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Doctor Catherine Pt. 04 - Barbara

Post #1

This story, and all my stories, contain real and fictional characters from long ago memories and from recent events in my life.

My stories are memoirs spiced with a kinky imagination. I am submissive by nature in most relationships, sometimes extremely submissive in sex. If you like kinky mature bi women I hope you will like my stories and please comment, tell me what you liked and didn't like, to help me improve.


From Doctor Catherine Part 3 - Lynda

She had been my Gynecologist for five years. I found her when I first moved to Florida from North Carolina. I trusted her completely and so did my wife Beth. Catherine Saul was not only our doctor but very much a trusted advisor and confidant. We had no secrets from her and to the best of my knowledge she never betrayed our trust.

For the first time I actually looked at the list. Three pages, almost 40 names. It's longer than I expected but I had questions. I called Anne and asked her what it all meant. I think she was disappointed that I was not a calling to get together with her but that would come later, I had plans for my sweet Annie.

She explained... First is obviously the woman's name, first name only. Next is her phone number. Reading to the right, next is a code for the city she lives in. WH is Winter Haven, VB is Venice Beach, DB is Daytona Beach etc. Next is race, a simple W, B or A. Next is her age. Next is her weight. (She laughed and said that was fat shaming.) Next was an important piece of information, a status code. L or B is simple, a lesbian or bi-sexual. Next character S or P, single or partnered (possibly married). Next character O or C, open (partner if there is one knows), closed (partner if there is one does NOT know).

I thanked Anne, again thinking (hoping?) she was disappointed and went back to the list.

Lynda - xxx-xxx-xxxx, VB, (Venice Beach) W, 57, 100, BPO (bi, partnered, open)

Lynda is a bit less of an unknown than others on the list. Anne has been with her and told me enough about her so I knew we had at least some interests in common.

I invite her to meet me at a local shop for coffee or tea and a chance to chat. No big deal, just a chance to meet, talk and see if we would like to go further. An interesting telephone conversation follows and it's obvious that she has some constraints on her time that I don't. She has to check some "family schedules" before she can commit. We agree that we will confirm tomorrow.

Lynda calls me that very evening and confirms Thursday at lunch.

I thought for a moment about the word relationship. With many people in my life I had sex with and perhaps made love to but a real relationship? I had such a treasure only with Beth, I loved her with all my being, and perhaps with one man, Greg, years ago. I believe I loved them both more than myself, more than life itself. I want that again. Lynda was not likely to be that person but I asked if she would like to meet again and maybe later once we know each other with her husband. She said, "Yes Robin, I would like that, very much."

We left it that she would call me when she could check for free time in her schedule. This was already getting too complicated for me. "Free time in her schedule" was, I think, code for let me check with hubby. Not a good sign.

Tick tock...

Three days pass with not a word from Lynda. I assumed it was going nowhere and honestly I was "OK" with that.

... Dear reader, want to know more? Read Doctor Catherine Part 3 - Lynda.

Doctor Catherine Part 4 - Barbara

With the weekend coming I went to buy beer, shrimp, a nice rib eye steak and red potatoes. The plan was to settle in for a few days with my favorite author and a few good meals. The market was jammed with shoppers. I had only a few items but the "10 items or less" line was longer than the regular checkout so I fell in line behind an attractive woman who appeared to be about my age perhaps younger. Alright, she was younger!

As she was unloading her items onto the belt she looked up, caught my eye, smiled a beautiful friendly smile and said hello. I returned the simple greeting and started helping her load her items onto the conveyor. She was wearing an open collar white shirt with the top few buttons open and I could see with every dip into the basket that she was braless. I thought she might even be deliberately exposing herself. I felt that she knew I was looking.

She had short sun bleached blond hair and had obviously spent many hours in the sun. She was deeply tanned and her otherwise beautiful face had the look of many seasons with too much sun. Every time I saw her lean over into the basket I caught the less tanned white of her breasts. She had the kind of beautiful large breasts that swayed as she moved and as she stood in profile the light from the windows silhouetted them thru her shirt fabric.

In front of us in line is a young black mom with one youngster on her hip and another still younger in görükle escort bayan the cart. She is trying to pay for her purchases with some form of debit card but she has miscalculated and is $15.00 short. She is seemingly humiliated and tears are running down her cheeks as she tries to decide what she will not buy, what the children don't need.

I reach into my purse, take out a $20 bill, hand it to "tanned lady" and motion for her to give it to the cashier. The young lady turns and thanks "tanned lady." She tries to explain that it was not her but I touch her arm and shake my head no. It's over and the young woman kisses the baby in her arms, says thank you, thank you to no one in particular and leaves.

As "tanned lady" and I finish paying and are leaving she holds back and tells me how nice a gesture that was. We chat as I pay for my purchases and walk out following behind her. She is in front of me and I notice her legs. Oh yes, her legs, tan long muscular and perfect! She is taller than I am. I can see just the edge of Nantucket red shorts below the hem of her white shirt. She is wearing boat shoes, "topsiders" I think they are called. She is also wearing an ankle bracelet like mine but I can't see it very well. Could she be a Doctor Cat woman?

As we exit the building she turns extends her hand and says, "Hello, my name is Barbara" and she hands me a white business card. It has the outline of a sailboat and a name and city on two lines, "BARBARA GRACE - VENICE FLORIDA" in navy blue letters.

I look up at her and say "Hello Barbara, I'm Robin."

She looks at me and smiles again. I look back to the card and in the lower corners are two names, Joan Bachman and Barbara Sandeman. As I'm looking down at and beyond the card I see again her ankle bracelet. It is identical to mine and oh those legs, that tan. I ask her, "your boat is named after you?"

Barbara says, "Yes, but it's not that simple. Have a drink with me and I'll explain."

I answer, "I would love to have a drink with you Barbara, anytime."

She suggests the bar at the Gulf Harbor Marina. We agree to meet that very evening at 6:00. She mentions the very casual dress in the boating community there and asks me, "Please call me Barb."

Later that afternoon I'm home checking the list. There is a Barbara in Venice Florida listed. 49, Lesbian, in an open relationship. She is younger. I did not know it but at that very moment Barb is checking her copy of the list as well.

I put my purchases away, and shower and shave. Who knows, I might just get lucky. I feel like a teen going to the drive in on a first date. The unknown is exciting. Just as an aside, I had a high school reputation of being a "get lucky" first date at the drive in.

I'm almost ready to leave when the phone rings. It's Barb with a suggestion, instead of meeting at the marina bar she asks if I would like to come directly to her boat and cook dinner together. I of course love the idea and ask what I can bring.

She tells me to bring three things. The rib eye steak she saw me buy that very morning, a few of the red potatoes and a bottle of whatever I'd like to drink if it's not wine. She mentions that she has another steak and veggies, garlic, salad fixings, and lots of wine.

She reminds me that the dock and slip number are on the card she gave me. Barb tells me to park in space number 234 next to an old white VW convertible (her car). As she is hanging up she tells me she is looking forward to the evening and if I feel that we might drink too much I should bring a change of clothes and a tooth brush.

I'm delighted with the change of plans and pack a few things including more wine and a toothbrush.

Later, on the dock and approaching her slip I can't help but notice that she lives aboard a beautiful navy blue, perhaps 35 - 40 foot sailboat. Varnished wood is everywhere. I arrive on time and Barb is in the cockpit with a glass of white wine. She is dressed in navy blue shorts and a white polo shirt worn outside her shorts. The shirt has the name of the boat 'Barbara Grace' and directly under the name 'Captain' embroidered in navy blue letters. She is barefoot. She welcomes me aboard with a warm "old friend" kind of hug and the feeling of her firm breasts against mine is wonderful. As I hug her I feel no bra strap, again she is braless. I take my shoes off and we go below.

Barb gives me a tour of her boat/home. Varnished (oiled?) wood is everywhere. Life jackets are over there, the head (bathroom) is here, it works as follows. I imagine all the usual first time aboard kinds of things. I notice that as she passes the forward cabin she says "this is where 'we' sleep." Is 'we' her and Joan, the other woman named on the business card, or is she hinting at my luck? I know this is the forward cabin because she calls it the forward cabin when she points it out. I'm getting just so damn nautical, I know what a "head" is and where the captain bursa otele gelen escort sleeps!

We unpack what I brought and put both steaks in a dish and cover them with fresh squeezed lemon juice and crushed garlic to marinade and return to room temperature before cooking. I take it as a good sign that we have that marinate method in common. It was amazingly, like we had cooked together many times before. The meal comes together quickly and the wine and talk flows.

As we talk, she mentions that she recognized my bracelet at the supermarket and when she got home that afternoon she checked Doctor Cat's list and saw my name. I smiled and said, "Yes, I did that as well and and found you."

Barb surprises me when she says that when she saw my name on the list she was actually a little disappointed. She said that as she thought back on our chance meeting at the supermarket she took her bracelet off. She suggests that if I didn't mind, just for tonight, I might do the same, put it and the whole idea aside. "and just be new friends."

I said nothing but after a moment or two I put my foot up on a nearby stool. She leaned over, took my bracelet off and handed it to me. I too am wearing shorts, my favorite Daisy Duke jeans shorts, and her hand was warm on my calf moving up to just behind my knee and under my thigh when she said, "Just this one night I would like us to be simply two women who met in a supermarket and had dinner together as newly discovered friends." I stood and she kissed me lightly.

Ok, I'm in lust!

I smiled, told her that the whole idea was wonderful, and as her bottle was now empty she opened the wine I had brought and poured two glasses. She handed me a glass with a short toast, "To new friends!"

We went back to the cockpit sat near each other and talked. As we talked Barb put her bare foot up on the seat opposite us. I did the same and she moved her foot to touch mine and as they came together she also pushed her leg against mine and put her hand on the top of my thigh. Crazy thing our legs touched and I felt something, a connection, a warmth. Our legs!

I'm not only in lust, I'm in trouble, big trouble, with this woman. She is "just right" in every way, aggressive and kissing and touching as she wanted. I like that.

As we talked I learned where she was from and some of her history. Barb told me that 'Barbara Grace' was her dad's boat. After sailing with him for years she inherited it from him along with "some money." She explained that the boat was named after her and her sister.

I also learned that the other name on her calling card, Joan Bachman was a college friend and her lover who lived aboard with Barb for a year. Barb was and had always been, as long as she could remember, a lesbian and not at all interested in men except maybe as friends. Joan, it turned out, was less bisexual than she had claimed and eventually a 'penis' came along and she was gone. I asked Barb how she came to be on Doctor Cats list and she just said, "Long story, I will tell you but not tonight. OK?"

We went below and as the meal came together we confirmed that we both loved garlic she laughed when I mentioned we both had to eat it or it would spoil kissing. Barb got a little serious when she said she'd like to try it both ways. She pushed me against the counter and with her hands on my face she kissed me. A firm but gentle kiss, a kiss only a woman can give another woman. Her tongue slid ever so gently between my lips. As her hands came down from my face she deliberately brushed the front on my breasts on her way to my waist and hips.

Oh fuck, I was in trouble and knew I was in trouble. I so wanted to rip her clothing off and make love to her right then. I took a deep breath. She looked at me and said, "Rob, (I had become Rob) your kisses are delicious, I will take more later, ok?"

I just replied, "I'd like that" but my brain was spinning...had she really just said she will 'take' more later, am I ok being called 'Rob'?

Barbara cooked the steaks on a charcoal grille she set up over the water in the rear of the cockpit. A table magically appeared in the cockpit with a table cloth and real cloth napkins. More wine and a great meal with a lot of talk followed. I really liked this woman Barbara Sandeman. Sure I was looking forward to some serious sex but beyond that I wanted to be with her as a friend. As we sat opposite each other her legs occasionally touched, no, caressed mine under the table. After we cleared the dishes and cleaned up the galley we went back out to the cockpit now under the stars.

Barb mentioned that too much wine gave her a headache so the wine for her was put away and "one more" something more substantial came out. She produced a bottle of Jack Daniels Single Barrel and offered me my choice of wine or Jack.

I should have stayed with wine but not to be outdone I joined her in drinking Jack Daniels over ice bursa escort bayan and it very soon became clear that I could not match Barb's ability to drink. As I became more and more drunk I knew I was ruining any chance of romance leading to sex and started to talk too much and tell her how sorry I was that I was getting drunk and ruining the evening. She stopped me and assured me there was plenty of time.

At some point I vaguely remember her saying it was time for bed. I remember going below with her. I think I remember her helping me out of my clothes. I'm almost sure her hands explored every inch of my naked body but that could be wishful thinking by a very drunk woman. In the morning I awoke naked in the forward cabin with her standing naked in the galley making coffee.

Barb is a beautiful woman. Her breasts are larger than I thought, certainly rounder and larger than mine and very firm. They actually have the gall to turn upward so her nipples almost seemed to point upward as well. She had large almost tennis ball diameter very dark rose colored areola and very thick nipples. Her upper chest and shoulders were covered in freckles but they thinned and almost disappeared at the convergence of her breasts where her tan lightened but did not really end. I could see she wore a bikini, a small bikini. Her face, neck, arms and chest were tanned very dark and her breasts were less tanned. She also obviously wore a very small Bikini bottom because the only white part below her waist was a very white V that outlined her smooth almost hairless mound. Even her butt crack appeared to be tanned.

She came over and handed me my tooth brush and some tooth paste. "Rob, before you say a word you know where the head is, go brush your teeth, you stink." She smiled. When I came out of the head she pulled me close hugged me with her hand on my butt, kissed me gently, told me we could shower after breakfast and asked if I wanted coffee. I said, "Yes please, black no sugar." She poured two mugs both black no sugar. While I was in the head she had dressed in jeans shorts with a golf shirt. It also had the boat name on it. With the word "Captain" under the boat name.

With the memory of waking to her standing naked before me I suddenly felt old and inadequate. It reminded me that every morning as I look at my aging naked form in the mirror I think "That can't be right!" I know I am still a sexually attractive woman, but damn, a 49 year old fit body is not a fair comparison. She is more beautiful and sexy than I imagined. As I continued to look at her I saw that even in clothing her waist was small and flared out into wide hips, wider and rounder than I had noticed before.

To me there is no more sensual part of a woman's body than her hips and thighs. It is honestly magic for me to go down on a woman and pull her thighs in around my head as I breath in her musk and taste her. I also confess to being freckle obsessed.

I look at her and ask timidly "Did we...?"

She smiled and said "No we both had too much to drink to do anything but we both sure wanted to and tried. I did enjoy sleeping naked in your arms though." "Now we owe each other a real no alcohol evening. Will you stay for the weekend?"

I answered without hesitation, "I can't think of a better way to spend the weekend than with a new friend."

Barb suggested we take BG (Barbara Grace) out and anchor overnight in a little cove she knows along the Intracoastal Waterway where we can swim cook and relax. I told her that sounds great but I needed to go back to my house to get a few things first. I mention that I had bought two pounds of shrimp that we could cook while we were there and take with us back to the boat.

I dressed and one half hour later, after a light breakfast, without showering, we were on our way in my car. We were not three minutes from the Marina and out of nowhere Barb asked, "Rob, who is Beth?"

I was stunned and said, maybe sounding a little alarmed and defensive, "What?"

She puts her hand on my thigh and says, "Rob, you don't have to tell me but last night, in bed, you told me you loved me and called me Beth. I just wondered who this woman is."

"I just have to stop drinking! Barb, I don't mind telling you at all but I wish I had not said that, I'm sorry."

Barb said, "Oh, don't even think about it. I'm just very curious. She must be important to you."

I took a deep breath and just got it all out. "Beth was important to me. She was my wife. It's a long and not at all sad story. I'll tell you everything later if you still want to know. She died over two years ago and I loved her more than I ever thought I could love." Another deep breath.

We were pulling into my driveway. Barb simply said, "Thanks for telling me. I wondered if I had competition."

As I went in the house I stopped in the kitchen, "Barb, you seem to be more sure of yourself than most people I have known. Why did you just now use the word competition? We just met."

Barb looked at me intently and said, "Rob, we may have just met but I knew shortly after you handed me $20 to give that young woman that we would be friends, perhaps more, for a long time." "By the way, why did you want her to think the $20 was from me?"

She walked further into the house, "Oh, you have a pool."
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