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Hitch Hiker

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Hitch HikerI was travelling with Mick and he wanted to pull over after a few hours of driving, he needed to pee with him having weak bladder! We went to motorway service station and it was just becoming dark as we pulled up. I said,'OK meet you in Cafe, then we have coffee.'Mick walked off to Gents toilet. I know he would be a long time as he will only pee in a cubicle as he is embarrassed in case someone will see his tiny dick!!! The cafe was over a bridge of the motorway, so I set off to climb steps to walk over there. I was in my black leather mini skirt, stockings(black) and knee boots with heels. I had a pink shirt on and a small black jacket. I noticed when I was going up the steps you could see my stocking tops and suspenders! It was useless trying to pull down the skirt as it flew up my legs and ass!!!O well I thought there is no one about so it is all OK. A couple of old guys passed me and I noticed they were looking at my legs-I think???2 more stopped and turned and then were making some obscene noises!!! What could they mean?As I got to the far side I went down and was outside again and in a big car park at the other side of the park was the cafe. I decided to go across the lorry park instead. One young fit trucker stopped me and said ,'Wow, you look so sexy doll. Are you looking for business this eve?' I said,'Why was this a place for working girls then?' 'Yeah it is now hun!' he replied. Mmm I have to say I was tempted by this, he looked so young and fit and I needed some cock. I thought for a few seconds and said,'Well I am here with my hubby, but he will be over here soon, so I can blow you off if you like?I said.'Ok,Doll, so long as I can lick your cunt?', was his words. 'O lovely, yes please, my clit needs a good licking please', was my eager answer. With that he climbed up swung the passenger door open, came down and helped me up the 3 steep truck steps. His hands were all over my ass and legs helping himself before he paid me!!! With the business out of the way he got my onto his sleeper and so fast had my knickers off. He found my bald cunt and in went his fat hot tongue, then out it came and lapped at my raw clit, this made me jerk and then cum! I needed it bad!. I pushed down his pants and out plopped a fat white dick, the big purple helmet had exploded already out the baggy foreskin. I grabbed at it and my little hand squeezing the shaft made the big veins bulge and wave about under the white skin.A couple of tugs on his dick and up spurted his 1st pre-cum, by now he had his tongue back up my wet cunt.I got my thighs clamped around his head and held his face into my cunt. I could feel his sharp stubble rasping away at my labia, this made me cum extra deep inside, he was a rel man, not like Mick. I swallowed him and his big balls slammed into my chin, slapping with every deep stroke.His big rough hands were enjoying my stockings but making lots of ladders in them as his rough skin made tearing noises, he had the back of my thighs in the air and my heels were hitting the roof of his cab!!!I could feel and smell but not really taste a mans cum, he was not cuming yet as he was still fucking my throat, but he was firing small jets of thick cum, he seemed to do this as he got his tongue deep into me! The spunk was missing my mouth and going deep into me, then with all the air trapped in me from his pumping me up like a sex dolly I belched, with that a load of chewy cum loaded my mouth, now I could taste him. As he was out of my mouth for a minute he reached around to find my open mouth again with his fat cock and slapped my face with it, I squeezed his ball sack and he leaked cum into my mouth. I could feel his bell end was getting very sensitive so I sucked and tongue rolled it. With that he trembled and said,'Ohhhhhh here it cums Babe, open wide!' I heard a SLUCK, SLUCK, SLUCK. and a soft PRRRRRT sound as the hot baby making cream, missed my mouth but shot up and covered my face! I sucked him clean as enjoy my spunk and tried to finger the facial into my mouth too. We sat up and he kissed my spunky lips and face. I said'You got a towel,'Nah' he said and used his rough hands to wipe my face, which just covered my whole face with his pride!I got my knickers back on and he put me out of the truck into the cold night. I looked at my stockings and they were torn to bits. I looked very cheap stood there in the lorry park. looking like this I had lots more admirers, again but this time an older man said, 'Here's 60 love for a quicky?' I had to get over to the cafe though as Mick wold be back now.I took my stockings off and went into the cafe.Mick asked me what happened and where were you? I just said, 'It's OK love, a young guy wanted to buy them off you know me and it was fun!!! ''OK. love, would you like a nice cream cake with your coffee, you know your favourite one? Are you hungry?,he asked. 'No thanks love, I'm OK for cream' I joked with him. I could feel my skin on my face going tighter as the strong man cream was drying and setting like concrete. My clit was throbbing and had been rubbed red sore, I still though needed my G-spot climaxing with a BIG ROD!!!We drank up and Mick said we should get going now. As we went outside we were asked by a guy if we could offer him a lift? Mick told him we were on the wrong side and so no good for him. The guy was tall I would say mid-30's and spoke with a foreign accent. He was half black and white, very black mans facially, but clean looking. He spoke to me and got my eye instantly or should I say my interest? He seemed excited by me but disappointing that Mick had rejected him!Mick told me to 'come on'. I thought about my needs still wanting to be fulfilled and said, 'Look Mick we could take him I am sure, come on we are in no rush. You go over bring the car we wait for you,OK?' It was my order to Mick. Mick seemed pissed off with me but he slowly wandered off. I grabbed the guys hand and took him around the back of the cafe. There was a big fence on one side the cafe wall on the other and a back door to the cafe and lot of wheelie bins.I pushed my new lover into the bins so we were out of view. I went on to my tip toes of my boots and kissed him. He seemed stunned by my eagerness but yes he kissed me back and licked my spunk crusted face. His cock was instantly stiffened with this male hormone invading his senses. It was like another mans property was about to be his!!!No messing about now he got the idea. His hands fiddled about up my skirt and found the flimsy knickers. He grabbed at them and just ripped them off me. His Dick flicked up out of his buttoned fly, his balls staying inside the pants. The shaft was long and very shiny,no foreskin on him, but a meaty bell end and very long cock slit? As he was pressed to the wall by me, he reached around my as cheeks, bent a little to get my legs either side of his and found the target with his soft puffy bell end. Even though my labia was still on fire from the truckers stubble rash somehow the wet bell end seemed to comfort me? My cunt was already wet and swollen from the drivers attention so my love slid all the way in easily. I reached down and could still get my whole hand around his stiff shaft even though he had bottomed out in me?I stood up fully now and he lifted me with his up thrust, his hands working my big ass, then pop in went the whole shaft, he groaned and I came deep inside my pussy.His hands held me tight now and we kissed, he was really fucking me and my G-spot was taking a nice slamming, Then I squirted with the filling his shaft was giving me, the cunt juices sprayed into my leather skit and boots, then ran cold down my legs. He pulled back looked me in the eye and as if he had control over me he slammed back into my uterus knowing I would orgasm and squirt!! I was like a rag doll in his arms as I went tense then in went the chocolate hammer, squirt/piss orgasm, tense again and back to more orgasms. My head was in a different place now and I had no strength as he turned me to press me against the cold wall. Now he went crazy fucking me like a cheap street whore!!! I had to wrap my arms around his neck as he lifted my leg up and pushed me into the wall! It was like he was drilling the wall now as his long hard dick hammered away towards it with me trapped in the middle.'Love,' I said sensing from his breathing he was going to blow his cum,'Please don't cum up in me, either on my ass cheeks or up my belly.' He seemed not to hear me and just carried on not bothered!!! 'Pull out love', I whispered in his ear. Again he was banging away. He positioned me by my ass cheeks, his fingers parting them and pulling me deeper. I kissed and nibbled his ear, the one that seemed deaf to me! O well I knew it was hopeless now!!! When a man is this far what can a girl do? His head fell back, hands gripped my ass, his legs stiffened then silence and a long pause, He groaned...WHOOAH, YEAAAAH. THAT'S IT, I felt hot inside then the pressure building up somewhere under my belly? He just stayed in one position and let it all go.I came again with the pleasure of the cum.We stayed connected like 2 street dogs for a while as his hard dick stayed hard in me. Then he sort of fucked his way out of me! The hard wet messy Dick went back into his pants, I reached down and kicked the torn knickers of my boots. I took his hand again and we walked to find Mick. Mick was there for us, we jumped into the back of the car, I wanted to play with his Dick some more as Mick set off! My pussy was full and happy!
04-06-2021, at 11:19 PM

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