.

?Ok, Mom. Hold on. I?m going to hand the phone over to him. His name is Mr. Greene.?

John hands me his cell phone.

?Hello, Ms. Mason?? I ask

?Yes, this is Jennifer. Are you Mr. Greene, the man I?ve heard so much about from John and his friends?? She inquires.

?Yes, Ma?am and it?s David. Mr. Greene is my Father.?

?Did John say that you?re his new boss?? Jennifer asks me.

?Yes, he did. Technically speaking I?m his boss? boss? boss. I?m the new Director of Operations for Jaxson?s Inc. I oversee all operations of all the brands for Jaxson?s Inc.? I explain.

?WOW! And you know my son, personally?? She asks.

?Well, it?s a cute story, I?d love to tell you some time. But, that?s not why I had John call you today.?

?Well Mr. Greene?. Um, I mean David?. Why did you call me then??

?For two reasons. One, I understand that you sell commercial Real Estate. Is that true??

?Yes, but I have been thinking of getting out of the business. I?m getting too old to keep working only on commission. I?m not sure what else I can do though as I?ve sold Real Estate virtually all of my adult life.?

?Well, that brings me to reason number two why I had John call you. Would you be willing to have dinner with my wife and I, and of course John and his new girlfriend tonight? My treat.? I ask gently.

?David, did you say, ?John?s new girlfriend??? Jennifer asks with a stunned tone to her voice.

?Well?. Um?. Yes, I guess I did.?

?David, I would love to have dinner with you and your wife.? She replies.

?That?s great. I?ll call you when we land back in LA. You can pick any restaurant.?

?David, may I talk to my son before you hand up??

I hand the phone back to John.

?Here you go John. She wants to talk to you.? I say as I hand the phone back to him.

I do notice that Diane has her legs stretched across John?s lap and that he was massaging her feet while I was chatting with his Mother.

I only hear his side of the conversation.

?Yes, Mom. Uh huh. Yes, Mom. Yes, you do know her. Mom, please this is embarrassing, everyone can hear me. Uh huh. Yes, Ma?am. Ok Mom, I love you too.?

John hangs up the phone. Looks down at the floor and just shakes his head. Diane moves her legs off his lap and snuggles into his chest trying to cheer him up.

?John, why didn?t you tell your Mom that it?s Diane?? I ask him since everyone else has left the room. At this point it?s only John, Diane, Dakota and I. Tina is still in the bathroom with Jill, I think.

Tina comes out to say that Jill is lying down and would like to nap for a bit. Dakota tells her that there?s no need to get up until about 4 since we will head to the airport about 5.

Dakota goes back to the phone calls arranging the jet to be ready at 5. She tells them that we will be going to Reno to drop off Roger first then heading back to LA.

She calls Black Car Limo and arranges three limos for us when we get back home.

?Well John?? I ask again.

?She thinks that I?m too much a partier and playboy. She never believes me that I?m different when I?m in a relationship. She only sees the single version of me.? He explains.

?Well, who knows. If you and Diane stay together for at least a bit, maybe she will see this other side of you. I think a good first step is you coming to work for us in the call center.?

?Yes, sir. I won?t let you down.? John says in his most sincere voice.

?Hey, why don?t you and Diane go see something on the strip before we leave. Oh, and don?t forget what I told you before. Buy your Mother a nice present!?

?Yes, sir. C?mon honey, I?m ready if you?re ready.? John says nicely to Diane.

They get off the loveseat and head to the door.

?I?ll see you guys about 5, Ok?? I ask, reassuring that they keep an eye on the time.

Diane comes trotting back over and kisses me on the cheek and runs back over to John and out the door they go.

Both Dakota and Tina come and sit next to me on the couch. One on each side of me. I sense what they want before they even utter a single word.

?Let me guess. You both are horny?? I ask rhetorically.

They both nod yes in unison.

?Well, how about this. Tina how about you lay on your back, Dakota you start eating her out, and I?ll fuck you from behind. Any problems with that??

No one answers, they both just begin to shed clothes.

Dakota is first one naked. She begins taking my clothes off. Tina tackles my shoes and socks. They both work on getting me out of my shorts and boxers.

Tina gets up and walks over to this large bear-skin rug in the game room by the pool table. She lays down on her back. Dakota kisses me on the cheek and puts her face into Tina?s pussy. My cock, now pointing towards the ceiling is ready for Dakota. I go over to Tina first, laying my cock at her lips to moisten it prepping it for Dakota.

Thinking my cock is sufficiently wet, I move behind Dakota and put the entire length of my cock into her moist pussy in one gentle thrust.

I pull her hair pulling her up, to be able to whisper in her ear. ?Dakota, my dear, I do love you. I want you to eat Tina?s pussy until she begs you to stop. I?ll keep fucking you until you beg me to stop. How does that sound to you??

?Wonderful Darling.?

Dakota puts her face back into Tina?s sex. She is working Tina with gusto. I put my cock back into her pushing my manhood all the way again on the first thrust. I begin long slow strokes. When my cock is deep inside her, I begin tweaking her nipples. I thrust in and out of her delicious pussy.

I lean into her and begin kissing her neck while I?m rhythmically fucking her. I feel her velvety love hole grasping my penis and trying to milk it for every drop of baby juice that it can get.

In and out. Slow and gentle. I keep kissing her neck. My hands still gently tweaking her nipples as I keep thrusting my manhood into her wanton love hole.

Tina is approaching her first big orgasm. I see that familiar glaze to her eyes and hear the change in her breathing.

She grasps the back of Dakota?s head pulling it deeper into her sex. Dakota is now licking and sucking furiously, paying lots of attention to Tina?s clit.


I?m beginning to fuck Dakota with a quicker pace, but not harder.

Tina hits another big orgasm, ?OH DAKOTA, DON?T STOP, PLEASE, PLEASE DON?T STOP? Tina begs again.

I start to hear my lithe lover begin to head toward her own orgasm.

?FFFUUUCCCKKK DDDAAAVVVIIIDDD. I LOOOOOOOVE YOUUUUU!? Dakota announces as she hits the peak of her orgasm.

Tina hits yet another one, ?Dakota I love what you?re doing?please don?t stop, please I?m begging you?. DON?T STOP!?

Dakota begins making sucking sounds on Tina?s vaginal entrance. She is slurping up all the juice that Tina is producing.

I?m really enjoying watching two of my three women playing together. I pick up my pace with Dakota. Now, I begin to thrust with more force. Every time I thrust my cock into Dakota, her face goes deeper and harder into Tina.

Dakota begins to show signs of cumming again. Her breathing changes. I pick up my thrusting adding more force. I begin to really pound her womanhood.

At this point, I?ve moved into ?Sasha-mode? hammering her pussy with my rock hard cock. I hear her gulping for air between my pounding of her box and her being face first into Tina.

Then it happened.

Her body slumps onto Tina?s body. She isn?t responding to her name, she doesn?t seem to be breathing. She is totally lifeless.

Tina looks up and grabs Dakota by the hair and lifts her head.


The sound from Tina?s hand across Dakota?s face resonates in the room.

?Hey, what the hell?? Dakota responds.

?Welcome to the club slut.? Tina says smiling

?Huh? What are you talking about??

?You?ve just entered ?The Fucked Unconscious Club? David just made you his newest member.? Tina said with a source of pride.

?I?m WHAT??

I whisper in Dakota?s ear, ?Darling, I fucked you to the point of being unconscious. You were out cold for a couple of minutes.?

?Oh, my gawd. I can?t believe I passed out.? Dakota said feeling embarrassed.

Tina corrected her, ?No dear, you didn?t pass out, you were fucked unconscious. It?s David?s personal club.?


?Really dear? I tell her.

About this time, Jill comes out of the bedroom and sees us all naked and coupled together.

?Hey, why wasn?t I invited?? Jill asked with a big smile on her face.

?Well, come on over. We have a new club member!? I say with a source of pride in my voice.

?Darling, Tina is not a new member.?

?No Dear, not Tina?. Dakota? I say to Jill.

?DAKOTA?????? REALLY?? Jill says completely surprised.

Dakota is embarrassed. She is holding her head down. I move over to her and put my arm around her, kiss her on the cheek and whisper in her ear, ?Honey, don?t be embarrassed. We all love you. I love you. Jill loves you. Hell, even Tina loves you. It?s just a fun, comical club. It doesn?t mean anything outside of us, ok??

Dakota turns her face to me and kisses me passionately.

?David, I want your baby. Please keep making love to me.? Dakota says to me in front of Tina.

I see Tina?s face look puzzled. Jill sees it too. Jill looks at me. We lock eyes, both knowing that no one told Tina. We aren?t sure what is going to happen here.

Without saying anything, Tina gets up and heads to a bathroom.

Jill leans into my ear and says, ?I think there?s a storm brewing in Tina. We need to get with her, both of us, the sooner the better.?

Dakota gets up and heads to a different bathroom.

I head to the bathroom in the master bedroom to take a quick shower. Jill collects my clothes and puts them on the bed, so I have something to put on when I?m done with the shower.

Jill hears Tina sobbing in the living room. She heads out to her.

As Jill sits down with Tina, the first of the group return. Jill tells them to head to their rooms and start packing up as we will be leaving soon. They head out to their rooms.

Jill sits holding Tina. Tina lays her head on Jill?s shoulder still crying.

?What did I do?? Tina asks Jill.

?Why doesn?t he love me? Why does Dakota get to have his baby? It?s not fair.? Tina protests.

?Tina, do you want to have a baby with David?? Jill asks.

?Yes, oh gawd yes.?

?Tina, I?m sure David would be willing to do that for you.? Jill says.

?But?. what about you? What about Dakota? Won?t this make things awkward?? Tina asks.

?Tina, you know that I?m pregnant right??

?Yes, David already got you pregnant. You?re so lucky. Why can?t I be that lucky??

?Tina, my dear, listen to me. David is NOT the father of my baby. I was pregnant before he ever met me. I just didn?t know I was pregnant. David and I found out together when I had the car accident. The Emergency room told us together. We just never said anything to anyone that he is not the father.?

?What are you telling me Jill? Are you saying David married you even though you have someone else?s baby inside of you? Did he know? Oh, wait, you just told me he learned the same time you found out. I don?t really know what to say or do.?

?Tina, if you are able to have a baby, then I would love for you to have David?s baby. Dakota already asked if she could have a baby with David and I told her that I?m OK with it. I?m sure David would see it as an honor to give you a baby. That?s why he?s been paying so much attention to Dakota lately. He?s trying to help her get pregnant.? Jill explains to Tina.

?Jill, I love you. May I go ask David if he?ll get me pregnant too??

?Sure. I?ll go with you.?

Tina and Jill got up and headed into the master bedroom. Dakota came out of the bathroom and just followed Jill and Tina.

?David?. David?. Tina has something important to ask you.? Jill says.

?Hey guys. What?s up?? I ask all three women.

Tina spoke up, ?David, I asked Jill and she said she was OK with it. Now, I?m here to ask you something important to me. I know that Dakota already asked you and Jill if you would make a baby with her. I?m here to ask the same thing. David Greene, will you please make a baby with me??

I sat there stunned. But I could see the love that these three women have for me.

?Tina, can your body even hold a baby?? I asked.

?I don?t know. However, before I try, I need to know if you still love me enough to have a baby with me as well as Dakota?? Tina asked with her heart in her eyes.

?I would love to have a baby with you. I am already trying to help our dear Dakota get pregnant. I guess I?ll have to limber up since I will now be trying to help both of you to get pregnant.?

Dakota spoke up, ?David. I love you. I know you love me. I would love for you to also get Tina pregnant. I?m sure, completely sure, that she is still in love with you. I don?t believe that ever stopped.?

Dakota went over to Tina and hugged her tightly and kissed her on the lips.

Jill just stood there smiling from ear to ear.

I might just be the luckiest man on the planet.

I love three women. They all love me. I guess being their chauffeur does have its privileges.

Please leave a comment about the story (good or bad) so I can continue to develop my craft.
08-21-2023, at 05:36 AM

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