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Seduced by my Teacher

Post #1

When I was eighteen as part of a geology course I was doing at college a field trip had been arranged at Studland Bay in Dorset, a place well known for fossils. I set off from home early to catch the camper van from college bit when I arrived I was disappointed to find that I was the only one there. Miss Smith, our young and rather attractive teacher, was full of apologies. She?d had to cancel the trip as the field centre was closed that weekend and she had managed to contact all the other participants but had not been able to find my phone number. She could see I was disappointed.

?Of course there is a lot we can still do down there if you fancy the trip?? Miss Smith looked at me hopefully and she was obviously quite keen to continue the day as planned. As I too obviously had nothing else planned for the day I readily agreed. She seemed delighted and we clambered into the van. Of course I was able to sit up front and we chatted away as we drove down towards Dorset, the radio playing and the sun shining.

We pulled into the car park and Miss Smith and I scrambled down a narrow chasm to the beach where we spent a happy couple of hours looking for fossils. She insisted that I call her Jenny and I must confess that I was thoroughly enjoying the company. Jenny was probably only in her early thirties and extremely attractive. She was shorter than me, quite slim but with a pronounced cleavage which attracted many comments at college! I knew today I would be the envy of every male student there.

The day was hot, and after we settled in a secluded apart of the beach down to eat the picnic we had brought with us, we lay back to rest in the sun. I commented that I wished I had bought my swimming trunks with me and Jenny then confessed that she had her bikini on under her clothes. I thought it was too much to hope that she would strip off and jump into the water but I suggested we went for a paddle. To my delight not only did she agree but she quickly pulled off her T shirt and jeans. Her body was well tanned and she was wearing a white bikini which emphasized the colour of her skin. It was quite skimpy and I was a little surprised that she would wear such a bikini knowing that she would be in company that day.

I rolled up my jeans and she took my hand, as the beach was quite rocky, and we carefully worked our way down to the shoreline. The water was lovely. There was actually some sand a few feet into the water and I happily stood there up to my knees while Jenny ventured further out and then dived to swim for a few yards. She stopped, turned and stood up to look at me smiling.

?Come on in the waters lovely!? She joked and I grinned at her. Then I thought why not! I pulled my T shirt off and threw it back on to the shore before wading into the surf. Jenny put her hand to her mouth and laughed as the water came up to my waist, soaking my jeans. I waded towards Jenny and she held her arms out as if to welcome me. I knew she was just mucking about but I still put my arms around her and to my surprise, rather than pushing me away she embraced me and I felt the soft curves of her breasts against my chest.

I was not sure what to do with my hands so tentatively place them on her back and the feeling of the cool water on her hot, soft skin was incredibly arousing.

We then moved apart as if nothing had happened and we played around in the surf for about quarter of an hour before we agreed it was time to go back to the beach and get dried. Of course neither of us had brought towels and my jeans were now sopping. Whereas Jenny would soon dry in the sun, there was no chance my jeans would dry so Jenny suggested I take them off. I glanced around the beach. It was not really a bathing beach, what with all the rocks and it?s inaccessibility, and I saw that the only other people were about 100 yards away. As my underpants were quite colourful they might look like swimming trunks from a distance.

With some difficulty I peeled my jeans off and lay them out in the sun to dry. I then lay down next to Jenny. I found it difficult not to gaze at her body as she laid back, eyes closed, and my gaze was particularly drawn to her nipples which were now sticking out under her bikini top. The cold water had obviously caused this and I felt my mouth going dry. I licked my lips and suddenly heard a giggle from Jenny. I looked up and noticed she was gazing at me.

?It?s a long time since I had a boy licking his lips and gazing at my boobs!? I was absolutely mortified and felt myself go bright red. I tried to stammer an apology but Jenny shook her head and grinned.

?Don?t worry Martin. I don?t mind you looking at me ? I?m quite flattered actually.? She paused for a couple of seconds. ?You shouldn?t really though should you? I think I?m old enough to be your mum.? I found this hard to believe her and told her so. She laughed and grinned at me.

?You say the sweetest things!?

?No I mean it.? I replied. ?You don?t look that old anyway?? my voice trailed off as Jenny looked at me in mock seriousness.

?I think we?ll stop right there!? I must have looked contrite as she quickly reached out and stroked the side of my cheek. ?Sorry Martin, but I am your teacher after all.? She was absolutely right of course. She had to be very careful in her position and I nodded before sitting up and gazing casually out to sea, trying to control my raging erection!

?Now I?ve upset you haven?t I?? I turned to look at Jenny who was now sat up next to me, and looking at me seriously. I reassured her that I was fine and quite understood the position.

?I don?t think he does though does he?? Jenny was peering over my shoulder and gazing at my crotch where my erection was still trying to burst through my pants. I muttered something about perhaps having to go into the sea again and Jenny laughed. ?No need for that Martin, if you just lay on your side no one will notice it.?

I did as she suggested but of course without thinking I lay facing Jenny who was also lying on her side facing me which did little to help the position. Her cleavage was now, it seemed, even deeper and more attractive than before. Jenny looked at me mischievously.

?I?m not helping am I? Shall I put my T shirt back on??

?You don?t have to ? I can face the other way if you like.?

?Then it would look like we?re not talking won?t it? It?s all right? she said it glancing down at my crotch again ?no one would ever know will they?? I wondered what it was that no one would ever know and then Jenny suddenly said in her quiet voice,

?I can get rid of it for you if you like?? Jenny blushed as she said this and I suddenly realised what she meant. She gazed at me and raised her eyebrows. If she really meant what I thought she did, I wasn?t quite sure what to do next. ?If you can have an orgasm I?m sure it will go away quite quickly!? she whispered. My face must have been a picture!

?Don?t look so shocked! I do know what to do you know. And I rather think you fancy me don?t you? Don?t think I haven?t noticed the way you?ve been looking at me since I stripped down to my bikini.? She grinned at me. ?It?s rather nice actually; I?m flattered!?

?Well you are very attractive?for a teacher?that is I mean?? I fumbled, not sure what to say. Jenny threw her head back and laughed.

?God you?ve got a way with words haven?t you Martin!? She looked back at me, this time her expression slightly more serious. ?Do you fancy me then?? I nodded.

?I think every boy at the college does.? Now it was Jenny?s turned to go red.

?Gosh I had no idea?? She looked thoughtful but still gazed at me.

?I often fantasise about you!? I blurted this out and regretted it as soon as I had said it. Now it was Jenny?s turn to look shocked but her expression turned to curiosity.

?Really? Gosh that is nice! What are we doing then? In your fantasies?? I hesitated to reveal what my dreams with my teacher involved. ?Come on you can tell me?? Jenny grinned at me.

?Well, usually we?re in bed together and?you know?we do things?? My voice trailed off and I looked down embarrassed. I glanced back up at Jenny, ready to be told off but she was still smiling broadly at me.

?What like making love you mean?? I nodded dumbly. ?What do you think I look like naked then?? She grinned at me mischievously. I glanced down at her bikini-clad breasts.

?Wonderful!? I exclaimed. At this Jenny laughed out loud again and I looked around, worried we might attract too much attention. Jenny was still leaning on her side talking to me and as she laughed her boobs jiggled in her bikini. She saw my look and gazed down at her chest. Then she looked over my shoulder and back to me again.

?Would you like to see them?? she whispered. My eyes widened. I could not believe she was saying this. I nodded gulped, swallowing hard. ?You?ll have to ask me nicely!? She said with a twinkle in her eyes.
?Can I see your breasts please?? I whispered and Jenny grinned up at me.

Glancing once again over my shoulder to check that we could not be seen, she quickly reached behind her and pulled at the knot which was all that held her bikini in place. As the strings loosened the weight of her breasts pulled her bikini forward and they tumbled out as the skimpy material fell on to the shingle.

I gazed at her breasts which now swung gently, only inches from my face. They were beautifully round and tanned, and the nipples as I had surmised through the skimpy bikini, were fully erect and a lovely dark brown colour. I gazed at each one in turn.

?Do you like them?? Jenny asked.

?I think they?re fantastic!? Jenny laughed and ruffled my hair affectionately. I wondered if I dared ask if I could touch them. I looked up at Jenny?s face and it was almost as if she read my mind.

?You can?t feel them if you like?? I swallowed hard, astounded at this offer and she winked at me. I returned my gaze to her breasts and tentatively reached out to cup one of them. The breasts were soft and warm, the skin smooth. By now my cock was starting to harden again in my underpants and I worried that it would look a bit obvious. However I could not stop gently stroking the orb that was resting in my hand. Experimentally I ran my fingers across her nipple and Jenny gasped. I quickly drew my hand away and looked up at her.

?Sorry?? I exclaimed and Jenny smiled at me.

?Don?t be Martin. It?s just that I?ve got very sensitive nipples and I love having them played with!? Without thinking I took this as an invitation and reached out again, this time running my hand over both her breasts and flicking my fingers across the nipples. To my joy Jenny did not object and looking up at her face I saw her eyes were closed and her lips slightly parted as I continued to fondle her boobs. Suddenly she jerked away.

?Stop!? She gasped and suddenly pulled away. ?I can?t believe what I?m letting you do!? Her face was now serious and her eyes wide. I had blown it! I had obviously gone too far and quickly apologised. Jenny shook her head.

?No Martin it?s not you?it?s me. I was getting carried away. It?s a while since I?ve had a man and I think what we?re doing reminded me!? She looked up at me and I said nothing, realizing that perhaps she was going to unburden herself.

?I broke up with my boyfriend about two months ago and since then I?ve missed having a man around the house?well in bed actually.? She blushed as she said this.

?Should we perhaps go back to the van and make our way home?? I asked. I thought for a minute that Jenny was going to take me up on this suggestion but she looked thoughtful for a few seconds.

?Why shouldn?t I?? she muttered, almost to herself and then looked up at me again, this time smiling. ?Why shouldn?t I! I deserve it!? She said, more loudly this time. Once again she checked the beach and this time moved closer to me and kissed me lightly on the lips.

?No one can see us, no one knows that I?m your teacher and you?re my pupil and if I look as young as you say I do, no one will object if we have a kiss and a cuddle will they?? I shook my head silently, astounded at what she had just said. Then she kissed me on the lips again, this time curling her arm around me and pulling me closer to her. Suddenly I felt her warm breasts against my chest and I tentatively wrapped my arm around her, stroking the hot flesh of her back.

She pulled me towards her until she was lying on her back on the towel and without thinking I adjusted my position so I was almost lying on top of her, my right leg curled over her left leg and lying between her thighs. We were still kissing passionately and suddenly she opened her mouth and poked her tongue into mine. This was fantastic! Our tongues wrestled as we kissed and my hand continued to roam up and down her body, until it eventually settled on her left breast which I squeezed and caressed, flicking my thumb across her nipple which I knew she liked. Jenny started to moan.

I pulled away and gazed down at her, relieved that she was still smiling and obviously enjoyed the situation. Suddenly she looked up and down the beach and then back at me.

?You can kiss them if you like?? and she flicked her eyes down to her chest. I could not help but smile as I slid down her body and gently kissed each of her breasts in turn. Jenny was now breathing quite heavily as I tentatively poked my tongue out and licked each nipple, running my tongue around the hard nubs and gently biting them with my teeth. Jenny whimpered as I did this and ran her hands through my hair.

As I was doing this my right hand was casually sliding down her tummy and suddenly reached the waistband of her bikini bottoms. I felt Jenny stiffen and I dared not look at her face, wondering whether she would allow me to go further. My head was now resting on her chest and I gently stroked her tummy, above the waist band, waiting for her to make the next move. Then she seemed to relax and stroked my hair.

?Alright then?you can go down there if you want to?? I kissed her gently on the chest and carefully slid my fingers under the material of her bikini bottoms. To my surprise she was shaved down there and my middle finger soon slipped between the lips of her vulva. Jenny stiffened again and pulled me tighter to her as I explored her pussy. She was already quite wet and my middle finger suddenly slipped between the lips of her pussy and I realized I was actually inside her. Jenny was still stroking my head and I took this as a signal that all was well, so I slid my finger further in until its whole length was deep inside her.
?You?ve done this before haven?t you Martin?? Jenny whispered to me and I lifted myself up on one elbow and gazed at her. She was smiling at me, eyes half closed and very red faced.

?Am I doing alright then?? I asked and she nodded with a smile.

?You can slide your finger in and out if you like?? I realised my finger was stationary in her pussy so I carefully withdrew it and slid it back in once again as suggested. Jenny closed her eyes and twitched as I did this, so I continued to slide my finger in an out of her pussy, which by now was very wet.

?Harder?? she whispered and I increased the speed, worried for a minute for the sound of my hand slapping against her pussy would attract attention. However looking around the beach once again we were now completely alone, the couple that had been sat not far from us having moved on. Suddenly a stifled squeak came from Jenny and she clamped her thighs together around my hand. She jerked several times as she came, her eyes closed and her face contorted. Then she let out a long sigh and relaxed her grip on my hand. I carefully extracted my finger and casually wiped it dry on her towel.

?God I needed that!? muttered Jenny, gazing up at me with a broad grin on her face. ?You were very good Martin - thank you very much.? By now of course my cock was bursting out of my briefs and I knew that if it did not do something soon I would come. Jenny obviously sensed this.

?Oh god I?m so sorry Martin!? She looked at me aghast. ?I was supposed by taking care of you, not you me!? She looked down at my crotch. ?Looks like you?re almost there??

Then to my joy, without any prompting she slid her hand into my pants and pulled out my cock. The touch of her hand prompted a small spurt of pre-cum to ooze out of the tip and on to her fingers.

?Sorry about that!? I muttered and Jenny, still gazing at my cock, shook her head.

?Don?t worry Martin - nothing I?ve not seen before!? As she said this she wiped her fingers across the tip of my cock, coating them in the juice and began to slide the now lubricated fingers up and down the shaft of my cock. It was slick with the juices and I knew I would not hold out for much longer. I was still lying on my side and was enjoying the sight of Jenny?s boobs jiggling about as she increased the speed.

?I must say you?ve got a lovely cock Martin; quite big for someone of your age.? She glanced up at me and I smiled gratefully. ?It looks like you?re going to cum in a minute?? I nodded and she looked back down on my cock as I suddenly twitched. ?Here goes?? she muttered and I came, spurting juice at an amazing rate from the end of my cock which Jenny skilfully directed on to the shingle. I seemed to come for ages, my eyes closed and forgetting my surroundings, giving myself up to the wonderful feelings. Jenny continued to pump my cock until the last few drops of juice oozed out.

?That was fantastic? absolutely brilliant?thank you so much!? I gushed, suddenly realizing the incredible thing that had happened to me. Jenny laughed and said I was more than welcome.

?You realise of course that no one else must ever know about this don?t you?? Jenny looked at me seriously. ? No boasting to your friends in class!? I shook my head and promised faithfully that it would be our secret.
05-17-2021, at 06:40 PM

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