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A Trip to the Lake Ch. 01

Post #1

I pick you up on a Friday afternoon. You have taken off work early, and we both have the weekend to be together. I arrive at your apartment at 3:00 and you have just got there. But you are already packed, and we put your suitcase and bags in the back seat of the truck and load up and head out to the lake.

You are still wearing your short skirt, heels, and hose from work. Because you know that I just entirely adore the way you look and feel when you are dressed like that. You snuggle up next to me on the bench seat, put your arm around my shoulder and turn slightly toward me.

I lay my free hand on your leg and feel the silky nylon beneath my hand. You off and on tease my ears, my hair, and my neck with your fingers absently as we drive down the road. I run my hand up and down your leg, occasionally getting to the bare skin between the stocking top and your silky panties. I can feel you quiver as I touch the bare flesh at times.

The road is smooth, the truck is running good, and the boat is trailing behind like it should. We stop as it gets towards dark at a restaurant in a small town. We walk in, and find a seat to place our order. After we order, you excuse yourself to go to the ladies room. As you walk to the room, I watch everyone else in the room as all the men and most of the woman watch you walk to the ladies room. And then when you return, again, all eyes are on you.

I know what they are thinking. How beautiful that lady is, how classy she walks, what killer legs she has, and how lucky that clown is that is with her. And after I help you sit back down, by holding your chair, the other women realize that the reason such a classy lady is with that clown is that he is a gentleman and knows how to treat a lady.

After we finish our meal, and drink the last of our iced tea, you lean over to me, and place something in my hand and tell me to put it in your pocket. I do as you ask, then we get up, I pay the bill, and leave a tip, and we go tuzla escort to the truck.

As we walk out, again all eyes are on you, the classy lady in the heels with me.. I suppress the desire to turn around, grin, and holler out to them>> Yes, she is a lady, and YES, those are stockings she is wearing, just for me.....and yes SHE is with ME

I open the truck door for you; help you in, admiring your legs as you swing them into the truck. I can never get enough looks at those legs. As I close the door, I think I get a flash of bare womanhood and as I walk around to get into my side of the truck, I put my hand in my pocket where I put what you gave me, and take it out. Yes, it is what I thought, you black satin panties, that you had taken off in the ladies room, and Yes, it was a flash of bare womanhood that I did see. What a sensual, sexy, desirable woman I have as a most special friend.

As I start the truck, check out the lights, and maneuver the boat from the parking lot, you once again snuggle up against me. As we get on the road, I put my hand on your knee and start up that sexy leg. This time, you spread your legs and allow me to fully realize your womanhood is there for me to enjoy and to give you pleasure.

Now that it is dark, you turn around in the seat, kick off your heels, and lay down in the seat with your head and shoulders in my lap. Your arms around my neck. We steal a deep but careful kiss. I reach in the back seat of the truck and get a blanket that we brought with us just for this purpose.

You put one leg up over the back of the seat, and I run my fingers and hands all over your legs, your womanhood, feeling you react to my touches. We place the blanket over you, so that on one can see you. Not because we are in any way ashamed of the way you look, but because you are a lady and what we do together in private is our business only. Then I place my palm on your mound, and I begin to trace my fingers all over tuzla rus escort you. Over your clit button, up and down your vagina lips, teasing, tracing, and getting deeper and deeper all the time. You cum in a shuddering orgasm that has been building all day in anticipation of this trip.

After you cum, you unbutton my shirt, one button at a time. Kissing and nibbling on my chest as you do. When my shirt is fully open, you unbutton your blouse, take off your bra, and crush your breasts to my chest. Then you slide up and start to nibble on my left nipple, me holding you with one arm like a suckling baby. And in between, I begin to finger you again and again. Once, Twice, Three times, your body writhes is ecstasy as I finger you to a screaming cum. You are flowing like a fountain of love, and I am making sure you keep flowing. And in between your alternately relaxing and quivering, I taste your love juices, and can only moan in anticipation of the trip. And think that this is only the appetizer, of so much to come in the next days. How we will engulf each other with our passions, desires, and wants and needs, and just being with each other, we tease online so much, but when we finally get together, it is awesome, mind boggling sexual pleasure, stolen yes, but oh so oh satisfying.

Then you unzip my pants to find my manhood. As I sit up, so you can pull them down, you gasp as you realize I am wearing the silk boxer shorts that I had told you I had, just for you.

You slowly run your tongue down my chest to my hardness. You lick it, tease it, hold it with one hand and slowly put your lips over the end of it. I am very hard, purple, throbbing in anticipation of your touches. And all this time, I continually finger you, and now we are getting hotter. You begin to suck up and down on me, enjoying the first hot drops of my pre-cum, and your hips are undulating back and forth, and I am now fingering you with two fingers, pumping you hard, tuzla sarışın escort deep and fast, as your mouth matches my hands on my hardness, stroke for stroke for stroke.

Your free hand caresses my balls with your fingernails lightly, teasing, cupping, as the desire builds and builds. Then I ask you to slow down, as I am getting close. Instead, you begin to suck and pump me harder and harder, and I finger you harder and harder. The sounds of your love juices and my fingers slapping against your skin, and your sucking sounds permeate the interior of the truck..

I tell you I am closer and you begin even more in earnest, then you slow down, stop, look up at me, look me in the eye, and tell me that you want me, now, all of me. Then you put your mouth back on me and start to suck me, up and down. I am fingering you, you are gushing, then I feel it, the first spasms of me about to cum.

I start to moan, groan, I holler loudly that I am Cumming. You clamp your hot lips around my shaft and just keep on sucking. Then the dams break, and I start to shoot load after load of hot, burning, lava hot cum out of the throbbing purple head of my penis. You hold your lips o me, sucking in and swallowing every drop, and as you do, I feel your body tighten against me as you begin to cum again. Your vagina clamps down on my fingers on the inside, drawing them in deeper as your hips push against them, and your legs squeeze together.

After I have unloaded I don't know how much hot burning cum, you continue to lick and tease and take all of what I have given. Then you look up at me, wink, and say, "We have only just begun". Because you know how much I like to hear Karen Carpenter sing on my CD.

We clean up, get ourselves presentable, and ride the last few miles to the lake motel with quiet conversation, laced with innuendos, light touches, and thoughts of the next 2 days together. Talking about how good each of us feels because of the others attentions and our mutual desire to quench each others desires and to please each other, as the times that we can get together will allow. And we take full advantage of every opportunity, to maximize our fulfillment of each other's passions.

All this fun, and we still have not got the boat unloaded yet...
08-09-2022, at 04:09 PM

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