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A Nice Bit of Irish

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A nice bit of Irish...

I consider Jack as the most fulfilling guy I have been with. Not like I have been pleasured by many guys. They amount to three in all, those I have met via the website, who were all wonderful in their way, and I cherish having enjoyed their pleasure and most things they wanted to do, very much.

Irish didn't look his 45 years so at forty I felt right with him.

But everyone has their different ways and one cannot readily compare one with another.

If you are talking size and quality, as most egotistical guys seem to do - on average each was about the same in length and width even although online they boasted said otherwise.

But Jack has the lot, real charm, real quality and size and that is the difference. I can manage his seven inch of Irish quite comfortably and he takes the time to produce a quality performance - like it is very important for him to get the very best out of me, and I like that.

You may have guessed from that description that Jack is a very attractive Irishman from Dublin who has the most beautiful soft Irish accent; one of the things which endeared me to him.

I remember when we first met how he suggested a drive in his elite car followed a dinner at a posh pub restaurant nearby. When my former guys were eager only to get me geared up for sex with none of the nice romantic things Jack preferred to do first.

It was important for him to get really acquainted with me, he said he needed to be comfortable with a girl before we 'went private' as he put it in his delicious Irish accent.

We had much in common. The other guys who were keen just to use my body for their needs were not at all interested in me as a person. And that is the difference. Irish Jack is so very different and I was soon head over heels about him.

"You know Margaret" he said on the drive back to my place, "I've never felt as right about a girl as I do with you. I want therefore to get this right. If you would rather we declined to do anything on our first date, well I would just like you to know it will be alright with me. You are that important to me. I don't want to mess up."

I was stuck for words and no mistake. All my former dates seemed to want something on the first date, Even if it was a quick introductory wank in the back seat. One even wanted me to suck him off which I quickly declined, not having the slightest inclination so to do. Mainly because he smelt of bad fish when I wanked him and that was enough to put me off forever.

"I feel I know you enough already to want you to come home with me, to my very comfy bachelorette pad and see my etchings" I grinned.

"Is that what they call them now?" he responded with a hearty raucous laugh and I knew then he had a sense of humour which I felt was very important.

I told him so.

"Well, being Irish I am full or the Irish blarney Mags and am frankly honoured that you want to 'indulge' with me on our very first date."

"Is kurtköy escort that what they call it now" I said"

We were an instant hit, no doubt about it and I had never looked forward so much to feeling the warmth and openness of his nature come through in his sexuality.

No doubt he wanted me. He made sure I was well aware of his intentions which were mine too.

I liked that about him too, his darned outright honesty.

We'd talked sex positions, likes and dislikes which were all similar and when we got home to my place, and enjoyed a drink to break the ice, it was so easy just to enjoy his smooth advances and soon, some of those needs he told me about early were becoming reality.

I had noticed already his very becoming bulge in his chino's and longed to feel it, touch it and feel it inside me. That is how I felt about the guy. He was lovely; he was a tonic, a tonic which would be very good for me.

It is like I felt an instant chemical attraction which he told me was mutual.

He seemed to know me through and through. The way he looked at me, those deep brown piercing eyes said exactly what he wanted.

"What would you like to do first, Mags?" he asked with a lusty tone. "You don't mind my abbreviating your name do you?"

I touched him there, over his chinos. I smiled and said Mags was fine, as to what I would like to do first he'd already got the message. He adjusted himself so I had better access and it felt divine. So full and warm and I could even feel the start of a throb in the palm of my hand as I began to massage him.

"Don't ask; just let it happen, Jack. It is much more fun that way."

There was no need for words. I answered his question by action and he whispered that it felt lovely and not to stop.

He had this way about him that helped me to relax and take things as they come.

This was so wonderfully different to other guys I had been with who just wanted to get their end away at the earliest possible moment. There was no finis or quality in what they did. And yet if only they knew it, they would have gotten much more out of me if they had treated me right and not like an animal waiting to be mated.

But all that was in the past and dead. Now I was with Irish. Yes that is what I would call him. My head rested y on his chest, his hand gently caressing my butt as I began to sensually squeeze him.

"You had better unzip if you want to getter a better feel, Mags" he said. His offer made me feel complete and wanted. It was so lovely unzipping him, then feeling him though his boxer shorts and winkling his cock out through the front opening. It was so heavenly watching it grow so quickly in my hand.

"Is that okay Mags?"

"Perfect" I replied starting to play with it.

"You can do just what you want Mags, I want that. And by the way you have a lovely ass. let's loosen your belt so I can slip down your jeans huh?"

I readily did that. I wanted to bayan kurtköy escort feel his touch so badly then, as I squeezed his heavenly stiff swelling in my hand, after I had unbuckled.

Irish soon slipped my jeans down to my knees and my thong too as I adjusted myself so that I was on my knees, leaning over him, in a position which enabled us both to enjoy each other.

Immediately as I continued to gently wank him, I felt his fingers begin to rim me.

I wiggled and enjoyed his exploration down under. His touch was sublime.

Already I felt I was going to have so much fun with Irish and I wanted to be all ass for him whenever he wanted that.

"I love your pussy" he said, moving his fingers there so nicely.

It was divine to feel him gently gliding his finger around my ass and pussy. Now I wanted more of him and he assisted me to down his boxers to his knees so I had a perfect view of what he was all about.

I knew then I just had to taste him. He was well primed up with my firm wanking and ready to go. But he said to tie a handkerchief around his girth so that we could go on enjoying each other.

I suggested my thong would be better and he was all in agreement about that.

It was really exciting to do that, he said to make it tight and when I had done that, it was in my mouth and I was enjoying the pungent salty taste of cock. Irish cock with all the trimmings and it was absolutely out of this world.

"You do it just fine," Irish complimented but it was different with this lovely guy, the feel, the flow, everything was so divine and when I cradled his balls in my free hand, my other holding the rim of his cock, he murmured it was so very stimulating it felt.

"Please let me do something nice to your now, Mags. I would like that."

I came away from the deep sucking I was giving Irish with a 'pop' and he said he would really like to caress my bottom, That is precisely how he put it and I felt he was the sweetest guy, because most others were much more basic.

I stood up, twisted around so that my rear was facing him. I felt his hands begin to smooth me and his touch made me feel I wanted his fuck soon.

"Just lean over a little, let me see you in all your glory, Mags. Would you do that for me?"

I did as he asked and it was nice. Hearing his sigh I knew he was enjoying looking at me and when I felt his hands stretch my ass cheeks apart I was not sure what was his intention. But when he moved his head in-between my cheeks and I felt a wonderful soothing sensation I soon realised he was licking and sucking me there.

Then I felt his fingers begin to explore me in the most wonderful way. "Stretch it just a little bit more Baby, this is so lovely." and he was deep rimming me, apparently with some lubricant which I never realised he had. I saw he brought a small bottle from his jacket pocket which hung on the back of the chair nearby.

He escort bayanlar had come prepared and I liked that about him.

He told me he was a bum guy and would I like him to have anal intercourse with him. I wanted that as much as I wanted his cock up my pussy so this seemed like a a double whammy.

I was beginning to benefit from the most wonderful asshole rimming ever and I knew then he was preparing me for his fuck. I glanced around and saw he was still busy up my ass, his hands grasping my thighs each side, holding me quite firm as he busied his mouth everywhere.

Yes I dearly wanted his fuck. I was starting to ache for it.

"Like some squirty cream there Mags?" he asked with a glow which said for me not to refuse.

It was a new experience and it was lovely to feel Irish squirt the cream into my passage,. Both passages in fact, and begin to suck it out again. And that was not the end of it. He produced from nowhere an anal delight by way of a vibrator which really set me afire as he squeezed it into me and varied the speed of the vibrating rhythm, simultaneously finger fucking me at the front.

It was so lovely. This guy was so sweet and agile. I continued to play with his cock as. - sprawled over me, face down, he enjoyed his mischief with my ass and now very wet pussy -I, sweet sucking his balls and cock until I felt the pre-cum squirt from his p -hole onto my tongue. I immediately gulped it down; such was my concentration into the wonderful frenzy we had both gotten ourselves into.

Now well primed, Irish asked is I was ready for him. His cock was standing to attention like a soldier on guard duty with that tantalising bend in the middle and

I still had the taste of him in my mouth which was lovely and so intimate.

I teased his balls lightly with my finger tips and watched his cock jerk upwards.

"How would you like me?" I asked hoping he would say doggy, because I loved that position so much.

But he wanted me on my back. Legs raised and stretched wide on the edge of the bed. Kneeling down and adjusting my stance with a pillow or two beneath my butt he pushed his head down into my crotch and licking and sucking there, he made it very wet and ready for his penetration.

Pressing my legs up underneath my knees he found the spot and I soon realised this position was going to be as thrilling as the doggy stance.

He steadily inserted his width into my ass firstly and I felt the stretch, but the vibrator had done the job and I was well primed for his big fat cock as it slid easily into me.

"You are awesome, Mags" Irish whispered between heavy breaths as he began to increase the depth of penetration and the speed of thrust, giving it an extra jerk when fully into me which shook my whole form.

He let go and his fuck was furious and very wanting. Then he took it out and pushed it hard into my pussy. I adjusted easily to his rough thrusting, and enjoyed the feeling of it inside me, so warm and throbbing and when he came like a volcano I did too and that was a fuck I will never ever forget.

When he left looking very happy he said we must make it soon again.

"Too right" I replied. I reckon Irish and I would have many more ravishing sessions together.
08-09-2022, at 03:47 PM

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