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A Tale of Two Paramours Ch. 02

Post #1

I sat and reread Jessi's last text message: "U R a fascinating man, Mr. W. I would luv to hang out, tlk and fuck. IM free now. Wanna cum over?"

On each reading, I paused briefly at the word "fuck." I kept thinking I must have read it wrong, both the word and the whole message. I had built up a mental construct of Jessi through the course of the semester -- pretty but shy twenty-year-old blonde who was a little socially awkward and who was fairly conservative in her dress and manners. Her text message, the one I was having so much trouble accepting, did not comport with that construct.

I read the message again, still looking for something that showed me my first interpretation was wrong. Not that I wanted it to be wrong ? my body had responded the moment I first read the part of Jessi's text message that was the subject of my dilemma: "I would luv to hang out, tlk and fuck." Upon reading the blatant sexual proposition in my now former student's text, my breathing had quickened, my stomach had knotted, and my penis had stiffened.

"You need to answer her," I thought, but I kept starring at the words on my phone's screen. To block them out, I closed my eyes. I breathed deeply, but before I could do anything else, my mind, free from outside visual stimuli, conjured up images of Jessi. I saw her vivid, startling blue eyes staring at me, her shoulder-length blonde hair framing her delicate, elfin face. I saw her in her cat costume from Halloween, the tight black corset pushing her modest bosom up, displaying creamy white skin. I saw her slender but toned legs, almost entirely exposed under the short skirt of the costume, as I watched her stride from the classroom, a long, black tail swaying behind her.

I stiffened even more, my half-erection starting to become uncomfortable under the constraining fabric of underwear and jeans as I remembered Jessi in her cat costume. I groaned then swallowed hard, forcing myself to open my eyes. I took several deep breaths to return my breathing to normal, and quickly typed out a reply.

"I would love to. Where can I meet you?"

I hit send as soon as I had finished typing and before I could lose my nerve. Her reply was almost instantaneous.

"My place," it read, followed by a little yellow emoticon face with a huge grin (or perhaps it was a yellow emoji face ? I have to admit I am a little out of me depth with such things).

I was about to ask for her address when a text with it arrived. She lived in apartments near campus, but as I was at home, it would be a twenty to thirty minute drive for me, depending on traffic.

It was already a 5:45 and I wanted to take a shower first, so I texted, "I will be there at 7:00."

"Okay," she replied, again almost instantaneously.

"I b w8tin," followed right after.

"Naked," pinged in seconds later, the words followed by a little red devil face.

For a moment, I forgot to breathe. I blinked and shook my head, once again uncertain whether I was reading her text right. But I knew I could not be mistaken about a one word text, and so did my penis ? it was now fully erect and straining against my jeans. I took several more deep breaths and put my phone face-down on the table.

I strode quickly to my bathroom, started a shower, and stripped naked. I did not wait for the water to heat up. I stepped into the shower and shuddered as the cold water hit my flushed skin. Momentarily, the coolness had the chilling effect for which I had hoped ? my penis began to soften. But as the shower warmed a bit, my memories, and my fantasies, heated up even more so. As it had in the aftermath of sex with Jessika a few days earlier, my mind wandered into the pleasant preoccupation of imagining what Jessi would look like naked. As I imagined whether her nipples were large or small; whether they were brown or pink; whether her breasts would be firm or soft; whether her ass was as firm and shapely as it looked in tight jeans or yoga pants; whether her most intimate of hair was blonde; whether she shaved or trimmed or let it grow; whether she would be timid and shy or confident and forward; whether she would orgasm easily or require more finesse; and whether I could please a twenty-year-old woman, any softening of my erection brought about by the coolness of the shower was counteracted by my steamy thoughts.

My breathing heavy, I turned up the temperature of the shower until I was enveloped in steam. Grabbing my now fully erect penis, I began to stroke it slowly, wondering how it would feel if Jessi were to touch it.

Realizing how aroused I was, and how close I was, I forced myself to stop masturbating. Part of me wanted to finish, both for the pleasure of it and to make sure I was not overexcited later. However, my evening the week before with Jessika had made me fairly confident I would not erupt at the mere touch of a younger woman, so I turned off the shower and grabbed my towel.

As I dried off, I tried to tuzla bayan escort think about anything other than Jessi waiting naked for me. I somewhat succeeded. By the time I was done brushing my teeth and hair, I was only halfway hard, and when I pulled on fresh underwear and clean jeans, I was soft enough so that the confinement was not unduly uncomfortable.

Socks and a black polo, left untucked, followed my jeans. I looked in the mirror, and I was happy to see that I looked like what I thought would be acceptable. I knew I did not look like a young man, but I thought I was casual enough to put my blonde ingénue at ease when I arrived.

Sitting down at the table to put my shoes on, I turned over my phone. When I awakened the screen from its slumber, I saw Jessi's "naked" text was the last one to come in. I was not sure what I was expecting ? she had told me exactly what she had needed to tell me. I finished putting on my shoes, grabbed my keys, and left my house.

The drive to Jessi's apartment took just under twenty-five minutes ? traffic was light ? which put me at her place at 6:45pm, fifteen minutes early. I found a parking spot near her building and pulled out my phone, intending to text her to let her know I was early. I saw that a message had arrived from her while I was driving, but there was no text, just a media content link. I clicked on the link, nervous anticipation causing a slightly queasy flutter in my stomach.

The picture that popped up left me staring, mouth hanging open. A slender yet curvy female form stood fixed in a full-length mirror, arm extended, phone in hand. From the shoulders up, only the figure's graceful neck and delicate chin was visible, along with the cascading fall of shoulder length blonde hair. From the shoulders down, everything was visible, including the figure's small feet and bright red toe nails.

The figure's breasts were perfect ? a handful of creamy, smooth flesh tipped with small, pink nipples precisely centered in darker, dusty pink, circular areolas. Furthermore, the figure's breasts appeared to be pleasingly symmetrical in shape and size, complementing her petite frame, as did her small waist and curved hips. But as fantastic as the breasts were, and as nicely rounded as the hips appeared, it was the figure's smoothly shaven pussy that drew most of my attention. I could just make out the figure's labia, as petite and inviting as the rest its shape.

"Wow" I typed and sent. Then, before I received a response, I followed my previous text with, "I know I am a bit early, but I am here."

"TY. Cum on up Im ready," was her response.

Taking one last, long look at the picture of Jessi's incredible body, I gathered up control of my own body, save for the erection that had sprung up again at the sight of the naughty picture. I blanked the screen on my phone, got out of my car, and hurried across the parking lot to the stairs that led up to the apartment number Jessi had given me. I strode up the stairs, my stomach overrun with nervous butterflies, as if I was again a lovesick (and horny) teenager about to go on a date.

Jessi's apartment door opened nearly immediately after I knocked. I had expected Jessi, if she was really waiting naked, to hide at least partially behind the door until I was in her apartment. What I did not expect was for her to stand in her open door, not a stitch of clothing covering her flawless skin, and make no attempt to hide anything.

Her figure was even more fantastic in person. For several heartbeats we stood thus, she in her open door and I on the landing just outside her threshold, as I devoured her petite yet luscious body with my eyes and she stared at me with her vivid blue orbs. I do not know how long I would have remained there, staring at her, had she not pulled me in to her apartment, shutting the door behind me.

I barely had time to notice that Jessi's apartment was a small, tidy studio dominated by a queen size bed before Jessi turned me around to face her. She again locked her eyes with mine. I tried to speak, but before I could fumble out any words, my blonde temptress shook her head slightly and put a soft, delicate finger to my lips.

So, instead of talking, I leaned down to kiss her pouty lips, but this too was met with negation. "No," she whispered as she guided my mouth away from her lips and down toward her small, hard, perfect nipples. I did not object ? I raised my hands to massage her firm, fabulous breasts as I licked and sucked each nipple in turn. Jessi moaned, then pulled my head up, away from the luscious feast of her bosom.

A serious, determined look on her face, Jessi reached down to the bottom of my shirt and then pulled it up and over my head. I took over, disengaging my arms from the polo before tossing it to the side while Jessi began to plant small kisses on my neck and shoulders. As she did so, she ran her hands up and down my arms. I was tuzla olgun escort glad at that moment that over the course of the semester I had worked out and toned up, although I was still conscious that my abdomen was not, and likely never would be again, flat.

Jessi's kisses and her hands both moved to my chest, and she kissed and licked each of my nipples. In the past, I had never cared one way or another about a woman playing with my nipples, but the blonde's light, almost teasing kisses made me moan in ecstasy. I ran my fingers through her soft, fine hair as she kissed and licked all over my chest. My erection felt like it was going to tear through my jeans.

Without warning, Jessi moved one hand down until she was massaging my fully engorged penis through my pants. She looked up at me, her intense eyes scorching. For the first time since she opened the door, a smile graced her elfin features. Then, still staring up at me, she began to trail kisses down from my chest to my lower abdomen. My breathing grew ragged as she knelt and kissed my erection through my pants.

Deftly, the petite blonde undid my jeans and pulled them, along with my underwear, down to my knees. My penis, free now from its constraints, jutted out. I was as hard as I could ever remember being, and I was afraid I would explode the moment she touched me.

For once, Jessi's eyes were not locked on mine. Rather, she seemed to be fascinated with my erection. She gently grabbed it in one hand (I am not huge, but her delicate hand did not quite close all the way around the girth of me) and looked at it from various angles. Her skin on mine was like an electric shock, but I did manage to avoid climaxing at her mere touch.

Her inspection finished, Jessi again locked her gaze on my eyes and gave me a cute smile before opening her small but plump lips and sucking in nearly half of my length. As her warm, wet mouth enveloped me, I grunted and grabbed her hair, quite a bit tighter than I had intended. The lovely young woman at my feet whimpered quietly and winced, but she did not let off her suction on me. In fact, she began move her lips up and down my shaft, her smoldering eyes never leaving mine as I loosened my grip on her blonde locks.

As she sucked me in and out, Jessi's tongue squirmed against my hardness, eliciting a jerk with each movement. With the incredible attention she was giving my penis, I knew I would not be able to last long. However, I did not realize that she was about to move to a new (for me) level of oral sex that would quickly send me over the edge.

Jessi began picking up speed, and each time she sucked me in, she took more of my erection into her fantastic mouth. Soon, the tip of my penis hit the back of her throat, and she gagged just a little, although not as much as I would have expected. She held me there for a bit, her tongue waggling against the underside of me, before pulling back until just the head was inside of her glorious mouth.

Closing her eyes, she grabbed my butt tightly with both hands and drove her mouth down on me. Momentarily, the tip of my penis again was pressed against the back of her throat, but she pushed past that, and then I was in heaven.

I have been fortunate in my life that several girlfriends, as well as my wife and, most recently, the very talented Jessika, had been proficient at fellatio, to varying degrees. However, until that moment, I had never experienced the almost indescribable sensation of having my engorged manhood lodged in a woman's throat, her lips tight on the base of it as her tongue undulates against it.

"Fuck," I grunted, my first word since arriving. Jessi's eyes flew open, and I could see the amusement ? and perhaps triumph ? in them. I had not meant to utter the vulgarity, or at least I do not think I had meant to do so.

Slowly, she moved her lips up my erection, although this time not all the way to the head, before again swallowing it all and burying her nose in my pubic hair. I grunted again, and again I saw the amusement in her incredible blue eyes.

At this point, it was all I could do to keep from climaxing. I pondered giving in, but I wanted to feel more of the incredible tightness of her throat, of the sensation of the head of my penis pushing into it, of her lips and tongue on me as she made herself take me all the way down. Still, I knew I would not last much longer and that I needed to let Jessi know.

"I'm close," I warned her as she pulled back. This time Jessi let my penis slip from her mouth and planted a kiss right on the tip. Then she drew a deep breath, winked, and in one smooth movement, engulfed my erection completely. Then, to my surprise, the petite blonde fellatrix took things a step or two further. She pushed her tongue out and licked my scrotum even as she started humming around the shaft embedded in her throat.

My fingers reflexively tightened in her hair again, and I tuzla otele gelen escort used my grip to hold her head in place as my body shudder at the intensity of the sensations emanating from my penis. The urge to ejaculate down her throat ? and hold her in place until I had finished ? nearly overcame me, but when Jessi moved her hands from my behind to the front of my thighs and began to push against them, I realized that I need to let her head go.

When I did so, Jessi immediately pulled back, letting me fall from her mouth as she began coughing. She reached out and grabbed my penis with one hand even as she put the other on the ground to steady herself.

"Crap!" I said, concerned that I had hurt her. "I'm sorry, Jessi. I didn't think. I've never had a woman do that before, and..." I trailed off, unsure what to say next.

Gasping still, her hand now circling my erection, the lovely blonde looked up at me, not with recrimination, but with passion. Straightening up so that she was again kneeling in front of me, she reached her free hand out, sliding it up my quivering stomach and heaving chest as she started licking and sucking on the head of my penis.

In a matter of seconds, I was again on the edge of exploding, although this time I kept my hands away from her head. As she began to suck me harder and deeper again (although only about half way in this time), I started moaning and thrusting my hips forward. I could not hold back any longer.

"I'm almost there, Jessi," I advised her.

Closing her eyes, the blonde sucked me even harder, and I assumed she was going to have me ejaculate in her mouth. However, seconds later, just as I began to climax, she pulled all the way off, her eyes still closed. The first spurt of semen flew across her nose and forehead, some reaching her hair. The second splattered across her cheek, just under her right eye, and the third and fourth coated her lips and chin.

Opening her eyes and her mouth, she sucked my penis back in and milked a couple more weak trickles out of it. When she had sucked out everything she was going to get from it, she let my softening manhood plop from her lips. Her eyes sparkling, she smiled up at me. I was mesmerized by the sight of her happy, semen streaked face.

Jessi reached a hand up to her face and scooped up a glob of my ejaculate with her fingers, which she promptly sucked into her mouth. Incredibly, I felt my penis start to harden again as I watched her use her fingers to clean her face and her sensuous mouth and tongue to clean her fingers. Soon, only a little line of my semen remained on her forehead.

I reached down and used two fingers to wipe off that last bit. As soon as I did so, Jessi grabbed my hand and sucked my fingers into her mouth, bathing them with her tongue as she searched for every drop of my fluid on them. The sight and feel of her lips on my fingers, and the pure wantonness of her actions, had my manhood half-way hard again.

Jessi noticed this, and she took hold of it, bringing it to her mouth again and beginning to suck on it gently. At first, the sensation was too much ? it was almost painful ? but then the intensity of the sensations decreased as her expert mouth coaxed a new erection out of me. I was amazed ? I had not recovered this quickly in years. Not even Jessika had been able to bring me back to full hardness so soon after I had reached orgasm. Seemingly satisfied with my readiness, Jessi removed her lips from my penis. Then she smeared it all around her face before planting a final kiss on it.

The sexy young woman then turned around and dropped forward so she was on her hands and knees, her small and perfectly heart shaped derriere facing me. Looking back over her shoulder, Jessi waggled her butt and winked.

"Fuck me, Mr. Warner," she begged. "Ram that thick cock in my wet little pussy and split me wide open."

While my mind was still processing what Jessi had said, my body took over. I kicked off my shows and stripped off my pants, underwear and socks. Now as naked as she was, I knelt behind her, resting my left hand on her hip as I used my right hand to spread her legs apart enough to reveal her swollen labia. I could smell the aroma of her arousal, and I wanted to feel her before pushing my penis inside of her.

So, I reached between her now spread thighs and rubbed the smooth surface of her shaved pussy, teasing her wet lips with my fingers. Jessi moaned and then tensed and lurched a little forward as I slid two fingers inside of her. She was sopping wet, but also incredibly tight. It felt as if the walls of her vagina were rhythmically squeezing my fingers.

After a few seconds of moving my fingers around inside of her, I pulled them out and moved up to rub her clitoris. Jessi's whimper of disappointment when my fingers left her pussy turned into a gasp and a low moan as I gently manipulated her most sensitive nub.

"Oh fuck!" she grunted. "Shit! Fuck me now! Please."

Somewhat reluctantly, I brought my hand from between her thighs, sucking my fingers clean, savoring the taste of her even as I maneuvered behind her. When I had my penis placed at her now dripping vulva, I grasped both her hips in my hands, amazed by how much of her slight frame they covered.
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