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Cuckold shortcut

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Cuckold shortcutOur Mexican vacation had been my idea. Or at least that's what Ithought. I realize now that my wife Angeles had planted the idea in mymind. I like women who look like her, short, with olive-colored skin,dark hair, and figures with exaggerated busts and bottoms. Not only do Ifind that look exciting but, being short myself, I appreciate havingsomeone I don't have to literally look up to. She kept k**ding me abouthow a trip south of the border would let me ogle as much of that type asI could stand. She even hinted that, when I got wildly aroused, as sheknew I would, she would be there to help me release all my sexualtension. Besides, she speaks fluent Spanish and I don't know any, so Iwould have an expert translator. Well, I took the bait and we were soonin a small city, staying in an excellent hotel. Every time we left ourroom I got an eyeful of my favorite type of female. I told my wife, "Ihope you aren't going to get jealous, Angel." She gave me her widecharming smile and said, "I know there won't be any problems."Why wasn't she worried about me gawking at all those lovely senoritas? Imean, I had flirted shamelessly with some of her Latina girlfriends athome and come close to cheating more than once. The only reason I hadn'tstepped over the line was that Angel always took care of my voraciousappetites, even though I wanted it more than she did. Actually, shewanted it too, but she wished I would go down on her, something I didn'tlike at all and had never done. So our sex life was unbalanced in thatway. But I always reminded her that she had my impressively large cockto do the job and should be happy with that. So there we were in Mexico,with me having more fun than her while I went along to the art museumsand tourist sites, but all the time I was thrilling to the female sights.I couldn't wait to bed my gorgeous wife and let off the steam that wasbuilding up inside me.The first evening she pleaded weariness at bedtime. It had been a longday so I honestly couldn't fault her for that. She gave me a consolingkiss, rubbing her big bust against my chest, and I went to sleep horny.The next day and night were the same. I was getting very frustrated. Itwas on the third day, after breakfast, that I started to feel ill. Shesaid she had seen something like it before, when she had visited thecountry six months earlier to see relatives, and that I should go to ahospital. I couldn't argue with that and soon I was registered. Thepaperwork went smoothly and they got me a room at once. Then a nursecame in to administer a shot. My wife couldn't help but notice that,even while feeling poorly, I was staring at the young woman's boobs andbutt, well displayed in her traditional uniform. Instead of gettingirritated, Angel gave me an understanding smile, behind which I though Idetected some other emotion. A white-coated doctor came in and spokewith my wife in rapid-fire Spanish, ignoring me. At the end of theirconversation he glanced at me with a puzzled expression, shook his head,and walked out.The shot took effect and I drifted off into medicated sleep. It seemedlike only minutes passed before I work up again, in that familiarantiseptic room. My head lolled on the pillow and I looked up at myalluring wife, who was smiling down at me, her expression definitelywicked and... vindictive? She told me, "Everything went extremely well,dear. There was something wrong with your male plumbing, but the problemhas been fixed... permanently. They say you will be a new man and Ibelieve them." Her words made sense but she seemed to be sayingsomething else at the same time. I didn't fully understand but was gladI didn't have anything serious wrong with me. Angel said that we couldgo back to the hotel in a few hours and enjoy the rest of our vacationbefore returning home. "One thing, though," she pointed out, "is thatthe bandages will have to stay on until we're back in the States, so youwon't be able to hop on top of me and get your rocks off for a while."She leaned over me, her full bust temptingly close, and whispered hotlyin my ear, "We can look forward to getting back to business after we'rein our own bed. I know I'LL be thinking about it all the time untilthen."The way she said that got ME thinking about it non-stop. I was alreadyrammy from several days without any release. Now I started to feel likea penned up bull. I sighed as she leaned closer and delivered an airkiss several inches from my lips. It felt odd to have her in charge thatway. I was accustomed to being the one calling the shots in our physicalrelationship. She even patted the middle of my chest before another cutenurse entered the room to give me some fruit juice. It was a blend oftropical flavors, a local product, and my wife and I started to discussthat and how we wanted to sample more native cuisine before our trip wasover. I tried to keep my mind off sex but it wasn't easy. In fact, itwas impossible. My bottled up passion was still mounting. I needed toget laid. Oh, well, I told myself, waiting would make it that muchsweeter when I finally got to give my Angel a proper pumping with my bigcock.The rest of the vacation went nicely, despite my growing neediness. Wesent a bunch of postcards and then went home and got settled back in.The hospital had given my bride written instructions for removing thebandages and cleaning up the area, but they were printed in Spanish so Icouldn't read them. I was tempted to use the computer to try totranslate, because of those few moments of her acting odd in thehospital, but after we were back in the States she acted extra seductiveso I focused more on that than on my concerns, which were probablyimaginary anyway. At last the big night came and it was time for, as shecalled it, 'The Unveiling'. Angel told me that the doctors had assuredher that I would be fully functional right away and that we couldcelebrate my return to 'normalcy', though she spoke that last word with acurious inflection, as if she was saying that matters wouldn't be sonormal.In the bedroom she got me naked. Angel was wearing an impossibly hot,clinging item of lingerie that I guess you would call a teddy. It had anopen crotch and I couldn't stop stealing peeks at her pussy, though Itried not to be too obvious about it. The last situation I wanted wasfor her to be put off by my open lust. I mean, I had always been ratherdemanding in the bedroom, making her assume inventive positions and evenwear kinky outfits. In fact, I was already thinking about pushing thatenvelope a bit further when she snipped the bandages, making a joke aboutnot wanting to 'damage the merchandise', and dabbed me with alcohol andthen applied a washrag wetted with warm water. My wife playfully strokedmy chest, getting me aroused, and then hesitated. She said, "You look alittle different down there. Maybe you should just check yourself, realquick, in the mirror. And then we can party." I was disappointed tohave to wait even an extra minute, but also concerned about anything thatmight have changed in the region of my thick eight inches.When I got out of bed she opened the closet so I could use the full-length mirror on the inside of its door. I was horrified to see mycrotch, which had been denuded of hair for the procedure, where mygenitals were indeed, 'a little different'. I gaped at a one inch penis,below which I could see no balls. My mouth hung open. I looked at mywife and she just tilted her head to the side, smiled, and shrugged. "Ididn't want to upset you and ruin the vacation but, well, they had to dokind of a lot of work. You had some sort of condition and this surgerywas absolutely necessary. But don't worry dear, they told me how we cancontinue to have a full and satisfying love life. Really." Then shesaid something in Spanish that, as always, I didn't understand.My head was spinning as she led me back to the bed and helped me to layface-up. Angel said, "Here, honey, let me show you that everything downthere still works." Her small soft hand went to the juncture of my legsand she began to massage me gently. At once my cock sprang to life. Shetook my hand and placed it over the hard organ. Except that what washard was less than two inches long. My fingers explored lower and I feltno testicles. She told me it had been medically necessary to relocatethem inside my body... 'for health reasons'. I couldn't believe what Iwas hearing and feeling. "Don't worry," she assured me, "you'll still bea man to me. Sort of. And naturally we won't breath a word of this toanyone else. Sure, you won't want to go to the tennis club, you know,because of the locker room, but I don't foresee any radical changes inour lifestyle. We just have to switch to a different way forlovemaking."With that she knelt over my hips, her moist pussy positioned over myridiculously short penis. My male ego had been crushed. I felt weak andhelpless, pliable and dependent. She lowered herself to rub her moundagainst my shrunken member and I gasped with the shock of extremestimulation. She said sweetly, "See, darling? You can still feeleverything. Maybe even more powerfully than before, now that yourattention is concentrated in a much... smaller... area." Angel giggledand lowered herself all the way, so that my erect one-quarter-of-a-peniswas inside her. She rocked back and forth atop it, making my libido gowild. Then she looked down at me sympathetically and said, "You can feeleverything but... well... you won't have the same ability to finish. Youknow, because they had to stuff your balls up inside you, where they'regoing to stay."The way she made that last remark didn't match the sympathy she had putonto her face. I was confused and unable to gather my wits, or assertmyself in any way. Angel rose up off my penis and, still on her knees,repositioned herself over my face. I could smell the womanly fragranceof her wet slit. She dropped down until her dark pubic hair tickled mynose. Then she said, in a no-nonsense way, "From now on, Richard, I amgoing to have to have MY needs met, and the only way for you to do thatwill be with your mouth. You know I'm a passionate woman, so we will bein here frequently, with me where I am right now. And you WILL pleaseme. That, too, will be our little secret." The implication, as I sawit, was that if I didn't cooperate, she would leak the information aboutmy changed status to someone, to lots of someones. I shuddered at thethought of everyone knowing what had happened to me. I would become afreakish laughingstock. In a show of submission I extended my tongueupward, barely making contact with her pussy, tasting for the first timeits salty distinctive flavor. I whimpered as she settled herself downatop my mouth and began to give me instructions in a soft calming voice.Three orgasms later she was satisfied. Angel dismounted and left methere, my lower face slicked with her copious juices. She lay alongsideme and began to toy with my penis, saying cheerfully, "It's so small. Nowoman would be able to look at it without laughing. But I'll take goodcare of you, baby. I'll make sure you get your fun. The thing is,though, that I think you'll be a better pussy eater if I keep you horny. VERY horny. So for right now we'll hold off on giving you any cums andjust concentrate on me. But I'll give you lots and lots of teasing tokeep your sexual temperature high. VERY high." She giggled, whichseemed disrespectful, considering my difficult position, but I didn't sayanything. I really did feel like I was at her mercy. At that moment,while I was at my weakest, she hopped out of bed, stretched -- which madeher beautiful breasts strain against the filmy lingerie, and said, "Wealso have to discuss a change in your wardrobe." There was nodiscussion. She simply said, "I can't see you in boxers or even jockeyshorts with how little you have between your legs... sweetheart. So Ihave some panties that I bought for myself, but I got the wrong size, andthey'll be a perfect fit for you. Let me grab them for you and I'm sureI'll love the way you look in them."Feeling numb and still possessed by that sense of vulnerability, Iwatched her go to the dresser, my eyes on her round protruding bottom,and get a small pink bag from that popular ladies' shop in the nearbymall. She reached inside and came out with a pair of high-cut, pinkpanties with the word CUTE embroidered down one side. She grinned at meand said, "I think these'll do it. After all, that tiny thing thedoctors left you with is pretty 'cute'. She held them out to me andordered, her voice firmer, "Put them on, honeybunch." I wasn't sure if Iwas supposed to stand up or stay where I was, and didn't feel up tomaking a decision. I took them and pulled up one leg, to put my footinto the lightweight garment, realizing belatedly that I was making aspectacle of myself in that posture, like a woman trying to get attentionwhile she dressed. Even so, I got them on that way, working them up andlifting my bottom to pull them the rest of the way over my hips. I laythere passively, still tasting her pussy, and looked to Angel forapproval. She said, "Yes, that's exactly the effect I was hoping for.I'm going to keep you in panties from now on, Richard. Or should Isay..." She paused thoughtfully, before deciding, "... Rosita." Shesnickered at how clever she found that, giving me a Spanish name. Icould only return a weak smile, hoping to get her on my side.The next day she declared that we were going out shopping, to get me someadditional clothing that was appropriate to my new status. I wasn'thappy about it but still didn't feel up to opposing her. We got into thecar but, unlike what I was accustomed to, she took the wheel. I satthere with my knees pressed together, aware of how laughably small mypenis was, remembering what she had said about no woman wanting me as asex partner, and unable to stop thinking about how she had put me intopanties. Oh, and I was wearing a fresh pair. These ones said LOVELY.She mentioned as we were on the road that I would be hand washing my'dainty underthings'. Our destination, I was unhappy to discover, was asmall shop that specialized in women's fashions for young females whowanted to... well... to look flashy. As soon as we went inside thestriking, slightly older Latina woman behind the counter recognized herand asked how I had liked that sexy lingerie she had bought, which Irealized was what Angel had been wearing the night before. My wifeswitched to Spanish and they chattered away happily with me standingthere not understanding a single word.My wife nodded toward my crotch and the woman, Estrella, went wide-eyed,then laughed. They talked a bit more before I was led to the back room,which was nicely decorated and had several mirrors, where I was leftalone while they went to pick fashions for me. I couldn't stop picturingEstrella, her full figure, exotic eyes, full lips, and long black hairpulled up in a bun at the top of her head. When they returned they eachheld several items. Estrella told me with cool authority to strip. Ilooked to my wife for support, to be told I didn't have to demean myselfthat way, but she just smirked at me. With great reluctance I beganunbuttoning my shirt. Soon I was down to just the panties I was wearing,shamefully conscious that my diminished penis showed as only a tiny bump,fearing how it would appear when I shucked my last bit of covering. Thewomen were unrelenting, so down came the panties. I blushed and Estrellagave a snorting laugh. She pointed at my shame and said something inSpanish to Angel, who answered, whatever she said provoking laughter fromboth of them.Estrella handed me a pair of panties that were covered with ruffles. Istepped into them. My wife spoke to her and rubbed my thigh. I lookeddown and noticed that there was no longer any hair in that area. Whathad been shaved off my crotch wasn't growing back. In fact, I was pinkand smooth all over, presumably another effect of what had been done tome in Mexico. Next my wife gave me a camisole, which I put on over myhead. It was covered with bright vertical stripes, no two in the samecolor. The panties were apricot, so I made a vivid picture. They had mestrut around, my wife telling me to walk as if I had her Lucite slipperson. I used a feminine walk, my hips rolling and my chest outthrust.Estrella made me hold my arms out slightly to the sides with my wristslimp. It was disgraceful but I had no alternative. The woman from theshop produced a cell phone and took numerous pictures. Then theyassisted me into a pair of super-tight Capri pants and had me model thoseas well, with more pictures being taken. They kept it up until I hadmodeled a half dozen outfits, all of which Angel bought, paying with mycharge card. She pointed out to me that she had chosen pieces that couldbe mixed and matched, so I would have a new look every day.Back at home I could see that my new life wasn't going to end. Sheintended to keep my in this role, feminized and subservient, a sex slavewho could hope for rewards in the bedroom but might never get them.There was a knock at the door and it was a delivery man with a packagethat had to be signed for. It was in my name so my wife made me do it.At the time I was wearing shorts and a tank top, both obviously intendedfor a female, as well as sandals with blocky heels two inches high. Ifelt utterly humiliated as the driver stared at me with undisguisedloathing. I wanted to run away and hide but, instead, thanked him in asoft voice. My wife opened the taped package, as if I wasn't competentto do it, now being such a wuss. Inside were several bottles which I sawcontained pills and capsules. She opened one of them and had me go tothe kitchen to get myself a glass of water. I was told to take twoorange pills and did so without complaint. What was I putting into mybody and how would it affect me? I wasn't sure I wanted to know.******After two weeks on those d**gs, my skin was softer and I had absolutelyno body hair. My chest had grown soft and my bottom felt like it wasfilling out. Angel taught me to pluck my eyebrows, not a lot but justenough to shape them somewhat, making me appear even less masculine. Myvacation ended and she called my boss, explaining that I was goingthrough some personal changes, getting in touch with my feminine side,and she hoped he would understand. If I needed to be switched to lessdemanding work she said she would understand. He had met her a few timesand was attracted to her, which I suppose was one of the reasons he wasso accommodating. At the end of the conversation she even becameslightly flirtatious. When I returned to the office I was allowed tohandle most of my accounts, although the largest and most profitable hadbeen handed off to an overachieving woman. I would be earning less butAngel had revealed that she was managing my investments and doing muchbetter than I ever had, which was yet another blow to my alreadyshattered ego. My co-workers all noticed my altered appearance and I wasaware of their eyes on me as they tried to figure out what was happening.By the middle of that week my wife had invited a friend of hers, Lupe, tocome around and watch me several evenings a week. I had met herpreviously and was very aware of her abundant charms. She looked likeAngel, if my wife had gained about twenty pounds and almost all of it hadgone to her already impressive curves. Lupe took one look at me andsaid, "Hola, Rosita." I hugged myself and muttered a greeting inresponse. The two women gabbed a while in Spanish and then my wife gotready to leave. She was nicely dressed, with large hoop earrings and aglittering necklace that drew attention to her exposed cleavage. As shewent out the door, Lupe said, "Have fun clubbing with the other girls.And watch out for those oversexed men." My spouse told her, "Ha.They'll have to look out for me." Oh no. Angel was going out with someof her girlfriends, to a club, and would be surrounded by horny guys whowere all planning to bed the women they met. I felt queasy at thepossibilities of what might occur. Lupe said she would take my mind offall that, and her method was to assign me endless chores, all the whilebadgering me and occasionally using a paddle on my backside. All I hadon was a fishnet body stocking that flaunted my hairless pink physiqueand how soft it was continuing to become, with my chest and butt becomingever more girl-like.The first night my wife returned and reported that she had talked to someattractive men and let them touch her arms and shoulders. The next timeshe bragged how she had kissed one stud, letting him run his hands up anddown her body and feel her butt. After each of those dates she madedemands on me, insisting that I lick her through one climax afteranother, and even kiss her butt, gradually moving my mouth from her broadcheeks to the valley between them for prolonged service. But it was herthird night out that brought the news I had been dreading. She showed uplooking disheveled and smilingly showed Lupe that she had brought herpanties home in her shoulder bag. I was in shock as she described goingto the apartment of the man who she let pick her up, doing an impromptustrip tease for him, and then having wild sex. She laughed at me andreminded me that I was no longer man enough to do that for her. She toldLupe that she was taking me into the bedroom so I could give her a 'bonusorgasm', at the same time cleaning up the messy deposit of cum that hadbeen spurted into her pussy. I grabbed my tummy and shook my head, butLupe took a heavy wooden kitchen spoon and gave my bottom --unfortunately not covered at the time -- a dozen hard swats, whichconvinced me that cooperation would facilitate self-preservation.In the bedroom my wife made fun of me and blurted out that my predicamenthad been planned and staged to leave me the way I was. She had beenpissed off at my selfishness in bed and my generally overinflated senseof self-importance. This was her revenge and she intended to keepinflicting it for the rest of our marriage, which she meant to continuefor many years. I was devastated. Perhaps, at some level, I hadsuspected her wicked intentions. But ever since our return from Mexico Ihadn't felt able to stand up to her. Now it was hopeless. She laid backon our bed and I humbly crawled between her out-flung shapely legs,getting my mouth directly in front of her oozing pussy and giving itseveral tender kisses, tokens of my final surrender, before I commencedthe unappetizing task of lapping another man's spunk out of her body andswallowing it, giving her an orgasm while I was denied my own.SIX MONTHS LATERAngel sends me to work in women's clothes. My hair has grown in and shehas it styled at a salon, where I am the center of unwanted attention.That man who Angel slept with, a tall muscular Black man named Cannon,comes to the house several nights a week. Either he takes her out orthey stay in, but either way their evenings end with the two of them inher bedroom, having sex that goes on and on. I called it 'her' bedroombecause they often sleep there and I have to curl up on the floor of awalk-in closet nearby, close enough to hear them if they wake up and havemore sex. On the nights when Cannon isn't there, I am allowed to sleepalongside the bed on a fluffy doggie bed on the floor. At those timesI'm dressed in particularly showy lingerie with creative touches added,like ribbons tied around my wrists and ankles, a big bow under my chin,or my hair tied up with strands of colorful yarn. She takes pictures ofme like that and shows them to Cannon, whose deep hearty laugh stings meevery time I hear it. Lupe still comes when my wife is going to be out,but now I am required to serve her orally as well, and she likes havingher ass pampered even more than my wife does. I'm afraid I'm becomingaddicted to being their body slave. I actually crave those demeaningencounters with them.My own sex life has finally been restarted, if you can call it that.Angel lets me attempt masturbation, even though she knows that, no matterhow much I can stimulate myself, I'm not capable of finishing that way.She does it to give her one more thing about me to laugh at and taunt meabout. The only way I can cum is for her to use a strap-on dildo andtake me from behind, which she delights in doing, calling me her bitchand slapping my hips, which are now quite fleshy. I also have modestbreasts and can fill an A-cup bra. My life is an unending nightmare ofhumiliation and sexual slavery. But, as I said before, she is getting mehooked on it, and is thrilled every time she notices me responding tosomething that, a half a year ago, would have repulsed me. She even hasme requesting that she **** my ass, just so I can dribble out a few dropsof watery cum and get partial relief, as much as an incomplete orgasm canoffer. She also had me pleading to be allowed to suck Cannon's dischargefrom her, even though I know she's going to make me do it, because shebegins by suggesting that maybe she will cut me off from even theperverse sexual contact of using my mouth all over her body. With myheightened sex drive and inability to gain real satisfaction, I am alwaysdesperate for whatever scraps, so to speak, she will offer me. My ideaof a rewarding evening is one that ends with me snuggled up behind her inbed, my face between her warm butt cheeks, pleasuring her with my tongueand hoping that she will drift off to sleep so I can stay there for anextra hour before being sent off the mattress and back to my fuzzy pinkdoggy bed, where I will lie curled up, whimpering, knowing that theunhappy noises I make will titillate her and get her warmed up for hernext night with her lover.
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