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Christmas Wish

Post #1

It was Christmas Eve and her she was alone in her house. This time of year always made her think about her life choices. She was single by choice, she was just too shy to go out and find another man, and her ex husband had made her wary of trusting anyone again. She was no longer young, at 35, but she was still attractive. Her female friends told her that she had the ability to turn men's' heads, with her tall slim body, wide smile and beautiful long hair. She always thought that they were just trying to cheer her up, and were exaggerating, they weren't. She thought about her secret desires and fantasies and blushed as she thought of them, she would never be able to tell a man about those things that she dreamed of trying. Her only escape and pleasure was the internet. She had been online tonight and spread a little Christmas cheer, by chatting with a couple of men, online she was bright, witty and flirtatious. Now it was time for bed, and she took herself there to think about the sexual play she had indulged in online.

She lay herself down on the bed and carefully, gently ran her hands over her naked body?. Just feeling her smooth skin. Down over her breasts which although small were kağıthane escort still pert, over her nipples which were small pink areas of pleasure. They hardened under her playful pinching and gentle twisting, she closed her eyes and imagined that the man she had just been chatting to was there. He was pleasuring her, he was making her wet. She slid one hand down to her smooth, hairless pussy and slid right on down to feel the moisture between her legs. She sighed as her fingers found her pussy slick and ready, and gasped slightly as her finger entered her hole. She smiled to herself as she brought her finger back out and up to her lips. She could smell her own juices that sort of sexual smell, but musky and sweet.

She then drew the finger into her mouth, sucking on it tasting herself. He had asked her to do this, and had been surprised when she told him how much she enjoyed the taste of herself. She imagined him sucking on his fingers, the ones he had slid inside her. She imagined sucking on his hard cock, and her hips rose off the bed in a moment of pleasure as she imagined more. She quickly reached for her vibrator and switched it on, she pressed şişli escort the buzzing tip to her already aroused clit. Oh, the joy was intense, she gasped out loud and blushed slightly, even though there was no one to hear her. After moving the tip a little she slid the vibrator down and into her waiting pussy. She pushed just hard enough to get it in, for it to sit just inside her sending little thrills with every vibration. This was always the point when she wished for a man.

Suddenly there were hands on her, pushing her shoulders into the bed, gently but firmly. She wanted to open her eyes but couldn't. The weight shifted on the bed and then lips kissed her neck?. She moaned in delight as the kisses trailed down to her nipples. He sucked on them hard and bit them gently, she moaned again. Her eyes felt like lead and she just couldn't manage to open them. She sighed and relaxed and enjoyed the sensations. Next her silent dream lover took the vibrator from her hand and lowered his head, kissing and licking her pussy. She could feel his tongue as it probed between her lips and finally as she started to tense with anticipation, it flicked over her clit. Her gasp of delight fındıkzade escort was loud as the mystery man licked and sucked on her most sensitive area. She could feel the heat building inside her, she could feel her juices flowing then just before the moment of no return, he pulled away, as she started to say no don't stop, his lips found hers and he kissed her, as he pressed his hard cock into her waiting pussy.

She tasted her own juices from his lips as his erect member slowly thrust into her wet tight pussy. She moaned against his lips and raised her hips instinctually to meet his thrust. Then they started the oldest dance of all, the rhythm of love, as he thrust in and out of her, slowly and gently at first but building the rhythm and the pace. She could hardly breath as his hard cock filled her and then teasing withdrew at an ever faster pace, each time harder and deeper. Then just as she could feel the tension building inside her, she felt something else the tip of her vibrator against her clit?. His breathing was ragged as he thrust ever deeper, faster and harder and the buzzing against her clit took her over the edge??she came just as she felt his release, his seed spill inside her, and that made the orgasm that much harder?.taking her to new heights of pleasure.

She awoke in the early hours of Christmas day, with her vibrator in her hand and a heavy contented feeling still lingering in her body. She smiled as she remembered her wonderful Christmas dream.
12-01-2023, at 11:34 AM

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