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Finding her way.

Post #1

Almost all of my previous stories have been written for men, trying to capture the things that they tell me they like. This story is obviously written for other women, and as such is much more true to life, without the "over the top" crudeness and bizarre carryings on.
I do hope that you'll like it.
Just note that the story, more or less, contains no sexual activities, so if that's what you're looking for, then I'd say to try elsewhere..
The only other thing before I start telling my story: I'd appreciate any feedback, whether positive or negative, if you feel like taking the trouble. That's the only way that I might improve my writing.
Anyhow, to the story:

Always a popular girl, in her early years at school, Yvonne had lots of friends, and life was good. But then, that's how it generally is in the younger years of life, the girls mainly stick together and have their little groups, often tending to shun the boys, whom they regard as too rough and too rowdy.
Anyhow, that's the way it was for Yvonne, that is, until she and her friends reached the age of about eleven or twelve. At that time, the interest of many of her friends became all consumed with what the boys were now doing. Likewise, some of the older boys began to take the same degree of interest in Yvonne and her group of friends.

Yvonne though, found that she didn't share this same great interest in the boys; to her, they were still just as rough and as coarse as she'd always found them.
Because of this divergence in their interests, Yvonne found that her popularity gradually waned, and when sexual secrets where whispered between the girls, Yvonne was frequently left out of the other's confidences.
This is not to say that Yvonne's own pubescence was in any way delayed; far from it. She spent hours in bed, of a night, masturbating and enjoying the wonderful feelings that she was able to produce in her body.

Even so though, there was a basic difference in masturbation procedures between herself and the other girls. While the others all had fantastic fantasies about boys or men, and imagined the sensations produced by masturbation to be that of being fucked by huge cocks, with Yvonne, the sensations were just pure physical delight, and no thought of men ever entered her head.

One thing that needs to be noted, was that Yvonne initially received at least as much attention from the boys, as did her friends, but while her friends all encouraged this attention, Yvonne did not, refusing all offers of meetings or nights out. Very rapidly, the boys lost interest in trying, and Yvonne was labelled as cold and stuck up. This label didn't upset her at all, in fact she welcomed the abatement in, what had initially been, their constant attention.

Anyhow, time passed. The other girls all had boyfriends. They graduated from school, and largely went their separate ways into adult life.

A benefit to Yvonne, of having had less social life as she had less to do with her friends, was that her academic results achieved a high standard, and, on leaving school, she found that she was able to obtain an excellent job in the city.
Working life was a whole new world to Yvonne. She found that she enjoyed her new occupation and lifestyle, and enjoyed the hustle and bustle of the office.
The only downside to her new world, was that once again she began to attract the attention of men. On starting work, many of the single men that she worked with, and even one or two of the married men as well, took great interest in her, and she was many times asked to go out on a date.
Always being friendly, but nevertheless firmly declining these offers, the unwanted attention lessened, then, when one of the men asked if her refusals were because she had a permanent boyfriend, she, on the spur of the moment answered that "Yes, it was," and so she found the offers stopped, and she had a ready excuse for her actions.

The office staff, whom she worked with, were mostly male, and of the couple of dozen other women, she found little in common, a large number of them being married and having different interests than herself, and most of those younger ones all seemed to have the same overwhelming interest in the men of the office.
Lunchtime in the dining room, seemed to segregated into tables of the married women chatting about houses, children, what they were cooking for dinner, etc; other tables consisting of the younger, flirty girls and men; and of course tables full of men loudly talking of sports events, interspersed with snide and sleazy remarks about women.
At first, Yvonne was at a loss just where to fit into this selection. Briefly she sat with the younger, mixed groups, then scared away from there she tried the married ladies tables, but in both instances she found that she had no interest in their conversations, and had nothing to add to the talk.
After a week or two of not enjoying these lunchtime situations, she noticed that one other woman, Sophie, who was perhaps in her early thirties, always took a chair over near the windows, and sat alone reading a book. So, making sure that she had a good book to read, Yvonne followed Sophie's lead, and taking a chair, she went and also sat aside near the windows and away from the general hubbub, and read her book. Sophie glanced at her, gave her a nice smile, then went back to her book and said nothing.

After a time, it seemed that Yvonne and Sophie both felt that they had some sort of common bond. Yvonne noted that in the general running of the office, Sophie was always polite and efficient in dealing with the others. She seemed friendly enough to her work colleagues, but had an intangible coolness in her manner that seemed to communicate that she wouldn't tolerate anything amiss. On the odd occasions though, that she had to talk to Yvonne, she would always come with a smile, something that Yvonne noted that no one else was privileged to receive.

Some months passed and Yvonne found that she had settled nicely into her work. Everyone seemed friendly and they all got on well together, her boss even complimented her once or twice on some aspect of her work, and she felt that she had fitted in well.
It was about this time that it was announced that the staff dining room was to be renovated and redecorated. Special arrangements had been made for alternate amenities, which although a bit cramped, were adequate enough for the week or two that was foreseen to be required.
Half way through the morning of this first day of renovation, Sophie came to Yvonne, giving her usual lovely smile. "It's going to be so cramped at lunchtime," she said, "would you like to walk around the shops instead? Perhaps we could just go to a coffee shop and have a muffin and coffee, or something."
"Oh yes, that would be nice," Yvonne replied with a beaming smile.

Lunchtime came and Sophie and Yvonne took the lift down, and were soon out on the busy street.
Walking along, Sophie began chatting about the office and various things, completely shedding the usual reserve of her office manner.
Sophie led the way, and soon they were sitting at one of the outdoor tables of a coffee shop in one of the busy pedestrian walkways of the city.
They talked, and Sophie asked all sorts of questions of Yvonne, then suddenly asked, "and what of this boyfriend of yours?"
Yvonne didn't quite understand the question for just a moment, she'd forgotten about the supposed boyfriend, then realising, she laughed. "No, I just said that, I haven't really."
"Plenty of casuals, I suppose?" Sophie persisted.
"No," Yvonne laughed, "neither permanents nor casuals."
Sophie beamed across the table, "Ah, so it was just to keep the men away, was it!" she said, understanding, then continued, "yes, they can be such pests sometimes, with their unwanted attentions." She then went on to tell how, at her previous job, she had bought a cheap ring, and had worn it like a wedding band so as to deter unwanted attentions from several of the men.

That afternoon, back at the office, Yvonne felt happy and relaxed. It had been such a pleasant lunchtime spent with Sophie.

All of that week, the pair went out at lunchtime, usually just going to the coffee shop, but a couple of times wandering along the streets and looking into some of the small boutique clothing stores. It was all so very pleasant for the both of them.

On the Friday, when sitting chatting over lunch, Sophie asked what Yvonne had planned for the weekend. "Oh nothing much really," Yvonne answered.
"Would you like to go to a movie after work?" Sophie asked.
Yes, that would be nice. And so it was arranged. "There's a French movie on at the Bijou," Sophie suggested.

"Gosh, look at the time. We'll need to hurry to get back to the office." Sophie slung her bag over her shoulder. "Come on," and taking Yvonne's hand, as she too quickly stood up, Sophie led her through the maze of people and tables, and then they hurried along the street together, laughing at some joke.
Yvonne had found it strange having Sophie take her hand to lead her from the coffee shop. It was as if she were a child, or perhaps like a man might take a girl's hand. She had enjoyed the moment of intimate physical contact though. But it had been very brief, and now they were hurrying along to get back to work.

The movie was so amusing, and Sophie and Yvonne slowly made their way from the cinema along with the general crowd. Out in the foyer they laughed together as they recounted certain scenes.
"What now?" Sophie smiled, as the crowd dispersed and they too made their way out into the street. "It's so nice being with you that I don't want to go home yet," and she took Yvonne's hand and gave it a light squeeze.
Yvonne felt a flush of pleasure at Sophie's words and touch.
Sophie opened her mouth to speak, uttering just a couple of syllables, but then seemed to hesitate.
"What?" Yvonne laughed, looking quizzically at her friend.
Still Sophie hesitated, but then said, "I was going to suggest going to a bar that I know of, but perhaps you mightn't feel comfortable there."

Yvonne had little experience of bars and nightlife, she imagined them being rough and unsavoury, and she told that to Sophie.
Sophie laughed, and explained that the place that she had in mind was for ladies only, and was very nice.
"Oh, all right then," Yvonne said innocently.
Still Sophie hesitated, aware of her young friends failure to understand. But then she seemed to make up her mind and they went off gaily, laughing as they went.

"Here we are," Sophie said as she took Yvonne's hand and led her through the small doorway under the pink neon sign, "La Femme."
Stepping through the small lobby area, they then entered the softly lit main part of the establishment. Yvonne was immediately struck by the seemingly high class of the place. Everything was lovely from the furnishings to the unobtrusive background music. The lighting was quite subdued, and it took a moment for their eyes to adjust. There were a couple of bars, with girls and women sitting on high stools as they chatted and laughed together. The area between the two bars was taken up with small tables, at which mainly pairs of women sat together.
Sophie still held Yvonne's hand, and she led the way to an unoccupied table, where, rather than sit opposite, she pulled her chair close beside Yvonne's.

Looking around and admiring everything, Yvonne saw that it was indeed for females only, even the staff being women. Suddenly it dawned on her - it was a lesbian bar!
Yvonne felt her face flush as the blood rushed to her head. She looked at Sophie who was smiling pleasantly at her, but then seeing Yvonne's look, her expression turned to one of dismay as she thought that she had misinterpreted her young friend.

Yvonne's mind was in a whirl, but she instantly recognised that she was so happy when she was with Sophie. She realised how she thrilled when Sophie took her hand.
"Perhaps we'd better go," Sophie was saying, "it was a mistake my bringing you here."
Yvonne's eyes went past Sophie, to the two girls at the next table, as they leaned close and kissed passionately. "What a beautiful thing to love like that," Yvonne thought.

Sophie was standing up now, and gathering her things.
"No, it's all right, really Sophie," Yvonne almost pleaded, with tears coming to her eyes as she thought that she may lose her friendship.
"I'm so stupid," she continued with a sob in her voice, and now, as Sophie sat back down, Yvonne threw her arms about her and buried her head on shoulder.

"Shush darling, it was all my fault," Sophie said softly and lovingly.
They looked at each other as Yvonne dabbed the corner of a handkerchief to her eyes. They leaned forward, Yvonne closed her eyes as their lips met, softly at first, then with parted lips their tongues caressed, their hands holding each other close and tight.
"I love you so very much," Yvonne whispered softly as they interrupted their kissing in order to regain their breath after a time.
"Oh my darling girl, and I too, you," Sophie responded.

They ordered drinks, and sat close together, gazing lovingly at one another.

Later, at Sophie's apartment, they couldn't keep their hands from one another, and could not keep their lips apart.

Together, under the shower, they soaped each other's bodies, their hands sliding over one another's nakedness. The lightly scented soap slithering under their loving caresses as the warm water was all that clothed them.

On the bed, they pressed their naked bodies close together, before then holding each other at arms length that they might gaze at the other's loveliness.
Softly whispered words of adoration fell from their lips. Oh what love they each felt for the other.
It was a night of such passion and love.
05-17-2021, at 06:40 PM

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