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My girlfriend found out my crossdressing secret

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My girlfriend found out my crossdressing secretIt was just like any other day at work, when I recieved a text from my girlfriend Nikki asking if she could borrow my laptop to get some work finished as hers wasnt working properly and she was in a rush to get it finished... I was really busy so agreed, gave her my login and thought nothing more of it..I arrived home to be greated by Nikki who thanked me for letting her use my laptop and told me I was a life saver, she'd ran me a bath as a thankyou and told me to go straight up so it didnt get cold.. I stripped out of my suit on the landing and jumped in. While I was relaxing away in the nice warm water Nikki called to me saying dont be too long as her boss was coming over for a meeting which is why she had to rush to get her work finished, and he also asked if he minxed if we all watched the game together afterwards, Nikki asked if I minded and I said I was cool with it. Some male company to watch thr the football woth would make a nice change...I got out of the bath and dried off, I went into the bedroom and opened my closet to get some clothes, to my horror all of my 'male' clothes had gone, as well as my underwear, replaced by my secret stash of panties, lingerie and outfits that I like to dress up in while im alone... I thought they were well hidden and that Nikki had no idea about my secret life.. There was also some of her clothing and lingerie in their too. I sat down on the bed in shock trying to figure out what was happening. Before I even had a chance to think up some kind of excuse or story I looked up to see Nikki stood in the doorway. She looked like a stripper, she was dressed in black stockings, a black pvc mini dress and heels that made her at least an extra 4 inches taller. She asked me if I racognised the outfit, indeed I did, it was one of mine that I thought was hidden away. She sat next to me on the bed and passed me the laptop and told me to open it. As I did I noticedsomething that made me want to run in embarrassment. It was my Fetlife profile. Nikki exlained she cme across it while on there earlier, how stupid of me, as I was so busy at work that forgot about all of my internet history and that all my sites I visit were still logged into. Nikki said she was shocked at 1st but after some time to get her head around it she actually got a little turned on by it, she always had a kinky side and our sex life was great, but this is a part of my I never wanted her to know about. I thought she'd run a mile. How wrong was I. All I wanted to do was talk and try and worm but way out of it but Nikki was having none of it and told me to dry off and get dressed and meet her downstairs as Tom, her Boss would be here soon. I told her I couldn't as she had hid all of my clothes, Nikki gigged and pointed to the wardrobe saying 'those are your clothes from now on Trish'.I protested saying i cant wear those clothes, especially with your boss coming round, with that Nikki slapped me across the face telling me that unless i want all of my friends to find out that i secretly crave to be a girly slut i must do exactly what she says while i am in her house. She makes me sit at the dresser and starts applying make-up to me, saying she wants to see just how much of a girl i can really look. Blusher, foundation, eye liner, mascara the lot. She completed the look by tying my shoulder length hair into pig tails... I was actually quite impressed and a little happy by my reflection in the mirror, Nikki really knew what she was doing.. She pulled the towel off me and saw i was already hard, again she slapped me across the face saying i was a girly slut. She then got on her knees and took my cock deep in her mouth and continuously sucked me until i couldnt hold back any longer and shot my cum in her mouth, instead of swollowing she stoop up and kissed me, making me taste my own cum... Get used to it she said, that wont be the only cum u will be swallowing tonight. I didnt know what to say to that, so many thoughts were going through my mind and i tried to argue and question what Nikki had said but she wasnt listening. She took the white cheerleader type dress out of the wardrobe and a pair of black stockings and black thong and told me to get dressed and a complete the outfit with a pair of very high heels.. I really didnt want to but i thought it would be better than Nikki telling all if my friends everything she already knew. I got dressed and followed her downstairs into the living room and we both sat on the sofa, we shared a bottle of red wine and even though i felt very uncomfortable in this situation the wine was indeed helping me relax. I actually forgot that Nikki's boss was due to come round until the doorbell rang, 'well go on then answer the door slut' Nikki instructed.. I really didnt want to but it was either the wine or the fact i had nothing left to lose that i casually walked to the door and opened it letting Tom in. As i walked back into the room i felt Tom's hand pinch my ass and saw that Nikki was laughing.. She'd had this planned all along, borrowing my laptop was a huge lie to finally catch me out, Nikki told me she was always suspicious and thought id been wearing her lingerie as it was never put back exactly how she left it. Now here i was, drunk, dressed like a girly slut and being felt up by her Boss from work.. How the hell did i end up in this mess.
04-07-2021, at 12:04 PM

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